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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin islamic states de facto capital of the city of rocket in syria has fallen. u.s. backed forces say they've overcome the final pockets of resistance from the extremists
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it marks the end of an intense battle that started back in june so what now for i guess also coming up in neighboring iraq bongani is pushing ahead with an offensive to retake the disputed kurdish held areas as the u.n. and the u.s. appealed for calm. and a prominent investigative journalist is killed in a car bomb attack and more into the e.u. says it's horrified at the death of deafening zia hassan accuses the morty's government of complicity. whilst in the next sixty minutes the champions league returns with bundesliga clubs looking to get back their winning ways as well as a blockbuster clash between christiana lauren aldo's real madrid and harry kane's tottenham. and forgiving the hobby or weinstein sex abuse allegations stories of sexual high risk. and sweep across social media using the hash tag me to.
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color a warm welcome to you i'm under. you a speck finds in syria have retaken rock on the city the so-called islamic state considers its capital a commander of troops fighting isis operations underway to kill the city of landmines and militant sleeper cells of dozens of jihad had made their last stand in the city stadium vote it's unclear if they remain holed up there meanwhile soldiers celebrated liberation as the four month battle nears an end for more of the story let me draw in bend in beirut lebanon she's the middle east director with the foundation a think tank and she's also a security policy expert hi benta first of all appears to have
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a full and do you think the back off this terrorist group the so-called islamic state has been broken. well at least since the early deals a heavy blow to the organisation other than other extremist groups for isis it was very important to give itself their appearance at the same like entity with rockets and in official capital and so capturing right now means a lot in terms of weakening the organisation we should not be too optimistic i mean it's not only about a certain territory under the control of isis it is also about ideology answer practices that allow crisis to come into being in the first place so i think we still have a lot to work on in the following days and months and years probably playing temps of territory i s still controls pockets of territory in syria as well as in iraq how much of
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a security threat does the group still remain. if you take into consideration the history i says it has taken so many different shapes of different stages first we saw here against al qaeda and iraq this is deep hate ago and since then it has been able to transform it has been able to shrink and grow its thing so to speak and i says it's a very temporary thing and we should really work on the political factors our political strategy to poland now what has that she's militarily that i just said even if the terror people have been lost or taken away from the ideology still remains how much support does the group or the ideology of us still have for other spend to terrorist groups in the region. you know people living under a racist control i think really the joy that now we see that rocks liberated and what we've also seen in other cities that are liberated of jaw jaw is very aplenty
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it's not that everybody in the region are like sure of the population would buy into their ideology that isis means it really has been brutal force deliberately displayed and so i think a lot of the people who might have seen under their control should not be considered their supporters are pretty serious traction to this especially to the to call marginalization of the right and and also serious somehow. characteristics that allowed little say heaven is really. dentition or a security policy expert thank you very much for that assessment thank you the iraqi government forces say they've taken control of all of the major oil fields in the disputed northern province of good coke they're also pushing to other kurdish controlled regions after codes voted for independence in a referendum last month now that vote was held in the autonomy's region of iraqi
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kurdistan and also in some disputed areas outside of its official borders like in quetta coke the disputed area still under kurdish control in great big city them south of it but it has been they've all been kurdish forces defeated the so-called islamic state now iraq wants the territory back. celebrations in can't put as iraqi forces roll in. supporters of the iraqi central government could contain their joy. oh as olea thousands of kurdish residents fled the city ahead of the advance. of the world you were heading to irbil because the situation is getting worse the iraqi troops have entered and there's no way we could stay out of going up on the on our children are terrified we were afraid that there would be clashes and mortar rounds would have us that's what i'm worried about. can't cook an oil rich province claimed by both kurds and
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iraqi government had been under kurdish control since iraqi forces fled when the slimy state militants swept through the region in twenty fourteen now it's back into the control of the iraqi government the advance comes three weeks after residents in the kurdistan region and also here in cape cod voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence in a controversial referendum kurdish peshmerga leaders say the seizure of kirkuk amounts to a declaration of war. now with me i have florian oil journalist who has reported extensively from iraq including kid cook welcome from afar and you will often embedded with iraqi forces it seems they have taken control of many of the disputed regions what is the latest you're hearing about the offensive well after taking a cook quite easily yesterday that is there now also have moved troops interesting
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close to the syrian border and areas closer to the iranian border and also moved on to that was pretty controlled by the kurds around the city of mosul and it seems to me that the peshmerga are retreating without a fight today after that where some trash is yesterday now give us some context why is the certain area off northern iraq considered disputed regions and this was territory that was not part of they did not become part of the autonomous. the coach autonomous zone after the second gulf war which the kurds very much see as part of a. greater kurdistan why is that because god's on a majority they know these areas are ethnically mixed and if there's no real certainty as to who provides an majority there well that's arabs talk we're not kurds because there haven't been any census done for generations for decades so there's no real clarity there but it's technically iraqi territory not kurdish
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apart the kurdish zone now this iraqi army offensive comes shortly after the kids had a referendum where the overwhelmingly voted in favor of independence on the concerns that the iraqi army might not push into what is considered autonomy goodish areas. there will be concerns personally i don't really share those i think the strain of the kurdish regional government is so dire in any case that the measures that the iraqi governors take and nonmilitary measures are strong enough to bring a bill to its heels over time and how did this see this conflict evolving florin for example iraq is a largely shia country do you see this conflict between the shia led government and the tilts and the kurds i beg your pardon escalating. i think they have pesky lated as as much as they possibly can again i don't think there will be iraqi units moving into the autonomous zone itself. and you have to remember that
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these areas that the iraqis are going through are part of the iraqi territory and i think once they have reclaimed those i think they will or their advance but that's not accepted by the kurdish you've said the push medica have redrawn for for now but is that going to stay with that be a state or would they try to retake this which they consider as a part of the autonomous region. given that they're drawn largely without a fight the surprise is there now suddenly trains are talking start attacking the iraqi army i think it's balanced by the iraqis will will not be contest as florian noise overgenerous who's extensively covered the iraqi conflict thank you very much for joining us let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild philippine president vertigo details he has declared morale be liberated from terrorists he visited the southern city one day after the last two islamist leaders were killed but military leaders say the battle is still
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ongoing as is search the ruins for remaining pockets of militants. in afghanistan at least fifteen people have been killed and one hundred thirty wounded in a suicide and gun attack in the eastern province of fear the taliban has claimed responsibility militants earlier killed fourteen people in nearby gosney province in an attack on a police headquarters turkey's announce at the first hearing in the trial of jailed german human rights activists peter stored no we take place next week story now is among a group of amnesty international activists who've been accused of terrorism related charges burning has condemned stored as the rest which has severely strained relations with ankara. at least thirty six people have been killed in forest fires in portugal firefighters are battling more than five hundred fires in the north and the center of the country the government says the fires the was in more than
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a decade has caused by higher than average temperatures and drought. one of mortise best known investigative journalists has been killed by a car bomb definitely caruana was known for her reports exposing corruption in high places she exposed what she said were links between government officials and secret bank accounts in panama morty's from mr joseph got all the modern above barrick act he also acknowledged that she was one of his harshest critics definite corona khalifi is car exploded just after she had driven away from her home in master a town outside baltar's capital the latter the force of the blast flung her vehicle over a wall into a field the journalist had filed a report with the police two weeks ago but she was receiving threats some three
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thousand people gathered for a vigil on monday evening to mourn her death she was an anti corruption crusader on multiple best known investigative journalist the case in stone the small matter crimean island which is home to some four hundred parents and people. family friend luke friend oh told the crowd would not be in vain. i think definitely was not only a journalist and an absolutely fearless human being but. a fourth pillar of our democracy and that today's heinous crime was was not only against a human being against a journalist but against a pillar of everyone's democracy and i i hope that's why i know that her life is is it was definitely not for nothing and i'm sure that the torch will be carried by somebody else. sees prime minister joseph miscount who wanted to leave here accused of wrongdoing earlier this year called her killing
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a barbaric attack on press freedom the journalist had revealed that the panama papers allegedly showed the prime minister's wife owned a company in panama and that large sums of money had been moved between the company and bank accounts in azerbaijan muscat called early elections in june as a vote of confidence to counter the allegations he was reelected after he and his wife denied the accusations politico magazine had named. as one of twenty eight europeans who are shaping shaking and stirring europe. i spoke earlier to hammond krista digital editor off the times of mortar he told me more about deafening and to look. no i mean look definitely going to get it is. quite possibly cheap the most controversial of
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journalists ever lived and lot of ok she was a no holds barred kind of writer she used to. call a spade a spade she used to go overboard sometimes which proclaims she used to dig in to put people's personal lives and there were. certain ethical john standards that's i think she went overboard sometimes but in reality she was a very very good journalist she was still one of the ones who are dark and deeply into and to the crime scene the crime criminals drug gangs and. money launderers she was the first to also break the panama papers scandal which had been doing these two or more. government officials to the pentagon papers so she was always in the line fire line of fire and he was smart and probably resented it will measure and she would take on everybody she even took on any describe you
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as a friend i am not really a friend of hers but i mean she i respect we're expected to each other's connie but in reality she just decided that nobody is untouchable but of course in the line of fire was always the ruling labor governments now what was it that she was investigating which would put her in the line of fire and make somebody so angry that they would want to take her life. take your pick in reality. she wrote about drug barons she wrote about money launderers and. she spoke about the pandemic papers in detail shoot to kill on everybody that's she felt didn't apply to the rule of law or the what people who went astray from from what she called the norms of society should show it's more just rife with corruption she felt it was just about money and nothing else so trust me it's going to be really difficult for any investigators to try to get to the bottom of it and the problem
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is the way she was killed yes it was not some random shooting you know she was blown up into smithereens. this is a kind of mafia killing style and you know her car was blown up right outside her residence. so this is not just some random killer here this does this must be more organized than that henman dash a digital editor of the times of moore to thank you very much for talking to. your work and then joins me now with business news and more turbulence in the air that industry bank it doesn't stop and rated germany's number through air but listen we've been talking about them for weeks and italy's flagship carrier alitalia a financial flopped the only reason they're still flying is biassed bridging loans from their governments that is until they're eventually sold off probably the vultures a circus. years of being in the red that's what
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alitalia and lean have in common both are now up for grabs and love tense and easy jet and waiting in the wings they want the juiciest takings from the planes themselves to the sought after routes and the prize landing slots there is growth expansion as a means of survival in an industry where competition can be cutthroat there are two hundred thirty seven airlines in western europe their margins are tiny according to the federal air traffic association each one hundred euros in turn over yields just for your o's ninety profit not enough especially when fuel prices are rising and passenger numbers for lng but competition authorities could well be against having fewer larger operators. we all want strong and lines we want innovative and lines economically viable airlines good and lines but not at the cost of
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competition and if we in germany have to pay monopoly prices to create a strong airline then it's simply not a good business model. passengers won't be the only ones losing out in the consolidation process thousands of lean and alitalia employees will lose their jobs that much is already clear. barely embossed implement however can expect a fast soft landing he took over the airlines top position in february his salary of four and a half million euros he secured by a fixed bank guarantee which comes into play even in the case of insolvency let's talk about this with conrad who is in our financial correspondent in frankfurt colorado where to look there's growth ambitions leave the competition. well the competition gets more and more global and that is probably one of the opportunities full of plans are here to convince the author it is for example in
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italy now to become the one to profit from this consultation process here in europe also compared for example to ryan air lufthansa has a reputation of being a bit less brutal capitalist brutal if you like when it comes to running the company and when it comes to treating staff never the less the people working for you are likely to lose out when it comes to this deal about six thousand people working far expected to lose their jobs that would be half of the workforce ok back to you in a moment conrad first of all this story that will you'll also be following i'm sure european aviation giant air bus is a quite a bit georgie's they can bombard is ailing c. series passenger jet business at no cost the move would enable canadian plane make it to use an airbus assembly line in the united states possibly by passing tough tariffs imposed by the u.s.
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government. is this a clever move by bob out here and. yes it's very clever and not only because it's might give them the opportunity to bypass those negative territory of sits even likely that the u.s. department of commerce will even continue to put high tariffs on the parts which bombard you in the air bus are now going to import into alabama from canada and from northern ireland but it's really a brilliant move for air bus and bombard you to join forces bombard you will get a lot of resources a lot of money a big influential and powerful partner in those difficult political negotiations with the americans and when it comes to selling this c. series jet and on the other hand air bus will get a smaller airplane in its portfolio something it doesn't have yet and
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a very technologically advanced airplane and that's why the shares of both companies are great gainers here today in frankfurt trading current the dispute over state subsidies in the aviation industry is nothing new but trump you would have to say is certainly given it you revel relevance. yes he has i mean the first company that mr trump visited after his election was boeing and to be fair he also blamed boeing for being too expensive but given that he's now the president of the united states with a very protectionist sway of talking. this is highly political i would say but you know even more so this shows that on a level above the national level there is big need for institutions to treat problems and the conflicts about subsidies for example we have the w t o and i
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guess it's really one case where the world trade organization can show what its potential is. arrives and for us on all those lovely turbulent topics in the airline industry thank you spain has lowered its growth forecast for next year as it continues to grapple with its worst political crisis in decades catalonia as controversial independence referendum and madrid's heavy handed police response spot turmoil the economy is suffering. this was the scene outside the headquarters of the catalan government on monday nice protesters expressing their outrage over the arrest of two pro separatist leaders it's only the latest twist in a battle of wills between madrid and barcelona and the political turmoil is swiftly translating into economic uncertainty the crisis over catalonia his quest for independence has prompted the spanish government to lower its growth forecast for
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next year from two point six percent to two point three percent the move comes after economists raise concern over the potential fallout of the crisis last week. that we're seeing agencies have warned of the uncertain political and economic situation could affect the castle and economy companies continue to leave the result could be a recession that would undoubtedly affect the growth of g.d.p. . and effort for the article. though that built into the. growth separatists have long maintained that catalonia would prosper without financial obligation to spain but since the crisis broke companies have been leaving the region in their droves the two biggest banks have already moved their headquarters elsewhere and hundreds of smaller companies have packed their bags to accounting for over a fifth of the national g.d.p. what happens to catalonia as economy happens to spain as a whole. to come including a global warning is your wife five safe the first country facing many
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challenges that's right then we're talking about south sudan the hopes were high for the country when it became and became the world's youngest nation six years ago but today the country is in a disastrous state more than four million people have been forced to flee their homes because of an ongoing civil war over six million people need for day to survive the fall of the struggling a one woman trying to put food on the table for her family. honey has been waiting for this moment for six weeks. she's walked four hours from her village to the refugee camp inventive to get food to feed her family. i'm very grateful now i've got some beans next comes the children's food and the
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grain and oil to. the ngo that hunger hits from germany together with the u.n. world food program provides food for more than two hundred thousand people here every month one of the most difficult circumstances. there are frequent attacks which require u.n. soldiers to protect the camp. but hanna doesn't live in the camp for the mother of four the most dangerous part of her journey is just about to begin. transporting the food to the village is very difficult but i have no choice my family has starving who are women but if i take everything at once armed men will take it all away from me so i have to make several trips. if i have only a little bit on me then they can only take part of the food away. government troops
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and rebels have been fighting here for years but what started as a political conflict between the president and his vice president quickly took on ethnic dimensions pitting the two largest ethnic groups the dinka and the new or against each other. the minister for humanitarian affairs is seen as one of the few balanced voices inside the government but he admits mistakes have been made. people into their own hands even within the government that i'm some. individuals what i'm truly and that's why i don't know whether you heard that some people were arrested and being actually taken to court but people like qana now already have little access to the courts and justice before embarking on the treacherous hike back to where home village anna visits her mother in the camp. and hannah says she feels abandoned by her husband who has gone underground to fight with a rebel group by the international community because of the continual difficulty to
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keep food on her table and above all by her own government who soldiers she lives in fear of as she makes her way back home. you know coming up ahead this abuse allegations surrounding movie producer harvey weinstein has sparked a social media trend stories of sexual harassment having to live under the hash tag need to find out how large an impact it's having. that and more coming up short hair what you need to do stay with us. he survived hell on earth my suit on he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now my suit has escaped to germany and he's
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hunting down terrorists on his own doing something against isis he said beauty. must soon missed from i as a victim to terrorist hunter. close up in forty five minutes on d w. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word i looked in the. he's in germany to learn german. business just why not with him. it's simple online on euro mile and for a. soft. music the learning course goes weak. made easy. progress to where they start to divide the country to meet zero where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for close. to. the soviet union
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disparate parts. of. the members of the bush administration would have to find their own way politically and economically low saluki it was an incredibly difficult task. given this democracy was a lie the secret to lections were frauds that's privatization was robbery. the soviet union territory where just russia stand today and moscow's empire were syrians starting november fifth. this is the w.'s coming to you live from berlin i'm under thought she must pleasure to have your company our top stories the u.s. backed syrian forces have retaken a city i asked extremists had considered the de facto capital looking military to
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see an operation is underway to clear out dozens of i guess fighters who refused to surrender. and is rocky forces are celebrating their capture of the northern city of kirkuk from the kurds but as thousands of civilians fee both the un and the u.s. have expressed fears the tensions between the two sides could escalate into conflict. do not in nations is release new aerial footage showing streams of flooding going muslims making their way to bangladesh more still on foot and not carrying their belongings the un refugee agency says more than five thousand refugees have fled persecution in myanmar in the last five weeks they've called the crackdown ethnic cleansing in a moment we'll hear from a journalist in myanmar but first this report. the humanitarian crisis unfolds thousands of russian german islams fleeing persecution
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trying to get to bangladesh by whatever means possible. meanwhile five hundred kilometers away in myanmar as capital need but all the united nations political affairs chief jeffrey feltman met with. to try to halt military operations and violence and northern rockies state he is also demanding unlimited access for humanitarian support from iran. but the toll of the exodus is rising around one hundred eighty written job dr involved trying to reach bangladesh. on monday twelve more including six children drone when an overcrowded capsized in the bay of bengal. when our homes were burnt out there was no place to live then we started walking towards the west there were no boats and we had to wait for more than ten days
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without food when we got the boat it took us along a different route but we were near an island when the boatman ran aground and then a big wave hit our boat and it capsized. more than half a million revenger have fled me in marston's coordinated render insurgent attacks more than seven weeks ago sparked a ferocious military response security forces have been accused of arson murdering civilians and rape the united nations has labeled it ethnic cleansing. journalist spotting mcpherson is in the young gone in myanmar we asked her where the man was defected leader aung san suu kyi will allow deliveries to reach the refugees after a request by the un. well last week on sunset she announced the creation of a new committee which is supposed to be dedicated to this this crisis which is
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going to be involving private donors the private sector here in manama. local n.g.o.s and un agencies and delivering humanitarian assistance will be part of that it's offering supposedly began today and that was constructing homes for villages effected by the crisis but actually not revenge these were just from another ethnic minority who are affected so. that she is is saying that humanitarian assistance is beginning but it's not what the u.n. and all of this had perhaps imagined. and that was journalist poppy mcpherson in the young gone man ma he was indeed a beauty is coming up ahead the champion's league is back with some big clashes including a showdown between defending champions real madrid and tottenham oliver moody from our sports to school join me with the lowdown.
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but first if you've logged on to facebook or twitter recently there's one hash tag you can't have missed me to hundreds of thousands of women have used it took the knowledge that they too have been victims of sexual assault or how to spend the hash tag has mushroomed partly in response to the mountain sexual assault allegations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein to talk about the story i have with me karen hempstead from a culture team and fredricka biology or from social media team thank you both very much for coming in let me start with you frederica what kind of messages are people posting online well and women are coming forward and sharing their stories and some of these stories are really make for a disturbing reading this is about showing how many women are affected by sexual harassment and sexual abuse and we have an example it's one of the many examples of
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one of the many tweets out there and it was shared more than a thousand times from a young woman in florida amy christensen she says i was molested by a family member raped as a kid and an adult became a drug addict that overcame don't ever give up i'm here me too and not that that's absolutely horrifying but it also shows how this is also a way to tell other women other victims that they're not alone that he should not be afraid of coming forward and it's really just an example and to give you an idea of how many women have been using this hash tag we have a map you can see on that map how. the hashtag has really spread all over the world and it has also been translated into other languages so in france for instance the need to hash tag is mirror by the hash tag. which means reveal your pig. we have a french interpreter here for instance tweeting at
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a university professor sending pictures of his genitals to female students on facebook his on twitter he will know i'm talking about him and i'm italian and i've seen this circulating also in italy in italy the hashtag is that which means at the time when and started after one actress. she came forward with her accusations against weinstein she accuses him of having raped her and since then does hashtags all over my face so it's obviously a huge problem all over the woods can you from concha discord is the background to this story and to. steve who's basically a hollywood producer exactly the man with the midas touch it all started when the the story broke on the fifth of october with a new york times investigative article that chronicled sort of the incredibly long list of allegations of sexual harassment against weinstein this was going back nearly three decades that was a thursday and by sunday his company had fired him there was a new yorker article that followed up but since then more and more actresses have
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been coming forward with their various stories of casting couch abuses and mr weinstein is nothing less than a person on got. he was hollywood's golden producer and a lister who mixed with america's top celebrities membership of the oscars academy is a seal of approval from the hollywood elite so it came as a surprise when the academy expelled harvey weinstein last saturday. you motions were the people recognize this is an extremely important decision on the part of the academy and i think they made the right choice there are far more women involved throughout this industry as we're seeing tonight and. that means a light is going to be shown very specifically in areas that we've long. me for along for a long time have been negligent about. the allegations against weinstein a serious actress ashley judd accused him of sexual harassment then others like
4:39 pm
rose mcgowan broke their silence she accused him of rape. now to boost been broken more and more female actors are supporting those who speak out against sleazy hollywood process and you know what i mean for the women to stand up and say no that's not the way it's very beautiful because all those young girls who would have thought that's the way are now instead of like walking into that room thinking it's the only way about to sell their souls to the devil they can stand up and say no loser weinstein denies all and again nonconsensual sex and says he's checked into rehab the producer has not only fallen from grace in hollywood his story has also sparked a long needed debate about sexual harassment and abuse. so to get back to the hash tag me too it's interesting that a lot of articles are crediting the actress alyssa milano with having started. that hashtag because of course she was inviting other women to respond with their
4:40 pm
stories of sexual abuse with that hashtag over the weekend but in fact it is another woman american actress. story activist around a burke who started this movement nearly a decade ago primarily with the aim of helping young women of color and from underprivileged communities to know that they in fact are also not alone as victims of sexual abuse and i think there's a new narrative a history of yeah there in fact i mean she's been campaigning against sexual harassment ever since and now she's spoken out again and she we have something for her instagram account to where she writes i have watched women on social media disclose their stories using the hashtag me too it made my heart swell to see women using this idea one that we call empowerment through empathy so she's the one holding the credit for disk in pain but she's happy that now it's gaining new momentum now what's interesting about this whole story is that so many women and prominent women are coming forward and sharing their stories that question to both
4:41 pm
of you let me start with you can look kind of impact do you think this has. it's going to have well you know retorts like with everything and obviously the optimistic part of me hopes that this that this will be a catalyst for some real change in that but it raises the question obviously of the impact in the real meaning of hashtags like this we have seen many hashtags for similar campaigns and similar incidents just peter out in the past and nothing has really happened but on a positive note you know we are seeing in the immediate aftermath of this first of all things like a spin off effect for other men maybe of weinstein's ill coming amazon studios also has put its boss immediate a leave of absence because of not only allegations but also allegations that he ignored complaints about weinstein so also we've seen that france is setting out new plans for legislation to fight sexual harassment which is a very interesting and going to be a very thorny issue but in the heat of this debate president kohl has started proceedings to strip weinstein of his you know ward which is francis highest award
4:42 pm
so you know we have a high profile man speaking out against the subject of sexual harassment and also condemning the silence that has surrounded it and you know structures are in place to make sure that that silence does continue to rain so i think now that women have broken the silence it's perhaps men's turn to step forward and make sure that some real change happens yeah you know from our side we can say that compared to similar complaints that we've seen earlier on social media in the past this is absolutely huge and you mentioned men and a change in mentality as well and i mean we're seeing men now online expressing solidarity with this day using also the hashtag me too but some of them are using the hashtag i will which is a wait to say i will not no longer tolerate this and many are asking the question how can we change this and may be just a small step but i think it's a question in the right direction. to you from a social media team and getting him shit from the disc thank you very much for
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shedding light on this very important story thank you and to new version now coming up next we have sports news but before that coming up business news with ben. if you use a wife i.e. internet connection you could be hit by hackett's researches of discovered a major floor in wife i connections dubbed crack which could allow dot being transmitted between the internet access point and your computer or mobile phone to be intercepted in some cases the hacker could then use the vulnerability to inject malware experts say could leave the majority of connections at risk until they have patched to protect your devices and data update your services as soon as an update is available. it's over about this with mock bachmann from the german fighting association big comm mock tell me how this all came about how it was actually discovered by the researchers the researchers from belgium from the couple of
4:44 pm
church of logan investigating that there is so on a certain stage of the. exchange of information between the clients the lies and access point the key could be used twice which is not just not supposed to be but this meant from what i've read that the hack is involved would have to be extremely close to the target if they would be extremely close actually they should they have would have to track this man in the middle so in between declines the winds and the access point and simulating that they are the access point. who could be affected then potentially. theoretically everybody who's using the wife i everybody of course this is a standard protocol for all wife and the wisest of all rows but as i sat on the laboratory conditions it's a weakness which is a problem so it should be fixed but into practical well it's very i think it's very
4:45 pm
hard to see that happen and it didn't happen until now but considering the range you were talking about could it open the door to international cyber crime or not not international celebrity i'm not the chris you have to be really close so you have to identify a target close close to the target hope that the person would do something sensitive on their device and then you could might manipulate it so it's always a lot of very ifs in the sentence if need a lot of hackers out there right so no panic but what should people be doing to ensure that their daughter is safe yeah of course no panic important is that your devices are are up to date so all you are smartphones your laptops that your router has up to date so all major robert roger suppliers are investigating this case and they will supply patches and people should download these patches and update their routers and of course use secure internet connections like for online banking or
4:46 pm
you can resupply cations there's h.t.t.p. yes protocol and the mainline the should be standard and then you're safe. from the german id association become thank you very much for coming in thank you mechanical engineers a gathering in berlin to talk digitize ation over the next two days industry has a huge task ahead of it more and more robots are infiltrating our workplaces and scientists at dresden school of technology have noticed a market naish while robots are getting cheaper they are pricey to program. this robot is a quick learner. software developer released teaching it. the robot understands the directions quite well but its own the scientists jacket actually. doesn't proceed and this jacket has different sensors let's take a look of course they're mostly in the sleeves and here in the neck area the
4:47 pm
sensors register the orientation of our body and that's translated into the robot's motion and that's how we steer and. after that you just need a few clicks on the computer and the robot can carry out the moves independently the scientists address in school of technology noticed a market niche robots are getting cheaper but it still costs a pretty penny to program them. because there are so robots that only cost let's say ten thousand euros but in relation to the software the cost of programming the robot is still very high that's where companies need to save money so we can find solutions for anyone not familiar with programming. just a few kilometers away business students are attending a special lecture. after a short theoretical section it's all about practical knowledge this is where professor dirk rochelle it demonstrates all the possibilities available to industry
4:48 pm
four point zero today. this is an experiment in learning platform and research platform we want to make industry four point zero excessive build to companies using company trainings so that they can test process isn't innovations and of course it's meant to give our students the possibility of experiencing modern digitization concepts. in large fully automated companies it's been normal for a long time but for many small companies this is still new territory later the young business students will be taking their knowledge of industry four point zero with them into the business world. in any case the management will face new challenges as well colleagues in operational processes. the operational information systems will i think expand and have more and more of a role in everyday life. team is about to make
4:49 pm
a break with the university the scientists want to form their own company so that they can sell their invention to various businesses. want to. when this league clubs doors one and live sick are in action in the champions league tonight but the big match everyone really watching is real madrid versus tottenham and both teams go into the group h. clash with buffett records madrid's attack will of course be spearheaded by christiane or. the really wild pair of the year already has four goes in this season's champions league but tottenham have their own in form a forward in harry came who has scored five goals in europe and will be desperate to prove himself against the one best team. now for some analysis on that mouthwatering clash between ryall and spurs i'm joined by ali moody from ask for steph welcome ali and this is of course as i said a mouth watering and
4:50 pm
a crucial a good match for both the teams but it's also a clash of footballing cultures i would say so i'm as yes and it's specially a clash of two teams with very different pedigrees in european football you know if we think of around the dread they are the most successful team in european football history. five times was the one back in the early days of the of the european cup back in the one nine hundred fifty s. and that success has continued all the way through to today they're the current champions after winning the final in the summer and that gave them as well their third title in the last four years it was also made in the first team ever to have won back to back titles in the champions league era so since the ninety's tottenham on the other hand it's a different story they have never won the european cup of the champions league they're just now really establishing themselves as champions league regulars but don't be fooled that does not mean it's going to be an easy game for around madrid tonight tottenham have a lot of good players they have in my mind an even better manager in my research
4:51 pm
and seen the start of the season very well and especially away from home they've been strong of course their way madrid tonight so it's a good chance for them to play the underdog role but. show that they can come up against the the biggest and best that europe has to offer and only we also see the sure done between two prelim fick goal scorer harry cave and christianity than to have a good it seems is also a target for transfer to real madrid now could eventually replace christiane or another do you think i think there are a lot of fans out there who would say nobody can replace christiane or adequately at least but among the candidates out there hurricane would certainly be on an elite list with the qualities that he has he's been banging in the goals for the last three seasons at spurs fired tottenham to their best ever premier league finish last season too and he's been on fire at the start of this campaign as well five goals already in just two champions league games so he is certainly a player who has the quality to replace for now those goals at the very least and
4:52 pm
the have been as you say a lot of voices linking cain to real madrid already figures from within right now and connected to the club. down of course is just focusing on the task at hand and we can actually hear what he had to say about kinds of qualities ahead of this game right now. i don't know where his future lawyers. but at the moments what he's been doing on the pitch has made him a key player for tottenham your group. is very good in all aspects of it's going. to move towards the goal. ok now of course another prolific goal scorer in the same group is a pair and the recall but my on his team dortmund are desperate for a win how do you think they'll fare against nicosia absolutely have to win this game. they can't afford to fall any further off the pace that tottenham and real madrid have set of course of lost already both of those things in this champions league season i do think they were
4:53 pm
a bit unlucky against tottenham but they're well beaten by madrid so they need to bounce back from those three games and of course their defeat in the bundesliga the weekend against the light say they should quite frankly be thrashing nicosia and i think they will get the win and it's important you know for german football generally because it's been a really poor start to the season for german seams in europe they're actually performing worse than teams from kazakstan europe at the moment and that is not something we used to so we need to see dortmund start a bit of a revival for the german clubs absolutely really bad for the morale to keep using the start of the championship or let's take a look at the world cup two thousand and eighteen and the draw has been made for the european playoffs any particular games you are keeping an eye on so that i can also give and i hope that's good certainly we can take a look at the draw that's just been made today i think sweden italy is the game that a lot of people are going to be looking out for their italy of course with players like generally fun in what would be his last chance to win the world cup in georgia killeen as well another veteran defender he's
4:54 pm
a great players and we knew they might have to go this route when they got drawn against spain in the group so that's certainly one that i'll be keeping an eye on we can see there is work right here against greece denmark against ireland and northern ireland against switzerland of those remaining three i think the one i'll be looking closely. is denmark against the republic of ireland not so much for the football i have to say you know no disrespect meant to the irish thing but irish fans were just incredible last year last summer at the european championship in france i was there for one game where the irish just took over the town and it was such a great atmosphere such a nice vibe about the place they really put a smile on everyone's faces of that for them and so i will be hoping that the republican and make it through to the world cup in this playoff and any predictions well i think i think it actually will make it through island i think we're going to struggle a little bit though against them one of the most certainly you could say other than that christ i think should have the beating of grace grace is a very good footballing side i'm kind of surprised that they need to go through the playoffs northern ireland to get switzerland i think that's quite an even game both
4:55 pm
so i think switzerland perhaps the better on paper but northern ireland have this great atmosphere and they've done really well under their coach michael neil so it will be interesting to see that we too will be some very tense games i'm sure and some good football. from us forces thank you very much for all that expertise and for your tips it was a pleasure to have you with me in the studio in germany to. you're watching the news here's a recap of the top stories that be a full ring for you the u.s. backed the syrian forces have retaken a city militant side considered the capital looking military leaders saying operation is underway to care are dozens of fires fighters who refuse to surrender . and it all he forces are celebrating their capture of the northern city of kirkuk from the cards but of civilians fleeing the u.n. and the u.s. have expressed fear that tensions between the two sides could escalate into
4:56 pm
conflict. and then for good good or was good deed every news on the gorgeous downloader after movie play all from the apple store let me give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the deed of the app to send us photos and videos. that's it for me under that she love that senator kerry is standing much to have the news for you in a few minutes to do stay with the news if you can about. he
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survived hell on earth. he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after. now massud has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own
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u.s. backed forces say that they have a condom.


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