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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 8  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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learning course because german made easy. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thrillers. domestic violence. and trafficking for investigative cases that keep you on your toes crime fighting stories of the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend. fighters. you are. not you know. who will be germany's football and bassett or for twenty sixteen inheriting the title from you're going klinsmann get the ball. here. and
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cross. the north. german coaches who are up for the award. ever to go to milan seventy one trains younger coaches in south korea. political you're not a politician you're here as a coach you have a job and you try to do it as well as you can for ghana or sixty to coach the national team of burkean a facile. you can see the bullet holes fortunately the boys were home for school holidays. but eighty three has worked as a coach throughout africa and asia since the one nine hundred sixty s. . white house. with. a jury of experts will decide on the winner under his direction holland is the chairman of the german football and bassett or initiative since two. what are you
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twelve it's honored people who've helped others all over the world a lot of the spirit of football is common to them all but the problems vary from country to country. potential ambassadors have to do good works abroad on and off the pitch so let's meet this year's nominees. this is daniel hoare giving a little language lesson on the side during his ten month coaching spell in pork enough ass out. being a qualified french and german teacher comes in handy especially when he's giving tips to players like these. if you see.
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working under difficult conditions to make things easier and they're better conditions is also a form of education. even if it's not by choice. or joined a long line of europeans who become head coaches of national sides in africa they're valued for their training and experience another factor are social tensions on the ground domestic coaches often have little chance of becoming their country's football boss. course. let's say you have seven or eight different in the cities living in a country and they recruit a coach from one of those groups. and face increasing criticism from the other ethnicities. and there were fifty different languages and ethnicities so with domestic coach was in. possible. played for byron munich in the
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early one nine hundred seventy s. and later spent twenty one years at bordeaux as a player and then coach but. he's since made africa a home away from home. that's what i really love is the variety. this is always the potential for a new adventure. six africa has become a second home for me over the last six years. and i was already interested in the place because my wife is from africa. but the beauty of the continent has often overshadowed by political instability there might not be a western african spring just yet but in two thousand and fifteen booking a fast so saw a large scale political upheavals. it was an exciting year with a lot happening in society. at first there was the revolution where the president
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was hounded out. in the provisional government was also ousted in a coup before elections were held so pretty much everything that can happen in one year did happen with. horror also worked with the folks who national football academy while in booking a fast so it was set up with german help ten years ago it bears the physical scars of military conflict. well. you can see the bullet holes or hear from a grenade. the roof was also shot up by machine gun fire. in italy the boys were at home because of school holidays. but the mosquito nets also disappeared in the mattresses. the regular army needed a place to sleep and just help themselves but. resigned as coach of the stallions in december two thousand and fifteen despite them having just
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progressed to the third round of the world cup qualifiers. my family were never able to visit me. and there were some problems with discipline . some players should have been suspended by the association but weren't. on this one it should be possible to say after a big win that you've lost interest. i told my superiors and they accepted my decision and. the stand and president. will miss a lot of people here including the groundsman at a stadium in the capital ouagadougou. this is the final game for me in ouagadougou. it was
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just there are so many people with. what you were doing in. the start as the smaller of the two stadiums and. many matches here with his assistant and. a coach working abroad has a message to pass on. he has to make the team accept his philosophy. of. sporting human embassador. spirit and mentality. mentality it. early on that coming from outside with the different experience that brings sensitized him to many things. both sides listening and learning from each other has always been important to him. the
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first thing i did in africa was the manner and mood you find among most of the players. and that was true in all four countries i worked in. the. horse certainly achieved his goals with book enough asos. he leaves behind an intact team and one that is confident of making it to the twenty seventeen africa cup of nations and gab on. the new coach is now trying to build up a t's they can qualify for the next africa thanks to the team spirit ghana instilled in them pushing. for his promise to donate his prize money as a nominee to help football development and working a fast so but for now he's off. in front of where i go next depends not on the kind of challenge. but i think my future will continue to be somewhere in africa
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not as a coach you never know where you might be working tomorrow. but your. book at one of the many stages of his global journey thailand in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. now eighty three he spent almost his entire adult life in football development outside europe. born in magda borg at home around the world. cup a spent eighteen years in africa and another eighteen and asia also coaching sri lanka and indonesia in one thousand nine hundred six he was awarded germany's highest civilian honor for his achievements. twelve years ago
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he finally called it a day on his globe trotting and now lives in a village outside munich. but even here he coaches the youth squads of the low. fifth division club. is global mission may now be over but there's still a lifetime of memories and stories to look back on. once i was heading a course in the jungle coconuts on a sand pits and then showing them how to manage and this in chieftain wanted to learn because i was already famous in sierra leone. so after a quarter of an hour i thought where are they they were standing there with my darling torches. and they wanted to give me a girl has a presence i thought and i knew what that meant. but the idea of that but the art of. but you can't just say no i can't accept that i talk to them about
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catholicism's and said i'd first have to speak to the embassy. that's how i got out it. was also known for his brash demeanor regardless of whether he was dealing with poverty stricken sportsman or politicians . in addition to development on the sporting front he always treasured close relations with his hosts down his many memories. uganda wasn't always easy. there were so many days when there was violent unrest and we had an armed escort just to go to the movies or have a party food there were attacks on the white people on a daily basis and then months at night he would sneak around the house with a gun. there would be gangs outside with bush. and i won't forget that fear.
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so mr dawson. on the other hand nor the happy memories either uganda was papa's most eventful posting in a four year spell between one hundred sixty eight and seventy two he guided the national side to forty one wins in seventy outings among the most memorable trip to west germany in one thousand nine hundred thirty. game they all have a chance to take a look at the lovely historic to. see . all that white go down. with you. know. come on. uganda's national side all nonprofessionals played against. west germany is best amateur players who would
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like more dangerous on board called paul who is looking a little worried but he's no need to his team are still back on the attack and they have one chance after the end of. the funding apart and other foreign based coaches by the german government has also been part of a wider mission strengthening diplomatic relations with developing world nations african teams profited from the coaching and from on the pitch encounters with german footballing legends such as the blondes number eight darren munich's an s. . oh no but my needs that you can move the ball on is good for one or. among papa's other major postings was egypt he's been credited for making a significant contribution to the country's footballing evolution in the one nine hundred seventy s. today egypt is among the leading powers in the african game. book
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a popular figure not ego should be the one to know. it's become so full of the shots and continent. in italy and you. leave all feeding off both the good dish and that's when the emotional fun for. that we've been always came up as it's really not looks like that she tweeted you're going to want people to management. african football isn't a fearsome prospect yet. but watch out. the iranian guns a year i was absolutely sure i'd be coming back to germany. as you get older you make new friends too. not playing cards well the sauna. to be the only criterion that would be a shoo in for the ambassador award. but other candidates have other qualities
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. i got an email from from the korean f.a. . they asked if i would be available to conduct a pro license course here in korea i said i would like to. see my name is illegal to miller i've been coaching for quite some time on the fly i started out in youth football thirty years ago. first with the youth ranks there with amateurs then as head coach and after that i was a lecturer at the sports university in cologne finally i was a coach at various levels with the german f.a. .
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they're always trying to play pass and punt and you have to dribble you know even in the full of the scent of records to dribble in the open space if you get under pressure then you can play. yeah they don't exactly identify this place now they might use just two birth father identifies a space that's really great i will ask and. i question. what is the difference clear and crossing or. crossing what is a different. book just. what is the problem. on exaggerating but maybe they're used to being obedient and that's conducive to being innovative on the pitch. or to
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a coach coming from outside being creative. then to find the space i have to write that down. those old memories idea thomas for hazon. old photos from iran when i was working with the national team. it was a very positive experience really. of course you got wind of events on the street like demonstrations. especially at night when people would shout out slogans across the roots of the city. i always told myself you're here in the capacity of
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a football coach. you have the job to do and you have to try to get it done you're not a politician. i had a fantastic time with a fella and. i'm still in close contact with we had a lot of freedom working with top players like that was a lot of fun. very. difficult in africa because the set up is different not as developed this year in asia what we are used to in europe. first the barbed wire fences and the watchtowers.
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it's always good to have a little escort so that they can explain things to you. like my friend an interpreter. he keeps me informed. reads this train used to go all the way. train still. standing here you think of unification and the separation beforehand. especially coming from germany. because we've been through that. and i get the feeling it could work again here. it's something that belongs together.
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in our generation. we want the unification we want to see the unification before. something. off on shore and there are a lot of high rises you could say it's a bit of a concrete jungle. it's a feeling there are so many thoughts going through your head you go abroad learn foreign language and it will be a big help to you not just to your career but personally to the. five years. we borrowed from your
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country your version and only. if. you're. in the next you maybe you have the pictures from t.v. in your in your mind you watch it on t.v. maybe when the war or your one on and the people are coming and changing from north from from from east to west fantastic. it was there for you and i've spent time in a lot of different countries in africa and asia. and i know most every country in europe of course. have also been around north and central america as well. i've seen too much of south america though. and i've also been doing new zealand. by here.
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he taught me how to think about football. because it's not just about details he gives us problems to solve and that helps us. and i just hope they'll try later on to put those things into practice in their daily work with. the mental problem as coaches going back to their clubs and falling into old habits. and the reader. in korea we have a top down culture instructor all the don't know if they are the boss they have very much of authentic but he's really easy going he wants to he's right he treat
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us as a friend. i'll tell you something. i'm from a small town. when i came to cologne as a young student i wanted to take the train straight back home you know i felt completely lost in the next city but i worked my way up to the german senior team i trained coach is the highest level in different continents and that's as good as it gets and. those are the three candidates for the ambassador on earth but there's also a people's choice award. mase it is still shows the world a positive image of germany that's why he was the people's german football and vassar in twenty fifty years. will follow in his it'll split steps who's your favorite. could it be mark andre test
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a guess. the goalkeeper not only helps barcelona when they travel culpa del rey and the champions league he also stands by. find his club's commitment to unicef the children's charity. how would you choose to would he help leicester city reach the top of the premier league teaching the better known clubs to fear his foot. perhaps he'd prefer the elegance of tony coasts the midfielder rules at ralph earned your vote. how does ambassador bass john sound. always on top of things now with manchester united could he top your poll. on him it could fit the bill any time of the day the striker is top in her class
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and only getting better now at kyrie sunshine. eleven nominees for the people's german football and bassett earth the year go to football coach after doctor the ed tell us who it should be like diego whose giggle he's been to get the. morning needs he and america and africa we need a what. and for the test and to meet doug. miller close it. who knows and with. him at the start and of course. go to go tell me your choice. good choice do your so your job or football and. give me your vote.
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this is t.v. news coming to you live from berlin the de facto capital of the islamic states capital city in syria forced to us supported forces. goodish lead soldiers celebrated in one of the last major strongholds of the said style caliphate.


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