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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 2:03am-2:31am CEST

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clave in two thousand and seven while fatah has led the west bank palestinian president mahmoud abbas plans to visit gaza within the next month his first trip to the region in more than a decade. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order aimed at weakening the affordable care act better known as obamacare the directive will make it easier for americans to buy cheaper less regulated health care plans with fewer benefits critics say it could mean spiraling costs for people with preexisting health conditions the presidential order comes after several failed attempts by the trumpet ministration to repeal obamacare through congressional action. the latest round of breaks it talks have ended in deadlock. negotiate him. said he was disturbed by the lack of progress he said talks had reached a dead end over high much britain should pay when it leaves the e.u.
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and he ruled out discussions on future trade being allowed to start next week. police in new york and london are investigating sexual assault allegations against hollywood film producer harvey weinstein more than thirty women have now come forward accusing him of sexual harassment and in several cases of rape weinstein has denied all charges of non consensual sex. on. germany's flag carrier look towns has a deal to take over big parts of bankrupt rival air berlin lufthansa stock shoots up as it takes most aircraft and landing slots but easyjet could get the rest will tell you what this means for passengers. also on the show because the famous crypto
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currency is rallying and nobody truly knows why the jump comes as several governments are calling for more regulation. and a shot of tequila will never feel the same entrepreneur who wants to use the plant to power cars and planes in the future. it's time for business on the w. i'm here you know to get us welcome to the show on a decisive day for european aviation germany's biggest airline lufthansa is buying up more than half of the second biggest air berlin went bankrupt a couple of months back after years of massive losses the deal will leave love towns in a much better position to compete with low cost carriers like easy jet and ryanair which dominate many short haul routes here in europe investors welcome to takeover pushing lifton's a stock to a seventeen year high but a consumer advocacy association fears the move could mean less competition.
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everyone knew it was coming and now it has happened lufthansa will incorporate air berlin's assets into its expanding subsidiary euro wings. of ten's who will pay approximately two hundred ten million euros and will take over eighty one of about one hundred thirty least aircraft from air berlin seventeen hundred employees will become lufthansa staff and a further thirteen hundred can reapply for their jobs doesn't go with us but for the oh this is a big step for you are a wings. i think it's an important decision for germany's position in the aviation industry because we're capable of providing a secure future for three thousand employees which was not necessarily the case before and i have to admit we have to ensure that europe too has strong global players. for the german varity union the three thousand positions offered by loved ones are not enough because they leave five thousand five hundred employees out of the deal. doesn't this is not good news for air berlin employees because right now
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it seems like only a fraction of the workforce will have the ability to apply for a job and. we don't think that's ok turns his getting a big piece of the cake but is taking no responsibility for those who work at air berlin. many passengers are skeptical about the takeover they fear less competition in the skies will have negative consequences for everyone. surely tickets will become more expensive and they'll be a monopoly which is not in the interest of passengers. but the shit you can see but it's unfortunate for passengers of both lufthansa and air berlin it's sad really losing air berlin but loved ones will have to do even less for its customers with. the stock market on the other hand is welcoming the news. shares climbed up to three point two percent reaching their highest peak since early two thousand and one despite the enthusiasm of the acquisition is still subject to approval by
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german and european antitrust authorities. air berlin stock skyrocketed more than fifty percent on the deal fell trading at twenty five cents a share that might not actually be so impressive on the other hand was propelled to real heights its share price reached a seventeen year peak this comes off the back of what's already been a really good week for the it's just managed two and a multi-year labor dispute with its pilots not only did lufthansa when trading today it also helped clear that thirteen thousand point barrier. russia's economy has been hit hard by sanctions in response to the annexation of crimea and by the falling oil price now it's making a push for more foreign investment russian president vladimir putin has been meeting with german business leaders and saatchi and he big companies still do business in russia but have faced numerous restrictions because of the sanctions banks have been cut off from international networks that's forced big companies and
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ordinary people to bypass them as the w.c. ask our correspondent. found out. the village of call the noble a couple hours drive from moscow it's home to just seven families who would have thought that this town poses a threat to the world's financial system that's what the russian government is accusing this mayor of doing. like everyone else i had no money bank loans were too expensive and the government didn't help either there just wasn't any money so we thought about it and said let's print our own way. and that's exactly what he did the mayor named the currency the colli own after his village of call the or novo as soon as moscow caught wind of what was happening it banned the currency but that didn't stop the mayor he simply digitized the call the own creating a new crypto currency all michelle now needs is a smart phone to make payments. russian central bank chief.
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is trying to regulate crypto currency to stop wild speculation but other financial experts see the new payment systems as a great opportunity. missed on the. countries have hit us with sanctions. on you and the sanctions we could get worse. that's what currencies are a valid alternative to traditional payment systems. and i didn't have a problem thanks don't need to convince mayor shirley apne cough he's keeping his coli owns no matter what moscow thinks. brave man you must say well we stay in the subject of cryptocurrency is because they are one of the best investments you could have had in the last few years bitcoin surged past five thousand dollars for the first time thursday zooming up to almost five thousand two
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hundred dollars on regulated virtual currency was worth only a few cents when it was invented in two thousand and eight a new record high comes amid signs the chinese government is rethinking its opposition to bitcoin earlier this year and for several exchanges to shut down. right for more on the subject let's bring in our financial correspondent on wall street. good to see you now despite major criticism from high ranking investors it seems like institutional investors are starting to show interest and cryptocurrency is that the reason why we're seeing this rise. well possibly even if some of those rumors and speculations are in the market for a couple of days already there is some talk that goldman sachs for example might be interested in starting trading crypto currencies then some huge investors are also thinking about going into the crypto currencies but those speculations are around
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for a couple of days so it is pretty breathtaking what we've seen here in the thursday session bitcoin said trading up by about ten percent to five hundred dollars just for one a day and well it's the your guess is as good as mine what's the right price five hundred dollars a thousand dollars five thousand dollars ten thousand dollars nobody really knows but it is astonishing how much the currencies are gaining even if there's still a lot of criticism out we're definitely watching and not really know what's going on now governments seem to be dealing with crypto currency however and some of them calling for more regulation can we expect a shift in policies to well that can happen and the big question is what would happen to demand for the group currencies in general because that's partly the beauty that there is no real regulation of the crypto currencies and of bitcoin there is no real authority looking over what's going on in that market segment when
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i say it's the beauty of meaning for investors so now there is talk that china is thinking about reversing a ban on the exchanges for crypto currency as if they're reversing that that could go along with tighter regulation and more regulation actually could shy some investors away from bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is as well in charter in new york thank you very much for the analysis. every day there is more and more alternatives to oil to get our cars planes and machines moving in the future some of them work and some don't and mexico a group of scientists claims to have found a little biofuel revolution using a government plants. it's hard work harvesting a coffee but it's worth it now more than ever because this him our daughter not only supplies the local to kill
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a plant he also helps fuel cars in the region after the juice from the ferments and matures to become the country's national drink the pulp and their god beliefs go to this man leopoldo have yeah solace he came up with the refining process for a gasoline additive. and only me and it's a fish and sea is very similar to gasoline and it can be even better if you find the ideal makes of ethanol and gasoline that's somewhere between ten and thirty percent and i missed clinton and the s. and trying to foresee and. it's a boon for drivers but also for farmers and distilleries who can sell their waste. one thing is very important with this new action of using not only the core to produce tequila but to also use the leaves and bagasse to produce can be carried out on an industrial level. at the. hip with us who.
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right now everything is still in a testing phase as scientists are comfortable pouring their product straight into their own gas tanks but other drivers might have to get used to it. but as we know when it happened on those it sounds like a good idea but i don't know what impact it will have on a car engine does it need to be a special engine ok in any engine use i got a yes or no. and then when they're having. apparently every engine can once the concept catches on the i gather a plant will be powering mexican's as well as their cars but hopefully not at the same time. that's all for business thank you very much for watching this you next time to care goodbye.
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take similarly. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special thank you for all true thank you all for long i.
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the engines to the dardanelles in the g. it was here nearly three thousand years ago that the greek poet boma wrote of the trojan war the conflict between my c.n.a. and troy the two mightiest empires of the time is said to have dragged on for ten long years the finest warrior has died a hero's death and all for a woman the beautiful house wife of many lives king of my scene a in present day. helen had been abducted by parents son of king priam of troy on the other side of the straits in asia minor in the end troy was defeated and have missed. love hatred revenge. homer's iliad was the first great attica
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one literature since then ancient greece has been regarded as the cradle of western civilization. according to houma from troy who could see the aegean island of canada today it's called. belongs to turkey. merchant and military vessels will kudo sure the bay protected from the wind monday bishop but everything is exactly as houma described. troll archaeology is mound of destiny. for nearly one hundred fifty years now scientists and treasure hunt has been drawn to the dot analysis in search of traces of the ancient city describing home as. a present of the eighty's scientists on that assistance from germany the united
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states and. i did work in a labyrinth of foundations and fortifications from three millenia they're all convinced that troy on the dardanelles in the hellespont is home is really. the pioneering team of archaeologists photographed on the site over a century ago. most people believe that troy was simply a myth. among the first to take home at his word was heinrich schliemann the german was certain that a major greek city had existed in the middle east and he found troy today excavation work is carried out under the direction of man for a call from he and his team.


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