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tv   Made in Germany - Megaprojects  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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how long is he going to put up with a president who's proved so divisive to so many. in sixty minutes d.w. . much of it i forgot. your link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy it and while website d.w. dot com slash africa join us on facebook at the w. africa. it was a shock and i have to admit i was disgusted by my own door to. it in russia you can make money with homophobia. they affixed a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current their people without rights in their own country because they're homosexuals gay in russia our series this week in the news on d w.
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if you ever built a house or renovated your apartment then you know how many things can go wrong the plumber says he has to wait until the electrician is finished the guy who does the wooden flooring so the builders have no work to instructions the painters have brought the wrong paint and the architect is just shaking her head well now imagine building a power station or an airport today made in germany is thinking big and i mean really big hello and welcome to the program every big project starts with an idea then you need to make a plan if your idea is very ambitious you might find that you need components that
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don't even exist so when maverick entrepreneur elon musk announced his plan to build a hyper fast train line that runs at speeds beyond one thousand kilometers per hour he needed a seriously fast propulsion system which didn't exist so i decided to run a competition for the fastest one a group of german students thought how hard can it be. this could be the future of travel rocketing through a vacuum tube at speeds of up to twelve hundred kilometers per hour test versions can't quite match that pace yet with the peak speed so far of three hundred twenty for. a special competition in california in late august so a german team set a new speed record on the test track or rather test tube. the hyperloop looks like something out of a science fiction movie ferrying passengers and cargo at phenomenal speeds in
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technical terms it's similar to existing back medical levitation or magic level trains except that the hyperloop will be racing along a vacuum tube. it's the brainchild of this man visionary inventor an entrepreneur elon musk the founder of the electric car maker tesla is convinced that the concept is technically feasible. but could the hyperloop actually become reality butting in juniors from around the world have accepted the challenge the competition open only to students is being organized by space x. the space exploration company set up by musk. this summer's winning entry was developed at the technical university of munich. the team consists of students from
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various technical and non technical fields. the interesting part is that there's no clear definition of what a hyperloop is so there's scope for conducting research in various directions and looking at different concepts it can be confusing but it's really exciting. got spun as. they had just five months to develop the prototype a daunting prospect that meant they spent more time in the workshop than in the lecture theatre the design and realisation of the propulsion unit required this diverse crew of engineers experts and other scientists to find truly innovative solutions. to the engine itself was mounted inside this carbon fiber reinforced plastic housing but the powers transmitted to the will shaft be of this belt we currently have a ratio of one to one point five still. they tinkered tirelessly
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on their prototype to ensure everything worked. as five it was fun leaving the challenge and being able to develop something from start to finish something completely new that we thought up on our own with and that works. and it wasn't us were just once in the us. the endeavor also received funding from the likes of air bus and a major german engineering company siemens and and a n all of which have an enormous interest in the technology. almost all of the parts of the pod were designed and built by the students themselves some came out of a three d. printer this is you can tell it's a technical model because it only has one seat to indicate where the seating will be and a genuine hyperloop will look different more like a train and with all the gadgets we're going show. this is politics. one
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day the hyperloop could cover the five hundred eighty kilometers from berlin to munich in just half an hour. as this book that it really is a revolutionary idea it's the kind of project you might only get to be part of the . once in your life it's an amazing opportunity with. iran musk aims to make the hyperloop competition an annual event in order to advance his pet project the key to the technology is the system a vacuum tubes that could in theory transport passengers at supersonic speeds. this is. technically i think it would be things that will couldn't be built today with all this research has been done i think it will be possible but the main problem would be the cost and the question of whether it would be worth building hundreds of kilometers up to. the system loads political kilometer from.
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the next competition participating ponds will be expected to top five hundred kilometers the students are already looking forward to hyperloop twenty eighteen. this too fast for me well the germans they're so good at this kind of thing aren't meticulous planners talented engineers skilled craftsmen that's what germany is famous for well if you look at one of the latest mega projects the berlin brandenburg at porto b.r. you might want to think again scheduled to open in two thousand and twelve the runways and terminals still lie. nobody can tell you when the airport will actually open nearly five and
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a half billion euros of taxpayers' money has gone into the project and because it is still not finished every day one point three million added to the bill every day it's a mess a national embarrassment but germany has managed to build airports before they want to munich for example ranks among the best in the world so how to explain this disparity. according to the world airport awards munich is the best airport in europe. its operators call it a five star experience the overall impression when you arrive in. percent. i always say to my stuff that they should really be paying me to work and it's so overwhelming when you drive in here so attractive such a positive experience. brandenburg is the most modern airport in europe or should be whenever it's finished for now it remains a bottomless pit devouring billions of euros of taxpayers' money one reason
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problems with the fire safety systems. the new chief executive is showing the press around. has to succeed where his three predecessors failed and finally get the smoke extraction and sprinkler system up and running. the smoke generator simulates the build up of smoke. and music to the executives. the fire alarm sounds. after years of mishaps the fire safety system is working. this isn't. we've already tested this in many different locations in the complex and so we're confident that we've now got the extraction system completely under control and that's the result of very painstaking work over the last four years. so how community is now flying high when berlin
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just can't get off the ground well construction oversight function here from day one and nowadays munich airport is even a tourist attraction in its own right. as a proposal as long if you look abroad and see the chaos then you have to say this is very well organized in contrast. but you don't have to leave germany to find chaos. airport lies just be on the city limits and locals have lost a lot of faith in those responsible. i don't think that lope until twenty twenty. twenty twenty six. not going to happen. munich by contrast reports rising profits and soaring passenger numbers a record forty two million in two thousand and sixteen and the fire safety system
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function from the outset. function it has backup systems. system under general to back up the system. in berlin thousands of kilometers of cable were installed incorrectly each for more according to its own plans. creating a model of cables ventilation shafts smoke extraction shafts and water pipes for the sprinkler system and that's not to mention the building's electronic system now everything has to be hooked up properly. it's an uphill task that we're engaged in the first critical areas are now complete this process will probably a company the entire year. they've already ironed out one hundred sixty six thousand construction defects and there are only four thousand left to go but there are other problems on the horizon. relating to passenger numbers for example
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munich is among the world's top ten in terms of baggage handling. the baggage conveyor belts in berlin seem to function and they've been tested by logistics teams. but the airport's projected capacity of twenty two million hasn't kept pace with demand it's already too small extensions and additional runways are being planned to deal with fifty five million passengers a year. to return to munich one last time but a lot of people forget is that this airport also opened six years behind schedule and it cost four point three billion euros rather than the one point three billion earmarked for it. yeah. we had a development similar to that in berlin. because of protests and legal action. at
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all cost money. eighteen months. and then we have to fulfill a lot of extra conditions. in munich the main problem is halts and construction following demonstrations by locals. and berlin looks set to remain a construction site even after it opens experts think opening might be possible in twenty nineteen but until then it will remain an urban wilderness. on ice so what went wrong at berlin brandenburg and how do you actually deliver a mahmoud project like that on time and on budget well as luck would have it we have a project manager here with us in the studio not just any old project manager close
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gave him and his team plan supervised and crucially delivered the london olympic games on time and on the budget he is currently involved in the construction of london's crossrail project a new subterranean railway underneath london and mexico city's new airport as well he's a man who knows a thing or two about big building sites klaus what on earth went wrong at berlin brandenburg at port to be for up to five years i don't know i had some trouble to poland and twelve to live as a project the condition a noticed nobody knows and a moment maybe you don't know it you must have an instinct of what will probably when i think they had no detailed planning maybe and bear no facing problems they only reacting on something but if you have a complicated construction like this you have to build up from the scratch to understand world the problems of if you try to fix in a. project like this something you will never have never never succeed used to
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you think they have to start again sometimes you have to do it yes it did in some projects the roman did it you did on the cologne dome you did on some projects to start again separate the romans ok maybe that's a good look back into history if you look at deliberately i've. been itching in your fingers eighteen to get involved in just to show them how it's done in this case as much too late by you have to do it the first stuff you have unsoiled because if somebody come from outside no she will simply mess it up again because you have to build up from scratch i mean stop the project get a new team sometimes the start of cloning again it takes years nobody should go under the mess and finish summer in two thousand and twenty four to forty. you know this is germany. we're supposed to be good at these things have we lost our prowess for these because i think you get to get a favor for for engineering so to do very complicated things but you what you forgot maybe you do the complicated things on the wrong wrong places you can do it
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i'm famous buildings like a museum or something like this or you go to a competition if you saw a video before but maybe not an infrastructure project because we have a very similar because you have much more requirements of the project you have speech of loads you have wind you have simple things you have to hundred in very simple way is it too ambitious you think yes sometimes yes in germany so we tried to build palaces where we should build functional yes and very complete different world wide. very nice projects but is for a better fit for purpose for planes for people and of a not for purpose of maybe on an innovation and we're interested in your budget so often in the in the billions the olympics some sixteen billion euros crossrail still very big but you say it's not about the big budget it's about the power of small numbers you called it what does that mean means that you have to really go into detail a project like this have thousands of task if you build your own house you're five
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or six or tulsa build your own house to support oversee if you build a road maybe two thousand talks if you have major projects you're talking one hundred files of dos that means but you have to look after any task that means a small task and just up your entire product entire constructions you have to look after them but means you have to go into small toss into smaller numbers to understand your project because it's not the big things is not a another part of every stop your part is maybe a small screw in a corner you need approval for it. attention to detail as a project manager you're famous for demanding total control of the project you don't have anybody interfere not even kings and presidents briefly please is that the key to success it's a cure just as in some of the countries you can't stop working he has still the power to do it but what you can do is approach you can simply inform him what it means what is incorrect if you have an estimate of a small numbers you can tell them it will take you to us longer and you have to pay one billion more if it's happy to do it you can do it it's not
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a problem if you're not happy to do it you can't do it you have to inform and what is the impact of his version as live right here we're going to talk with more of it later in the show and we're staying with berlin the city's marketing slogan is poor but sexy that's funny but sadly very true and while the sexy part of it may help to attract tourists the new residents to the german capital the poor part is no laughing matter but a lens finances are deep in the red and have been for years depends on cash injections from germany's richer regions so what gives birth then that's actual cache. i y is by the pool but sexy lynas are sick of hearing it it's a promotional slogan the city's been pushing for over a decade. poor but sexy. ballin is a party town and it's pretty. with green spaces playgrounds.
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water. and plenty of bars. more than twelve million tourists a year visit the german capital so everyone loves berlin or do they. many other germans complain about the country's capital they say it swallows up huge sums needed elsewhere in the country in twenty sixteen the richer german states like the very have to contribute over three point nine billion euros to berlin the city state also has debts totaling sixty billion. and a large proportion of its residents out appendant on social welfare. on average learners earn fifteen hundred euros a year less than other germans. that's quite different from the situation in paris or london or even athens in all the other european capitals people more on
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average than in the rest of the country. but they were never politically divided and isolated like berlin was until one thousand nine hundred nine when the wall fell. in the ninety's rents a real estate with cheaper than in any other big city in germany. but since twenty ten brands have soared now tenants often have to shell out up to fifty percent more than just a few years ago but still every year up to fifty thousand more people move to buy then many from abroad. poor sexy whatever the case but then continues to be wildly popular. well it's popular here as well let's talk about berlin with clouds gave a make up project manager if you were involved in berlin the central railway station as well is it more difficult to get
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a mega project like that off the ground in berlin. yes a little bit here free million customers and everybody have to say for the project cost of what is me three million customers so what everybody in town have a say to a project and of course while present approach of have to follow what people are saying as a project it many big construction projects in germany have run over budget recently the film many and how about for example the berlin airport are we getting used to that we promised by politicians it will cost a billion and then we end up paying three billion for i think it's not a promise but politiken says also. we are hoping we get a cheap to get it cheap what we like to have to get i get the numbers simple a number but somebody but you have to estimate a project you know is a numbers and it's very complicated as made a project in the beginning but means little to doing that the german to do say a price and be offensive to follows a price it's a bit all culture. isn't that good no it's not good because we're over spending
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money it was spending money and a dramatic thing is in the moment germany is a very rich country you can spend some money but a certain point if you go for big approach you have to spend some billions of money to spend for it will never do it in other countries that's true. for a small project like the building of a house or innovation of a flat. give us three tips that everybody was a little little project on his hands his or her hands can use three tips oh it's a maybe it's only one tip as a simple start as a beginning and ride on what you want to have and really put it in lists for the long list and estimate what are the costs are and what could be implications maybe have to ask a neighbor maybe off your to do company and put it all together and at all just numbers are not obvious to ask to see what you have to do for your horse and not start if i want to have a noise howards and somebody have to make it nice and give me a price for it is a complete wrong way you have to start what is a shell and just and then you maybe get a palace and a nice appearing on the world. to come to our next topic in this showed your
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experience on average are women better project managers than men oh and just as i can say yes because i have two women miniature spoke one american one one and olympic games and a very good experience for them and much more straight forward for small holes for the problems and they are not so much shouting like cement very good clothes david thank you very much for joining us in the studio today. and that's our next topic is the startup scene just another boys' club permeated by broke culture designed to keep women out my colleague who's you know kubes meets nearly on board one of the few female founders of a fin tech company in germany she says women don't need to emulate men to be successful they don't need to be well bossy. he's the star of universe i meant. mark zuckerberg from facebook larry page and sergey brin from google travis
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kalanick from hoover it's apparent that world that seems to be powered by testosterone when it comes to selling their atheists to these men heat at this stage in aggressive narcissistic gold up with a new power outfit jeans and a t. shirt fear of failure none of them seem to have it but the hard fact is that ninety percent of all startups were white will go under women think it twice before taking the plant but when they do it they're much more successful than men. one of the few female founders of affinity company in germany. thought has made it. instead the receipt for success. well take all of his number there was a lot of press about his strategy about signing business plans in blood if the guy was said to be the most aggressive man on the internet i looked at the thought i
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would never want to be like that with a woman for you an example to follow in this type of world. there are none unfortunately not that i've seen anyway it would be good if the worst. what advice would you give when. you need to have the courage to ask yourself what's the worst that can happen if this doesn't work what then my answer was not much maybe i'll have lost a year but i will have learned a lot in the process and that's about it we need to get better expressing what we want and having a strong opinion. one thing is certain we don't have to copy meant to be successful so if you have your own ideas just believe in yourselves don't fear failure just go for it and do it. and that's all for today in made in germany the business show on t.w. to see any of those reports again and more go to our website or follow us on
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facebook and next week we'll be in a lovely bookstore in london to meet jimmy wales co-founder of bikie pedia is online and media as one of the five most popular sites on the whole internet he could have made billions with it but he turned it into a not for profit foundation why did he do that. join us next time to find out thank you very much for watching five.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. one crisis after another for donald trump's of ministration some of his own make you have those like the mass shooting in las vegas out if you skip trial. my guest here in washington is the republican congressman john bacon how long is he going to put up with a president whose proved so divisive to so many. in thirty minutes d w. i don't like you know ben the most people don't watch and so on you know. me a son mia who loves it. starting october fifteenth on d w
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