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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2017 4:03am-4:30am CEST

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opposition demonstrators a demanding electoral reforms ahead of a rerun of a presidential election in two weeks. opposition need to ride out with his poll that if the election be run and says the poll cond go ahead president kenyatta won the original the election in organist but the result was an old due to irregularities in the process. firefighters in california have made some progress in containing wildfires that happened center rated entire neighborhoods and killed at least thirty two people seventeen large fires are still burning and to date nearly six thousand homes and businesses in the northern part of the state have been destroyed but already as are warning residents in the state's wine region to remain vigilant as weather conditions are expected to worsen over the weekend. already.
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one of the worst deals the u.s. has ever entered into that is how the u.s. president is describing the you're wrong deal donald trump announced today he would not certify the twenty fifteen nuclear deal and he kept the ball to congress which was now the side whether to reimpose sanctions i'm sorry harmon in berlin and this the day. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into the nuclear deal through iran's dictatorship a political and economic lifeline providing urgently needed relief from the intense still messed up pressure the sanctions had created in the event we are not able to
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reach a solution working with congress and our allies then the agreement will be terminated and our participation can be cancelled by me as president at any time. i heard the man donald trump says he is prepared to cancel the iran nuclear deal at any time now that deal was negotiated back in two thousand and fifteen by the us britain france and germany along with russia and china it is crippling economic sanctions against iran and exchange for strict controls on its nuclear program now trump is threatening to make good on a long running promise to unravel the accord here's a bit more of what he had to say in just a few years as key restrictions disappear iran can sprint towards a rapid nuclear weapons breakout. in other words we get we
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can spec shoes in exchange for no more than a purely short term and temporary delay in iran's path to nuclear weapons what is the purpose of a deal that at best only delays iran's nuclear capability for a short period of time this as president of the united states is unacceptable based on the factual record i have put forward i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification of them on this i'm joined now by dr henning from the german council on foreign relations act erica thanks for being with us today on the day this is a deal that germany helped hammer out with britain with france china russia where you see europe on this are they on trump's side not really because the europeans
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think that this is. a possible way out of the blockade that yearlong sanctions policy against iran had that didn't really produce. a nuclear free. iran so they want to stick to the agreement because they don't want to be on the side of those who who are refusing to drop out and i think they understand that there is inside the framework of the agreement enough room to negotiate but the trump he doesn't believe first that the agreement works and he has a lot of other issues that don't really fit into the green but he somehow mingles them into the into the criticism earlier we heard the e.u. foreign policy chief among or any reacting to trump statements let's take a listen to what she had to say. because this is a u.n. security council resolution this is a plan of action that sets things to be done commitments nuclear related commitments and only nuclear related commitments and that is been implemented so
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the president of united states as many powers not this one. many powers not this bunch even did a little while there at the end but how much leverage does europe really have to force the us to stay in this deal not a lot because the americans are of course the strongest power they can force other countries other companies actually to forgo trade and cooperation with iran because they can sanctions companies doing that and they can sanctions and they do think chance entities like banks in the in the iran to to finance business and so if the us at sanctions if they put on pressure on the on the deal it's done and the president has a bit of leverage here the europeans federica marina that she referred to the legal aspect of it that not one country can simply say the agreement is vain because six
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parties have signed it seven with iran but. it's clear that the european union has an interest to keep it up because it's the example that the european union can actually succeed in foreign policy the e.u. brokered the deal and she for that week a movie was chairing the meetings and so there is a lot of lose for the europeans here it's not just the deal though it's also a lucrative business opportunity around opening up german companies are going there to lucrative opportunity that would go away if american into american companies i should say would like to do the same absolutely and that's an opportunity that would disappear the second the u.s. says we're going to sanction companies who build here who invest here so there's something to lose for everyone it sounds like why is trump doing this i think first the conservatives the republicans they always hated the greenman because it has a built in lifetime so to speak in ten fifteen years some of the provisions
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will run out and then iran can start again if if it wanted to to build nuclear weapons. and then what the agreement did not produce some people have hoped especially in europe was that iran is changing its behavior becoming more responsible for growing support for shiite groups in conflicts or calling back to. the revolutionary guards from these conflicts and stepping down from its plans to build a missile capacity so all of that didn't happen iran used the money that was flowing back and to actually build up the regional weight that it had and this is frustrating for the americans because they especially the trumpets doesn't the conservatives think. now this deal has actually enabled iran to grow and stead of. limiting and powers and what's your view are they wrong they are not wrong but it's
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i think it's very important to stick to the agreement because it shows to those forces in iran who want to open up who want to who have no interest in nuclear weapons who want to invite trade those forces need to be strengthened that's one thing and the other is if you. drop out of this deal you undermine the legitimacy the credibility of western diplomacy to forge such agreements and that is important for other aspiring nuclear weapon states for instance north korea so. the best is to actually cling to the agreement and negotiate within the framework of the agreement if you're not happy with with iran's behavior are you optimistic that there can be renegotiation within that framework i am not optimistic actually i think the americans have the leverage to to push to a decision where the conservative leaders take. to take control over the issue
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and drop out but i think iran will not actually become a nuclear weapon state so easily and they they might actually. simply applied to the rules in the agreement and. go on developing on a low level a civilian nuclear energy program and repeated that they have no interest in weapons and this is what they have done for years but this one will not appease the americans especially when it comes to supporting the shiites in the region this is nothing the iranians would negotiate away because this is this is their network their power base actually in the region all right there's a lot at stake that's dr henning reiko from the german council on foreign relations thanks for being with thank you for having us. well turning out of syria where civilians are trying to flee the tell me as a u.s. led offensive ramps up efforts to drive out the remaining islamic state fighters now hundreds of them are holed up in what was once the group's defacto capital u.s.
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airstrikes have pounded their positions and witnesses say they've caused new more civilian casualties but syrian rebels on the ground dispute those claims. they can't see the enemy fighters for the rebel group the syrian democratic forces start shooting at random hoping to lure eye is snipers from their hideouts. a few hundred militants from the so-called islamic state are believed to be hiding out in the ruins controlling a small part of russia the destruction is partly a result of u.s. led coalition airstrikes on a is that reportedly killed more than eight hundred sixty civilians since june that's according to the organization air wars which tracks casualties by interviewing witnesses but this commander disputes that claim. no that's not true sometimes civilians are killed in the fighting but they're rarely hit by asteroids when people try to flee the combat zone that shot by us
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snipers. well they step on i os mines will be. many have died that way. the syrian democratic forces will win the battle for rocca but it's not over yet this is making a last desperate stand here the remains of a company and i guess attempt to stop coalition forces advancing. the u.s. led coalition says it won't accept the surrender of i-s. militants so the remaining jihadists probably won't get out of rocca alive. well still to come on the day super girls to the rescue and get ready to meet the cartoon characters who are on a mission to change the attitudes towards women and girls and ethiopia. wildfires in the u.s. state of california have killed thirty one people making of the deadliest fires in
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the state's history hundreds are still missing and the just toll is expected to rise dry conditions and serious winds are hampering efforts to bring the fires under control the blazes in wine country north of san francisco have been burning since sunday and conditions are only expected to get worse over the weekend napa valley was the heart of california's wine industry but now napa and its surrounds have seen an unprecedented disaster. these men are among i thousand firefighters who spent the last few days trying to bring the prices under control. some houses down the street there's no better feeling no you know it's just there because they're everywhere you know there's little pockets there's there's. there's parts that we just can't get to dozens of fires have been burning in and around napa valley since last sunday they
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causes are uncertain but found by hot dry winds they've scorched an area the size of new york city and filled the air with acrid smoke. we're in a mask because i'm in here to here you know i live here and started to really affect my room. there's no let up expected in the coming hours and already these fires of ten much of napa valley from the tourist destination to a place where little more than scorched earth remains. austria is holding elections on sunday and opinion polls show the next government is set to take a hard turn to the right here's a quick overview now of the main candidates and their policies well first there's all story in chancer christian care and the social democrats their center left and they want deeper in you integration right now they're the biggest party in parliament but karen's approval ratings have fallen dramatically after
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a scandal where he was accused of financing fake news against his main rivals that rival is foreign minister sebastian courts of the austrian people's party it's a deeply conservative party and supports an anti refugee course but it also backs continued european integration kirks is currently the front runner to replace karen as chancellor now the third biggest party is the freedom party and it's led by heinz christian. they're far right their nationalist their euro skeptic and their anti immigration and they have a good shot at joining the people's party in government but let's go back to sebastian courts for a second just thirty one years old he looks set to lead austria's next government and he transformed his own party to make it happen. his fans call him boss the. foreign minister sebastian kurtz is known across austria for being poised and cool. the food on the leader of the center right austrian
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people's party is the frontrunner for the chancellery in this year's election he's demanded more power than any head of his party before him but he's also remade it in his image. ja yes we want to open up yes we want to be a whore and yes we want to be a real movement anyone who wants to take part can take part. kurtz has brought one hundred fifty thousand new supporters into the people's party. their whole look has suddenly turned from the traditional black to turquoise. in terms of policy kurtz's managed one big thing a clear swing to the right. we wanted to change something we were determined it was this steadfastness that we had above all when half of europe was beating up on us that's what matters. since the beginning
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of europe's refugee crisis in two thousand and fifteen curt's has maintained one clear message the borders must be sealed and the young hard liner prevailed the so-called balkan route that many refugees fleeing into europe were using was sealed off. in closing the west balkan route we have succeeded in reducing the number of migrants by ninety eight percent using that. sense then critz has become the darling of right wing parties both in austria and elsewhere during the campaign kurtz has been leaning hard on his success closing the balkan route that's one reason why former people's party leader and vice chair. feels uneasy. and he keeps harping on this one point because he can prove he accomplished something how it was actually accomplished is another question but we can see the result i would say this talking point and the fact that he keeps using it is meant
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to come across as a substantial success but i would say there is no substance there are. kurds as hardline refugees stance looks remarkably like someone else's hines questions to lead candidate of the far right austrian freedom party in this t.v. debate in early october shako pulled out an internal memo that says courts should act like struck during the campaign pleases me of course and i feel very honored it says in the paper masters this perfectly copycat or not kurtz the strategy seems to be working he's managed to woo swarms of right wing voters to the party. what we can see from the pre-election data cards is drying over freedom party voters in massive numbers the kurds effect appears to be six to nine percent. with corrupt as chancellor austria would move to the right he backed a further tightening of the refugee policy and he said if he must he will once
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again fight half of europe to get it done. for more on that i'm joined now by kerry skywriting in vienna kerry thanks for being with us i want to ask you first of all why is australian politics winning so decisively to the right what's driving this well of the election will come whether it has been a major swing to the right i think there is some doubt about how far that swing is going and anyway to do indicate that a tougher line on immigration closing the borders by the people's party has brought popularity for that country so what we're seeing is a fallout from the migrant crisis of two thousand and fifteen hundred. many refugees post on documented came across the eastern borders of austria having traveled up the balkan route the people spotted the freedom party have both blamed the social democrats for allowing what they called uncontrolled immigration at that
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time and at least part of the electorate was disturbed by what happened two years ago and seems to be prepared to vote for this tougher line taken by sebastian coe it's the people's party the full answer there i think is a bit more complicated because the center left has been in power for so long in austria for most of the post-war period that people calling for change and if they're going to have change the main choices being offered from the center right or right wing populist bodies like a vision party are going to the far right freedom party does the common government junior partners what kind of policies are they going to be pushing for in austria. well first of all they will be asking for and this is something they can hand upon . return of failed asylum seekers or an increase in the rate of return of failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants will be calling for a sort of a tightening of border security even though it is already quite tight the points
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that will want to make they will want to break down and weaken some of the austrian institutions which are associated with the two parties with relief to so long here the people and the social democrats of those institutions like the chamber of labor and the chamber of commerce don't want to weaken the influence of actually calling for membership of those to be voting for the route of the compulsory that will be calling for all restrictions on those from other european union countries coming into austria especially those to be east and southeast like workers from hungary so poland austrian companies are pleased to have these workers here the freedom body claims but they're pushing up unemployment and they want limits on the numbers who can come in. that is sounds like a policy that's going to be very much welcomed in the european union what is that going to do to austria's european relations. i don't think it's going to be as bad as it was in two thousand when the freedom. into the coalition government at that
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point we had the european union imposing diplomatic sanctions on austria because in european union countries right wing populist parties are entering government i think there will be concerns raised in brussels but i don't think you'll see any particular action but they will be more disputes i would predict between vienna and brussels particularly such matters as freedom of movement of labor and the european and the freedom parties record the. restrictions against minorities and so forth so yes there will be more issues arising between vienna and brussels without the right that's scary scarring joining us from vienna thank you. in ethiopia access to education for girls is limited and the girls who are able to go to school are often forced to drop out early in order to earn money for their
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families others or pressure in their child marriages never return to school one ethiopian television producer is working to change that and to inspire girls and their families to make education a priority. captivation on their faces the school and. showing pupils the first episode of. means wisdom and herrick in the series three heroines fight for the equality of girls and women . one out of. before age fifty and most of them will never go back to school that they are. to succeed in that it. wants to change this it's important to the programs creators that children can identify with the show so they organize screenings of the pilot episode at local schools to see if people like
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a. different question. so. they know what she's been through this is something close to their heart something they know who they can connect with. after watching the show the children write down what they liked or didn't like and which story lines they want to see continue. i thought it was great because it was about. i've never seen anything like it. is the brainchild of. the trainer so she could no longer ignore the plight of young women in ethiopia. so i seen how can he saw this huge problem on his neck and in beauty and kindergarten everywhere so i start thinking how can i reach millions of children in my country
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with less course but it was quality education. dr weitz has already produced three successful t.v. and radio series which educate children across ethiopia in a fun way. she hopes to bad girls will become a success and help challenge taboos we're starting from hard core sound to make it stop only married. the thing is you know that is why the part of animation is very interesting because it is animation it is fiction and so people can pick a distance and feel comfortable to talk about it and that's what we want the first instinct is talking about it. but it's not always easy. sometimes i get close treated you know shouldn't take me piers to get to this point and you know i should reach more kids than by now you know and all east africa it's so slow because of so many broke bureaucratic. procedures or not support or.
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just the d. today by years. distributing the programs is difficult and resources are scarce social entrepreneurship is not yet common in ethiopia their policies don't stop with us because we're still look as a business person so we've been passed past the same way what the means is we would all go and we are fluent in the readers we are in smaller resorts we have to do a lot. but the team behind to back girls is strong and motivated and they won't give up in the face of these obstacles that still negotiating with t.v. broadcasters. well the day is nearly done but our conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at d w news or tweet at me apps or harman five three and don't forget to
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use our hash tag the day that's going to do it for us here on the day but on this friday leave you with a little treat the whole pack of baby pandas from well long nature reserve in china i'll see you next week have a great weekend. being
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interested in everything wanting to improve things. having countless ideas and writing them down. you got for me today and i think it's a polymath who made groundbreaking contributions to mathematics philosophy to risk prudence biology single if. we explore his from. next on. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn with a simple online on your mobile and free stuff for the learning course.


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