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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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depending on the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you. joy. this is the w. news a live from berlin angela merkel starts what could be the toughest coalition talks of her career three weeks after the election she is meeting parties from the left and the bright to try and forge a new governing coalition but does she have the authority to seal the deal. also coming up china's president xi jinping heralds
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a new era for his country at the opening of the communist party congress and beijing and in football by your car backfiring on all cylinders in the bundesliga under a new coach your contacts can they do the same in europe we will look ahead to their champions league clash with celtic. welcome to the program thanks for joining us here in germany an exploratory round of talks about forming a coalition government have begun three weeks after an inconclusive general election german chancellor angela merkel is seeking to forge an alliance with the greens on the business friendly f.t. paid if successful today's talks about talks could lead to what is called a jamaica coalition the name is based on the colors associated with the party's
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meeting in berlin. black yellow and green for now the colors of the jamaican flag are just hot air on the banks of the reverse body. but exploratory talks are under way chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. in the c.s.u. first met with the business friendly f.t.p. party and later with the greens the jamaica coalition would be an exotic combination that has never existed before at the national level if negotiations failed new elections could be called. for france and will be professional about this we are aware of our responsibility we will be reasonable but until the actual negotiations have started it's hard to predict what will happen we can devolve into a new open your vocals or even. members of four potential coalition parties are now trying to find common ground on several divisive topics such as immigration they could become the most complex negotiations in decades. we talked about all the
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issues that are important for us the subject of immigration is important to both sides but for different reasons. to have perspective on friday the exploratory talks will continue with all four parties meeting at the same time it may be weeks before a final agreement is reached. let's bring in now thomas sparrow who you can see is out on the streets of berlin he has been following these talks for us and he joins us now for his as always expert analysis thomas so we hear that both the free democrats and merkel's conservatives appear to be happy with the results of their first meeting does that mean that they've made some real progress here. not necessarily in fact obviously they did say that the first talks had been constructive that they had been able to discuss a series of issues that both parties are interested in but that does not necessarily mean that they made real progress in fact the goal of this first
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meeting which took place right behind me here was to try and set the ground for negotiations that everyone involved already knows will take a long time in fact one of the participants in that first meeting said that if the distance between germany and jamaica is around eight thousand kilometers jamaica referring to the colors of the jamaican flag which also represent the colors of the parties involved here if that distance is eight thousand kilometers then what they've achieved here today is only the first few meters so that just gives you an idea of how difficult it will be to try and find common ground. a lot of those meters are between party and also the green party that we know they're currently talking the two of those parties together what are the likely pressure points between those. well here you have here you have a big difference between the conservative bloc on the one hand and in particular.
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sister party the c.s.u. of both varia which tends to be a party on the right of the political spectrum and the environmentalist greens who tend to be on the left side of the political spectrum so obviously you can see that there are plenty of there's plenty of space between the two blocs their own areas for example our migration if we're talking for example about the goal to reach two hundred thousand refugees per year or the possibility or not possibility of having family members reunited with refugees here in germany those are all issues where the c s u in particular and the greens do not see eye to eye but it's not the only issues we have differences on climate differences on on europe so in particular the conversations between the greens and the conservative bloc will be very difficult and that's something that members here have already expressed publicly so a lot of work there still to be done as those talks are underway thomas sparrow with as always your expert analysis outside of where that meeting is taking place
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we thank you very much for your reporting thomas. and as the chancellor's party looks for common ground after the election its poor showing in one region has already claimed a casualty one of the cd use case figures is stepping down saxony state premier stanislav telis says that his state needs new leadership to meet future challenges this after the far right pushed his party into second place in the eastern german state in last month's general election it was an embarrassment for the city u.s. saxony have long been a party stronghold. china's president xi jinping has declared a new era for his country and said that it is time for china to take center stage in the world at the first session of the communist party congress in beijing she also pledged to open his country's economy further and pursue a policy of zero tolerance against corruption during the weeklong congress a new politburo to run china for the next five years well be selected.
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it's a meeting on the grandest of scales. nearly twenty three hundred delegates representing the eighty nine million members of china's communist party. and the focus of it all one man president xi jinping. she praised china's achievements during his stewardship but he said the country must not stand still. china has made major breakthroughs in its reform campaign where now in high gear and full steam with deepening comprehensive reforms and resolutely removing all systematic problems these reforms have been carried out in an in-depth them fundamental manner his speech may have been light on details but she promised to continue economic reforms fight corruption and open the door to more foreign investment as part of a new era of chinese development. she also set the tone for china's role on the
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international stage in the coming years. one focusing on economic development and environmental protection. but she also cautioned world powers against taking his warm words as a sign of weakness. china versus an independent foreign policy of peace and respects the rights of other countries to choose their own development road china will never pursued development at the expense of others interests and will never give up its legitimate rights and interests either no one should expect china to swallow anything that undermines its interests. she is widely seen as china's most powerful leaders and smiles they don't but he's still trying to rally support for a new term in office and his message to these embley was clear stay the course and clear the way for a new era of prosperity. in syria the clean up of raka is underway just a day after u.s.
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backed forces said that they had taken full control of what was called the capital of the self-styled caliphate of the so-called islamic state the troops made up of syrian kurds and arabs have been clearing roads of land mines small pockets of i-s. militants are still thought to be holed up in the city the u.n. says that there has already been staggering loss of civilian life and rocca well of over a thousand people were killed in the four month long battle for the city. and for more i'm joined now from hamburg by mohamed she is a foreign representative of the democratic federation of northern syria a defacto autonomous region of syria just north of rocca thank you so much for joining us this afternoon and. what do you think of the defeat of the so-called islamic state will mean for northern syria is this a good thing or a bad thing for the prospects of peace. of course if
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we think about it that they that ices that control the city it is in january two thousand and fourteen and they think the march of isis they entered this whole the whole city the entire city and that you caused the blare on the city and they actually lifted the last few lists. i mean in the city for the women for the people for their children. their day to day the one hundred thirty four days the belief that the city is the believe which is that they call it the capital city of it it is falling now it is now but it is under control of the city and the parser's of course it is a very happy the it is exceptional day for all the people for all of the syrian people not only for this union people for all the people in the world because these two groups and they they used to think that the whole entire were in europe we
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witnessed what happened in valley what happened in brussels what happened in paris many attacks from. groups happen so in defeating the isis in this city holding it by its people and that means we will be creating a new city a new life in this city that when we are feeling the injustice we are if you think the terrorism it's only the exceptional and they for all the people in the world i congratulate all the fighters if i enter the scene in the course of. that it might actually also hear from all of the people also in the room and amid that optimism they are very clearly expressing there that i mean there is still a lot of work to be done because for example a lot of the i asked fighters they had fled prior to that final offensive in the city and many people have also been displaced by the fighting what are you seeing
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what can be done to help cope with those talented. yes of course due to the fine thing in the city another one hundred thirty four days of fighting we'll see if i think up there with. the been that the cities can think you know it's destroyed so all the people displaced people they flew away from that ices from their parents and they come to the places which is for profit by this year the work at the process and i think these people know they are in the camps now we don't have enough camps rules for the people we have to get the other people. so we need no support for all these displaced people in. places you know people they need shelter they need food they need to have again to to recreate the life in the city we need to have some is services like electricity water
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and so on well we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about what you see as necessary and also the enthusiasm that you have expressed here sanaa mohamed foreign representative of the democratic federation of northern syria a de facto autonomous region of syria just north of rocca we appreciate it and change of pace now we're going to head to some sports news and football buyer and host celtic in the champions league tonight the bavarians seemed to be in crisis just a few weeks ago but the return of club legend tests has studied the ship and now they are looking to push on with a win against the scottish champions. you know pint this has only been back at buy in for one game but already it feels like things have returned to normal the team trained ahead of the celtic match fresh from thrashing freiburg at the weekend.
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five goals including this cheeky back heel from your shoe acumen and should a successful start to hind is his latest spell in munich now the coach is urging his players to keep up the good work. a message said the players put on a very good performance because like most i hope that we can now build up of formants on saturday. said but we know that celtic are a very strong and aggressive team and are going to see them on shift is the mood among the players seems to have improved but the pressure is still on for buying in the champions league after a heavy defeat to p.s.g. on the last match they left them trailing the french powerhouse in group b. . very slow but i think the pressure is always there for us of course tomorrow is an important match after a defeat in the champions league you obviously want to follow it up with a victory. and a win against celtic is a must if the high and his honeymoon is to continue. you're watching news still to
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come on the program china says that it is open for business but it has said that before investors want action not just words all eyes are on their zhang with the communist party congress underway looking for signs of how the chinese economy will develop it could soon become the world's top economy that story and more and business news with that fizzle at. the up to date now and day to be a news thanks so much for watching i'm seroquel i assume that's. make your smart t.v. and smothered with the smoke. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. depth. you decide what's on.


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