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tv   Sarahs Music - The Danish String Quartet  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 10:15am-10:31am CEST

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minute fishel maintains the use of force during sunday's cutline independence vote was proportionate this as media does madrid need cut alone as leader to diffuse the standoff it remains unclear whether the region still plans to declare independence from spain in the days ahead. you're watching the news from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our web site that's detail the dot com thanks for watching. when the history books are brought to life. maybe the stories there and we'll get
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a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers on guard ists. what did it feel like to live in times of revolution and the people. and i think to the russian art revolutionaries. nineteen seventeen a real october starting october twenty fifth on d w. hi and welcome back to third music we're in huts the bro in denmark and we have a very danish episode planned today the danish string quartet are playing dana. in
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denmark. that. the danish string quartet are performing here in the borough at the classic a day international music festival. this city is full of art and music and everyone here knows that the danish is in town.
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yeah thank you for inviting us to your wonderful festival holstered but this festival is really huge but it must be amazing if you to have real danish stars here it is because as you said specializing in inviting and internationally but it's just a wonderful thing that we have a danish quartet like this is very unusual. incredibly proud but also because they i think one of the special qualities is that. they mix a lot of. traditional. folk music. from the countries and
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yes and they give it a new life and you really feel the audience's connect with. the great people to be with. i mean denmark with the danish string quartet and danish pastries tell me do you
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guys actually eat these things because we all know about danish pastries that's the best in the world really yeah ok but anyway i'm going to ask you stuff so so yes. so while i chew. the first question the danish thing quartet that's quite a name but i read you inherited this name right yeah i think we would never call us that again actually but we were young and and foolish know that and it wasn't it's a generation name that it was first f. flute quartet in the thirty's where the viola player had a song that also was to be able to play on the sundin made a quote set in the fifty's and sixty's that was the danish sort of then the son of this field of play i made another generation of but they misquoted in the eighty's and then this last son he didn't have any string playing so the name was kind of up for grabs and he happened to be our mentor and teacher so we in in the. the hunt
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for a name we have a lot up there from the names and this was a name we had in one concert where that happened to be nice review it's a good name was the young things trinkets of back then actually and i you know young anymore so you can buy your second well you know well it was kind of stupid to put the young thing in the beginning anyway but but then we just ended up sticking with that name and now we we got used to it you were called the young danish string quartet and now the danish string quartets quite a big thing to live up to that i think yeah yeah it is you can say it's like a big thing to call yourself in the industry but at the same time we're a very small country and basically we're the only full time string quartet in the country and you know as as john mentioned it was just something we picked when we were younger and i mean one name that we could all agree upon was not super bad i guess. i think the great i think i think it's a great name and you say you chose it when you were younger it really was when you were younger because you've been together for a long time already
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a very long time it feels like a lifetime but he meant it because we met when we were very young we met that. there was this and there is this small school in the danish countryside that has a one week summer festival each year people came there for there because they had a huge love for music and we were brought there most of us by our parents and we were playing in two or cursed orchestras during the day and then during the night of throughout the night you were playing to a community together but this is just the three of you and that's because you have you have a foreigner in your midst frederick how did you how did you find find the quartet did they find you did you go to this camp you know no i didn't i. the three of us actually studied together in sweden the nordic community is very small and it's like it's natural to go over borders. and there was a good school so and so we all went there.
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in the repertoire you play it goes from early today and the audiences love it wherever you go i love the fact you can play beethoven in the first half and then you play stuff in the second half but what when the audience go out i bet they say oh we love that folk stuff how cool how can we get audiences today to be as excited about beethoven as they are about your folk music for us it's very natural to play very different things. we don't find a conflict between something that you see going and something that's very deep and we find it quite easy to switch from the different states of mind but of course when you do a program you have to make sure that it makes sense we would never do an easygoing danish jake after beethoven opus one thirty one that would be an insult to everybody to the folk musicians and the beethoven is us like he said to the folk musicians as. oh yeah no i don't because we're not actually focus issues we're just
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distributed fooling around with some traditional music i have another question about bringing music to young people because here at the classes good day is that right classes good day i mean first of all you're doing quite a lot for young people of the master class the lifestream hasta class and these pop up concerts talking to to the young people do you make it make it a distinctive effort to include that in what you do. because you seem to really appeal i spoke to one one yell string player yes and they're like change string quartet the danish think they were certified to dive you like pop stars we always love it when young people come but it's not something that we. specifically aim for actually we want to project a very honest feeling and something that i'm comfortable being in and something that's of high very high quality and i think every easy way to get young people's attention is to project something that's honest i think they feel right away if
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you're trying to get them you know if you try too hard that's what i felt when you think ok we've got to get a handout or come here paint right and if you put on a pink light here with haydn string quartet or something you know it's going to stink there's an indian if you're saved it's like there's a fishy smell or think you know right that's all for serious music for today we're going to enjoy a little bit more danish string quartet magic now see you next time and hi-fi wants to grow.
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today's horn challenge the danish string quartet.
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you have the job. that. she took a big risk and paid a heavy price for it in the caribbean war correspondent down on a guy and she about in a basement in aleppo syria and she found bunk area and made weapons doesn't mean supplying to islamic state. she wrote
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a new story about it and lost her job she was questioned by god guerin security officials and now she's fighting for her journalistic credibility. next on d w. european stars deliver a rousing performance are. you of the masters of trip hop and don was behind this and by. the british band fake live. in concert in forty five minutes on. a bad mood. byrom you know never give up they always think they can still win right up to the very last second. i mean your son mia lives it.
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starting october fifteenth on d w and online on the vast steps of central asia and expand dition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan. the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary and d.-w. dot com psych us. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery catalonia nationalists have sought autonomy and.


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