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this is d w news live from berlin and donald trump reignites the u.s. his feud with iran decertifying the landmark agreement to curb its nuclear program but the us president stopped short of outright torpedoing the deal instead of leaving its fate in the hands of congress. also coming up austria is expected to take a sharp swing to the right in sunday's elections we'll take a look at how a hardline immigration stance has helped front runner sebastian currents snap up support. and female lawmakers in germany are clearing out their desks after the september elections as the percentage of women in parliament drops.
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my ass waiter thank you for joining us u.s. president onil trump has said he will not recertify a twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal the multilateral agreement calls for iran to shelve its disputed nuclear program and in exchange the international community would ease sanctions trump accused of violating the quote spirit of the agreement but stopped short of canceling the deal instead he's called on u.s. lawmakers and international partners to fix its flaws the agreements to pilates that the u.s. president must certify to congress that iran is complying with the agreement every ninety days trump had done this twice before but has now refused to sign ahead of sunday's deadline now congress must decide whether to reimpose sanctions and scrap the deal here's more of what trump had to say importantly iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal so today in recognition of the
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increasing menace posed by iran and after extensive consultations with our allies i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. israel has welcomes trump's announcement to prime minister binyamin netanyahu congratulated the u.s. president calling for what he he for what he calls a quote courageous step this third spawns from other world leaders has been less than enthusiastic the iran deal took more than a decade to negotiate between iran china russia great britain france and germany
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and risk finally signed in two thousand and fifteen. there was dancing in the streets of the iranian capital tehran when the agreement was finally reached after the mess of effort that went into securing the deal to control iran's nuclear program those who'd been instrumental in the negotiations reacted strongly to trump's announcement. more than two years ago exactly in july twenty fifteen the entire international community welcomed the result of twelve years of intense negotiations on the iranian nuclear program one hundred and four pages full of technical details. the joint compressive club in action discipula a it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it german foreign minister gabriele said
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scrapping the treaty would send a quote dangerous signal shouted in the next few weeks we'll do everything in our power to persuade u.s. congress to uphold the agreement and to discuss how we can change iran's behavior in other areas of middle east politics we believe the agreement must be preserved and. the. iranian president hassan rouhani said his country will continue to respect the nuclear deal in spite of trump's quote insults in a speech on state television rouhani said the agreement was much stronger than trump thinks the more you know if we will continue to cooperate with the international atomic energy agency in the framework of international treaties but if someday our interests are not realized and other parties want to violate their commitments they should be aware that iran will not hesitate a moment and will respond to them. that they want to.
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whether congress will make the changes trump wants remains to be seen it would seem that much of his bluster is for domestic consumption after weeks of divisions within the republican party and infighting among his aides the president is trying to reassert his campaign priorities and play to his support base. for more on this i'm joined now by our correspondent teresa tropper tree so you've been to iran six or seven times you cover the last election so let's dive in despite trump's announcement iranian president hassan rouhani says he wants to stick to the deal but is there a chance to iran could change its mind not right now for iranian strong speech was a major violation of the deal but he didn't say anything that is completely unacceptable for them for example you decertified it but you didn't pull out of it and he announced new sanctions against the revolutionary guards but he didn't label them a terror organization which would have been
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a red line for tehran so for now the deal is alive but that could of course change if the congress decides to cancel that by really imposing sanctions that were lifted as part of the deal. so trump has been drawing a lot of fire sense the announcement so let's take a look at what house minority leader nancy pelosi had to say the iran nuclear agreement was the best way to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear armed state to president trump through fusil to recertify is a grave mistake to threatens america's security and our credibility at a very critical time. now of course theresa the thing is this was not just a bilateral agreement between the u.s. and iran this had seven negotiating partners so how much weight does europe really have to throw around in terms of congress's decision that they have to make well if your buns to keep the deal alive it has to try and convince the congress and with the u.s.
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administration deeply split over the issue politicians in brussels do think they have a chance to convince congress members because they have good arguments on this side after all the international atomic energy agency. said that iran is complying with the deal so that's of course a good argument for them and also what would it mean like if trying cancel the deal and who would ever want to negotiate with the u.s. again if like reaching a deal and abiding by it doesn't mean anything so of course european politicians will use all their diplomatic measures they have to convince the congress and we've also heard himself making some vague threats about what might happen if the deal were in fact canceled which leaves us with the question what would iran do what iran would not do of course renegotiate because iranians have long been skeptical of whether washington can be trusted when it comes to reaching an agreement. and cancels the deal he approves them right so that would weaken president rouhani
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position because he was the one the driving force behind signing the deal in iran and it would strengthen the hardliners and of course the hardliners just agreed to the deal because they got sanctions relief and returned and if that is taken away from them of course they will end the limitations on their nuclear program and probably spend as much money on it as never before. the chopper thank you very much for your insights. austria now where national elections are taking place this sunday the outcome is expected to swing the country sharply to the right with voters backing two major parties that have campaigned on fears of immigration and. polls show the election is likely to result in the government between austria's conservative and far right populist parties border security and refugee policy have been hot button issues of this election campaign as you'll see in this upcoming report it looks like a quiet stretch of the light
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a river on the border of austria and hungary but right here authorities have caught more than eighty migrants trying to illegally cross in the weeks leading up to the austrian election or. especially along the lighter river for many foreigners in need of help and protection are using it to make the crossing into austria. social austria took in ninety thousand asylum seekers in two thousand and fifteen but now says it will not take any more one of the reasons is this man sebastian kreutz who has campaigned mostly on his successful push to close off the so-called balkan route. i think guns and i'm going to take a very clear path which will reduce illegal migration to zero. those who try to enter illegally must be stopped at the border taken care of and then sent back to the traffickers can't be the ones to decide who gets through and not we as
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a republic or the european union. kurtz's hard line immigration stance looks soft compared to the empty islam rhetorical of the leader of the nationalist freedom party. in vienna and other cities there are already more muslim than catholic children at primary schools and high schools. this is due to the irresponsible policies of the government which attempted to replace our own population. i say let's exchange these politicians before they manage to completely replace us. these messages are resonating strongly with voters leaving incumbent chancellor clews john cameron and his left wing social democrats behind in the polls a swing to the right in austria seems inevitable. now on to some other stories making news around the world u.s.
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tax forces fighting the so-called islamic state say they're waging a final battle to the extremists from iraq reports say one hundred i asked fighters have surrendered in the last twenty four hours this city is the group stay facto capital in syria and has been besieged since june former french culture minister. has been named the new head of the u.n. cultural agency unesco the announcement comes a day after both the u.s. and israel said they would pull out of the organization washington accused unesco of anti israel bias of being too expensive and adverse to reform chancellor angela merkel has been the face of germany for more than a decade but one woman at the top doesn't mean gender equality after last month's national election the percentage of female lawmakers in the next german parliament has hit a nineteen year low now there are calls for parity quotas to include more women in
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the government poor cloudy looking me it's over after four years as member of parliament she has to clear out her desk like many of her female colleagues that's partly because her c.d.u. party did so badly and partly because women lost out in their own party rankings. men know men want to protect the privileges they have there is no reason for them to support new regulations so if they get implemented and the men will be reducing their own chances of making a political career as long as women go along with that as long as society doesn't protest things will not change. women's participation in the german parliament is not a success story for three decades less than ten percent of parliament where women it was the arrival of the green party in the early eighty's and later the left party's entry into the bundestag that changed the dynamics until recently some thirty seven percent of german m.p.'s were female. unfortunately i think that in
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society and in the media there was this idea that everything is ok now one third of the members of parliament are female and we have ministers we have a female chancellor but this is misleading because the percentage of women in parliament does not reflect women's share of society which is over half of the population. and after september's national elections in the c.d.u. only forty nine seats are going to women and one hundred ninety seven will be held by men the f.d.p. and if they are also male dominated but forty percent of the s.p.d. seats are held by women and in the green and left parties women are the majority these three parties all have quotas requiring a minimum number of female lawmakers held to look at shot wants germany to have a law similar to what many other european countries already have she's optimistic that there will be parity regulations one day. but that's too late for cloudy
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looking mischa's who can only hope that future generations of female politicians will find a more level playing field. on to soccer now a high drama last night as scott hosted a winless cologne in abundance like a match up stuff got took the lead in the first half but cologne defender dominic hines managed a sublime goal that even the score with just thirteen minutes to go the host scott lucky in injury time when substitute. shot took a shot that took it took a deflection and dribbled and chronic struck art with another when. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has said he will not recertify the two thousand and fifteen nuclear iran nuclear deal but stop short of canceling the agreement he's left its fate in the hands of the u.s. congress. you're watching news live from berlin.


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