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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2017 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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to covent garden just what did it feel like to live in times of revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october started over twenty fifth t.w. . this is did all the news live from then off to causing severe destruction in central america hurricane night is now fast approaching the u.s. coast residents are scrambling to prepare or evacuate as the storm barrels closer it's forecast to make landfall sued in just southeast of new orleans look at more
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from a weather expert to the city. there's been a day of protest in russia with demonstrators calling for jailed opposition leader likes enough only to be allowed to run for president. also on the program. the cross writes no over the political mess here in catalonia runs very deep people tell me they hope to bring a swift and to spain's deepest political crisis in decades. just taking us through the streets of boss alone and asking whether catalonia can inch back from declaring independence. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us people along the u.s. gulf coast are bracing themselves with hurricane nate about to make landfall east of new orleans a category storm two. almost threatening several southern states with torrential
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rain and winds of up to one hundred sixty kilometers an hour now it is the fourth major storm to hit the u.s. in less than two months or thirteenth warning residents not to take it lightly. the hurricane killed dozens of people as it passed through central america a state of emergency has been declared in parts of louisiana alabama mississippi and florida residents of new orleans prepare to hunker down for hurricane ace the storm is forecast to start by louisiana's biggest city but even interact this could bring severe flooding. and more snow more concern about my car then anything honestly my house of elevators i'm not so concerned about. nace may not pack a punch of other storms this season but it's already unleashed heavy rains on central america in nicaragua. wrecked towns left under water.
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we don't every thing food clothes we don't have water besides the rain that's falling children are dying my mom's eighty five she doesn't have anywhere to sleep or stay i mean. i mean you know. costa rica el salvador and honduras also sustained serious damage in the u.s. four states are expected to be his hard officials have ordered evacuations in some low lying areas but most of the water that we're going to see will be because of storm surge and obviously no one should take this trauma like it is proven to be very deadly. and honduras and therefore are going in that area so we have to make sure that we are not taking it lightly residents have been warned to stay indoors until the storm passes. ok we're going to talk to dave know spawn now he's a weather expert at w w l t v in new orleans dave great to have you with us how
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serious is this storm looking does it come pat to hurricane katrina twelve years ago. nothing in comparison to katrina this is a much smaller storm a much weaker storm that katrina was was very that was very down back in two thousand and five here that we sienna may not actually have a true way in fall of this storm in louisiana looks like it's going to make more of a landfall along the mississippi coast just near polacks the mississippi about an hour outside or so of the new orleans area and this one could be possibly a category two storm right now with winds of ninety miles per hour about one hundred forty four kilometers per hour with a possible landfall speed of one hundred five miles per hour and that's roughly about one hundred seventy kilometers per hour or so could be doing a lot of some wind damage in mississippi looks like that biggest threat for them is going to be the storm surge a rise of water coming from the storm potentially around say two to fifty meters of
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water across much of the coast side of mississippi and even southeast louisiana too and that would be again a pretty detrimental outside of the hurricane protection levees we have here in the state. dave you know twelve years off the cat train how well is the region prepared to cope with extreme weather events now. well fortunately significant advances of it may help the city protect the city rising water prior to katrina or storm surge of around seven to eleven feet would be horrible for our area fortunate we had the levee systems we have now due gates and a flood gate. closed to prevent all the water flooding that we had with katrina time time storm surge ok dave many thanks for that dave most down from w w w l t v in new orleans. now there were demonstrations across russia or on
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saturday with thousands of people in at least eighty cities marching in support of jailed opposition leader alexei navalny they were calling on all thought is to allow of all need to run in next year's presidential election police arrested both than two hundred people with the office is saying the demonstrations weren't authorized the protests by the way coincided with president vladimir putin sixty fifth birthday. they defied the ban on assembly to answer the call of their leader alexina valmy. and under the eyes of the great poet pushkin they reclaimed moscow streets more transparency the right to freedom of expression and a crackdown on corruption where their main demands their message was clear from flags and with badges and chanted in chorus. person get asked. some have even brought cake for the president sixty fifth birthday but there was no
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party. on those and we want him gone on this quickly as possible and here's rule for eighteen years he's been president or prime minister for all of my adult years we believe people in power should face reelection and special dollars not less i mean it's always just that much this is what we're here to support not only who has called people out to ensure the future of the country because we want real competition in the upcoming presidential elections. the first real money charged with. police also broke up protests in putin's hometown of st petersburg hundreds were arrested across russia many subjected to brutal place treatment. along the line now from some petersburg russia cross on emily show and emily you've been monitoring the day's events there bring us up to speed with what's been happening. so the the protests today were largely peaceful
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people assembled on the field of bars around five pm well six pm session time and they were kind of waiting flags and then eventually people started moving and things got a little bit chaotic they went to two different whereas in the city i followed them to near the center hospital central station and they kind of just to sit around for a bit there was that there was a lot of police and on the way there. there were mass arrests there were buses that were parked in the middle of the road and a huge line of riot police started arresting people and i actually saw a bus parked in the middle of the road and a huge line of riot police started arresting people and i actually saw a bus full of people being taken away and then here at the central station there were police standing and standing around for a long time and then two arrests were made i saw family groans
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all the protesters being arrested. well this protest according to authorities was not authorized the osce already say it gathered that it was an authorized now by nis campaign on the other hand says that if it was legal because they also already didn't provide an alternative place for them to meet so that's their argument there and i suppose the argument that people can well that the police can make is that they came out from the authorised protests however i've heard that most of the protesters has now been let go and they've actually been written up for violating traffic laws. emily show in their russia correspondent now the spanish prime minister. says his government is prepared to suspend catalonians autonomy to stop the region from becoming independent hoy's remarks came in the wake of large demonstrations on saturday in
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spain's biggest cities in madrid for instance thousands of people calling on the central government to do more to stop the separatist movement a huge turnaround came as catalonian leaders refused to rule out declaring independence next week there were big crowds in barcelona to the cattle and capital as calls for a conciliatory end to the dispute grow louder. they've had enough thousands of people rallied outside the mayor's office in verse alone on saturday the protesters here once talks to end this crisis. get our politicians should do their work talk like civilized people if they can do that they should go. yes if i can. i don't want all of this you know independents. it's uncertain whether catalonia as leaders are going to listen to those against independence now but there are signs the government is reconsidering its stance one
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of the coalition parties tells me that they will not push for independence immediately we are ready to it so we don't want to it is not something that we like a lot to go to make steps forward unilaterally and with all this. coming from the spanish state and all this threaten threats of repression and we don't like it so we wait and we see there are more and more signals that the government has moved away from its plan to declare independence unilaterally next tuesday but the problem is i'm told that there is huge pressure from supporters in the streets to do so if there was a what has happened is that the movement has arrived to situation of no control so it goes alone is like a ball running down a mountain. so it's very possible for any actor to retake control and decide that they are going to stop the movement for
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independence power in the region is pro independence movement says the expert is shifting towards reading books millions of voted for independence a week ago right but millions more boycotted the referendum the rift that runs through catalan society has deepened. the cross tracing over the political mess here in catalonia runs very deep people tell me they hope to bring a swift end to spain's deepest political crisis in decades. turning now to world cup qualification germany qualify for russia twenty eighteen in impressive style with nine wins and nine group games so far for the defending world champions and their last group match germans face azerbaijan later today in a game that will be little more than a formality but that doesn't mean the pressure is off the less established players
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are fighting hard for a spot in the squad. mission accomplished now that germany has qualified for next year's world cup the pressure is off as an exception the german football association even let the fans in to watch the team practice you have a few months i left talk a little on the squad through able to qualify us so they could just come one and now i'd like to build up the momentum again. and it's now all about claiming a spot on the team for next year's tournament that's why for les on going at sky this match against azerbaijan is so important the shock a player could be a starter to shore up the midfield them once and if you analyze the entire game like this you then get to see the kind of space he constantly opens up down the field while back in midfield over me that's what's expected from a midfielder he's also dangerous on go. was a member of germany's extended squad at the last world cup but had to bow out because of injuries now he's back on the team. sort of writing as well as still
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going to a few things to learn accumulating experience is a need so that i can further establish myself in my position. on the rights of uk and also this time getting is take it to the world cup but competition is huge at the confederations cup other players also impressed they too are hoping to get a shot here and give the more established world cup winning players a run for their money. and everybody's got the back of their mind and of course they want to put in good performances to improve their chances god doesn't matter whether it's in this match against or in the other games you play and you always get an opportunity to show you so and to get yourself in shape for the tournament. meanwhile germany coach who live wants his players to stay healthy during the season so that fans in russia will truly be able to see the best twenty three players germany has to offer. now hot air balloons come in all shapes and sizes these ones here were populating the skies of new mexico on
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saturday as the albuquerque international balloon fiesta got underway some of the balloons on show anything but traditional they included a baby in a carriage we should see it in just a second. a buckingham palace guard and a motor there's the baby in. that is the buckingham palace guard there was also a motorbike racer by the way nearly a million balloon enthusiasts expected to attend the week long event in albuquerque . more from us at the top of the hour you're watching get over the news in berlin up next to the only business with a review of all the latest financial news for you. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how to german
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soccer made it back to the top. in our web special on dot com.


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