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join us inspired by distinctive instagram or yours at g.w. story topic each week on instagram. this is it every news live from berlin brussels delivers a blow to the u.k. over briggs and negotiations you negotiator michele about he says this week's talks have made no great steps forward and he says your ass next week's summit to open up discussions on the blocks future relationship with great britain in brussels also coming up. palestinian negotiators from hamas and fatah have signed
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a reconciliation deal after a decade long split between the bitter rivals all this after holding talks in cairo on governing the gaza strip where in jerusalem and the president trump is expected to announce whether the u.s. should we knew the iran nuclear deal because of bad for america but please go all the way and scrap this landmark agreement entirely we have analysis. a pleasure to have you with us and we want to start in brussels where the e.u. brigs a negotiator mission by you said he's disturbed by the lack of progress in this week's talks with the u.k. says there's a deadlock over how much britain should pay when it leaves the e.u. and that it will be recommending next week session to move on to other topics like
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trade here's a bit of what he had to say let's sell us watch. i don't have a common goal we're determined to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of the united kingdom an orderly withdrawal. and we wish to outline together the framework of a future relationship. he said i need there are speaking a little earlier on while the countdown is on the clock is ticking and there's not a lot of time left before the deadline of march twenty ninth is covering this story for us in brussels and again that was a very damning a progress report that we heard there from use to break that negotiator are they headed to a no deal scenario it is clearly one of the scenarios that is on the table that is something that we shared by many of the chief negotiator for the e.u. twenty seven member countries has emphasized over and over again these past five rounds i've heard him say that many times and he also said however that is not
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something the e.u. twenty seven hoped to aim for and he also made clear that the e.u. is very keen to keep the structure they agreed structure of these talks and that is first phase one. so they work out the divorce deal and then phase two they talk about a future relationship and giving the u.k. the chance to meddle the two would mean at least from your perspective that all former commitments of the u.k. in the current you could be used as a bargaining chip for a future relationship all right now garrick or we've also heard from briggs at shifa negotiator davis he has urged your leaders to take a step forward and has been saying and i'm quoting at the teams are continuing to work constructively constructively oh he's describing very different talks are we are we talking about alternative realities here or just differences in perspective . i think too that i lemma essentially is that there are different perspectives
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it's the for the e.u. this is a lose lose situation they never wanted the u.k. to leave whereas for the u.k. side at least for those who campaigned in favor of bracks that they will hope to make this a success and to some extent that's a position is reflected when david davis keeps laughing in these. difficult negotiations when he talks about a substantial progress for instance when he says you know things are moving forward while his counterpart is saying we're in a deadlock and that is the ultimate also for the u.k. that they have to negotiate on something where later they have to say it's a success and the out of the likely outcome at the moment is either no deal or norway deal which would mean everything stays as it is but the u.k. would have no more say in the decisions of the e.u. institutions taking that into account again what you've just been reporting both
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sides needing to say face what's the possible way forward the very hard to say there's some talk about a transitional phase we're currently we're down to seventeen months to go now you have to substract a couple of months because any deal that would be agreed any future deal if we get to phase two would have to be agreed by european parliament's so it's a really it's a deadlock now and we'll have to see who blinks first in this game of chicken right to get miles reporting from brussels thank you. all right want to tell you now about to some of the other stories making news around the world. spain is celebrating its annual national day this comes as the political crisis over catalonia deepens further with its leaders given until monday to clarify whether or not the region has declared independence tens of thousands of people are marking the holiday in the capital madrid joining king philippe as a military parade marches through the streets. at least thirty seven people are
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dead and dozens more are missing as floods hit northern and central vietnam rescue efforts are difficult not in the least because mudslides have submerged roads in several areas thousands of people have been evacuated as weather services warn of more heavy rains to come. kenya's government has banned protests for men taking place in three cities across the country including the capital nairobi it comes to weeks ahead of a presidential election even the government says the protest ban is a response to looting by demonstrators but the opposition claims it's clamping down on dissent. all right we're going to shift our focus now to the media east where bitter palestinian rivals hamas and fatah have reached a reconciliation agreement after a decade long split the deal follows talks in the egyptian capital cairo this week and hamas has agreed to hand over control of the gaza strip to a unity government by december first while control of gaza has been
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a major sticking point just over a decade ago hamas won parliamentarian elections in the gaza strip and then oust offensive from the territory but last week palestinian prime minister hun blood and a large delegation affected officials made their first official trip to the territory in two years while this is considered a major step to words reconciliation. and our very own kind of creamer joins us now from jerusalem she has reported extensively on the reconciliation process between hamas and fattah hand that we're glad to have are here with us a time to can you tell us a little more about the deal. well we understand that the deal of this document has been signed in cairo in a very short ceremony why haven't the sense to this of hamas and fatah is a more general word paper which entails that there's a full agreement between the two sides and the palestinian authority or the palestinian government of consensus and unity will be unable to take over the
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administration and run the government affairs in the gaza strip starting from december thirty first it also says that all the sides have been invited again to come back to talk further talks. with the support of the egyptians who played a very big role in this agreement to come back to cairo next month there has been some unconfirmed reports that there has been made some progress in terms of the issue off and play nice by the two administrations and needs to be merged also in terms of the crossings but some of them may just sticking points appear to not in this paper pertaining to what would happen to him us military green but for what you know this has been signed all right put this into a context for us we've got thirty seconds left how significant is this development . well i think it's a potential step forward in becomes a vision i mean we haven't seen it for ten years but again we've seen other be
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conservation efforts that have failed what is different now is depression over egypt also an international community so far has indicated some of those supported this deal but for many people because if we look at how will this be implemented what are the details of just you know how will this go with the timeline that just given and that is very important to see if this is serious this time will have to see if the bears out a time a crime reporting from jerusalem thank you. art i want to take you now to the u.s. where thousands of firefighters are battling rather raging wildfires north of san francisco in california's wine country but despite their efforts the blazes are on track to become the deadly some most destructive in the state's history at least twenty three people have died and hundreds are reported missing thousands of homes and businesses including vineyards have been destroyed so far two victims killed in the fires are an elderly couple who had just celebrated their fifth wedding
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anniversary. they had their seventy fifth wedding anniversary last. last may and. they met when they were in grade school fourth grade sixth grade and they've been together ever since and. those of us in the family always were you know wonder what would happen if one of them died and the other one was still left because we knew that. there was no way that you know they would be happy whether it was the last one and so we went together my mother calls me three forty three to tell me her house is on fire and ice and i mean i'm telling her to run to get out get out this get out of the house and i told her to go to the front of the back so i can't i can't you know there's fire everywhere fire out. fire i can't get out of my house the fire was already half way down the mountain and there were embers
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everywhere and the wind was just crazy and. and there was a huge draw or the flames and that's when i knew you're out of here you know i mean you've got when you hear that roar and you see the wind going like that you know that there's there's nothing you can do and you need to just bail we've strings was worth five hundred on sunday night we were looking to the red glow. coming out of the north and. just minutes to actually get out and. get out of the house with our kids up we called our neighbors will hurry up and it was just a mad dash it's been hard to see what we've built and put in the place and now it's. reduced reduced to what you see here and i mean that are just hard to think about starting over but. you know we're pretty resilient resilient and we will. be hearing eyewitness accounts there of those wildfires while staying
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in the u.s. where the question on many policymakers mind today is whether donald trump will rip up an international nuclear deal with tehran the president could soon tell us lawmakers that the landmark agreement is not in the country's interest he's facing tough opposition even from within his own party the head of the house foreign affairs committee called on the president to quote and force the hell out of the deal but in a televised interview on wednesday trump made his view clear it was it's a very bad deal i'm not saying anything different tonight that i have been saying for two years that it's a horrible horrible embarrassment to our country but i'm going to get it out of weakness when actually we had great strength all right and we've got lots more on this subject joining me from and then talk about today he is a political analyst an expert on iranian affairs a very good day sir what are the chances that the nuclear deal with iran a could fall apart. i believe donald trump is certainly trying to
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create a crisis for safeguarding the agreement he has so far not taken any policy measure not adopted a policy not sure measured how we have it we are leaving his words his tweets you're reading his tweets but no actual policy so he will start creating a crisis but it's up to congress to then actually adopted measures or not adopt measures that will decide the fate of the j c p o of the nuclear agreement and now is this agreement done for without the u.s. i mean will the europeans carry on trading with iran even if trump revokes the deal how imperative is is the u.s. is involvement. it is certainly think it will have to deal survives without the u.s. it will minimize for the first for the short and medium term the economic benefits iran wanted to gain from the agreement but if you europeans and the eastern powers russia and china are creative enough they may find in the long term new mechanisms of ensuring businesses entering that iranian market so that the economic benefit is
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there for the iranians and if the political relations between europe and the iran remain intact iran will also benefit politically therefore the deal can survive all right and of course speaking about this it will also have to mention israel because israel argues that iran is not holding up its end of the bargain that they have a point. i would disagree because the voices we were hearing from the israeli security establishment is are not that negative about the deal they have been concerned about iran reaching nuclear weapons capability does it remit is effectively undermining this so from israel there is also strong support for the agreement as such that benjamin netanyahu government however has voiced different opinions but that i believe is more of a political opinion not a security related oh my god none of us have i in that disallows thank you for a way and. and we've got lots more to tell you about to hear is
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a still ahead germany's biggest airline lufthansa is buying up large parts of bankrupt carrier air berlin and snapping up in the process dozens of its planes and thousands of its staff carries out for is will have all the details for you coming up after a short break. and i hope to see you again at the top of the hour.


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