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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2017 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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starting october fifteenth on w and online. freedom of expression. a value that all ways has to be defended and you. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com to freedom. welcome to the year much higher lies monday's louise house on here is what we've got in store for you. fashion icon
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a new museum in paris that honors the legacy of eve balogna. lego vision the new building by the stocky taste jaco's. and physical in the regions and body painting by savvy an artist really on a mid off of it. he was one of the most famous fashion designers in the weald even. the french designers started his career at the your in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven four years later he found it is own label for many years he worked in paris in a corner building near the eiffel tower and this house has now opened its doors to the public. each seller all spent the better part of twenty eight years here. in this room he sketched his designs and held his fittings.
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various personal belongings lie strewn around the desk as if he'd just left the room. the fact is intentional. former company headquarters has now become a museum. the concept is to leave visitors with an authentic sense of the place. it is chair of his small. the desk is full of things he kept around all his life that were very dear to him like the park figures that stand for his dogs. we want it to be moved in a museum a fashion more like a place of remembrance of a historical museum. we're trying to recreate something that doesn't exist anymore a time when you have played a major role when collections were developed in a very particular way. over five thousand dresses complete with accessories as well as sketches photos and films can be found in the new museum's archive. kept everything
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including his very earliest creations. this dress from one nine hundred sixty two was the very first he made on commission for a client. museum goers can get up close to the finest gowns it's. at eyelevel. if someone with a first design into his clothing previously they used to give them to the models off the fashion shows i'll sell them straight to the customers but he kept the original prototypes so we can exhibit them today. he was also the first designer to stages fashion shows an observation exists instead of your house in a hotel for instance if. he did that made them any vote and they still are today.
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in two thousand and two the first rock star designer took his leave of the fashion world with a grand show. he passed on six years later at age seventy one in two thousand and fourteen his partner both professionally and in private conceived the museum project. was an exceptionally rare talent. you know over thirty. he left a colossal legacy and has had a huge influence on society. if fashion were about nothing but creating a certain aesthetic he said addressing wealthy ladies it would have no real significance for marriage but fashion as a lot more than that it has a social dimension. so drugs so in function so little hope paul could. took his from men's fashion like the tuxedo or the overall and transform them and made them wearable for women. so the women kept their femininity but they
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were able to feel equal to man make because he latched on to the tendency in the one nine hundred sixty s. and held on to it right up until the end of his career. among the french designers favorite models was a young the indian model first took to the catwalk for eve celeron in one nine hundred seventy six. i mean. at first glance even celeron made a very reserved and shy impression on people. but in smaller more intimate company he could be completely different he told stories and was good at imitating people in general he was an incredibly polite respectful person. in the thirteen years i worked for him he never acted like a star during fittings he'd even ask me what i thought is everyone could have a say them on their one eye view go along but. after the paris museum a second eve celeron museum is due to open in america shana tova one thousand. the
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fashion designer was born in algeria and spent a great deal of time in morocco and influence that could be spotted in his creations. there. he originally came from north africa he grew up there and that's where he got that feel for color a completely different feel than what was normal for paris at the time. he favored warm colors and strong contrasts like in india we also mix orange and pink. i suppose he felt quite at home in america it reminded him of his childhood because this. will never see the two new museums opened he passed away on september eighth but his greatest wish has been granted he's made eve celeron the artist and visionary the first fashion designer to have not one but two museums devoted to him. and
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from this design his house we go to visit the lego house in denmark yes nearly sixty years after the first leg a building block was painted there is now a life size lego house in the home town of the brand it was designed by denmark most labs architects bjarke ingels and his big who let the playful creativity run wild on this project. and multi-colored the new legal house and below and then mark looks like a gigantic version of a child's twenty one brick lego house. with a surface area of twelve thousand square metres the whole building is a celebration of these popular plastic building blocks for danish architect and his architecture from a big this was a labor of love. honestly i love lego ever since i was a kid when i was five i got my first lego set the yellow castle probably the best
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lego set ever made i actually told my team that if it's big had been founded with the purpose of building just a single building it would be the lego house inside it's a huge waterfall made of lego bricks everything here is designed so that visitors can touch and play with it. especially impressive is the gallery of masterpieces these lego dinosaurs are made up of three hundred thousand bricks and they weigh more than four hundred kilos fundamental to their league wide learning through play so the children develop best by playing and when we decide on their sneaker house the idea was to really show what's behind the lay quiet and when you look at it i think it is an architectural masterpiece it couldn't have been any different and it really expresses what licorice all about. the building is crowned with a gigantic lego brick complete with typical legal starts the building block motif can be seen everywhere here the rooms dominant colors represent the stages of
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a child's development blue stands for called mission red for creativity and yellow for emotional development. architect wanted to create an ambience that was light and transparent. if you arrive and everything feels almost effortless but there's a lightness and a playfulness and how it's done and when you walk around here so for you of course like everything flows very naturally you have a feeling of the architects they just stack the lego bricks and and then they were done when you come you know the likeness and the effortlessness really strikes you that. you can sense how much work actually got into this because it really feels very simple the lego house the new a sensation from the big architecture fan it's expected to draw a million visitors
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a year. among the first to come danish crown prince frederick and his family who are right for the grand opening of the lego house. but the kids love that one now if you look up the cake a studio on you cheap i guarantee that you will keep watching for hours that's because seventy a makeup artist may. have it she creates phenomenal illusions on her body i've never seen anything quite like it but painting isn't something we know that but to do it on your requires another level of skill and that's partly why i keep a has so many followers and has managed to make a living from. the illusions are mind boggling. not just because they're nearly perfect but because they're actually on a body yeah miltie on a middle ship which. has seen her you tube channel get millions of clicks by
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viewers worldwide. she set up a little studio in her apartment and spread to over fifty kilometers from the serbian capital belgrade. she learnt to draw as a child and taught herself to paint today illusionist videos are her trademark. i love challenges and that's why i choose to do it lucian and it's very funny when you make an up and not in your thought or you are. i'm enjoying to do this because every day i'm someone else. launched her own video channel in two thousand and sixteen her international breakthrough came with wooden puppet doll a video that won or a top makeup artists award in serbia. she also made an appearance on spanish television. more than one hundred thirty thousand fans have subscribed to her you
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tube channel and regularly watch her videos she can't believe her luck. i'm so happy i am we told people you know from all over the world and you're talking and when they write he says for rosie okies phone from was i have the feeling that i was there or i am there you know so it's a very special feeling. a mother of two in her mid thirty's she makes a living from her channel posting to new videos a week she gets feedback from near and far she can read the comments written in spanish. and think that what you do is spectacular you surprise me every time. i wish you all the best carry on the mantle see you got to see. which of the last few of them. kicker can spend two days preparing her designs scrutinizing them in the mirror to see what works and what doesn't like the not on
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her stomach. she can work on a new body painting for up to eight hours drawing inspiration from music and her own experience. i had a problem with my way and. i couldn't eat i lost my appetite and. i felt that my stomach is you know not you know. the tricky part for the makeup artist is holding our breath for long stretches while she paints in the fine details all her works of art involve magic of some kind and blackwall. coke. and bread that are. not like. the body painting illusionist can do more than tires off into knots she can put a spring in her belly. it was part of her wooden property illusion one of her
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biggest challenges so far. that spring gave me soul watch trouble because it's very difficult when you're still work on your skin almost all rock because you can't move if you want to make picture really good and perfect. it's motivated to keep perfecting her body paintings by her dream of what the future could hold. my dream is. one day to be on the red carpet and. cold. hollywood may or may not be on the horizon in the meantime she's busily creating body painted art and tutorials for her fans. among those who shared his videos is american actor charlie sheen but she remains dedicated to perfecting her art and
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she certainly isn't the type to lose their head over her success. very received from. now in association with the release of us called fifty kitchens one city your eyes has been featuring bolin restaurants and their recipes on our website social media and. one that when offered it was a portuguese establishment in friedrich stein run by a native who took a while to get used to his new hi lynn. there are many things you have to overcome first the language then if you're portuguese the climate and the way people are and of course the weather it took me years to a climatologist. i know my dad was born in northern posts ago in one nine hundred seventy seven he grew up in this been in the capital after finishing school he
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trained as a cook. his passion for mother as a child he watched how she cooked. moved to berlin when he was twenty one working in various restaurants and as a d.j. in the sun until he opened his list. has a huge market where you can buy everything. from when i was a child it fascinated me to walk through the market and see the contrasting colors and fruits. how was that how was it prepared the market always fired my curiosity. with these cuisine is relatively unknown in germany and fernando medo wants to change that. emphasis is on the small dishes. this is just appetizers much like the spanish top us and in portugal part
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of every meal. in this restaurant come from portugal. in portugal people eat a lot. when i go home to visit my mom she sees me taking a small plate of food and says you all starve to death you have to eat something. and i see it with other people. thirteen the portuguese spend a quarter of their earnings on food. that's sometimes more than a quarter of the innocent in this. place as. is a portuguese steve that comes in many variations. the recipe originated in southern portugal. the dish is named after the cos it's prepared in.
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the portuguese often cutting in this cup apart since the eighth century it's especially good for gently preparing food because when the lid is on the food is steamed that preserves the flavor of the individual ingredients. which it is because ian is very very on the coast people traditionally eat a lot of fish in the interior more meat comes to the table. what's special about cuts a plan a magic tara is that all the ingredients cook together with the meat even the seafood. this is a typical portuguese dish very special. makes the meats and the fish fish i don't know why but i do know that the portuguese are always ready to try new
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things just like in seafaring. the portuguese were always willing to discover a new land even though the dangers were greater say. one chased portuguese culture. this is sean. penn i spent three months renovating the ruins of what had been a store and even built some of the furniture himself he wanted a rustic ambience like in a country inn in portugal. his small restaurant has room for thirty five guests. many come specifically for finnan those homemade pastel the not-a a traditional putting tartlet. bar is located on blocks hard enough plots interest on district it's the only portuguese restaurant in this
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district which is home to many young people students and families. and there's a certain freedom here people do what they want. and it's still very much an alternative neighborhood even when no this is him and not so she she and i really like the mix of people that come here. as many regular guests from the neighborhood they like the private atmosphere and when fernando are neither has time he brings the food to the table himself. that may looks good now what makes a city where living in the price is the greenery the transport system well the
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british lifestyle magazine in monaco has recently published a ranking of the top twenty five most populous cities to live in so many went to into consideration a leisure pollution traffic travel as well as the price of coffee the number one's thoughts went to tokyo japan but the swiss city of zero featured in the top ten so we paid a visit. to or switzerland's biggest city and the country's financial capital it regularly reaches the top ten in surveys of the world's most livable cities lifestyle magazine monocle has just placed so work at number eight in its latest quality of life city ranking editor in chief tyler brulé says one reason is that everything here works like a swiss clock of course we think that great cities are friction free and that means public transport works means communications function it means that you can have
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a really seamless existence in a city jump in a river lake in the morning and have an easy commute to work and be in a great office environment. zurich is home to a population of about four hundred thousand the old town is in the heart of the city and manages to combine the excitement of the big city with the charm of the village and everything's easy to reach in the alps proximity to nature is another of zurich's big attractions. it has lake zurich and the river lima on its doorstep all this water is lovely to look at and it's a key factor in quality of life. and even take a boat across the if you want to get to the office you have a leg i think that's one of the really were the great things come a. you see that zurich really turns into
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a mediterranean city the way the city uses its rivers the way use its lakes i can't think of many european cities that have that and then are really using fresh bodies of water in the way that europe does. bahnhof strasser in downtown so it has one of the most market shopping streets in the world. the city is a hub of international finance traditionally one of its main features are banks but zurich is changing the creative scene is flourishing and helping to regenerate neighborhoods that used to be rundown and cd. i think of all of the cities that we've looked at in our quality of life rankings zurich has witnessed the most extraordinary transformation if i look back fifteen years ago sixteen years ago zurich was still very buttoned up but that's changed now and you see that because whole structures of the city that the reinvention of christ fear try these
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these neighborhoods which actually start to feel like a slightly more sanitized swiss a fide version of berlin kai sphere is the former red light district these days it's popular with a young crowd and google opened offices here in the summer two thousand people from around the world who now work here. a spate of new hotels restaurants and shops have opened breathing new life into the neighborhood a former pharmacy houses the ultra hip pseudo design stores places like this are turning the area into zurich's most cosmopolitan district. coffee it's got good cafes good nightclubs good bars very specialized sections to the with it's a district that represents who we are it's lively district it attracts a mixed crowd and we feel very at home here dogs he'd refuse his award. monocle magazine also good. top marks for the fifty plus theaters museums and opera houses
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here they're part of what makes it such a great place to live. because there's culture and cullen eric spearing says new things happening lots of innovation great hotels. you know each neighborhood has his own character they've all got their own flair today and great places to eat. in small everything's within easy reach. everything. it does have to be said but zurich is also one of the most expensive cities in europe it could do with becoming more affordable even monocle says so apart from the zurich strikes the perfect balance between financial hub modern metropolis and small town coziness. another one for the bucket list then that is all we have time for today they say thanks for joining in everyone and until i see you again take care bye for now.
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for sarah willis. is a passion. for. discovery. in huts the bro in denmark and we have a very danish episode plan today the danish string quartet are playing danish folk
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songs in denmark or danish. these taming. the beast. my song choice. they make a commitment. africa . people making
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a difference shaping their nation. and their continent w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. it tells us starring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images and big emotions the mt gox. geno the movie magazine every weekend on d w. d w look at me speaking the language being dug up. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning to our web special pleading at the refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. and join
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the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning s d w made for mine. this is news live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel moves a step closer to forming a new government party sources say her christian democrats have reached agreement with have a very narrow lives on migration.


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