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culture it's words and language and brought forth a rookie whole said nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g.w. . this is d w news coming to you live from berlin china's new role in the world president xi jinping sets out his vision for his country at the start of the communist party congress he says his dream is to turn china into a global superpower also coming up the ruins of
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a rocka it was the epicenter of islamic states brutal regime now the city has fallen to u.s. backed syrian militias but does the loss of the city mean i yes is finished. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the shop. chinese president xi jinping says his country is facing a bright future but also severe challenges including the widening gap between rich and poor and corruption he was speaking at the start of the annual communist party congress in beijing the meeting brings together nearly twenty three hundred delegates representing the eighty nine million members of china's communist party in the coming days they'll agree on policies to guide the country over the next five years president xi jinping is looking to cement his position in the party and
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secure another term in office. for more now let's bring in our beijing correspondent much he is betting on what's expected to happen during this closed door session what should be be looking out for. well as you said he's going to strengthen his position and what we should be looking out for is probably to what extent which means we should see who gets them you can see a hockey stick close as eating sort of how many of them would see loyalists and we should also see how you met with managed to get his name his ideas into the party constitution it will also give us an in on how how is the president she said in his speech earlier that china has zero tolerance for corruption within the
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ruling communist party how successful has she been in his anti corruption campaign in recent years. while it has definitely been the strongest anti-corruption campaign in the office within decades it has been quite successful if you look at the numbers one point three million members or socialist urged it has been even more successful in strengthening seize power as he has a tool to fight against anybody who opposes and in this party and that means. there is no official that is close to him in early church and the anti-corruption campaign is not leading to an independent body but it's rather something that he has in his hands so let us stay with us we'll come back to you in just
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a minute we're just going to take a closer look now at chinese president xi jinping come as party congress is expected to cement his power he has been at the helm of the country since two thousand and twelve and is about to begin a second five year term now many believe she will go down in history as one of modern china's most assertive and influential leaders and our next report we look at his unlikely ascent to the top of chinese politics. his rise to power in the party was a long time in the making. at the end of two thousand and twelve the still relatively unknown season playing was elected general secretary of china's communist party and in a unanimous vote. a few months later in early twenty thirteen he succeeded to shinto as china's president.
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his election was a compromise solution she emerged from political infighting and intrigue as the victor he was barely enough this before he announced his fight against corruption billions of un disappear from public coffers each year. but this historian john lee from notes doesn't win him only friends. how the chair way corruption is barry white separating the system every official has to fear being caught and punished in the she is therefore feared but not love. she likes to portray himself as a man of the people and he arguably is although he grew up privileged his father a high ranking party official fell into disgrace in the one nine hundred sixty s. during the cultural revolution this or she banished to the countryside in shan she province where he lives in this simple cave dwelling. as
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a teen he became party secretary in the village and was eventually allowed to study in beijing. we had a very high opinion of his father we were all there for under the illusion that the son of a reform must also be a reformer. she. she has improved relations of russia and let china to increasingly take on the role of the superpower he is sticking by its ally north korea but now adopt a more critical tone about its dictator. the usa wants china to exercise more pressure on north korea but she is cautious for the west china's human rights violations remain a big problem under siege critics even more harshly persecuted than before the most recent example despite suffering from advanced terminal cancer this isn't a nobel prize winner. was forced to remain in jail until shortly before his death.
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she obviously enjoys being on the world stage especially with his wife the famous singer penley un with she at the helm china appears to be more modern but that's only partly true ultimately she stands above all for one thing the survival of the party that puts him where he is. our correspondent is still with us in beijing in his speech president xi listed china's recent achievements saying that socialism with chinese characteristics meant china have become a great power in the world what exactly is he referring to there. it was an interesting sentence in his speech where he said china off. the stage of standing up with the first of the maui or and the stage of becoming rich or or wealthy or
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which refers to the reform years since things helping is no entering the stage of becoming powerful and that's clearly his vision he wants china to be an assertive power in the world and we have seen this thought the last five years there have been more conflicts around china have ostracized the south china sea the standoff with india. conflicts with south korea over the thought of missile a system he has invested in infrastructure projects or he's involved to invest in a big infrastructure project that will link china closer to the world that has an economic purpose but it has also a strategic earth is implementing chinese stand in other countries so what we clearly can expect is that china is going to be more assertive about what it perceives as its own interests and it wants to play the game by its rules not by the rules of someone else. thank you very much for that analysis day w.'s
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correspondent mathias bullinger there in beijing. well while addressing the communist party congress president xi also said that his country supports an open world economy hinting at a bid for more global trade so what does that mean for one of the country's most important trading partners australia helena is here for a look at the i think it's fair to say terry the australia will certainly be paying attention to any statements coming out of that communist party congress in beijing china is australia's largest export market in the past signed a free trade deal back in twenty fifteen so let's take a closer look at the state of the australian economy well it set a world record for going without a recession for the last twenty six years since nine hundred ninety one the country's economy has only grown and that's largely thanks to an on power boom in things like this it's war materials tons of minerals coal gas and precious metals
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most of which are exported to china now the inclusion of australia in the trans-pacific partnership suffered a major setback when u.s. president donald trump referred to the deal as a potential disaster with during his country from negotiations as a result of straight is economic ties with the european union and its largest economy germany became even more important but australia needs new stimulus for growth housing prices a going through the roof many australians are in debt and infrastructure poses challenges with power outages and slow internet key in the era of industry four point zero so i asked the country's minister for finance how they plan on closing that gap. well we're very focused on all of these things i mean you're quite right as an open try to economy it's very important that we are internationally competitive and across the board across all of the area of public policy we are pursuing a pro growth agenda we are investing of course and all of the necessary
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infrastructure to ensure that we can participate competitively in the opportunities of a digital economy we work closely with germany for example on the industry four point zero. standard and pursuing opportunities between germany and australia to closer together to offer opportunity for business in a strip business is in australia to become part of advanced manufacturing value china around the world so when those days are all things that focus on that we are working on and we'll continue to work on that look at the situation for the average australian then there are high levels of per capita day the banking system for example the commonwealth bank of australia didn't report i have a fifty thousand cases of money laundering how can you clean up that sector to make sure that risks of a banking crisis are not passed on to the average person that. well
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we have a strong and well regulated banking system banks are very profitable a very strong a very stable home and if you look at the situation around the world post the global financial crisis by any standards banks in australia came out of that very very well compared to banks in other parts of the world all prudential regulation you know it's very effective and always specific issues that arise from time to time and window do it have got to be properly addressed and we've always got to consider carefully you know what improvements can continue to be my two regulatory settings but in an overall sense you know we've got a very strong very effective internationally very competitive banking system and you know compared to europe compared to the united states banks in australia performed very well when this the ultimate stress this happened in the context of the global financial crisis mathias cormann australia's minister of finance thank
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you for being with us hey on. terry now has the latest on the autumn off all the fight for iraq and syria that's right residents of iraq are taking stock of their devastated city a day after it was declared liberated from the so-called islamic state u.s. backed syrian militias took control of almost all the city from my ass on tuesday the syrian city was the capital of the islamist groups supposed a caliphate after an assault lasting four months they finally taste victory syrian fighters raised their flag in reckons main square. it's almost over we near the main roundabout and we haven't seen any i-s. fighters we haven't seen any need the stadium either i think the city will be fully cleared in the next two days. but you know how do i feel i'm flying look at me i'm
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so happy. jubilation on the spot known as the roundabout of hell over the past three years my ass used for public beheadings and crucifixions shoring the terror that characterize the militants rain. in twenty fourteen it was here that i celebrated its push into the city rocka was declared the defacto capital of itself styled culliford it became home to thousands of jihadists from around the world after a call by the i.r.s. leader abu dhabi to migrate to the syrian city it's thought was where they plan terror attacks across the globe this is rockers municipal stadium the militant sets up a prison here torturing people who oppose their rule it's where many of the foreign jihadists were killed making a last stand after refusing an offer of safe passage. small
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pockets of i asked militants still thought to be holed up in the city but there's another danger to be faced in these ruins booby traps and mines. the u.n. says there has already been staggering loss of civilian life and rocca well over a thousand were killed in the battle for the city with hundreds more bodies feared buried in the rubble. well we are now able to cross over to to the turkish syrian border where we're going to get more on the the taking of the city of iraq where the islamic state had their stronghold in syria we're crossing to non hot dad he runs radio that's a non-state station broadcasting on air and online in syria he joins us now from the town of ghazi intent on the turkish syrian border thanks for talking with us this morning and now your radio station and its website have contact with all sorts
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of people around syria what are you hearing from people still inside rocco well basically this situation has seen you know evolving go but the past few months that he quickly. some settlements would reached an audit photo some militants who had left in the city some isis militants to actually leave it up and go to that is good and this is why it would also thousands of civilians trapped into these areas that's what a city says so the news that we have hitting is basically that these people out in the video died situation they have. a difficult and katie moments. they have not had access to i think out of communications the food resources would have any scars so they would have pretty. you know rooted lies in
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shape when they would let the date that they would finally. you know delays them and able to access to those services again. as we have the. sorry i just was wondering what's going on again in iraq and particularly what it means for the so-called islamic state will rock as last be the beginning of the end for islamic state. i think it's all to do the end for the islamic state that's like a mixtape. you know all but a couple of months has expanded very quickly took all the territories from the you know scene and out. from different. you know groups and syrian had ak and then they found it so they have significantly. the international coalition
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has launched its open ation to take all that up so i think it's auditee the end for them isis is no longer. it's not i think more than twenty percent. of it's you know people follow it over a couple of years ago so yeah this is that so-called caliphate it is it is now taken all but from. there the militant side of fleeing bad and out to out in a video the smaller towns they had not a significant does more undock but some of them much. of it controlled but i think yeah this is this is the end that i would expect a couple of months before it i think it's completely. you know he moved. in that out that it's taken back by either the seat in the gmo aren't. you know followed or other groups ok. there he's with the syrian media group and her
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opposition radio he talked to us from gaza and tap on the turkish syrian border thank you very much so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in spain tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of barcelona on tuesday night to call for the release of two leaders of the catalan separatist movement they're being investigated for sedition in connection with the independence referendum spain's constitutional court ruled the referendum illegal. amazon studios chief roy price has resigned following sexual harassment claims by a producer working on an amazon t.v. series the accusations come in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal rocking hollywood prices also been accused of ignoring rose mcgowan's claims that weinstein great term and american author george saunders has won the prestigious man booker prize for his novel lincoln in the bardo book tells the story of abraham lincoln's
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grief after the death of his son saunders is the second american author ever to win the award worth more than fifty five thousand euros. you're watching d.w. news still to come with their coach your pint kiss on the hot seat we look at help by and are preparing for their champions league clash with scotland celtic. that's coming up in just a bit first though helena is back with a look at the sputtering efforts to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement that hit another snag terry would you believe it there is talks between the u.s. canada and mexico nafta now the three parties are saying that there are still significant gaps left to wrangle any of us that have set the date for the next round of talks and that's not until the first quarter of twenty eight the u.s. is threatening to leave the table but that would create even more problems than it would solve it in that case the rules of the world trade organization would kick in
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which would hit us produces especially hard and it's not just the three countries that a nervous many farms hoping the deal is reached as soon as possible. so let's take a listen now to what those involved in the negotiations from the three countries have to say. we have seen proposals that would turn back the clock on twenty three years of predictability openness and collaboration under nafta in some cases these proposals run counter to w rules this is troubling nafta has resulted in a huge trade deficit for the united states and has cost us tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs the agreement has become very lopsided in needs to be rebalanced mexico we continue working seeking constructive and creative solutions and being open to a dialogue that is not there for the surplus of mexico the united states and kind
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of that to be fruitful we must understand that we don't have limits. time to look at some business news now we get i just from frankfurt we can bring in a financial correspondent climate out of books and conrad news just in germany's top court would check to a challenge to the e.c.b. asset purchase program explain that for us. well yes another obstacle has put out has been put out of way of the european central bank's asset purchases with this rejection of an injunction request aimed at blocking the german bundesbank to take part in those asset purchases this request claimed that those asset purchases were unconstitutional here in germany that they have the german taxpayers and that they were harmful to the rights of the members of the
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german bundestag our parliament in berlin now the german top court says no we're not going to decide about this injunction request we're going to leave the decision to the european court of justice and this court is not very likely to block those asset purchases or i am in other news of course you've got the party congress in china is a political drives are for the markets around the world at the moment in germany what are they listening closely to. well i guess the most important piece of data coming from beijing will be coming out tomorrow the update of the third quarter g.d.p. g.d.p. the gross domestic product the question whether or not the economy in china is growing the question whether or not the chinese government is meeting its growth targets is very significant for sentiment on the markets also here in europe and also for prices in terms of policies i guess it's going to be interesting to hear
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what the chinese congress communist party congress will have to say about foreign investments remember last year were reported about chinese companies taking over companies of broad for more than two hundred twenty billion dollars this year this amount is much much lower kind of that it was in first in a frank good to to talk. meanwhile the u.s. administration does not consider china a currency manipulator off to fight previous accusations in a report published by the us treasury states that no countries meet all three criteria necessary to be given that label china however will remain on a monitoring list now previously you'll no doubt remember u.s. president donald trump have accused the beijing government of lowering the yuan's value to improve its foreign trade allowing it allowing it to offer cheaper goods on global markets but president trump is set to visit china for the first time in
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november. there he has your sports news now in a bit of a on the well midnight in europe a vocal that's right so it doesn't champions league action if you can call it that helena defending champion israel madrid played out of one all draw at home to tottenham the guests took the lead in the twenty eighth minute rafael baran turned the ball into his own net under pressure from harry came with dread were awarded a penalty just before half time and christiane there were no other stepped up to equalize from the spot the dreaded pushed on for the winner but found spurs goalkeeper who wrote all these in fine form the game ended one one. and here's a look at all the results from tuesday's champions league action as we saw all rail and spurs drew as did dortmund in leipzig defeated porto elsewhere there were wins for basic toss liverpool and spa talk when chester city defeated napoli nord
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came undone at home to donetsk. now the champions league action continues tonight when by and host celtic the bulgarians seem to be in a crisis just a few weeks ago with the return of club legend hugh pyne because has studied the ship and now they're looking to push on with a win against the scottish champions. you know pint this has only been back at buy in for one game but already it feels like things have returned to normal the team trained ahead of the celtic match fresh from thrashing freiburg at the weekend. five goals including this cheeky back heel from yoshua came in and should have successful starts a hind is his latest spell in munich now the coach is urging his players to keep up the good work. a message said the players put on a very good performance because like most i hope that we can now build on up of
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formants on saturday. said but we know that celtic are a very strong and aggressive team and to see them on shift is the mood among the players seems to have improved but the pressure is still on for vine in the champions league after a heavy defeat to p.s.g. on the last match they left them trailing the french powerhouse in group b. . very slow but i think the pressure is always there for us of course tomorrow is an important match after a defeat in the champions league you obviously want to follow it up with a victory. and a win against celtic is a must if the hype his honeymoon is to continue. and just for we go a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on t.w. news president xi jinping sets out his vision for china at the start of the communist party congress he says his dream is to turn his country into a global superpower. you are watching t.v.
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news coming to you live from berlin we have more at the top the hour and you can get all this news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com thanks for watching. knowledge is a commodity or a public good. wiki p.d.l. is the world's favored online encyclopedia financed through donations its entries
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created by volunteers so do commercial interests really play no role and how sustainable is this business model. made in germany next r.t.w. . he survived hell on earth. he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now mustard has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own story something against isis is a movie. list from victim to terrorist hunter. close up in forty five minutes on the doubling. of the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to the. history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein will get to rewrite.
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the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers own borders. what did it feel like to live in times of a revolution and the people. and i'm going to the russian art revolutionary. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth on d w.


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