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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2017 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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government has accused madrid of choosing repression of the dialogue and said it will not renounce its independence from spain. thank you three thousand is the magic number but least on the dow jones which smashed through yet another milestone it all u.s. stocks rising too fast the last hour reporter on wall street also coming up one body is turning to the competition for help europe's adbusters set to make its series planes and. renegotiations over the nafta north american trade deal will not be finalized this year. i'm daniel winter and this is your business update not long after trading got under way on tuesday the dow jones industrial average briefly broke through
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a twenty three thousand point mark for the first time in its one hundred thirty two year history but the excitement is coupled with hesitation this is the second longest bull rally in history no one knows how much longer at last and if there's a correction around the corner yes coulter is at the new york stock exchange for us here is what exactly has lit that fire under the dow recently. well an epic rally that sold morgan stanley called the dead it is already the fifty thousand point mark that the dow jones industrial average crossed for the first time ever since the presidential election one of the reasons why the market is trading upwards is there to right now we are experiencing the fifth consecutive quarter of the u.s. companies actually see an increase in profits overall the economy is doing rather well and then there are still those promises that there might be a rest less regulation for financial institutions that we might see tax cuts at
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some points or so there are some fundamental reasons and there is also a little bit of hope what the administration might bring why we saw this or why we see this epic rally and as we just heard u.s. stock prices have had a blazing run of late but is a correction around the corner or even a some predict a crash stocks are certainly not cheap at this point i just talked to were trader here who was already here thirty years ago we remember black monday that was october nineteenth one thousand nine hundred eighty seven so almost precisely thirty years ago and he told me when he came in that morning nobody experienced what would happen then that the markers would crash by more than twenty percent just within one day so you never really know when the next crisis is around right now we do not really have a trigger so a real reason to sell the market there are not that many of turning to the stock at
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this point money is still cheap bonds are not that attractive but let's say earnings growth would cool in the next couple of months or some other unexpected event happens for sure this market seems to be ripe for a correction of some sorts whether it's sooner or later at twenty four thousand we'll talk to you all over again thank you very much. now. the new nafta trade talks between the usa canada and mexico have hit a snag the three parties saying there are still significant gaps left to wrangle over so they set a date for the next round of talks the first quarter of twenty eighteen the u.s. is threatening to leave the table but that would create more problems than it would solve in that case the rules of the world trade organization would go into effect which would hit u.s. produces especially hot and it's not just the three countries that are nervous many foreign firms are hoping a deal is reached as soon as possible. it's business as usual here while these
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workers are carrying on as normal the uncertainty is high no one here knows whether the u.s. will impose import tariffs on german cars that are produced in mexico the u.s. canada and mexico are still renegotiating the north american free trade agreement nuff them in the latest round of talks the u.s. has demanded that nafta is renegotiated every five years. in prison some for the most efficient isn't acceptable for mexicans isn't providing a perspectival investment security for foreign companies that naturally make plans for longer periods of time than a five year cycles when he came from. but other latin american economies aren't as dependent on the usa as mexico in america so america stronger trade relations with china and the e.u. than the us and we're speaking of investments for instance most of the foreign investments he was ill from the e.u. . the opportunities for european companies in other countries oh so immense the
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colombian economy is once again growing and more than two percent and tally new dollars for investment opening up following the peace agreement between the government and the fark rebels butin tourism and infrastructure or in the renewable energy sector. why then many opportunities in latin america there are also several risks the peace process in colombia is far from over the situation in venezuela is extremely unstable and corruption continues to be a widespread problem especially in brazil that anyone looking to invest in the region needs to close and examine where the money is going. next and my reporting for us there and staying in the region president trumps efforts to reduce immigration to the united states have prompted countries to step in and try to lower tech talent that might have once been destined for america and they all u.s. firms which are leading the charge abroad the beginning of the year opened a new engineering office in mexico city while facebook inc has partnered with local
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groups to develop technical talent in the region tech firms to love mexico. wise line is a sense francisco tech firm with two hundred sixty employees based in mexico city and guadalajara it is invited so-called dreamers who could face deportation from the u.s. to apply for jobs in mexico but it's not just america's dreamers that are moving their tech talent from around the world is no flocking to mexico for work the fact that nearing is a globalized profession that many of the things in the new years learn in do share a common language which is. to bring people from egypt from brazil from many parts of the wall and it's very good for a while here in mexico in general and wise line one of the key benefits of operating in mexico has been the ability to attract and relocate foreign workers with ease since opening offices there in twenty fourteen the company has brought in
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workers from france india and china among other countries that finitely mexico it's a country willing to embrace every single talented person that my when i return or actually if it's coming from a different country to be part of this ticket in this story we will welcome them and we want to raise them. mexico's tech sector is enjoyed healthy job growth in recent years from mexico though there is a special urgency more than six hundred thousand undocumented immigrants of mexican origin may soon have to look for work abroad as a result of the trumpet ministrations decision to let dr policy expire. european aviation giant is buying bomb body a. series passenger jet business at no cost and that allow the canadian played micah to use an ad bus assembly line in the u.s. possibly bypassing tough tyrants. celebrations in toulouse after an unusual
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deal somebody a c. series had a bumpy start they don't most force the canadian aircraft maker into bankruptcy now body is teaming up with its competitor airbus to build an manage the mid range aircraft it's a perfect this is why we've done it and we think it's good news for airlines customers that already potential customers of shareholders on both sides that's why we call it win win i mean is that latest new newest innovative technology and a hundred two hundred fifty seat class so there is no other aircraft like that so when you combine this with the arab bus reach capability i mean it will only take the full value of the aircraft the european cooperation will only a little more than half the endeavor without having to pay in but then airbus will be responsible for the entire building in marketing of the c. series the deal is also
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a result of the ongoing trade dispute between bomb party and the us administration which is threatening the canadian company with hefty tariffs and vines if it sells planes in the u.s. . the new partnership throws a monkey wrench in the trumpet ministrations trade plans because the canadian planes will be sold through the e.u. company airbus and airbus can only gain from helping its competitor it broadens the airbus product pallet and makes it more competitive internationally. catalonia is bid for independence will have an impact on economic growth across the whole country next year that's according to the spanish government and in catalonia itself tourism activity is down fifteen percent vital industry consumers and businesses alike are looking for a quick resolution both sides of the political divide a holding firm. this was the scene outside the headquarters of the catalan
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government on monday nice protesters expressing their outrage over the arrest of two pro separatist leaders it's only the latest twist in a battle of wills between madrid and barcelona and the political turmoil is swiftly translating into economic uncertainty the crisis over catalonia his quest for independence has prompted the spanish government to lower its growth forecast for next year from two point six percent to two point three percent the move comes after economists raise concern over the potential for life of the crisis last week relaxed in the us that we're seeing agencies have warned of the uncertain political and economic situation could affect the costal an economy companies continue to leave the result could be a recession that would undoubtedly affect the growth of g.d.p. ok and that in the deficit that the article will do that the theme into that built into the route of growth separatists have long maintained that catalonia would prosper without financial obligation to spain but since the crisis broke companies
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have been need in the region in their droves the two biggest banks have already moved their headquarters elsewhere and hundreds of smaller companies have packed their bags to accounting for over a fifth of the national g.d.p. what happens to catalonia as economy happens to spain as a whole. all for this business update i'll be back with more tomorrow same time same place.
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