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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is e w news libo from but in a rush of people across the country defy a ban on public protests to show their support for jailed opposition activist aleck's and about russian police intervene detaining more than one hundred demonstrators we'll hear from our correspondent in st petersburg. also coming
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up thousands rally on the streets of spain calling on spanish in council and leaders to end months of silence and talk to each other over catalonia paid for independence we'll have the latest on spain's worst political crisis in decades. and polls alone all md police evacuated part of central london off to a call it's protests trains outside a major tourist spot but the incident turns out not to be terribly lated. i'm having a home free thanks for joining me russian police have arrested more than one hundred opposition activists on a day of wide spread protests across the country thousands of supporters of the jailed anti corruption. the titian election of alnico gathered in towns and cities
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demanding he be allowed to run in next year's presidential election there were violent scenes in st petersburg is why police broke up a rally and detained more than sixty people also or he say the protests which coincide with president levy midleton first day on friday. and we can speak now to all russia correspondent and the show when he's following the protest march and president putin's hometown of st petersburg and many what's happening where you are well the protests part of the protests have actually sparked around the city earlier on people had assembled on the field of cars and the court kind of waiting there and you will started to move and they moved to several different squares throughout the city on the way people were arrested i saw are of large amount of riot police and bras woes of
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people being brought her to have. being arrested brought to prison it's unclear how many people were arrested at her force of around a hundred and now people have assembled kind of here at the moscow central station on a square here they're sort of standing there don't really know exactly what to do and there's a huge amount of police standing in a row and they look ready to perhaps make further arrests those are unclear what they're there to do. so we have to kind of wait and see what happens here certainly don't see the situation in st petersburg what about the rest of the country. well there have been protests today in eighty cities including in moscow where we say around seven hundred people came out participants say it was thousands it's unclear at the moment how many at that today in st petersburg so was supposed to be
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the main protest dividing it said that it would be a symbolic gesture to come out i'm on the streets in sochi hometown and it does seem that the protests here have been quite free to go they also have been rather chaotic. and emily what about the protesters you've spoken to what exactly are they hoping to achieve well i spoke to some protesters earlier and they said you know how could how could they put seventy behind bars he didn't do anything wrong so people really a come out in support of not finding other people but of people it's more of a symbolic saying it's taking no we don't want to have one president's power one certain power for such a long time we need to show that things can change and that there is a democratic choice and that's why they want the violence to be able to stand in the presidential election all russia correspondent and the show in st petersburg thank you must say the demonstrations have been held in
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spain biggest cities is the tussle over capital any of bait for independence still hold to the streets in madrid thousands of people many waving the national flag gathered to demand beg government to move to stave off the separatist movement in the country healthy huge a town outcomes as catalan in egypt refused to rule out making a unilateral declaration of independence in the coming days. will be crowns in barcelona as well as the calls for the pace of a peaceful end to the territorial dispute have allowed. w. correspondent anna sophia seaborn is in a barcelona for us good to see you know we saw that huge demonstration in barcelona earlier what was the message well the vestige of the people was basically peace and dialogue. many people came here
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they were all dressed in white as you mentioned with white balloons and i was very peaceful and cheerful at the same time people were very angry with the government here in catalonia and with the government in madrid they say that they need to talk they need to get in touch and get into some sort of dialogue that they need to talk many people chanted here that we do not to deserve what's happening here and that was the overall feeling and one of the chance was that they demanded of the governments to talk or resign and with that they meant both governments the one in madrid and him barcelona and what about in madrid because there are also thousands out on the streets there what the spanish unionists want.
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well spanish unionists basically opposed to catalan independence they won. catalonia to stay part of spain and catalonia to basically follow the constitution because the constitution states that spain is supposed to be a single united country and basically that's their message and they were waving spanish flags and so it was basically a very pro spanish and anti independence complain on protest image it today and so fisi even in barcelona good to talk to you. german chancellor angela merkel has announced coalition talks with the pro-business free democrats and the greens merkel said a coalition with the two parties was the only realistic option to form a reliable government so called to make a coalition is known as such because the party's colors correspond to the jamaican
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flag the move had been expected after the social democrats said they would not continue in a coalition with her conservatives. police in london say a car crash outside the natural history museum is not being treated as a terrorism armed police were quickly deployed to the scene and one man was taken into custody eleven people were hurt in at the crash and security is high in britain after a series of terror attacks this year several of them involving their pulse. well for the latest we're joined now by correspondent josh blum in london now josh also law but why did it seem that this incident could have been a terrorist attack for the simple reason that it seems to fit the pattern of not more recent terrorist attacks a little bit low tank many handle it was many of them lost their mouse in the streets and also many think of buried in the national history museum that museum
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area is very crowded the weekend on saturday that really hundreds of people queuing round the block getting to the natural history museum the science museum if you and i around the corner it would be a prime target for a terrorist and i didn't even see any grab it by a car that's in the paper it's your mind it doesn't need to go it's the worst so the police quickly ruled out terrorism but what else have they said. but you said it's a road traffic accidents and it is out of the look sights too because we're building a coalition not much more to stack space that was stablished vast but in the whole of britain was really massive cyber leap that it wasn't terrorist related at this time to go around and not seeing more and more production areas base of blocked off by traffic but metal bars so it's you know still on the bridges and it's as well all salute british westminster bridge all got pedestrians and traffic separate by big metal areas clearly the police are trying to prevent possibilities of this happening so nothing much you know that other than it's not terrorist related which
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i think there will be quite a bit of that now josh dozens of armed officers rushed to the scene how on edge is london after the attacks that it's experience this year very we've had a look as he said we've had a lot of attacks over the last few weeks and months and all of london is where reacting to the kind of now where it was to come they all seem to be of a similar nature as well they will since you know lone wolf was the people working together and incredibly low saxon it was the only intercepting which involves a vehicle your mind doesn't need to go to sources have to say in westminster bridge for example and you know everybody going to be limited in marginal bias against you do fear the worst put down to live lives that have learned so far nobody has lived through i mean a life changing injuries and as you said it doesn't appear to be terrorist related set correspondent joshua bloom in a london thanks for that. now some of the other stories making news around the world iranian president hassan rouhani has defended
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his country's nuclear deal with wild palettes saying u.s. president donald trump could not undermine it his words follow reports that child may soon take the first step toward scrapping the agreement the twenty fifteen deal soran agreed to limit its nuclear program in return for an easing of sanctions. the trumpet administration has rolled back and obamacare provision that requires employee health plans to cover contraception as preventative care for women employers will now be able to opt out of providing no cost birth control on religious or moral grounds advocacy groups planned to sue to block the new rules. now the u.s. national hurricane center says hurricane nate will strengthen to a category two storm before striking the u.s. gulf coast on saturday night now it is already forced the widespread shutdown of
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all will and gas production in the gulf and people in low lying areas along the coast have been ordered to evacuate and take refuge in shelters. when a state of emergency is in place across parts of louisiana alabama mississippi and florida once again u.s. residents are bracing for another here again that is about to hit the country in the city of new orleans residents are stockpiling supplies in the fear that here a canadian could directly hit the biggest city in the state of louisiana everything on the bottom of my house is gone up three feet and if it goes higher than that well. the parish nature can't be underestimated. in the karada houses and boats are wrecked and people are left with a heavy deluge to cope with. no value where there was serious damage we lost
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everything food clothes we don't have water besides the rain that is falling down on us there are children dying my mom is eighty five years old she doesn't have anywhere to sleep or stay. harrigan nate has also devastated all the countries in central america including costa rica and one during this. back in new orleans some nearby coastal areas have already received evacuation orders as the storm moves to see us. but it's may every issue to residents there is no need to panic i show you in the public that we are very well prepared we have a great team of first responders and organizers we have been through this many many times before and we are ready for whatever nate brings our way the calm before the storm but that could soon change as snape gets closer.
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to sports now and the japanese grown prewire lewis hamilton produced a record breaking the formants in salat saturday's qualification run miss avies drive a smash this is a good time record previously held by me. by one point six seconds and will start in the front row alongside it main rival sebastian franco in sunday's race the ferrari driver was promoted to the front office of all terry both tests of misstating s. despite being second quickest in code a five place grid penalty hamilton has a thirty four point lead over facto with five races remaining. and just a reminder now of the top stories we're following for you russian police have arrested more than one hundred officers ition activists on a day of widespread protests thousands of people defied a ban on public gatherings to show their support for jailed opposition politician alexina valmy demanding he be allowed to run in next year's presidential election.
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and in spain thousands of people have taken part in protests calling on spanish and catalan leaders to enter the country's political crisis there remains unclear whether catalonia still plans to declare independence from spain in the days ahead . you're watching news from more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague christopher spring gate you can always get the latest news on a website that is d.w. dot called i'm having a humphrey in ballad by for now. carry one mind it was made by you bend them as mellie and i did are you words do you generally. only words events in stories. mean they turn them and then you go on to words with this you tell me about when you should better check it out yourself you and you today.


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