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a go at africa in sixty minutes on d w. this is you get when you come to live from above and that's the right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul and by the shellac up there did of his but it will correspond let's bring in a boat check szymanski from a poland that's going to be bought up at a correspondent in frankfurt more on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the prospective closer d.w. news sasa. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. on t w dot com.
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welcome to the show it's great to have you here let's have a local what's coming up today. mystery man white then brown last given his characteristic coat crack. gold how design has a turning trash into as a. good german hiking trail that's guaranteed to take your breath away. but he is regarded as a king of coat stand around as one of the world's most successful writers with more than two hundred million books sold his breakthrough came with the da vinci code in
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two thousand and three now his new novel original has been released with another outing for his protagonist robert langton for the first time the harvard professor has to crack a coat this time in spain. dan brown is back with a vengeance the american author just presented his latest novel at the frankfurt book found origin was published last week in the original english and in fifty five other languages in many countries it lets try to answer the bestseller list brown remains true to his tried and tested recipe for success a thrilling chase across europe filled with unexpected surprises. the wonderful thing about. novels the simpler they are the better they are my goal and some people may have figured it out but my goal is that people read and read and read and read trying to figure out what happened when they figure out what happened i just sort of go like that so it was right in front of me the simpler the better. origin starts at the
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guggenheim museum in bilbao it is the fifth in a series of novels about symbologist robert langdon and it's set in spain. he has to find the results of groundbreaking research by a matted scientist he searches for hidden messages in the said grotta familia the basilica in barcelona built by famous spanish architect and tony gowdy the book appears to ask big questions about humankind like where are we from and where are we going and as usual there's a mysterious code to crack for me as a kid codes were always fun on christmas morning in my house we would come down to the christmas tree hoping to find presents and instead we would find a little note card with a symbolic code on it and we would break the code and it would say perhaps you know go to the refrigerator would run to the refrigerator open the door and there's another note card with a code that said you know run out to the garage look in the woodpile and we'd run out you know and so we'd follow these codes in the code got harder and harder until
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finally the last one would send us back to the christmas tree and there were our presence. was influenced by his parents his mother is a church organist his father was a math teacher science religion and secret codes are a common thread throughout his work his international breakthrough came in two thousand and three. that event is about a cryptic message left behind in the louvre in paris that robert langdon is asked to decipher it all revolves around the artist leonardo da vinci and the history of christianity the catholic church publicly criticize the book. europe is dam brown's favorite setting for his literary amalgamation of facts and conspiracy theories. line is fascinate with europe because because i'm fascinated with europe and because i absolutely love it here in very very simple terms and very specific terms the history the art the architecture and
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and the connection with history is something that i don't feel in my own country. today to american actor tom hanks has slipped into the role of the harvard professor three times director ron howard turned all three books into nail biting action thrillers. the film of brown's inferno premiered last year he was involved in the production process and helped crime nearly seven hundred pages into two hours of entertainment . i love tom hanks i wrote books long before i was lucky enough to have mr hanks play robert lang so i have i've always had my own langdon but a lot of people ask me you know when you wrote adventure go did you were you thinking of tom hanks i said i was just thinking of being able to sell enough
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copies to not lose my publishing but when i wrote that eventually go to those days are long gone dan brown remains as powerful as ever to mystery and puzzles his fans of the frankfurt books and know that anything could be a message in disguise and that dan brown may be the man behind it. are the warts and animals all these topics are coming up in our roundup of college events in europe here is today's your max express. these works have been donated by renowned contemporary artists for a benefit auction. the proceeds all to go to the one hundred fifty eight families who survived the grenfell tower inferno in london last june and. among the most valuable pieces is the one nine three by german photographer involved gang tillman's the auction on monday at somebodies in london is expected to raise more
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than one million euros. contraband of art from the hamburg media school has won the golden student. academy award in hollywood for the short film she made in kenya want to watch her all of us young german filmmakers have been on a winning streak in hollywood in recent years your highness poise from the working burke film academy impressed this year's jury with his documentary gallops a he won gold for a story about gold and illegal prospectors in ghana the coveted student askers are awarded in four categories. and hamburg zoo for siberian tiger cubs have ventured outside with their mother for the first time. a new mission and vitaly were born in june and the zoo says they're all healthy and hearty and they appear quite happy. just a few weeks ago they seemed far more bashful. now sugo
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as can see them in their big outdoor enclosure and watch as they grow more confident and cheeky every day. so now we have the perfect record for anyone who is feeling hungry and how serious fifty kittens one city we show you with that you can instill good food from around the world without ever leaving berlin roughly half a million people in the german capital of foreign us about four and how thousand of them are from israel that's where today seth is from he sells us how to make the list is this with a four thousand euro super food from the middle east a. i don't think i've ever felt at home before cancer brillant i think that quite is only sold out of place in israel if you ask me where my home is and also and berlin
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as i said i belong to. god then moshe was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty five in tel aviv his parents divorced when he was fifteen. in the same year he began working in a fish factory and soon decided he'd like to train as a chef. got in moshe worked in tel aviv london and chicago before moving to berlin in two thousand and twelve with a view to opening his own restaurant my life revolved around food. where my mom has like the funniest stories about me being three or all the ordering. shrimps field for the restaurant with one sauce yet no kid's meal for me or sitting with the breakfast table in the serious with it with cookbooks like looking at the pictures and i think i don't want to basically started reading. i already started cooking. brylin shall luxembourg district is an affluent residential neighborhood
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home to lots of celebrities politicians and diplomats. then moshe's restaurant is in a side street on the ground floor of an apartment block from the one nine hundred seventy s. the premises used to house a gym glass opened in twenty thirteen. gavin moshe came up with the interior design himself he wanted to give his eatery the feel of a modern vista. the kitchen is behind a mirrored screen. target with pre-k. is one of the restaurant's signature dishes. israel is a country with many different cultures jewish muslim christian arab african
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immigrants from eastern europe and the us also live there this diversity is reflected in the cuisine. israeli cuisine is a mixture of mediterranean european north american and local arab influences. pre-k. is a cereal made from green durham wheat it contains plenty of minerals so it's considered to be very healthy. traffic is a fallacy in which but it is harvest of the bit early and in order to get it to
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ripen condition where you can in the book it should it's basically rose said on open flame on charcoals. it's green because it's a bit on right and it gets the smoke in a form of charcoal but there's something a bit different for. god then moshe likes to experiment he's a sort of colin airy artist who likes to create new and unusual dishes. mushrooms herbs and smoke mixed in a jar he calls this dish the forest in a glass he got the idea while walking through the woods. then moshe gets his inspiration where ever you can he sees himself as a chef who blends the modern with the traditional. versatile in his room we surround ourselves with food in restaurants. eating out cold and i think it's very
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important cultural thing probably the favorite form of entertainment. at glasgow there is no a la carte instead diners get to choose from two menus one with five courses the other with seven. guy been moshe creates a new menu every month and serves up his colon airy delights five days a week. for them and. they don't and. i am a shovel towboats improve it by meal virtue of a venue but of an. every day we see how our trash affects the whole planet people animals the environment one with the way plastic paper and other junk that's to go somewhere right but always doesn't have to end up in a landfill or ever cycling facility some of that stuff could also have a second life the new exhibition sure go up cycles upgraded and handbook so that an
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impressive way it features designers who used trash to create products of a greater value let's find out more. these tools are made from the drums of old washing machines created by a designer in lebanon the hamburg show is called pure gold absolute gold upgraded it spotlights the value of making things from garbage like this sofa crafted from heavy plastic carrier bags does this here this is why from flip flops are washed up on the shore in west africa they turn up in huge numbers that it's by a dutch designer he collects them can start and put some together he's fascinated by the colors. if you discover the hidden qualities of such materials and clean them and work with them you can create something special. because. many people in europe up cycle discarded things because they care about the environment many people in poor countries in asia and africa repurpose objects
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because they are too poor to buy new things the exhibition will tour the world for ten years. car ties become seats curry gated paper turns into a vast. this lambastes made of melted plastic cups if we keep throwing them away this is just going to get to be a bigger problem. so yeah i think we as people should also be encouraged her up cycle wherever we can and also to support the designers who are upcycling you know they can continue doing what they do so i think that's a very important lesson. the exhibition also features d.i.y. videos anybody can make a small contribution to reducing our consumption and conserving resources. chairs from the flea market and spare parts or melded together by
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a surveyor. on the haunch often i create friendships between objects a chair and something entirely different perhaps they were created by two very different designers who never meant i bring things together i'm going. to go chose hamas and intelligence can transform junk into beautiful and useful objects. in today's episode of our serious travelogue wisit remote area and best and germany where nature has been left intact it's we're heading to the region and it's a lot more range near the belgian border this area is perfect for travelers looking for a special hiking route like the eiffel stock trade it's more than three hundred kilometers long and starts in the city of auckland goes all the way down to. the home of ok does make this region a calm and relaxing retreat join us for track. the
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eiffel boasts dramatic landscapes with mighty craigs and green fields scenes of natural beauty spending an area of nearly five and a half thousand square kilometers with woods water and wilderness it's a region that stirs the senses. mandy fun luhan and marcus love this low mountain range both are passionate hikers and today they're wandering along the. the trail covers more than three hundred kilometers from auckland to tree air through the eiffel national park. the path leads to the time millan waterfall it's the eighth stage of the journey. the waterfall was declared a natural monument in one nine hundred thirty eight its water is high in calcium carbonate and comes from three karst springs trickling over beds of moss before settling here the line deposits grow about ten centimeters a year the waterfall is
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a tranquil spot where hikers can feel it one with nature. bad or good so i moved near the eiffel because i've always loved coming hanna even as a kid i always said i wanted to live his someday i don't know why i just sort of fell in love with the place it's beautiful this is one of the. meadows forests and fields the trick offers plenty of diversity the i've trail is split into fifteen stages ranging in lengths between fourteen and twenty eight kilometers hiking the entire trail takes about two to three weeks depending on your pace their next destination is the ninth stage the dolomite cliffs which have become a symbol for. the source of darryl steiner mineral water it's limestone ridge emerged more than one point eight million years ago. that is the hand that rich over that. it actually looks like a couple of. four hundred million years ago and ocean rolled over the area of the
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eiffel national park. on words to the moise a back a hill near down in the region known as the volcanic eiffel. this eleven meter tower is named after. the nineteenth century founder of the eiffel rambling club. it affords the best views of the craters known as the blue eyes of the eiffel. it's the communion omagh mara are funnel shaped oppressions of volcanic origin some seventy can be found in the eiffel ten of which are filled with water from here you can see all the way to the mountain range. the region has many surprises in store. the goat's cheese that's made throughout the eiffel region is a specialty. the castles of munda shite
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are the last stop of stage eleven and the end of the couple's trip. overboard is the older of the two castles in the middle ages neater book was the ancestral seat of the count of munder shite. mandy and marcus wrap up a rewarding track. disher and it was wonderful to be back on the eiffel trial it always has so much to offer i'll definitely be coming back with. the trail is the perfect way to explore this corner of germany and to get away for nature lovers who like nothing better than escaping into the wild. while they are the region is famous for its landscape and all. hiking routes there's mostly something special about
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a region or town and i was serious regional success stories we show you some great examples from europe today we're off to italy too for ends up located fifty kilometers southeast of belonging and sect the city has made ceramics for centuries dating back as far as roman times today the residents are hoping to keep this for this new craft a life. the italian city appliance was founded over two thousand years ago its most beautiful square. boasts a large fountain with palaces nearby. the town began producing ceramics for everyday use in the first century a.d. by the middle ages it was setting the industry standard. so the what if i grow up with this crowd and we take our first classes as kids in school it was a week or see him basically see her and says well known for its porcelain it's
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a cultural and historical tradition started for some forty ceramics factories are based here with about one thousand artists working in the industry this factory near piazza del potro is famous for its ceramic decoration. the artist's work is drawn from all historical heiress but typical faience of themes are most common. artists payola son tony also designs custom ceramics. and some of the there are many different clients can choose from a wide range of options from the third century to the present day. this wall is adorned with ceramic plates that feature symbols of different city districts. the city's oldest ceramic tiles can be found in the chapel of the family on the
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family residence the tiles date back to the seventh century. has been operating a ceramics factory on the same street for many years and uses many types of clay. listed at their word every that was to correlate it when this earth is fired it turns black that it's got to be fired thirteen hundred degrees sussex at the church to that. science is ceramics museum located in a refurbished bonnet. terry is dedicated to the diverse history of the industry ranging from the fourth century to the present day it displays ceramics from all regions and eris. the so-called white plates date back to the mid fifteenth century at about the same time the city's name became associated with ceramic guard.
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this valuable plate from fifteen fifty five documents the first use of cobalt blue pigment in the industry by the seventeenth century began producing entire tableware sense. of a. child well she and successful people with lots porcelain shots for use at parties. suddenly services and merged. and drinking coffee and hot chocolate became very popular they. took an event on the multiple. some twentieth century ceramic artists even have their own museums in. carlos' our lead for example created ultra modern sculptures coated in grey white enamel. and this is the museum of late ceramic artist remote monte his son manages his
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father's legacy will be happy that one of these a decorative objects. my father didn't see ceramics as something purely practical. he wanted to create simple and beautiful objects. that i got a lot. makes from plants are a feast for the eyes and this small italian city is keeping the tradition alive. and we're also keeping the tradition alive at the end of each week we announce the winner of our prize draw this time we wanted to know what makes your hometown or region same as the world over thanks to all of you who responded with photos as you can see we received some fantastic entries yes a little selection. last but not least the winning snaps came from and us. from munich she love the mountains and the various really famous for as the
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world over the next trip you can take this on with yours now come where it's relations have fun with it that's all we have time for today hopefully see you soon and don't miss the upcoming episode of your maps which show you the highlights of the week c.e.o. by. time on your image finite position including get every night a festival that gives an incident the chance to shine let the good times roll call time is reinvented on sale. and let it roll a top trends the fashions cold winter months all this and more next time on your remark finites.
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it's a lot going to be. here everything revolves around animal kingdom and their two legged faith. hope for sea turtles in case. the biosphere n.g.o.s to start off by moving their eggs to safety and racing where. we go at africa thirty minutes on d w. on the vast steps of central asia an expert dition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet
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documentary and d.w. dot com psych us. the double. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on your father out of programming go and there it will be. there with us in our innovations magazine for asia. africa every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for asia. is h.i.v. positive. he was infected at birth. probably won't live to the age of five. the program dream aims to prevent the mother to child transmission of the virus.
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hiv positive women give birth to hiv negative baby's. mother project is a hugely effective strategy in the battle against. more than ninety eight percent of these children up on healthy. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life.


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