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tv   Doc Film - Lost Children  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 3:15am-4:00am CEST

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back in north korea his sporting comrades are paid and even get bonuses but it's hardly a professional league more like civil servants. watch to experts like you to go from from the university of vienna think about north korean football. to the. victors who. haven't got it and it's not his quest post he's off to vaughan on. tonight i'm sure. you do you know you don't you don't get all sugata you don't you see you want to go house and you feel like russia and qatar north korea have increased their investment in football. talking about money the swiss cuddly toy maker karl messily has been bringing north korean players to europe for ten years he's not keen on an interview though as a form of footballer things everything has been said already. i was quite interested in how his recruitment model works though. among the players he brought
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in his partner could even lived with the businessman. mentioning my conversation with messily to park certainly helps lighten the mood. but you know i know because he lived in his house for a year and. he's my best friend yeah the club has set me a condition questions are limited to the topics sport and culture so what differences does parker notice between europe and his home country. club is his no . i don't know about that. they do something all of us together but then europe is more individual. i feel. this is. another one who knows both cultures as well as north korea's national team coach young on the scene who has plenty of policy experience for the norwegian also scouts players for european clubs and. sometimes i can talk with him and
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ask many. players and. so i explain you know. you're living. this one is whether. it's. just two more north koreans play in europe one was certain and one. and as. the. skin goes. on and off. i wonder if it gets to keep the profession wages paid by example. i'm disturbed at the start. to start this. is because.
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the. park has not played much for the season one day he hopes to go back home. and then i go back to. go back but it seems other north korean players will come to europe and i might see them in the bundesliga one day. last but not least a quick jump to europe's most successful club. reporter is still tracking the world's biggest star thomas chasing c r seven.
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i'm still wiling at the real madrid training ground on my hunt for christiane when i. where will he leave from. a local cameramen if i'm on. ok i need to get past these roundabouts to the gate which the players usually past when they don't take the secret and. fortunately i meet some kids on the way there to experts in getting players to stop for autographs they know all the tricks. they've even managed to get christiane or not i'm impressed. i have.
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now says i'm not. a lot. like. how can you keep track i recall a scene in the bio pic. while watching it i remember thinking christiana really has a thing for costs. now. then towards. well it's all to.
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get. there by a very bright very bright. now. in the winter. oh. yes. they all start trickling in and i pick up some tricks from the time group. but it's done by you also won't even stop is there any chance that cristiana would follow you. know. my talk about the time he. and i have.
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carry on with sideways that you're my fantasy doesn't mean we have. i mean. the secret except. there are. like. one more attempt at the. just. the security into.
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dr. never mind maybe next time i can ask him how he got so good what does he think of. the pitch wide open in front of him how does he know where they live. how does he make it look so easy maybe next time hi chris. christie.
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it's a wild week on g.w. . here everything revolves around our animal kingdom and their two legged fans. and kate and her and mia. hamburg's first cat cafe an absolute must for friends of feline barbara. in
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thirty minutes w. . me a son mia where does it come from polity the month of two is all of us talking. starting october fifteenth on the w. and online it's the line of the week on d w three with the swaggering suit where is banged on a mental fish and the cool frequent flyer. to everything revolves around i'm looking dim and a two legged fat. a week animal adventure only on the d w. it was a shock and i have to admit i was disgusted by my i'm going to.
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put in russia you can make money with homophobia. they have to. the piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current there are people without rights in their own country because they're homosexuals gay in russia our series this week in the news on d w. with history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein will get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution the people. nineteen seventy the real october starting october twenty fifth t.w. .
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israel has followed the united states in announcing its withdrawal from unesco the united nations agency dedicated to promoting science and culture as a path to international peace. washington has accused the organization of bias against israel and says it's wasteful and in need of fundamental reform. you know ask those directors at the u.s. move was a loss for the united nations family and for multilateralism at
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a time when the fight against violent extremism calls for the new. you know education and dialogue among cultures to prevent hatred it is deeply regrettable. we draw from doing night at nation's leading. the latest round of breaks it talks have ended in deadlock the negotiator michel bonnie said he was disturbed by the lack of progress he said talks had reached a dead end over high much britain should pay when it leaves the e.u. and he ruled out discussions on future trade with being allowed to start next week for. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order aimed at weakening the affordable care act better known as obamacare the directive will make it easier for americans to buy cheaper less regulated health care plans with fewer benefits
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critics say it could mean spiraling costs for people with preexisting health conditions the presidential order comes after several failed attempts by the trumpet ministration to repeal obamacare through congressional action. rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah have reached agreement in unity talks brokered by egypt in cairo. video ends a decade long split and places the gaza strip under the control of the palestinian authority hamas which is considered a terrorist group by the e.u. and the us seized control of the enclave in two thousand and seven while fatah has left the west bank palestinian president mahmoud abbas plans to visit gaza within the next month his first trip to the region in more than a decade. police in new york and london are investigating sexual assault allegations against hollywood film producer harvey
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weinstein. more than thirty women have now come forward accusing him of sexual harassment and in several cases of rape weinstein has denied all charges of non consensual sex. you know asco the u.n. organization known for its heritage sides it was created decades ago by the us to give people all over the world clean water decent schools but donald trump sees it as a money pit as a platform to bully israel today notified the u.s. is out. in berlin this is the day. the.
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united states met the for unesco and unesco matters for the united states politicization of unesco these so last years has taken a toll on the organisation if we have this large platform pointing to cultural dialogue for human rights for freedom of expression. and that is the focus of the fighting for literacy and for a for against ignorance i think we need everybody in the world if you go back into history we will see not only that. united states is a founding member of unesco the whole idea that you can build peace through education science a culture of communication is basically an american idea. also coming up tonight a gay russian you tube sensation fighting homophobia with a camera some tongue in cheek humor and a glass of milk. yes. given that the comments on to the video
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will literally help. decent people with writing we're going to kill you. them up start the crew the hell are you you should all hang and you'll burn in hell to know that sort of stuff. oh we begin the day with a canceled membership the united states has announced that it is withdrawing from the un's cultural organisation the us state department said that the decision was due to concerns about unpaid do a need for fundamental reform and what it says is the organization's quote continuing anti israel by. seeks to promote peace worldwide and is really now in for its world here and its program protecting cultural sites like the statue of liberty as well as promoting girls' education. well since the one nine hundred seventy s. us presidents have complained about the political leanings and the economic large
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yes at unesco in one thousand nine hundred three wrong and reagan yanked the u.s. out here's how the state department justified the move at the time the decision to withdraw was made by president reagan on the recommendation of the secretary of state the recommendation was based upon our experience that unesco as extraneous lee politicized virtually every subject deals with as exhibited hostility toward the basic institutions of a free society especially a free market and a free press. and has demonstrated unrestrained budgetary expansion. well no doubt many will applaud us president trump for repeating reagan's decision but in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the allies of the united states were not terribly worried about the white house being the epicenter of a movement to dismantle the global order donald trump is completely different his overt suspicious and even disdain for the u.n.
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and multilateral agreements have led many here in europe to question u.s. leadership and u.s. reliability trumps presidency his tweet his rhetoric our fertile ground for a resurging anti-americanism all that has prompted foreign policy experts here in germany to sound the alarm today in the influential weekly newspaper some of the most influential names in german foreign policy penned and signed an open letter entitled in spite of it all america of the letter is an appeal to resist the temptation to use the presidency of donald trump as a catalyst for anti american foreign policies and here's a little bit of how it read it's turning away from the united states would bring in security to germany and ultimately to europe some analysts and political actors in germany endorse a strategic reorientation for germany some strive to decouple europe's foreign and
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security policies from the united states and others place their faith in a german french mini version of europe some recommend that germany should maintain an equidistance between russia and the united states some even recommend that germany should go further and align itself with russia or china in the future all of these propositions are costly or dangerous or book. well joining me tonight here at the big table are two of the eleven authors of that open letter joined by dieter berger she's at the american jewish committee here in berlin and john to show you heads of richard holbrooke form at the american academy here in berlin to both of you welcome to the day this is an open letter. but you must have had certain people in mind when you wrote it to whom is this letter addressed. we were very concerned a course about the impact of the current us administration on chairman policy we
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have a new government it was clear that a new government was coming in germany and we very much hope that those who are negotiating a coalition agreement take notice of what we're saying so it's addressed to the new government the new government is one of the target audience is quite clearly there is a dynamic now you know a negotiation process has just started about forming a new government but of course there's other target audience as well you know there is of course this this group of people that were addressed in the quote that you just used the people that are actively thinking about basically turning their back on the u.s. and this is a tremendously dangerous trend as we think it is and we wanted to also address to those people specifically and explain to them why we thought that they were on the wrong track who are those people or are we talking about people from the far right party d.f.t. or are there even people in the mainstream parties yeah i mean this is a first of all it's not one single group obviously but what has been our primary
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concern is that you have those voices now coming in not just from the political fringes but they usually reside but they also coming in from really from the from the central part of our political spectrum that this kind of lingering anti-americanism that has always existed in this country feels kind of freed up now the trumpets in office and then people are pointing at trump and saying you know look this is the real face of america we always told you and now it's finally the time as they sometimes say you know that we should liberate ourselves from atlanta this is a man that we think is tremendously dangerous and so you know a lot is at stake and so we thought in a one of talk to those people directly this letter reminds the reader here in germany of the shared u.s. german values it's similar to how the german chancellor congratulated donald trump when he won the election last november take a listen to what she said back then. so i chant what i mean because intuition beatified when germany and america are connected by values democracy freedom and
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respect for the law and for the dignity of human beings independently of origin skin color religion gender sexual orientation or political influence. on the basis of these values i am offering the future president of the united states of america donald trump close cooperation. trump and says i'm of it. now you know we were all struck when she delivered that congratulations you know it wasn't bubbly it wasn't that warm it was very like calling every reminder of the fundamentals. do you what would you say though how real is the risk that you've got policymakers here in germany who are forgetting about the shared values that germany in the us have i think that of course everyone recognizes that there are these shared values but in terms of everyday policy it's easy to drift off it's
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easy to say look at what the united states is doing out there not interested why should we be let's be more concerned with europe asia is something we need to turn our attention to some of it is indifference there which can be as great a danger and i think the anti-american sentiments that just referred to is a long tradition in germany that predates the nazis and it's very easy for it to flare up and it's this is no longer a question of left or right the world is changing and this is a question of anti modernist forces challenging those very values the chancellor merkel spoke about when president trying came into office in the letter you write united states inventor and guardian of the liberal order currently does not see itself as system guarantor so my question would be who is stepping in for the us now is it germany that's what we have heard a lot of talk about but even on the best of circumstances the germans or even the
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europeans as a whole we think do not have the strength and the structural power to really actually step in the unification process especially in foreign policy and this is mostly a question of upholding the liberal international its foreign policy the e.u. has not turned itself into a strategic player it is it is not capable of enforcing that kind of order and of issuing credible security guarantees to others and as long as that's not the case they will not be able to step in now that doesn't mean that we should be doing more we certainly have to do more germany specifically is asked to actually you know carry more responsibility and also to pay more. but you know even of all of that is forthcoming the us remains the indispensable kind of building brick in this kind of construction this architecture and so you know that's what we're trying to say here know even under the current prevailing circumstances even under a president that we all find you know you know if any difficult to get to deal with even under those circumstances the u.s.
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remains in this principle and we have to live with that the the article that you wrote you know it was on page ten of the size of a bullish or viewers what it looked like would you say that this letter is a handbook for germany on hell to take on more responsibility while the u.s. is out to lunch well it's certainly a recommendation to do so and it's not that the u.s. is out to lunch i think there are forces going on in europe as well that people are can easily overlook their forces of dissolution we have going on we have a weakened france struggling with its economy so that it can take the role that it needs to take we have independent strivings as we're seeing with catalonia europe is very preoccupied with itself as well we have a populist nationalist forces certainly not just in the us but in europe too so again i think our recommendation is let's not forget in the midst of all this turmoil and uncertainty that there's really a rock bottom relationship that's the security karen terror for germany for the
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u.s. for us all with the it's a strong transatlantic underpinning of security we can't guarantee our liberal western order isn't there's something there you know that we all in our generation have in common is there was this one was this this given that there would always be these exchanges between americans and germans and europeans there was this back and forth across the atlantic is that still a given i mean we see cutbacks in the united states with the fulbright program for example there's always talks about cutting that back i mean that those cultural those people mixers r r. they threatened right now. i'm not i'm not so sure that we are heading towards some sort of you know nation asst rupture or something like this you know one of the dirty little secrets of the transatlantic relationship is that actually most of it is quite boring and fairly established and very regular you know we have a snappy working groups and people meet at all kinds of levels all the time it's
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the high politics that is the problem you know we have these two layers of issues one of the agenda items you know what's the current issue of the day and then we often disagree with us on issues but then there is this underlying fundamental issue of order you know of how to preserve the liberal international order what the european security architecture should be about you know what the burden sharing in the alliance is all about those things should not the question even when at the agenda level you know we have you know quite a big disagreement and you know it's very important to distinguish between the two even when the american president often fails to distinguish between the two of them and we also have an appeal to civil society in our recommendations because as you say cultural diplomacy is an extremely important component of this relationship and there will be cutbacks for sure there have been there will probably be more and we cannot neglect this part of the exchange the exchange transatlantic values happens at many many levels also local levels and maybe it's time to do even more not less
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would you say this letter is basically optimistic and is telling people just hold your breath and when trump is gone the problem will be gone as well is that the take away no not really i mean there is of course you know it's we do make a fairly sophisticated argument as to what should be done holding your breath as part of it but it can't be the entire solution there's a large group of that it says you know just.


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