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tv   Check-in - Cologne A vibrant cathedral city  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w. made for mines. million people in east africa threatened by starvation what are the causes of the situation. we focus on five specific problem areas. journalistic project trying to find the answers why africa goes green our topic this week long d.w. online. thanks.
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thanks . today i'm in cologne famous for its cathedral the rhine river and of course for its carnival celebrations with over one million residents it's the biggest city in the state of north rhine-westphalia. rumor has it that there are people who think of cologne as too loud too cheerful and too wild and then there are those who love exactly that about the city today i want to get to know the famous cologne way of life that either puts visitors off or fascinates them the what it does for me. we visit one of the city's traditional brewery definitely one for everybody to do list.
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our weekly email takes us on a trip to world heritage sites around the globe. and we check in with globe trotters steve hamish as he travels around patagonia. is much more than just a city landmark it symbolizes the city like nothing else it can be seen from miles away and lets the locals know even when they're still on the freeway coming home. by the way it even has the house number. but it's a magnet for tourists to the cathedral isn't just cologne's most visited site it holds the record in all of germany six million visitors every year may be on to
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something. the cathedral is a mountain of stone one hundred sixty thousand tons it's more than seven hundred years old that's almost how long it took to build it. this has been a unesco world heritage site since one thousand nine hundred ninety six. entry to the treasury and places that are otherwise visitors. the tours are sold out months in advance. but it's also nice just to sit inside the cathedral and let the. space work its magic on you.
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you can also go to the top of the tower. was the nicest rooftop terrace in cologne and good weather you can see all the way to bond the former west german capital you can also see just how narrow the city streets are. and when you're walking around you notice how relaxed everyone else is crowded and loud but the locals take it in their stride and to protect their chilled out reputation they came up with their very own constitution a list of famous local quotes to remind people of the cologne way of life. in the name of the you know what the cologne constitutionis has carsick alone constitution
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. i don't know not once own hard graft. i tell you always works out i could use crude so i said my meaning you know what will be will be as good and good and the minute that french means as it always works out what will be will be my conduct and change it so that's how i put it and that is that's how it is going to i was to go another important saying is everyone's different here. not at such all kinds of stick just be that exam important i say it's the most important of colognes well it's still what makes life good is to live and let live has. so far it seems like the average person from cologne has it's really laid back with their. very own sense of humor and a great passion for music cologne as a singing city and not just around carnival time.
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was. mass karaoke concerts are a big hit in cologne cutting hookah cinema are in especially high demand. and current in including some things easy on here all i have to say is let's link comes and it takes two seconds more elsewhere in north rhine-westphalia it takes quite a bit longer and. now i want to try something with you always works perfectly hearing. because it was. a. cologne
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is a great city for singing and making music any time of the year the concerts are always sold out in no time at all. just get into it it's fun. whether you speak german english or kurdish the cologne dialect anyone can join in . was was. the group experience is a cross between karaoke and choir. was. just. sometimes it's great fun and relaxing. but it's ok that's cologne i've never seen it anywhere else. so if you want to experience colognes happy go lucky spirit
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first hand go to a sing along concert it's guaranteed to spread a little joy was. cologne and it's corner shops a love story there are more than one thousand around town. this one plus a lush house is called kun kiosk and it's famous all around town for its groundbreaking concept here you can get anything your heart desires from beacon snacks. to the best coffee in the city but close corner shops are much more than just a place to get an emergency packet cigarettes their meeting point for the entire neighborhood. when the family. are lebanese know just what you want
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if you've been here three times the fourth time they know that you want cappuccino with mike toast free milk and milk organic milk or whatever they do know with and have it waiting for you that's really great when you go somewhere often and. i will order our cars. either. or your cigarettes or newspaper you chat a bit and you get to know each other and that's what's really so nice one can say i was there should they and you decide she really runs her kiosk with you love. you have everything you need here. if you want to talk if you have a problem and not help from someone you can find it all here. in this yes in. and luckily that includes. all sorts of sweets for the people of cologne their corner shops are a bit like an extended living room and do have to admit i could very easily get
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used to this. when there's no great day in cologne and. yet to. get. well every city is quirky and its own way and i think my colleague and travel expert would agree with me on that he comes across all kind of weird and wonderful that. morning vo he didn't request to cross over to kind of arguments here today i'm going to see to believe that they're o'higgins glacier. it seems you made it through the end of the kind of terrorist. the o'higgins lake is shared by chile and argentina and has a surface area of one thousand and thirteen square kilometers it's the deepest lake in the americas with a maximum depth of eight hundred thirty six meters near o'higgins glacier. the
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glacier is located in the bernardo o'higgins national park and is one of the biggest in the southern patagonian ice field. so what do you do when you are in the glacier with the whiskey with glacier eyes and. good morning from kandahar you might see which we already left behind the under way to part of control before we prefer to cross the border. for like about almost every day twenty two kilometers. and the first sixty kilometers we will walk without our luggage have at the last forever. we have to take it ourselves because we thought there were four supporters but i guess they're out there today so we're going to carry a twenty euros each of stuff for about five days. after hiking for about sixteen
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kilometers from a group to the actual border where she. and his argentine. go for it to go to argentina. ricardo just gave us the bags he drove them up as far as he could this is there no horses we have to carry them the rest of the way through them and then steve's been really lovely and taken some of the weight from my dad's five kilometers is going to be along with all the. this is a real challenge people doing well so far it had spread. when you do it. if you like three backpacks and really back thank you steve. after spending a night at the southern shore we hitchhiked the remaining thirty seven kilometers
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to elcho ten nowadays it's argentina's trekking capital and one of the most beautiful hiking areas in patagonia. we'll be in touch from there next time. choosing where to live in cologne is also choosing a lifestyle hipsters are drawn to the bar of ale and felt full of lovely little shops cafes and galleries. hello. but even felt it was a working class neighborhood and it's still very much visible all means new around here and that makes it one of the most interesting boroughs in all of homeland. every neighborhood has its very own brewery at least one and the people will serve a freshly pulled coast often localizations in their own right so much so that i've
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heard it's advisable to find out a little more about them and their jobs before cluelessly stumbling into one of these traditional breweries right here we've got. these men aren't to be trifled with the waiters known as compass who served in the brewery pups. are going to market idea the top waiter in an ordinary restaurant is far from being a good purpose. we don't just pour wine we have to be lively be quick witted always have a snappy comeback he said should research that's important. for the fish just. for the purpose being blunt is part of the job so don't be offended. probably three broadswords for to share with the lady don't eat it all yourself. that's not those that black stuff coal or honey. you're. on usenet it isn't an ice cream parlor don't like it you're supposed to drink it you'll get a warning for. being
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a compass is a business they work on commission buying beer from the barrel a coin for every could. then they earn it back by selling it to the customers that's why you don't order beer here you just tell them when you've had enough. punishment and the amount on your glass means you don't want any more americans who will. dome is germany's second largest brewery some eighty waiters from more than thirty countries worked here. doesn't just serve kurdish it serves cologne lifestyle and tradition which ironically is why seventy percent of the customers are tourists almost all ya got australian. canadians lots of americans grasses and chinese and many russians that's also a good thing russians are good customers and they eat well and tip well you know.
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these waiters need to be in good shape on an average saturday they serve around fifteen thousand customers. round about midnight the tapster empties the last barrel then the waiters working day comes to an end and that's three hundred sixty four days a year the breweries only night off his christmas eve. people say the rhine brought culture to cologne and they are absolutely right the river has brought goods and people to the city ever since it was founded nowadays a one hundred eighty nationalities live side by side in cologne and i'm going to meet a woman who is at home in this multicultural atmosphere mediumship bobby is from brazil but has lived in cologne for over twenty five years and she's gone all out to fit in to her adopted hometown.
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where that. plays an active role in cologne's carnival at the emmys it's all at the show presented by immigrants for all the people who live in cologne any problems with multiculturalism are simply left off i want to talk to maryam about how tolerant her hometown really is. because it easier for the mourners here than elsewhere in germany is coming more from ana how i can only speak from my own experience i find cologne and credibly open city twenty five years ago i met a colombian who told me. miriam cologne is an island in germany i didn't understand at the time but now i do as they i do think people are welcomed more quickly here.
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i don't call it kind of people from cologne consider themselves very tolerant how does that manifest itself in everyday life or. is this an issue that's a difficult question what is tolerance is it enough to say hi nice to see you does it mean that you take someone home and care for them as well i think people in cologne are more tolerant than elsewhere but they could be even more so. often that they had in their best on new year's eve two thousand and fifteen there were a great number of reported sexual assaults against women here in cologne most of the perpetrators were said to be immigrants did that change colognes attitude. and that i was and i'm going. to be on yes i see a difference i'm afraid to go out at night like in rio where i grew up. i was always checking over my shoulder when i went out. and i think that most people in
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cologne of foreign descent have their roots in italy poland or turkey and have been either born here or lived in germany for a long time because of the refugee crisis there are more and more people from syria and afghanistan and iraq coming to the country are they also welcome with open arms or is there a culture clash. and then again from sisters for life is this nice it's not easy if you've been forced to come here that's a completely different story i came because i wanted to raise in the good people who are forced to who are torn from their homes their friends and family in the from even i think it takes them longer. integration is hard and the situation is tough and it's something that will take years and generations to achieve. so i'm involved with bank is. the sense of closure by so what's and in me. i mean is there are two kinds of one with the two m's and those are immigrants the
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other with one m. people like you for instance who are from germany but not cologne then how does an immediate i'm a real cologne or is that even possible. that there are no rules it's really just a feeling i can't describe it any other way the food is premised on this wish. for growth and you embody it like no other things are meeting me today was a guy pleasure. another interesting thing about cologne building sites often transformed into archaeological excavation if you dig you'll find remains of the middle ages roman times recently construction workers came across the ruins of a synagogue cologne is over two thousand years old and built on layers of history.
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cologne would actually be the perfect place for our viewer out of from argentina she's a history buff and as with a great unesco world heritage sites all over the planet and on her last trip she took a video for us and our. own . to myself. but. it's still.
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to use. the clues. so well. could not exist. you said it's too. good to go.
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on you. it's good. we want to know your favorite place to go on vacation send us your video so you can upload them at d.f.w. dot com slash travel. there's no way around it if you want to understand cologne you need to party with the locals maybe that's because of the huge number of cafes and bars in town there are over three thousand three hundred more than. where else in germany pop crawls parties festivals in cologne you'll never find yourself short of a reason to go wild. but sometimes cologne like just right the more romantic know
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every july the local swarm to the shores of the rhine river to watch and press a fireworks display. when night falls hundreds of thousands of people flock to the banks and bridges on the rhine. and cologne bands such as the black food make sure the mood is perfect. the a. bowl. then at ten pm on the dot it starts. fireworks are shot into the skies from two ships on the rhine. and for half an hour
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the banks of the river are ablaze in color. thanks. to. john. oh wow. well that's it time to draw some conclusions cologne is a very welcoming city the locals make it super easy for visitors to feel at home which is something not every city can say of itself the place is amazing and the people even more so so stay put cologne definitely back.
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hong. kong is. that. thang.
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seen a starry sky. light. industry. spain is the birthplace. of the cosmos feeling small
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but have something. in their. language tell you about. our special. life and the prospects for those returning. discussion. on facebook. former attorneys d.-w. maybe. because that is where they start to divide the country i do it's still where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for. the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation would have to
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find their own way but canonically. it. was an incredibly difficult task. this democracy was a lie because the elections were a fraud sick privatization was robbery the soviet union's heritage we're just russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting over fish w.
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austria is set to get a new chancellor after a snap general election thirty one year old conservative sebastian cortes has claimed victory and is poised to become europe's youngest government leader it's seen as likely that courts could form a governing coalition.


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