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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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on health. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. it's still every news coming to wind from berlin austria's conservatives take the lead in snap elections to bounce in court to the people's party looks set to become chance or but the jockeying for second place goes on as the results oriented like they want to vienna also coming up germany's social democrats take the lead like
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keil action in the state of lower saxony bring you the latest results and tell you what they need for shelter for uncle americal as she tries to form a new coalition government. and i'm sarah harman welcome to the program it's very good to have you with us auster it is set to get a new chancellor as early election results give conservatives about courts a clear lead thirty one year old to become europe's youngest government leader after a campaign in which he promised to clamp down on immigration courts is expected to go into government with the far right freedom party which is in a close race to prove second place vote marks a swing to the right in austria after decades of centrist governments. and we have some early results for you from this paulo do you keep in mind these results could
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change they are provisional well let's pull up the graphic for you you can see there in black conservative people's party led by sebastian course our own thirty one point seven percent and as we mentioned a tight race for second place the far right freedom. city of five point nine percent i'm up person ever so slightly behind the social democrats who are on twenty seven percent that party of course is led by auster as incumbent chancellor christiane can you can also say they're the much smaller parties like the liberal neo's have five point one percent there's a big losses there for the greens just three point eight percent peter pelters lists the party founded by a former greens lawmaker has four point three percent right now and a party needs at least four percent to secure seats in the australian parliament. all right let's take those results and go straight to vienna where our reporter max hoffman is on the story for us next good to see you we're looking at a future chancellor sebastian courts what can the world expect.
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we're not entirely sure about that we know he took a tough stance on immigration and the rest of the program was centered around him about his personality as a useful member of the conservatives as somebody who could turn it around maybe because of his youth and he was credible for promising change but not every detail about what that really means now we all do expect that the eventual coalition will be a right wing coalition so will exclude the social democrats most likely it will be . the right wing populist with the conservatives if all pay but of course they have to negotiate a coalition. ok what but that coalition looked like policy wise what could be expect from a far right coalition leaving australia. it's hard to say at this moment because both of them have been basically campaigning on
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the same issue which is immigration so what would it mean for let's say economic policy most likely a little more liberal approach than the social democrats it will on a european level probably signify that they will be closer to their eastern european partners like the czech republic or hungry of poland than they were in the past will they be closer than the germany and france the big two big hitters in the european union that's one of the main questions because as you know in the european union at the moment we have a divide between the eastern countries and the western countries for a number of issues but mainly also here it goes again migration so this is one of the dividing issues in europe this is why the freedom party and also the conservatives have been campaigning on this topic what really it means in detail for their policy at the moment is unclear all right it's unclear but we will certainly be finding out more in the days and weeks to come max i understand there's still a big part of the vote that only going to be counted tomorrow tell us about that.
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and that's what the greens are hoping for because you might have noticed when you look at those numbers there are only winners basically in the top tier so the freedom party gain votes the conservatives gain votes even the social democrats seem to have gained some votes so where did all these votes come from the easy answer is from the greens who lost probably about eight percent and are not sure to make it into the parliament because there's a threshold of four percent to make it into the parliament here in austria and they're hoping for the absentee ballots that will be some of those at least be counted later and that traditionally a little more left leaning leaning towards the greens that appears to be their only chance to make it into parliament at the moment on a little bit of hope there still for the grandson max as you've been telling us throughout the day there was one issue that really shaped this election and that issue is immigration let's take a closer look now. thirty one year old sebastian cortes only became leader of the
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people's party in may since then besides economic reform he has made immigration a cornerstone have his election campaign. and i'm going to strike a very clear path which is going to reduce illegal migration to zero who sets off illegally must be stopped at the border taken care of and sent back it can't be that the traffickers decide who gets through and not we as a republic or the european union. his views echo those of the anti immigration far right freedom party. indiscriminate mass immigration from outside europe naturally islamist terror into the heart of europe. and what we have know is that through the many associations structures and mosques there is such a tenacious and dangerous structure that i say ban the radical islamic organizations mosques and kindergartens and expel their members i'm sure.
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his words found favor with austrians who fear the country is losing its national identity could went into the election a strong favorite to be austria's next leader but he will still need a coalition partner will it be the far right freedom party. incumbent chancellor christiane karan of the social democrats started the campaign strongly but he became bogged down in internal scandals and accusations against the media that played into the hands of his opponents who are also busy trying to outdo each other on immigration control. we told you earlier early results show that sebastian cortes is set to become the next chancellor of austria has people's party are on cost of course to take thirty one point seven percent of the vote here's a reaction now from sebastian courts. easy toil and fine thank you so much for this fantastic reception thank you for all your support over the last few
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months. i can only tell you i'm completely overwhelmed. we have fought for months we've built a broad movement we funded a name that was to come first on the fifteenth of october we've made the impossible possible many thanks feel commitment to this historic success. thank. bast and courts there reacting to his conservative people's party results in australia's national election they took thirty one percent of the vote according to early results max we're looking at the man there who is likely to be australia's next chancellor what is that going to mean for europe. well it's going to mean that. austria is probably going to reposition itself officially because it has in
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fact already repositioned itself for example on the issue of migration we shouldn't forget that austria is on the front line of the two major migration routes into the european union one the western balkans route from syria the other one across the mediterranean up italy through austria as well from africa and that's why many people here are worried about migration that is by the way why is the best in quotes as the foreign minister tried to close the western balkans route and effectively did so with the help of other countries against the will of the german chancellor i'm going to medical something he stressed many times during his campaign so this will probably be the official lies as austrian policy if he becomes the chancellor that will put into words the east towards the so-called the g. grab group that consists of poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia that are having their own set of troubles with the european institutions that want more sovereignty and they don't one of the reform plans by a minute at my call so see that divide widen
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a little bit here not that's something to watch out for. in the coming days for now max hope and thank you so much for your reporting from vienna. where the austrian election is not the only one we're following for you this sunday votes are also being counted in the german state of lower saxony we can bring you the first projected results now and i'm afraid some bad news from the americal and or christian democrats or the c.d.u. they came in second with thirty four point five percent of the vote the social democrats or s.p.d. may be big gains coming out on top with thirty seven point four percent you can see that figure in red the green party came in third with eight point six percent the liberal pro-business f.d.p. took a seven point two percent in lower saxony the left party took four point six percent which is not enough at the moment to clear the five percent hurdle that's necessary to take seats in german parliament the right wing alternative for germany party
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took five point nine percent now remember these are not final results and they could still change now in total there are one hundred thirty five seats in lower saxony state parliament in hanover and based on those projected results we just showed you the christian democrats are set to take fifty of those seats the social democrats will have the largest share fifty five seats the green party will have twelve seats in the house the liberal f.t.p. party will get ten and the far right alternative for germany is on course for eight of those one hundred and thirty five seats. or for more on this i'm joined here in the studio by thomas sparrow from w.'s parliamentary studios thomas welcome we also have reporter michelle a cook dinner and had over standing by to bring us the latest michelle a good start there how is the reaction to this blow for miracles conservative c.d.u. . well the most interesting one is from the cd use condoms
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him mr else who's money who basically said that with way more than thirty percent almost thirty five percent the c.d.u. sees itself also carrying responsibility in whatever role that might be so that signals that the c.d.u. here might be open for a so-called grand coalition that's the one that was just voted down so severely in the general elections in germany and these are some excellent since give the social democrats used often. in the general elections but they make the rubik's cube of german coalition building that much more complicated to see the rubik's cube of german coalition building thomas i know you want to jump on this because policy nerds like yourself have been watching the stocks in these lower saxony elections for clues about what we can expect for a national coalition here in germany what do you make of this whole regional elections normally based on regional topics or something that we saw in lower
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saxony brussels something that we saw in you know the regional elections this year however regional elections do set the tone for the debates that happen afterwards here in in berlin and the debate that happens afterwards now here in berlin is an incredibly important one because it's the debate of what type of coalition will govern germany on a federal basis we're talking here of the possibility of this so-called jamaica coalition because of the colors of the three parties involved the conservative bloc the greens and the liberals the negotiations will start only in a few days and obviously the result for the conservatives in lower saxony is a bad one looking towards those coalitions although c.d.u. politicians have already stated that that was a regional election and what happens at a federal level is incredibly different all right let's go back to michelle for a second because michelle we saw miracles party take a blow in the national elections they didn't do as well as they hoped now they're coming in second in these key regional elections how bad is this for the c.d.u.
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in general can they survive this and remain relevant. absolutely i mean the elections here certainly lowest saxony were a bit back to the future they were the kind of scenario where the big two posses the c.d.u. and the social democrats got more than seventy percent of the vote that's exactly what happened here at the national stage in those general elections both big parties taken together struggle to make fifty percent of the vote so you see it's a very different political bowl game but as thomas hinted out earlier it does set the tone it's a lot about psychology what we learn here is that in lowest sex new things can't stay the same despite a boost for the social democrats because they're going to have a very very hard time finding a new coalition partner what does it mean for germany one germany things come would you stay the same either germany will most likely have the same chance to. go but she will have to make concessions and she has just been dealt it well she's got a slight nudge by the vote is that that's also the expectation of
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a national guard changes in the air that's reporting for us from hanover on the lower saxony elections thomas farah thanks for being with me in the studio for your analysis and i greatly appreciated as always here's a reminder of the top story this hour conservative sebastian cortez on course to become australia's next chancellor early results put his party in the room with a close race for second place between the far right freedom party and the governing social democrats. as did other news you're up to date thanks for watching i'll see you at the top of the hour for more. take a trip to what world should. be your long term.


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