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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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one thing is certain would have to the men to be successful don't call me bossy valley new series on made in germany in sixty minutes on t w. b s son mia where does it come from the month of two is off. starting october fifteenth on w and online and that's a good thing because i mean speak your language be done about that. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning our web special to the refugee journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning home. to join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. t.w.
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may for my. fellow and welcome to drive with a d w car show coming up a look ahead at the twenty eight thousand formula out he presents his team and race car. colorful designer car especially day should have said wednesday as three and key is new stony and. the car tester on the left stake observes that he had to was writing the s.u.v. way the stomach as he is for the s.u.v. as a subcompact crossover this new one is meant to appeal mainly to young buyers. the koreans have gone all out with this little s.u.v. the stomach's lifestyle factor. as calculated to lure buyers away from the renault
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cup tour and the brazil two thousand and eight the message is simple the mini s.u.v. can take the place of a compact station wagon or van the stunning features the popular high seat position coveted s.u.v. look and relatively generous space. dystonic ronny notes that the stomach has the key ríos platform and interior which means kenya has succeeded in putting a low weight crossover on the market depending on the engine the vehicle weighs between one thousand one hundred forty five and one thousand three hundred forty nine kilos less weight on the front axle means better feedback from the suspension and more agility on the road you know. the one liter three cylinder turbocharged engine we test in achieved eighty eight kilowatts in service the one point two tons done it very well at top speed of one hundred eighty five kilometers
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per hour is more than sufficient for a subcompact s.u.v. its average fuel consumption is rated at five liters per one hundred kilometers with three cylinder engines can never be really quiet and that he has done a good is no exception. to. the asian design team led by veteran german automotive designer paid their shire tailored a body for the just four point one four metre stunning that's not so very different from many other subcompact s.u.v.s yet it still features a number of i can't use. that cockpit amounts to a well organized workspace with a touch screen mounted front and center the materials in workmanship are quite solid basic equipment on the stunning includes the infotainment system with apple.
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car play and android auto and of course air conditioning. with volumes ranging from three hundred fifty two to one thousand one hundred fifty five leaders the luggage space is average for the class folding the rear seats down gives you a flat slightly inclined load bed. for an even classier loka to turn color scheme is optional kiya has never been this customizable before at least on the exterior. of the stomach is a cool smart s.u.v. with the right proportions and design all around the subcompact crossover with the sixty two kilowatt one point two liter engine starts had fifteen thousand seven
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hundred ninety years in germany the one leader turbo charged version we tested list for twenty one thousand eight hundred ninety year olds. that's running concludes the key is issue of e. and crossover family smallest members brimming with self-confidence the choice of twenty nine single and two tone paints three interior color schemes and for equipment packages it definitely has something for everyone. out the motors for division you're in ghost type of area is packed today for the presentation of the new race car which audi intends to enter in the formula the world championship in the coming season and winning formula is a new race series for all electric powered formula cars the first season began in september two thousand and fourteen last season came out. sports apps sheff line
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wrapped up the overall title. racing and paper madness a board member of audi's technical development division says racing is in the company's d.n.a. electric mobility is important to the company so of course it's taking part in the formula an extremely interesting platform the platform. and the long term developments in motor sports fuel developments in cars for volume production. of thirty flees to the mountains explains that the extreme conditions of racing can teach the company a lot about the life cycles of components and about how the battery holds out and about the interplay between engine transmission and battery so the racetrack is like an experimental lab the fillets. out he gives one hundred percent support to the racing team hans you're going after founded in two thousand and fourteen.
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the head of motorsport division d.j. gus calls out he's aged around f easy for a fantastic vehicle but always is even if you don't see much difference from the outside he says because the chassis and body are the same as out he used in season three but underneath the carbon fiber chassis everything is new the company worked on every system that was open to development especially the motor generator unit and the transmission if you don't want that generator you want it on as if it were there and then this beats to rolls up out is counting on the abilities or scheffler technologies which produces drive trains. going to my settlers paid a good smart says scheffler and the racing team developed a completely new power train with that one speed transmission and soon was completely revise for a greater efficiency. he says scheffler is an old hand in its field but still
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learned a lot this season stilson there was enough room to improve everything including the engines efficiency and dynamics if it's instant. under the name out of the sport at scheffler the team will start in the new season's first race on the summer second in hong kong current world champion n x formula one driver lucas degrassi compares the two racing series. there's a lot of differences between fall no one and follow what is the same is that they can eke to drive discount facets of life any cost best you have to a place at the technique and the difference for people watching is that family only races in cities so all the races out like monaco the ca is one hundred percent electric. the difference between the cars are much smaller so the races are much more competitive depend it's much more dependent on the driver. as last year's victor degrassi is the man the other drivers aim to beat he views the coming season
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soberly. difficult to say possible to say of course we're going to fight thought of was going to war caught but it's impossible to say that is the. audi motor sport manager david guys expresses more optimism there is in this is where the ones they're chasing certainly he says but never enters a racing category just to have been there but always to win and this year is no exception he thinks audi has a good foundation to build on and strong driver experience so it has good chances for victories next year but there were days i was in excess of them is he going to fall into. the company's commitment to the formula any makes it the german auto industry's electric mobility pioneer b.m.w. mercedes and porsche won't be far behind. bentley how. as rolled out its new continental grand tour
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a luxury coupe pays four hundred sixty seven kilowatt engine and she was a top speed of three hundred thirty three kilometers per hour on the road on this latest model the front axle has been moved forward by thirteen and a half centimeters giving it a longer hood and flatter front the interior is all new cutting edge and digitally upgraded the two by two seater offers heated and ventilated massage seats and a luxury feel good atmosphere. b.m.w. has given a preview of its new top model in the x. family the x. seven concept i performance the car makers first high and s.u.v. is a plug in hybrid powered by a combination gasoline and electric engine on electric drive e x seven i performance puts out zero emissions the s.u.v. seats up to six people beemer will be presenting the production model x.
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seven next year. this. is to the car tester in his pay to the is certain the version of sid twenty's d s three that she's trying out is a woman's car one clue is a picture of a fun called the neon on the. kids play on. this little deer is the logo of french designer in as they look for so much she was a model and an inspiration for karl lagerfeld and then became a fashion designer herself now she's partnered with since wednesday high end sub brand d.s. to create a new look for the d.s. three. on the outside it's identifiable by the red mirrors. the red wheel hub logos and the blue white and red stripe trim and speired by old airmail abalos running along the rear windshields bottom edge.
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the opel white roof with a third brake light integrated in the rear spoiler sends a modern contrast to the dark blue body. says. buyers can choose between a seventy three kilowatt engine with automatic transmission and ninety six kilowatts with a sick speed manual transmission. we tested the stronger gasoline powered engine it pulls the car from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and eight point nine seconds. to two hundred thirty new meters maximum toward come into play from
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upwards of one thousand seven hundred fifty revs per minute and give the little diaz plenty of zip. that was on the scene as thinks the ninety six kilowatt engine is ideal for the car even in sixty year she had enough power in reserve to make driving on the autobahn fun. the designer addition is also available as a convertible soft black fabric top takes the place of the white roof. the special edition is limited to only two hundred cars worldwide that works out to just ten hard top and fifteen convertible versions of the nearly four metre long super mini for the german market exclusive design as its price our test vehicle cost twenty seven thousand three hundred seventy year olds in germany that's roughly five thousand euros more than the. best equipped normal d s three model
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with an identical motor. but designer has left her signature on the interior as well the granite blue grained leather seats pick up on the three color airmail feet. the carpet mats are edged with the same three color coord the bright red accent seen outside appears again for the entire length of the dashboard. enos realizes that design doesn't necessarily follow logical rules for instance even if the center console is fitted with a touchscreen the menu selections work by pressing buttons down below and not along the sides as we might expect. the buttons for the air conditioning are right where they belong the indicator has
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a little round screen of its own. the instrument cluster is a bit too conventional for in his taste and she'd expected more from a designer car dynamic indicators for example that allow you to choose from a range of designs. already offers something along those lines and it's three thousand a.g.t. where the driver uses a little ruler on the steering wheel to select the style of instrument cluster. but then the d. . yes three has
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a perfume dispenser and and the loom unaided mirrors set in the sun visor. but it is points out that while car buyers normally pick out their customization options from a catalog d.s. commissions a trendy designer and gives the resulting special edition and attractive name she thinks it goes perfectly with the s's own philosophy. after all since when has positioned in subbranch as a car maker that highly values exclusive design. since it was rolled out in two thousand and eleven the v.w. has developed into a popular companion for the city and the country it's compact size and
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maneuverability are its identifying traits with the natural gas variant of the eco up the mini car shows its thrifty side. they are shaffer says little distinguishes the eco out from its brothers as you notice when driving it has a little less power than the one leader gasoline engine but in daily usage that's not noticeable either it's just as maneuverable as the other models too. but goes expecting a great leap forward in sportiness from the ego up won't find it it needs sixteen point three seconds to accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour no wonder since under the hood is only a fifty kilowatt engine that doesn't reach its maximum torque of one hundred meters until a produces three thousand ref's. be up as an environmentally friendly engine for an. well price of just under thirteen
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thousand euros in germany and this car the gas pump is the source of joy. fueling up this child's play the in lead pipes for gasoline and natural gas are next to each other. the natural gas tank holds eleven kilograms and now for around three hundred kilometers next to it the ten leader gasoline tank. they will tell us is the eco up has a reserve gasoline tank but it's mostly untouched when it's colder than ten below zero celsius or the driver had just pumped in natural gas then the gasoline engine will ignite first after a short while the natural gas takes over the only thing the driver notices something cage a needle she has from the gasoline area to the natural gas indicator neither one of
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the men seen but i think. that. the eco up is a specially popular in italy in two thousand and sixteen about one third of the up sold had natural gas engines in germany far fewer apps drive with natural gas only around three percent weak infrastructure is certainly a reason only nine hundred of germany's fourteen thousand five hundred gas stations sell natural gas. after the face lifted underwent last year the outer appearance of the up has become more individualistic from the bumper through the headlights with l.e.d. daytime running lights to the side mirrors with integrated flashing lights the whole design has been sharpened or redone there are also new exteriors colors contrast the roof colors exterior stickers and colored rims to choose from.
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a boy here emanuel tells us that even though the natural gas tank is below the trunk it still has lots of space for a city car. the center console has an optional smartphone integration plug in the device are connected via bluetooth and the host wagon app turns the smartphone into an infotainment system with a navigation function an onboard computer. the seats with integrated headdress are modern and upbeat to. emanuel says the eco app doesn't claim to be a race car but it's great for the environment and your wallet with three hundred miles driving range for about eleven year us most gas and diesel vehicles can't
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hope to compete with that and. you do have to make frequent trips to the recharging station and natural gas isn't available at all service stations in germany it's a shame that this environmentally friendly alternative as in getting more attention . this is toyota's new crossover and the c h r with its futuristic look it's an instant stand out among the brands generally unspectacular range it's available in three versions we took the style selection variant for a spin. contest i'm going to moment points out that this model was rolled out from initial design to volume production in less than three years the c h r stands for a coupe a high rider. it was slated for release under toyota's north american subbranch
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science but with science demise toyota would have brand new name for a world wide distribution bed bytes of a type. when it's angular lines and runny front the c.a.g.r. undeniably reidy a sheer power in many corners and it's silhouette disguise the compact length of four point three meters the fenders also suit the young design. the back seat door handles are elegantly integrated into the sea pillar just beneath the roof line. the outward pre-treating tail lights when the car a modern self-confident appearance.
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in dutch the c h u r andre says is available in germany with either a one point two later turbo charge for so many or engine or a hybrid engine for three thousand euros extra a approximately one hundred ten kilowatt two leader engine is only available in the us but andre regrets that neither the american nor the german market c.h.r. is equipped with a a really powerful turbo charged engine. taking ten point nine seconds to accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour the toyota c.a.g.r. isn't as sporty as it looks though sluggish it scores points for low fuel consumption at just six liters per one hundred kilometers if suitable for longer journeys. i dismissed andre remark she was astounded by how good the c h r's interior looks are like the lacquer. components really make it smart for guns and those advances
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kites nivo and these imitation seamers of course this is a really sewn leather three but it looks really great up this offer. the only thing he criticizes are the sat nav software and graphics which he thinks look a bit outdated and by the photon i'm pissin under called. our test car has a heated steering wheel. they gauges match the rest of the futuristic interior. the central console is tiny but about the only place to stow things is in the doors the color of the seats matches the dashboard their lower back supports makes them very comfortable. around. them on a fine of andre says that there are various ways of breaking when approaching a curve for a traffic light this kind of the extenders one is to shift down and let the
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transmission slow the car but that jolts the car making it out of balance and putting wear on the mechanical parts does get off to to snake without money or if you're an experienced driver you can double clutch but it's not so easy to find the perfect pressure points at the same time on all three pedals both prompt it's a friend designates to your target docs that's why toyota installed the i am t. system a fancy name for an automatic double clutching systems i have when you shift down the car automatically uses targeted fuel burst to adjust the revs between the transmission and the engine so that the car uses the engine braking effect without jerking or wear and tear on the work and what i may have missed the fourth time the demo took on a snorkel not some kind of. the toyota c.a.g.r. went on sale in january twenty seventh teena germany. starting at about twenty two
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thousand euros. andre says the c.h.r. is a good car of course but he would have preferred it without the unnecessarily high ground clearance and with a bigger sporty or engine he thinks this design would fit a sporty compact whether an s.u.v. need such an aggressive design is another question. i'm outta here. next time i drive it a new s.u.v. for mobile we test the grand land x. . and autonomy is driving from audi testing v. eight with a traffic jam pilot. coolly
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flossy he doesn't use christina does need powerful and influential women. both break if that's the receipt for success. there for you an example to follow in this have a one more thing with her than we have to commence to be successful kumi bossy our new series on made in germany thirty minutes b.t.w. . it's a long week on d w. with the swaggering suit where is banged on a mental fish and the cool frequent flyer is. three hit everything revolves around immersion after eighty days. now mustard has
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escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own. doing something against ourselves is what you. must do to list from i as victim to terrorist hunter. close up starting october sixteenth on d w. yeah to my store and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war but if you believe so sure and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child is she not the only friend their homeland is the enemy invade or do but. no one wants russia here don't need to know which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d. w. made for mines. d. w. church diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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on top of programming but there you go they show you. there with us our innovations magazine for asia the us for every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for asia.


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