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to truly understand all these three words. me as some. yes yes some would say kind of you can't touch us referring to them by an. exclusive journey of the son of miami and. he is a new it's a kind of culture to walk we are who we are in accept us for what we are we're family unbelievable. to be a sunny a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w.
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this is day w is live from the united states takes another step away from diplomacy on its international policy the state department confirms that america is withdrawing from you next go to the united nations cultural agency the u.s. says they'll going to say she needs fundamental reform and he's biased against israel. now the move comes as palestinian factions hamas and fatah signed a reconciliation day and after a decade long split and told to egypt hamas says it will hand control of the gaza strip back to fatah we'll bring you reaction from israel from jerusalem and to brussels delivers a blow to the u.k. a u.s. president go say to michelle body and says talks are deadlocked on the death but will not ask next week's e.u. summit to begin discussions on a future relationship with britain. i'm
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phil go welcome to the program in the last hour or so the united states has announced that it is to withdraw from unesco the un's cultural organization the state department said the decision was due to concerns about unpaid use the need for fundamental reform and what it says is the organizations continuing anti israel bias you know asco seeks to promote peace worldwide and it's renowned for its world heritage program which i think cultural sites like the statue of liberty and promoting girls' education. let's get more details to correspondent to catalina chimo who joins us from washington welcome karlene tell us more about the state department's concerns well the united states is pulling out of the u.s. car after repeated criticism of several resolutions by this u.n.
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agency that the trauma ministrations sees as anti easer oh but i actually feel and this is very important to stress these are not only critics it was a the obama administration that said it had to cut funds because u.s. law from the ninety's does not allow the u.s. funding for any u.s. agencies recognizing palestine as a state and that is why six years ago the united states cut off more than eighty million u.s. dollars a year this is a lot of money for this organization we're talking about twenty two percent of its entire budget but it is also quite important to stress that even though the u.s. stopped funding the unesco they still owe the agency around a five hundred million dollars and that is probably also one of the main reasons for secretary of state rex tillerson who wants to stop these payments. you know what we have had the reaction from the unesco director general irina bokova she has expressed profound regrets of the decision after receiving official notification
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she says by the united states secretary of state mr rex tillerson as that unesco director general i wish to express profound regret at this decision of the us to withdraw from unesco so catalina this is not the first time the u.s. has withdrawn from iraq it was it exactly this is not the first time the reagan administration decided to withdraw from the this organization from the u.s. go in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and that was in the middle of the cold war his reasons were corruption and what he considered an ideological move from the us go towards the soviet union and against the west so a political reason for that and it was president george w. bush will rejoin the organization in two thousand and two. that that's all for now . courage or more in washington thank you well that announcement from washington
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came hoss home the heels of a breakthrough in the middle east a palestinian rivals hamas and fatah have reached a reconciliation agreement after a decade long splits the deal follows talks in the egyptian capital cairo this week hamas has agreed to hand over control of the gaza strip to a unity government by the first of december the control of gaza has been a major sticking point just over ten years ago hamas won parliamentary elections in gaza and then ousted fatah from the territory but last week the palestinian prime minister and a large delegation of fatah officials made their first visit to the territory for two years. the deal between the rival palestinian factions could bring relief to the blockaded gaza strip the economy and humanitarian conditions have declined sharply since hamas ousted fattah from the territory a decade ago after winning parliamentary elections basic supplies are often lacking and electricity restricted to a few hours a day. if i had
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a weapon i would be shooting interval and out of happiness because they reached a deal. i don't think as a siege will finish so there will be jobs and people will be able to support their families. it's a similar story in the west bank city of ramallah cautious optimism that this latest deal marks a real breakthrough. bring the country together. as well that is what every palestinian wants. them and. we hope this time there will be unity. this is what the nation needs. exact details on the path forward is still some way off various palestinian factions are expected to join talks on forming a wider unity government in the weeks ahead well they don't use the time you cram has reported extensively on the reconciliation process between hamas and fatah he
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joins us now from jerusalem welcome explain to us why this the significance of this deal. well i mean it's seen as a potential step forward in the reconsideration between hamas and fatah have to attend years what is different this time maybe and that's what people are saying is that the egyptians are strongly involved also the international community is apparently is supporting it despite the fact of course that thomas is considered a terrorist organization but on the other hand also the major sticking points for example when it comes to the issue of hamas and its military ring and giving up. that has been put to a later date the discussion and many other crucial sticking points as well so i mean we could see in the report you know people are quite happy that some kind of deal has been reached now that something is going forward but they're also cautious because they have seen other deals that have been signed have failed over the past
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decade and i think the important part is not how this will be implemented there was a timetable given and that's most interesting and they want to see if that that actually worked out in the coming weeks and months how has. reacted to this news. well i mean the position of israel is only conciliation has been quite consistent over the past years and last week the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made again clear that hamas has to adhere to the conditions they down by the mid east quartet that are recognizing israel laying down their arms and also recognizing international agreements but we have to say the response of her has been quite restrained and what the security and political officials will do you know would be looking at how this would be implemented you know they would look at the details that are also not very grand known and what israel also probably can
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say then in the future is that the palestinians are speaking with two voices that would be one was together but others in the security establishment especially say also this could be also an opportunity maybe to bring someone stability but it all depends of course how this will go ahead and how the situation will look like especially in the gaza strip tony kraemer in jerusalem thank you. let's take a look at some here the stories making news around the world with just two weeks until the rerun of kenya's presidential election the government has banned demonstrations in three cities including the capital nairobi they say the move is in response to looting by demonstrators but the opposition says the government is clamping down on dissent. isolated clashes have broken out in barcelona between protesters for and against catalan independence it's not clear how the violence started or whether anyone was hurt becomes a sprain celebrates its annual national day catalan leaders have been given until
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monday to clarify whether or not the region has declared independence. forty six people are dead dozens more are missing the floods hit northern central vietnam rescue efforts are being hampered by mudslides and submerged roads thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as weather service is warning of more heavy rains to come. germany's biggest ally of chancellor has signed a deal to buy large parts of air berlin includes more than half a bankrupt carriers fleet of planes but less than half the airline staff declared bankruptcy in august after years of losses. and the latest round of talks over britain's exit from the european union the e.u. is bracing negotiator michel barnier he says he is disturbed by the lack of progress this week he says the two sides are deadlocked over the amount that britain should pay when it leaves the block and that he therefore will not recommend that next week's session moves on to other topics such as trade britain's
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resit negotiator david davis on the other hand says significant progress has been made let's have a listen to the two of them the e.u.'s bar is first talking about the issue of financial settlement. sue said. regarding this issue we reached a stalemate which is very worrying for thousands of project bear is everywhere in europe and also worrying for taxpayers. dog. was still work we don't much work to be done we've come a long way to recognise the significant progress we've made since you. well let's get more from data because want to ban riggers in brussels welcome bet michele body says the two sides are an impasse david davis says significant progress has been made i think both right. just about is somewhat closer to reality here on the side of mr davis it's more of wishful thinking because there's nothing on
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the table no agreements after five rounds of negotiations that times tough negotiations but there is nothing that can be presented to the e.u. summit next week there is no progress when it comes to the right of citizens in britain that it comes to the border to northern ireland let alone a financial settlement so it was the veneers said i cannot recommend that we move on to the next phase of negotiations that is talking about the future but on the other and mr davis says let's do exactly that let's talk about the future now well britain's finance minister has been talking about the worst case no deal scenario is no deal likely i would say inching closer because time is running out until the next year september of two thousand and eighteen a deal should be closed because after that it would be very hard to reach the
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brakes a deadline which is march two thousand and nineteen and so both sides really have to speed it up and mr van you gave the last deadline today he said until the thirty first of december we have to move to move to phase two and as that happens is the likelihood that no deal be reaches very high and give us an idea of what one of us the significant stumbling blocks this issue of a financial settlement britain paying a year to leave what's going on. right now this is of course the biggest stumbling block because it's about money and britain has acknowledged that there are some thinking things they have to pay that some. you know is a concept have to be settled before they leave the european union but they never put a number a figure on the table so it's hard to negotiate the e.u. on the other side said it's about forty two up to eighty billion euros and terry the mayor has said maybe twenty billion but she's talking about the phase after
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breaks and she wants to pay twenty million billion for the access to the internal market after brecht's it and that is totally different to the approach of the european union so there's still a lot of phony issues padraig as in brussels than here. but the sex scandal involving hollywood producer harvey weinstein has taken on a political dimension hillary clinton has promised to donate to charity the money that weinstein contributed to her twenty sixteen u.s. presidential campaign more and more women are coming forward saying he sexually assaulted them allegations stretching back decades and he. awards the annual oscars says it will meet to decide how to respond to the claims one state has denied all the charges. it reminded of our top stories this hour the united states says it will pull out of the u. and a cultural agency unesco state department accuses unesco of anti israel but said it
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needed to fundamental reform u.s. stop contributing to the u.s. go budget in twenty eleven after its elected palestine to be one of its members. and vital palestinian factions hamas and fatah appear to have reached a breakthrough in that bed to end a decade long believe it's after negotiations made by a mediator by egypt in the capital cairo details of the agreement to be released during a press conference later today. that's it your up to date more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site it's. a good day.


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