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we are who we are to suppose for what we are we're a family and believe. me is a new phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin and thousands take to the streets of spain to demand unity there are demonstrations in barcelona the people wearing white t. shirts in a call for peaceful dialogue and in madrid a sea of spanish blacks flood the capital we'll have the latest from our correspondent also coming up. in the united states people on the gulf coast prepare
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as hurricane it bears down on them the category one hurricane is expected to make landfall later today after causing more than twenty deaths across central america. hello and welcome i'm michel henery it's good to have you with us massive demonstrations are happening in spain's biggest cities right now as the tussle over catalonia independence moves onto the streets and barcelona thousands of people wearing white gathered near the mayor's office to call for dialogue between supporters and opponents of independence for the region at the same time people for spanish unity have flocked to the center of the spanish capital madrid. correspondent fenny fish ours in barcelona for us funny he's been at that parcel
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and demonstration can you tell us the message that is that's come out of it. michel this demonstration is just about to wrap up but you can still see a few people behind me wearing white t. shirts away or actually carrying a wide balloons signs to express basically that they want peace and they demand a dialogue i've also seen signs that read are blameless let's talk or ob-la most which means can we talk which is a good question if you look at the course of the week and the exchanges the verbal exchanges between mother and barcelona a lot of people have been talking to say they are upset because they feel they could be taken politically hostage by the situation they say it's not about the catalonian governments to decide what catalonia is about this should be about dialogue between both a mother it and and both entities between moderate and barcelona they also sad as this demonstration carry dog dialogue all resigned by resigned they both mean the
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catalonian government as well as the government in barcelona what's also very interesting to know that these people did not we are any flags they did not carry neither catalonia or the spanish flag they made clear this is not a nationalistic movement of any sort it is not a political movement of any sort is just an organized basically peaceful demonstration to press for dialogue and peace and how about in madrid we're also seeing thousands of people on the streets there what do spanish unionists want . now you see thousands they are in madrid who are carrying spanish flags obviously that's more nationalistic in that they make clear what spain is about space should be as it is should remain as it is to security and independence a political movement therefore an independence demonstration now that demonstration is a hearing from madrid is peaceful as well it remains peaceful so far the question is
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going to be the challenge actually over the course of this week and then more demonstrations take place called it may change if pro and anti demonstration groups meet even each other most people have worried about violence. erupt over the weekend or onto tuesday when the next parliamentary session here catalonia is supposed to take place and then the president president bush demond is going to make a statement even though nobody at this point knows if that actually is going to be a statement about the declaration of independence. funny for charm barcelona thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world jailed russian opposition leader alexeyevna vaal knee has called for nationwide protests to mark president vladimir putin's birthday today vonnie is serving twenty days in prison after losing his appeal on charges of organizing an authorized public rallies of potential rival and russia's upcoming twenty one thousand
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election legal troubles may prevent him from getting on next year's ballot. danish police have found more remains of kim wall the swedish journalist who went missing in august earlier authorities had arrested danish inventor peter madsen after walls torso washed ashore she'd gone to interview him aboard his homemade submarine mats and has claimed that wall died accidentally. the trumpet ministration has rolled back and obamacare provision that requires employee health plans to cover contraception as preventive care for women employers will now be able to offer delta providing no cost birth control on religious or moral grounds adequacy groups plan to sue to block the new rules. speaking to the youth wing of her conservative c.d.u. party interest in german chancellor angela merkel laid out her vision for the party for her fourth term in office merkel is under pressure after the success of the far
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right alternative for germany which came in third in national elections there are calls from within the c.d.u. to address its credibility image on migration merkel also announced talks with the pro-business free democrats and the greens to form a ruling coalition. for more let's cross live to correspondent rupert vader bald what was the focus of merkel speech today any surprises. well clearly focused of course on the band election results two weeks ago saying that the result in the end wasn't so bad at all saying that the c.d.u. and sees you parties are too conservative pontius together reached all their strategical goals especially of both parties formed the biggest parliamentary party in parliament saying she said that no government could be formed against her parties and said this should be taking into account too although she said that she
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she said she herself was also shocked that policy hard last eight percentage points during the election and the the the used organisation of c.d.u. c.s.u. the today was quite ambivalent in taking this in there was of course quite a lot of applause for party leader and chancellor angela merkel but there also was protest people holding up signs saying stop migration drop consequences out of the election result but in the end this protest was rather well behaved it was only one insists saying it again in one person who said needs to step back anyone else. first and then there was a little criticism but the criticism is there but only where a little. just how much pressure what you say is merkel and her party under because of the search of the port for the far right and. well the pressure of course is rather high especially coming from the more conservative sees you sister
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party this is the party that the that is exclusively in the very i see is you house called for a maximum number of refugees coming into germany for quite a while now but i'm glad merkel today said again this not this top won't be coming at all this shouldn't this wouldn't be possible especially if the c.d.u. n.c.d.c. would form a coalition with the center left green party and the free market liberals of the f.t.p. and so so this pressure is there but also have something on offer for a critics saying or saying that the result of the call coalition talks should be approved by the poverty members on the special party convention after the talks and this is something very new to the c.d.u. unseasoned thank you robert peter hall. after making landfall in central america hurricane nate is barreling towards the u.s.
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gulf coast with high winds and warnings of storm surges louisiana is one of the u.s. states in its path with the major city of new orleans bracing itself for a direct hit the deadly storm has strengthened to a category one hurricane and is expected to reach the area late saturday once again u.s. residents are bracing for another here again that is about to hit the country. in the city of new orleans residents are stockpiling supplies in the fear that hurricane nate could directly hit the biggest city in the state of louisiana everything on the bottom floor of my house is gone up three feet and every goes higher than. the paragraph made can't be underestimated even if it's the weakest hurricane on a five category scale in the karada houses and are wrecked and people are left with a heavy deluge to cope with. where all that was serious damage with lost
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everything food clothes we don't have water besides the rain that is falling down on us there are children dying my mom is eighty five years old she doesn't have anywhere to sleep we'll stay. have a canary to post also devastated all the countries in central america including costa rica us. back in new orleans some nearby coastal areas have already received evacuation orders as the storm moves to see us . but it's mayor rare shoot residents there is no need to panic they show you in the public that we are very well prepared we have a great team of first responders and organizers we have been through this many many times before and we are ready for whatever nate brings our way the calm before the storm but that could soon change as nate gets closer. from the
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caribbean to europe deadly storms of the making headlines in recent weeks the weather is often on everyone's lips and a new exhibition here in germany is taking a close look at the elements past present and future through history science and culture the show opens this weekend in bonn the host city for the next round of un climate change talks next month. the weather affects the soul whether we like it or not. the weather report exhibition is focusing on how with the influences human civilization and culture. to clean up this very a more intimate about climate there's a communication problem it's too loaded with facts and statistics we're taking another approach whether it's climate we experience it's our exhibition is taking an interdisciplinary approach we're going to show and give equal weight to every
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day culture in the natural sciences and through this there will be a surprising and exciting mix and the mission. that makes includes works is very does those by english romantic painted john constable. american artist geoffrey hendricks who has styled himself as a cloud smith for his work with sky themed images to the early technology at sixteenth century sundials all the way to the spiritual with the fifteenth century wind god made of lava. the exhibition boasting more than four hundred objects in artworks from across the world runs till march. formula one news now and lewis hamilton will start in pole position at this weekend's japanese grand prix how much chance that the fastest ever law of the zakah track to qualify in first place in japan for the first time in his career sebastian vettel will start decide how often on the front row the german driver is
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currently thirty four points behind hamilton in the driver's championship with five races left to run this season. in the bundesliga byron munich have appointed get behind because as their new coach the seventy two year old is coming out of retirement and they signed a contract until the end of the season it's his fourth time in charge at byron. york pike has retired from coaching in two thousand and thirteen and he went out on a high as one the trouble with buying the champions league the bonus league and the german cup. his good friend by and president played a big role in convincing him to come out of retirement many of the players know heine kids from his last time in charge and they're happy to see him come back. they can feel that he knows a lot of the guys and he has huge experience he's a great coach and really understands the players i think he'll give the team a boost and make us better. i guess we'll take over training on monday and stay
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until the end of the season given by a new unit time to find a suitable successor. there was a hair raising experience during a severe storm here in germany for the passengers of an emirates flight landing a descent over airport the airbus a three eighty appeared to be touching down perfectly but then it was caught in a powerful cross wind lurch from side to side before pilots brought it back under control plane enthusiastic cargo spotter recorded the footage and published it on his you tube channel he praised the skills of the emirates crew in coping with the unexpected turbulence. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you in spain demonstrators in a sea of white have been pushing for peaceful dialogue on the streets of barcelona and in the capital madrid thousands campaigned for unity over the castle and referendum it remains unclear whether catalonia still plans to declare independence
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from spain in the days ahead. you're watching news from berlin and more coming. top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information from our website d.w. dot com and for watching. my first vice i was a sewing machine. where i found all women are balanced by this social little something as simple as learning how to write them by side who isn't. since i was a little girl i want.


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