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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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bar music to truly understand all this to. me as some young. romeo would see kind of you can't touch us we're following them by an. exclusive journey the son of. here's a new it's a kind of culture will be over we are not suppose for what we are we're tremlett unbelievable. to be a sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w neo phony.
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this is the w.'s life from berlin spain's prime minister that once clarification from catalonia mario not only tells catalan leaders he needs to know if they did or did not declare in the pan and so he can decide what to do next this after the region's president puts a signed declaration on ice saying he wants to talk with madrid also coming up. in turkey court proceedings against german journalist michelle up to luke get underway she's being tried on terrorism related charges their supporters say are baseless where in istanbul. at least seventeen people are dead and more than one hundred fifty are missing as wildfires continue to ravage northern california those who returned home have found entire neighborhoods reduced to ashes.
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on little rock so glad to have you along. we want to begin in spain where the tense standoff between rigid and barcelona has intensified spain's prime minister has demanded clarification from cattle and leaders after they signed a declaration of independence last night only to then suspend it and ask for crisis talks with madrid well after an extraordinary cabinet meeting a prime minister mariano rajoy said spain's constitution demanded clarity that's being interpreted to mean that if catalonia declares in the pennants madrid can suspend its autonomy and impose direct rule now all of this of course a comes after months of mounting tensions and a referendum on independence that spain try to block well let's take a look now at how yesterday's drama unfolded would he or wouldn't he in the
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end karla's push to mourn did a bit of both after declaring catalonia his right to independence he put the brakes on. we propose that the parliament suspend the effects of the declaration of independence so that in the coming weeks we undertake a dialogue without this it is not possible to reach a solution. but madrid says there can be no negotiation as long as the catamount government pushes for all out independence it's also accuse push them all of saying one thing and doing another. it was the speech of a person who doesn't know where he is where he is going and with whom he wants to go. as the spanish government ponders its response many cattle lands who thought they'd be witnessing history in the making feel let down.
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i think many people today are disappointed in him. now when it doesn't but we're still confused and we still have to figure out what actually happened. but others say it was a good first step. i mean take on this fight actually i think it's an opportunity now to talk to each other. and. it was a day that did little to end this standoff between the governments in bossa line and madrid leaving the people of kashmir line yeah and we are able to guess what happens next all right let's go straight to the fighting for shar she is reporting from barcelona funny i want to move the story forward and talk to you about prime minister why is this statement that he made a little earlier on the impression one gets is that nobody's ready to pull the trigger how has the prime minister always statement gone down where you are
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right and also know that the situation is getting confusing basically by the hour this back and forth between madrid and barcelona has basically reached a new level then no reactions just yet here from barcelona over what we have heard previously prior to the actual announcement that the approach today madrid barcelona to spokesperson of the catalonia government said that if mother it triggers article one hundred fifty five which would mean to dismiss the government here then right away the catalan government is going to declare the no india as a republic it has not happened yet because of course moderates did not say we're going to apply article one hundred fifty five they just started the first step that the ho drive there that they want this official statement from catalonia finally that catalonia says yes officially we declare catalonia to be an independent state as long as that does not happen the food the process to trigger article one hundred fifty five is also blocked. does that mean that the ball now is back and put in
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months court now and do we expect him to make that to unequivocal declaration of independence. definitely because you cannot block a process for ever in fact there is one week in which you really have to come to terms here so that this entire process to invoke article one hundred fifty five could actually go on and move on so definitely the ball back here in the court here in barcelona back here at the square i am actually at the cut that only a government but as i say so far we have not heard anything know what could happen of course that cuts alone yes yes you know a very emergency situation calling for a mediation once again for international mediation which is very much unlikely to happen as of course who would do in the past week of this entire dramatic situation play out brothel said that this is a domestic issue and madrid and barcelona need to negotiate day need to come back
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to terms to the situation but it's unlikely to happen as a savior back to basically square one in a deadlock back to square one and for sure reporting from barcelona thank you all right and now we move on to icy relations between germany and the turkey's turkish government which have hit rock bottom since last year's a coup attempt in turkey well since then thousands of people have been detained there including some foreign and dual nationals eleven germans are in turkish jails on political grounds including translator and journalist but to loot she was arrested back in april on charges of membership of a terrorist organization and spreading terrorist propaganda her trial has kicked off today in berlin says has been un justly present and turkey's critics say it's just another example of how freedom of expression has increasingly come under attack. and correspondent dorian jones is monitoring that story
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for us dorian what are you hearing coming out of the prison where this a trial this taking place well missile tolo has been addressing the cole she says that she's been unfairly prosecuted only for translating for the news agency she was working for earlier in the day before the proceeding started supporters of the governor outside the prison but an attempt to read out a statement was stopped by the turkish police and security forces very heavy presence outside the prison but her father did make a statement saying that these things these evidence against her is unfounded and baseless charges and hope they would be dismissed now let's talk about some of the other detained foreign journalists which have been released without trial since the coup attempt what criteria are the authorities using to decide who is released in who stays in prison. well that is a big question and it's very opaque this whole legal processes are unclear why the
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courts to release some journalists or allowed for especially foreign journalists to leave the country. the notably the two french journalists who have been to taint of they were released and allowed to leave the country even though the case was still going on against them is widely seen as the increasingly they are being seen as bargaining chips these detentions the french president has been lobbying very hard on behalf of the tame french journalists speaking to the president reportedly every ten days or so and it's also seen a france's far more cautious in its criticism in comparison to berlin over the turkey's regime but it is very much seen as a center of opposition many dissident journalists are based now in berlin and wider germany and increasingly seeing germany as an enemy and in many ways that the different fates of the various foreign journalists is a reflection of the different relationships ancora has with its european partners and increasingly they are seen as bargaining chips and on cristina's trying to play
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one european country against another all right well let's talk a little bit about the turkish government is saying that it hopes to mend relations with the germany. take into consideration what you've been reporting what are the chances that will see any kind of reconciliation between these two countries any time soon. well it's very difficult to see reconciliation because the two countries have very diametrically opposed views on what's going on germany's been very critical of the ongoing crackdown in this country is in granting increasing asylum to many turks who have left the country where as strongly defending the crackdown saying it's an existential threat it's facing and it's about the future of democracy and until these two different views of bridged in some way it's very difficult to see how any improvement in relations can happen one possible ways of possibly be could see the release of some german journalist who are being detained or allowed to leave the country there is a hope that tolu could be granted released from pretrial detention and possibly
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given travel documents or leave the country that could be seen as a gesture by but on consists of the judiciary is independent and so does up to the court. thank you for your continued coverage. on now we want to bring up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in a show of force after months of escalating tensions centered on north korea's nuclear and missile programs while the u.s. also flew join missions which are pan and south korea all over this sea of japan hollywood producer harvey weinstein is facing new accusations of sexual harassment and assault the new yorker magazine reports that thirteen women have now leveled similar claims against him including three who told the publication that he raped them a spokesman for weinstein meanwhile denied the latest allegations. the frankfurt
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book fair the world's largest has kicked off today in the german financial capital ahead of the grand opening french president emmanuel might call that a very private tone with german chancellor angela merkel france is headlining this year's book fair. voters in liberia have taken part in a landmark election the ballot could mark the first peaceful handover of power between elected governments in this west african country in over seven decades president ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after twelve years in office and final results of the first round are due within the next two weeks. and we want to take you to the u.s. now where at least seventeen people are confirmed dead and dozens more are missing as fast moving wildfires are sweeping through northern california the blazes have destroyed more than two thousand homes and businesses and hundreds of additional firefighters have been sent in from other states to help battle the flames.
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the wildfires ravaging northern california's famous wine country leaving a landscape of devastation in their wake now residents are returning. to a more left of their homes than charred rubble. it's been hard. to see what we've built and put into the place and now it's. reduced reduced to what you see here we're here trying to find what we can so rigid our plan is to keep those things and when we rebuild. there we will mount you know. what we've lived through. fanned by winds whipping across the arab landscape the flames have been among the deadliest in california history emergency services
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a stretched. it all depends on how the fire is behaving and what's safe for us to do our primary concern is life safety secondary concern is property protection hospitals in santa rosa the biggest city affected have been forced to evacuate their patients with artie's of also imposed a curfew to deter. the devastation in california comes after the disastrous flooding in the american south it has been a challenging month and a half for natural disasters across this country with hurricanes affecting texas the gulf coast florida and the virgin islands and puerto rico and i want to say to the people of california all of those that are in the past of these advancing wildfires that we are with you we are standing with you. with the fires still raging across california thirty say the number of dead and injured can only increase. german soccer powerhouse byron munich were basking in the spotlight
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yesterday night yesterday united should say here in berlin the big screen premiere of a d w produced movie dignitaries from across europe and around the world were on hand they include former byron players and you have used top brass and some of the clubs international fan base and all are out to work out for at least screening of the mia sun media phenomenon it's a film about byron's motto and the manner in which the club always seems to bounce back from defeat. are you watching the news or we still have a lot more coming up how is catalonia crazes impacting the regional economy local businesses are worried that the independence conundrum will scare away investors it's already causing waves on financial markets one of the joneses up next with all the details of that story. all right i'm going to see you again at the top of the hour.


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