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tv   Reporter - Crisis in Catalonia  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2017 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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a world of boundless ambition. meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges. join flitch of debts not german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. pick a troubling you really are passionate about because you're going to stick to this for a long time and it's something you don't really like then it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series founder sally starting october twenty third on d w. to some it's democracy to others it's illegal separatism and spain's autonomous region of catalonia a controversial independence referendum has created a major political cry. yes. in barcelona regional
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ministers and members of parliament are but then again are fighting for economy is independence. but there's ambitions and not shared across the region many want to remain in spain. cassilis bid for independence has left the region and spain deeply divided. in the eye of a political storm all appears quiet inside the catalan parliament in barcelona m.p.'s like alba very good is should be debating but their session has been suspended. so this is a cuddle and parliament and it's empty today because we should have in our plenary
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session that it was suspended by the us a constitutional court this banished constitutional court so they say they are trying to spare our activities they are trying to tell us what we can talk about and why don't we are not table to talk about and that's not fair and that's not democratic and i sing we have the right to decide what we want to talk about in particular talking about the referendum in which the cattle lands voted on potential independence. alba also witnessed madrid's other response to the referendum the deployment of armed police to stop people voting. there. nevertheless forty three percent of potential voters managed to cast ballots ninety percent of them backed independence. it doesn't have in two thousand and seventeen. in
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the us but everybody can see. what they want to do just to stop people voting. for some independence is about political freedom for others financial freedom catalonia is spain's wealthiest region contributing twenty percent of spain's g.d.p. independence could bring greater prosperity. but eighteen year old samuel bravos is convinced that independence will only bring economic uncertainty. why should i favor independence if it won't benefit me that economists on both sides of this issue will say different things but things would likely be worse than they are now. samuels dilemma is also personal his father serves in the spanish national police the same force that
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cracked down on referendum voters. on the spanish government is more to blame but the catalan government has taken advantage of the situation they've taken us down the wrong path. the the. as the political crisis deepens historic divisions are resurfacing the fascist salutes of the franco dictatorship are now used to defy the cattle and regional police. you're earning more money than the glorious of bill you should be ashamed traitors the traitor the semi well is acutely aware of. the regional and national police have become politicized. because spanish society is now dangerously siding with some security forces and against others. i think.
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how you think about it but if you're not ok my father is in the national police and i felt helpless because i saw people turn radical in iran and that's why i kept on messing with the national police. when i know a lot of national police and they're good people who don't have the right to live here. but some say throw the nazis that's going too far with. the not now that parliament is suspended alba has lunch with other catalan m.p.'s to discuss their relations with madrid wasn't the fault is that they were told they were. really doesn't have any life that they just want to resign and to go back to where we were acceptable we are not now where we were before you were asked to say. something. because. europe. doesn't say. nothing. that will be
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the future of the because of the basic principles of the european union. distorted. but the principles of the european union are also claimed by those who oppose catalonia split from spain. semi well goes to a pro unity rally attended by some three hundred thousand people they believe that the region will be better off staying with spain was. but the rally merely serves to expose the deep political and societal divisions in catalonia competing politics nationalities and realities expose. in the streets. i'm concerned about the children and the young people and i don't think we've always lived here happily together was like it but now the kids are being taught a false history that they've made up all kinds of things and that's causing cut on
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kids to hate spain. davis of reminders from spanish history these are veterans of the spanish legion many in spain still have some sympathy for franco's military regime. back in the unity of spang cannot be bought or sold we are all one and we are all working together. that a bit like the cattle and separatist government in jail that would solve everything it's against if it. has a pro independence friend join sammy well at the rally and is confronted with societal divisions that she'd never seen before i was there
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was. the recent divisions and much worse than people had thought it was except that i had no idea that there were so many people who wanted to take to the streets and defend these ideas and that. was the good thing and that's why a catalan president really wants to defend his people he has two options. preserve his image as a politician as an independence hero continue this process and end up in jail that's likely how he will end up there with them and. or he can step down. and tell me that they have put that out. at the cattle and parliament there is no stepping down from the momentum. that's building towards independence. arrives security is tight madrid's reaction is still uncertain. i think maybe.
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i'll. tell you you know i like exam i think. it needs it's ok you. know albert is joined by her father both expect that this will be the realization of a dream that spans generations. dad how do you feel or you were elated. lots of emotions but it was you know. i can't describe it. it's hard to explain this week i. can. feel it in my skin bottles. cans are you afraid. not to frighten the author and he's trying to rest something.
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ok that's a concern but it's not you it's mari but she's aware of the situation and we know quite well who we're up against. for. wow i'm going to take a photo of the circus. here and. after an anxious day of waiting the moment arrives alba and the rest of the catalan m.p.'s assemble for an extraordinary session of parliament a session that could change the map of europe. i mean actually to get past president of the catalan government i hereby present the results of the rest. and i'm to parliament and to our citizens. the mandate of the catalan people is for catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic but when.
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the catalan president issues a declaration of independence but immediately suspends its implementation in order to appease madrid and buy time for negotiation. nonetheless the president and seventy two pro independence m.p.'s signed a declaration of independence although it's not clear whether the document is legal . it we saw in the declaration of independence ok if we made history. that was yeah i get it now you know in the science. the spanish government responds promptly the deputy prime minister refuses to acknowledge catalan independence or to allow mediation then. yeah i think. it's the reaction of the spanish government that we would expect
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that because. they are always saying there was no referendum on the referendum it is illegal. you cannot talk about that you cannot come to the parliament of course . it's always the same. after years of fighting for catalonia independence alba can celebrate the partial birth of a nation even if the future path that catalonia and spain take remains unclear. for. some of the world's most easy going on i'm also read here setting off alarm bells. the small the rescue center in surrey. the habitat is
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german made it easy. for the big w your language our spanish program to my. own words will inform us openness and i can buy to always close to the action but i'm not going to go full get one because like i guess it'll get up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more of the oil. love. love. welcome to global three thousand this week we hang out with some lovers of the slow life.


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