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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2017 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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regional government has accused madrid of choosing repression of the dialogue and said it will not for announce its independence from spain. this is what a cow if it collapsing looks like the ruins of the syrian city of rock the capital of so-called islamic state well today the city failed to us back to forces and into three years of hell on earth and tonight after the atrocities of rocket will anyone ever want to go home again i'm brant gulf and berlin this is the day. it was two thousand and fourteen when isis forces at the height of their power world into iraq stolen tanks spinning through the city's paradise square which isis
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would soon turn into with showcase of savage. today the same square aptly renamed paradise to help square with no capital and little territory isis is broken is a total defeat now imminent. also coming up they have fought together to push back islamic states now iraqi and kurdish forces may be turning on each other the u.s. refusing to take sides claiming it's really not that bad. aside from the incident from early morning hours on sixteen october south of kirkuk that we assessed as a miscommunication there have been no further reports of armed conflict or contact between the two groups. and we begin the day with the biggest military victory so far in the battle against so-called islamic state for the past four months u.s.
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bank forces have waged a campaign to retake the syrian city of raka from isis today a general of the syrian democratic forces announced that the fighting is over in two thousand and fourteen isis fighters took control of rocket making it the capital of a new caliphate but rocket quickly morphed into a capital of cruelty isis rulers showed it showed off to the world one atrocity after another women accused of adultery beaten before an audience of men inside a sports stadium public beheadings of western hostages and men accused of being gay thrown to their deaths from the city's tallest buildings rock a liberated hell on earth is now an urban grid of rubble riddled with booby traps left behind by the isis fighters who managed to flee our first report tonight on a city freed but forever scarred. a five month battle is over for the syrian kurdish and arab fighters backed by the united states
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they killed dozens of i asked militants in their final push rocka is now a shell of a city. there's nothing left where near the end we haven't seen any i asked militants we haven't seen any of them near the stadium either i think the city will be fully clear of them in the next two days which is once all of the i asked militants are gone from syria i'll go home. i asked took control of rocca in early twenty fourteen and made it the capital of its self-styled caliph that. the militants imposed a strict interpretation of islamic law and used extreme means such as beheadings and torture to quash those who oppose the rule it became home to thousands of jihadists from across the globe after a call by us leader baghdadi to migrate to the syrian city however in recent months
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the so-called islamic state has steadily lost territory in syria and iraq. the fall of rocca is a major blow to the militant group but the extremists still controlled territory in neighboring regions on the iraqi side of the border. a long road lies ahead to heal wounds and rebuild the ruined city of rocca the spite these fighters celebrations. or the world that knows what happened in iraq at least to some degree thanks to an organization of citizen journalists known as rocket is being slaughtered silently in the group as documented the atrocities in the human suffering in the city it has been called the most reliable source of information inside iraq tonight the co-founder and spokesperson is with me here at the big table i'm happy to welcome to the show abdel aziz al homsi believes it's good to have you on the show. you were born in iraq and you graduated from the university there what did you think
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when you heard today that this city or that the fighting against islamic state has ended there yeah like as many people from iraq i was having some boring but other because it was not the scenario that was expected from most of the people so it's true that i saw was defeated by the city was left completely destroyed thousands of people where the during the campaign saw we documented almost four thousand people have during this bottle and so the campaign was not well there have been eyes was where not careful as the shelling as well the campaign to retake rocca yes we what do you know about the number of isis fighters who are still in the city. there are many estimates do you have any any firm numbers and what about the ice is members who were allowed to leave in the deal that was made before the city phil. lockett the number of us fighters who were in the city there were
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a lot of thousand but that was before the vote along with started most of them to flee today or to a man dean and these are these are syrian members of isis right you know like even for for a year so most of them they you left and in the beginning when the what the started the foreign fighters and what are we meant like a couple of fighters and a lot then at they and there were like almost less than two hundred so who do you say that tonight there's less than two hundred isis fighters in iraq oh yes so and was like not a. physical exact number about the five star woman because many of them being killed other life they just said be. and day and lucky. that college and i mean and to see if transferred couple of. fighters are lucky and isis fighters are members. to a specific jill saw especially for the forests one ok let's talk about the past
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four months this campaign to retake rocky we know that there were numerous attacks aimed at the isis fighters in that process we know that children women were killed we know that schools were hit hospitals were hit and has that been reported completely so for us as an organization we were reporting about all the things we were luck working hard just to struggle for information so. the international media coverage was not the same as our coverage so it was like reported but a tad not that attention up to several reasons our luck several things are going on around the war zone or most of the media as is the with the trauma tweets as an example saw or it's like a big deal for them way more than what's going on in iraq i mean do you think if iraq were to get a tweet by the u.s. president that it would actually it would have helped the situation of the people
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there do you think you have made a difference yet for sure to like bush or luck draw that titian of the media to go and see what's going on there saw sometimes like having some other sayings can change the way how media reporting about the things you know do you think that the coverage i mean has it been fear has it been accurate i mean for those of us who can't go inside iraq i mean do you think that the story has been reported as good as it could have been i can't say i can say yes and no also today i can say yes because i've been doing interviews since two b.m. until now so because like after the announcement and for the media's us a huge deal i says. was defeated the from from the city so all the media started to talk about a few issues two days ago plus that and the news forgot we wanted we've got lots of pictures that have been coming out of rocca basically
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a city destroyed maybe if we could just look at those maybe you know if we can see them on the screen here maybe my producer can tell me we're going to see those on the screen. ok we're going to try to show our viewers there you go we've got them full screen now these are the these are the u.s. backed forces that we need to the stadium today basically saying that the finding is over. you know what goes through your mind when you see this half hour feel like first like i look at that you're lucky i know it in completely different ways so it's not that stallion that i used to go and how do you feel that when you see this life i feel like. i feel like happy but i feel like more mad and angry in the same time because like me barça i'm prevented to be there not to be cause of see if and like the color again do you agree with so i'm angry because like the way how is the city was gone. like with all of this with all of this blood and in the same
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time like about the violations. children feen recruit to force him to join and fight isis d'orsel were able to survive isis and burning houses arresting killing all of their things sometimes should not be only like islam like extremism it might be. extremism so talking about other things that truck citizen have been suffering from last last one or two years from is c.f. and yeah the college and the international community couldn't stop a city of committing all the salination saw i was talking with my colleagues today who likes who were like four who left their city like the last people left here and they were telling me about we were just leaving the city hearing people shouting going under their ovals and we couldn't do anything they can do anything you came to berlin you're in exile here in berlin do you think that you'll ever be
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able to go home again do you want to go i would love so that was like my blond and like for me i was expecting that the first day that iraq will be a liberated i will be able to go back but up to all the things and the way how the city is controlled and up to see if. for sure not like for us as an organization that was for. documenting i style actions we were lucky accusing to be i says i was a from asea so. that with rocca is being slaughtered silently and your work certainly is getting the i think the attention it deserves tonight for sure and we appreciate you taking the time to tell your story with us tonight thank you. well still to come on the day the harvey weinstein's sexual harassment scandal just keeps growing now women are mobilizing against men behaving badly from hollywood to hashtags women around the world are telling their stories of sexual harassment via social media later on the day women men and the two.
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well from one flashpoint to the next iraqi government forces and kurdish militia have fought together against isis well now they may be turning on each other baghdad's troops say that they've taken control of all major oil fields in the disputed northern province of kirkuk iraq says that the move is necessary after kurds voted for independence from iraq in a referendum last month the vote was held in the autonomous region of iraqi kurdistan and also in some disputed areas outside of its official borders like in kirkuk and the kurds in occupied kirkuk and it's surrounded areas when so-called islamic state advanced across the country kurdish forces have been withdrawing voluntarily in some areas but other reports say there have been clashes the iraqi
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army says it is now retaliate and retaking what it considers its last territory we have this report. celebrations in camp cook as iraqi forces roll in. supporters of the iraqi central government could contain their joy . thousands of kurdish residents fled the city ahead of the advance. you were heading to where bill because the situation is getting worse the iraqi troops are ventured and there's no way we could stay one up on the run our children are terrified we were afraid that it would be clashes and mortar rounds would have us that's what i'm worried about. can't cook an oil rich province claimed by both kurds and the iraqi government had been under kurdish control since iraqi forces fled when the slimy state militants swept through the region in twenty fourteen.
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now it's back into the control of the iraqi government the advance comes three weeks after residents in the kurdistan region and also here in kirkuk voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence in a controversial referendum kurdish peshmerga leaders see the seizure of kirkuk amounts to a declaration of war. well amir was always joins me here at the big table he's an iraqi journalist who was embedded with iraqi forces in the battle for most all he just returned last week from iraq before we talk about kirkuk iraqi forces let me ask you about islamic state and rock i mean last week when you were there did you get the sense that the city that its fall was imminent what i think we were it was expecting that they were will be controlled by the courageous troops because we were close to the to the major. major hospital about three hundred meter and there were. a little mound of fighters there at this hour on the
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trump. three hundred sixty degree. cut off without any supplies and there were a lot of airstrike from the we i saw these two of them. the city. from the military side we we expect that's would happen that quickly as quickly as possible but while it was also some has it eighteen months from the ct side just to give march for the for the civilians to have to come out so you do take time out you talk about the kurds now we've got a situation where you've got the kurds and the iraqi forces who have been fighting together against isis. do you think that they're going to now turn on each other in northern iraq i don't think so because at least the kurds in the within iraq are not human i just they are also different where you say they're not. united
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but what about this referendum that we saw where there was this call for a kurdistan and you know an independent state well it is their dreams i think every kurds person you got to ask about the long history of iraq eight years. suffered from a lot of mis understanding of their wishes or they didn't the not got any rights to do to use that language and so on till two thousand and three or two thousand and five when you know if you'll like the new constitution at all that they do not have any rights of course they wish to have the ben in state for the. there is a small amount of them discuss the point that they have already their rights now they are already almost surprised but not separate double so someone autonomous
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somehow and they have you know a kind of. arena to move a political arena within within how do you explain what we're seeing here because we had to move for independent we had this referendum that went through and now you have baghdad moving in taking you know the oil field. and saying you know this is in violation of the constitution and the allies of the kurds the u.s. the u.k. and even the u.n. very silent here they were not silent believe it right they were not silent before the referendum they did not war god they got pressure they got discuss with the the accord to the ship they offered some other options just to say cuz i can strike these on the fighting islamic state and we are we are ready to give you a grant see that all the problems would baghdad will solve it but it wasn't enough for it's was about it was something or the stuff in the because this ambition of
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the leadership of mr burg zani is very ambition if you want to say as a president of course he want to be part of that dream if you say and also he is under pressure inter inside that is another party push on him they say you are not anymore a legal illegal prison and from before two years he should move and that is one of the one should come because of is fighting he's still there and his position and he suspended all the parliament. be that was a very critical point and in the end of the day he wants to push the problem inside kurdistan forward to baghdad and he said see it in that point but in the end the iraqi got allies from took in iran right i mean that is true that they have the friends and you know you have to have big friends if you want to become independent and the kurds don't have that do you think that this can be resolved without it
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becoming violent without there being fighting. it's difficult to expect that because at least the wish of that is the kurds to have their own state still that existing but in the end of the day if you get rights of every people in iraq. according the the constitution in the right way the new governance the good governance i think the kurds will satisfy with their will that what they have now. one more point i briefly we're running out of time. is the european union's countries and united states interested in the bend in kurdistan now the question is not if that's why they they should be realistic and be with a real political rights and i was only as always good to have you here at the big table and hear your insights we appreciate it thank you have to.
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or the small island nation of malta is reeling after the death of one of its best known investigative journalist daphne was killed monday in a car bomb her son today said that his mother was murdered and he attacked malta calling it a quote mafia state run by crooks lead c.e.o. was known for her reporting on governmental corruption which included the panama papers and allegations of money laundering surrounding the wife of malta as prime minister. a day after the killing of want to buy a car bomb hundreds of marti's gather to show their outrage of the journalists murder they want to know exactly why she was killed some point a finger at the state authorities. we are here today to ask the state to protect us the state did not defend daphne it didn't do anything everyone who said she's going too far she's homing in on personal issues they're all guilty we expect
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everyone to do everything for us but these days we have to look after ourselves. two weeks ago daphne got on a guy had told police that she was receiving death threats on monday the car she was driving exploded not far from her home in the north of the island the prime minister of malta promised an investigation into death but it's been all work i condemn without reservation the barbaric attack as one against freedom of speech in our country. everyone knows that. was a harsh critic of mine both politically and personally but nobody can justify this barbaric act in any way which is against all dignity and civility. mata has long been considered a tax haven and it was the focus of. investigative reporting as part of the consortium of journalists who revealed millions of documents known as the panama papers she wrote many reports alleging government corruption her accusations
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included the prime minister's family joseph scott's wife is suspected of owning a farm in panama that has funneled funds to her through the leader of azerbaijan both the prime minister and his wife deny this. one of the journalists three sons matthew took to social media to blame god and his government for his mother's death saying you were all complicit he said she was targeted because she was the only journalist exposing ties between organized crime and the government. investigators will work with forensic experts from the u.s. and the e.u. to determine the extent to which daphne is work was linked to her death. well the very public fall from grace for hollywood producer harvey weinstein has women around the world taking a stand against sexual predators france is now proposing tougher laws including an on the spot fine for
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a letter its behavior on the street no more kept calls wolf whistles and the like france's gender equality minister and justice minister both support the legislation and it could be put to a vote in parliament next year france's first lady or give them a call has also praised women speaking up against sexual harassment and she is right with the conflicts of hundreds of devery brave to do this i'm really in support of breaking the silence it's amazing that something is really happening. and women around the world are flooding social media with personal accounts of sexual harassment if you are going to facebook or twitter today you know there's one hash tag that you cannot miss it's the hash tag need to do with joining us now from our social media desk is janet selfie t.v. and it's good to see you so let's talk a little bit here about the types of messages that we're seeing with this hash tag so we're not going to start by saying that we as men we can't possibly claim to represent these women who you know been abused but what we're seeing online is
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hundreds of thousands of women coming forward sharing their stories on twitter of sexual harassment and some of these stories are really really quite harrowing and let's take a look at a tweet from a lady from florida has received thousands of reads we it says molested by a family member raped as a kid and an adult became a drug out it addict and then overcame don't ever give up i'm here hash tag me too so just to give you an idea of how many people are using this hash tag take a look at this map the dots indicate where it's in use and you can see it spread all over the world and it's been translated into many different languages and we're seeing versions of this hash tag trending in france and italy in france they using the hash tag balance tom pour which actually translates as reveal your pig this tweet you can see reads a university press is sending pictures to his female students on facebook he is on twitter he will know i'm talking about him hash tag but on stump or so it's really
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really making a huge huge impact on line yeah it's amazing to i think i like the french but i think it actually speaks to you know right to the point reveal your pig and you know you said you can't obviously we can't put ourselves in the shoes of what women have experienced but men can stand up and defend women to make sure that these things stop and that takes us to another hashtag right quite right well actually many men are using. hash tag me to just express solidarity with women we're also seeing men using it to talk about abuse at the hands of government by an interesting development is the hashtag i will which stands for i will no longer tolerate this men don't want to hijack the conversation so they're using a hash tag and make it hoping to make an impact their social media desk thank you very much the day is nearly done now but the conversations going to continue online
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you're can find this on twitter right to me directly you see it right there use the hash tag the date and the matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody. knowledge is a commodity or a public good. is the world's favorite on line encyclopedia financed through donations it's entries created by volunteers so do commercial interests
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really play no role. and how sustainable is this business model. made in germany next on d w. c we are. some young son. your son wants to kind of can touch us where you are you missed him by a. an exclusive journey into the sun of bio pic the sun phenomenon. the family on a leave of the. nationalists are on the rise with worldwide to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking a trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out more of the
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nation me to you. the c.r.u. story join the conversation on to w one to it's up on facebook. why forty million people in east africa threatened by starvation what are the causes of the situation. we focus on five specific problem areas. this huge journalistic project tries to find the answers why africa goes green our topic this week long. gone mind. knowledge is power and there's always money involved when it comes to power and
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