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fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. our ten part series counter's valley starting october twenty third on t.w. . this is deja news live from berlin showdown in spain the counted on leader defines a deadline to abandon plans for independence madrid now says it will start taking back control of the breakaway region on saturday also coming up britain's gregg said talks on not going well to reserve me is trying to soften the approach but so
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far the e.u. is unimpressed. and the parties involved in a german coalition talk say their first meeting has been largely positive but they warn it's going to take a long time to nail down and agreement. hello and welcome i'm a touchy moderator have your company the crisis in catalonia is escalating with just minutes to the expiring of a deadline set by the spanish government the council on a leader said he would declare independence for the region unless talks are held madrid reacted swiftly saying it will push ahead with moves to suspend continuity as autonomy and to restore order in the breakaway region. the cut along president was asked to state clearly and precisely if any authority has declared
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the independence of the autonomy state of catalonia without a clear and precise answer to this question we the government understand that the petition and its not been answered. therefore the government will continue with the processing of article one hundred fifty five for the constitution with a goal to restore the law in catalonia if you will respond. the sound will straight to our correspondent bob a visit she is in a bus alone hi barbara we heard the government spokesman talking about triggering article one fifty five by this weekend what does it mean it means in fact that in madrid the legal experts ready to working on how this is going to be applied because it's the first time in spanish history that this happens and so they need to figure out the legalities off at the ins and outs
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but the proses has been sort of set going there is no turning back in that sense at this point before the government palace behind us here in the center of madrid the first small group of people has come out and they are calling for carla's pushed him on to resign the government to step down they are and to my independence and we're going to see rather heating up off the emotions here off this deeply divided region today tomorrow and to saturday when the big demonstration is planned so it is really getting tense or. now the cattle on the leader was hoping for independence but we've now reached a stage where he could face losing autonomy for the entire region how did reach this point and how did the confrontation become so serious.
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this confrontation became so heated and so so intractable more or less throughout the last four weeks i mean there had been tensions for months on end between madrid and barcelona the couple on saying you know they're not cheering us they're not talking to us you know we're not being respected and so finally colors could put them on call this illegal referendum on october first then we saw the scene spanish police stepping in and beating up voters and since then things have become more and more difficult both sides have now reached a position where they can't really step down where there seems to be no reasonable way out no no you go shared solution for this problem so we don't really know what will happen once one fifty five is triggered but let's hear what a seer reticule a possible. oh triggering article one hundred fifty five allows spain's central government to take over any of the country's seventeen autonomous regions
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if they break the law which declaring independence is deemed to be this is never been used in modern spanish history so what does that mean in practice it would allow madrid to start regional office holders dissolve the regional parliament. and assume control of all regional authorities. new elections would be held in catalonia until then madrid could fill key interim positions among these the heads of the catalan police the current police chief was charged with sedition for allegedly failing to stop the october first independence referendum this move would be vital should madrid mobilize police forces of people take to the streets there given the police violence at the referendum madrid may be reluctant to use force again if madrid invokes the article it won't come into effect straight away it needs parliamentary approval which the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy needs an absolute majority for that and he only has a slim one for catalonia
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a lot still hangs in the balance. so i get the sense of both sides are playing a game of political brinkmanship now we still have a few days before talks on this article one fifty five start at the weekend is there any chance of any back room negotiations to avoid what is certainly going to be a crisis for the country. it seems that both sides have reached the point of no return madrid has earlier and started threatening with the nuclear option which is the want to go one fine five and they have sort of got to keep their word in order not to lose face and the government here in comes along is totally boxed in and they are sort of being pushed by their own supporters to go for independence to go forwards and on the other hand they have a large part of this population who says we don't want this at all they should basically be and that would be the sensible option call for elections however they
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it get and today declined that and say no we're going to stay and see this through so we see two hard headed sides here they are not really acting politically but they are rather acting like in a legal manner in madrid and in an ideologically driven manner here in barcelona and the emotions will be heating up when we see demonstrations starting from tomorrow and particularly on saturday so what you're saying is basically it's too late for negotiations and you say they are demonstrations expected how is this playing out this issue on the streets of boston or up people are really angry about what's happening. it depends on who you talk to and read of course because the country is deeply divided and this division runs right through families from friendships through couples and people really have heated discussions if i were to no no we don't want this we want to stay with spain we are really all
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spaniards and others say you know we have nothing to do with them we all catalans and so the country might might be split just right down the middle there's no telling at the moment where the my admit we were the majority is elections would be a sensible move but if that is not going to happen we will have some really sort of harsh confrontations through the next days and probably even weeks because a civic platform has already called for people to come out onto the streets and to show their discontent and we can expect them that those calls will be answered barbara visit on in a very rainy day in barcelona thank you very much for that. turning out to brussels where the he was struggling with drugs at the go see sions britain's tourism a has promised to make it as easy as possible for citizens living in the u.k. off to brag said it's one of the issues holding up progress in talks in brussels on the u.k.'s exit from the e.u.
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our correspondent charlotte chazan pill brings us up to speed on the talks so far but after. this we're going to respect the european union so this is over you know five rounds of talks. multiple mishaps. and almost an ending stream of metaphors let's put a tiger in the towel and stop letting the grass grow under our feet the ball is entirely in the u.k. court as we look forward to the next stage the ball is in the. bricks it negotiations are well underway and things are getting serious if in your heart. but that's a game. it clearly isn't a game but if it work today should been much point for team breck's it here in brussels a real moment of triumph when the e.u. said another been agreed upon for talks to move on to the next phase to really get
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into the nitty gritty of the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. and on trade. the e.u. had some conditions. is demanded sufficient progress on three key issues the rights of u.k. and e.u. citizens prosperous it how the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland will function and most contentious of all how much money the u.k. owes so far on a major breakthroughs on any of the above meaning progression to the next phase is now unlikely before december but even on that the u.k. and the e.u. are on opposite ends of the court. who are ready and well prepared to start those discussions. i'm not in a position at this stage to propose to the european council that it should open discussions on the future relationship. that's despite monday's last minute charm offensive from two reason may in brussels may have looked friendly bots the
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pressure is clearly mounting the time is running out the clock ticking very fast like a game of tennis these lookers are on a deadline u.k. shadow to leave the e.u. in march twenty nine thousand. of them on the brink that negotiations i'm joined by our brussels correspondent. killed the british prime minister terrorism mrs britain and the e.u. are within touching distance off a deal on citizens' rights to elitist feel the same way. at least michele dunne year the chief negotiator who represents the interests of the twenty seven member states here in the e.u. has said that it's made some good progress on the issue of citizen rights so yes i would say that fairly well matches the division that david davis his counterpart from the u.k. has on the issue of of citizens' rights they're not far away and it's only a question of legal guarantees that is still in the room and that hinders the e.u.
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to say yes in this point we see sufficient progress the main stumbling blocks remain. in northern ireland and of course the bracks bill and tourism a would have to rife with a big check if she would really want to achieve a breakthrough on the summit and the reason they will address and their leaders at a working dinner tonight the she wants mutual dialogue on the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. to begin as soon as possible is this expectation realistic. i'm regis she has a full fifteen minutes over this dinner to convince leaders of something that she was unable to convince them off in the in the in the past in her speech in florence in her charm offensive evening visits to brussels or having dinner with the commission president and so that there are some doubts whether this will actually change things or for that the moment. observation of the talks is that there is not
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sufficient progress that particularly on the backs of bill they don't just want wads and a commitment and a promise that the u.k. will honor its commitments but they want to actually numbers down on paper overall is it realistic that soon we will head towards talks i think that's more likely because of course if you look at a precipice let's say of fifty billion euros that is comparatively small it's not peanuts if you compare it to the amount that is at stake when you look at the whole trade between the u.k. and the rest of the e.u. some five hundred billion euros worth and you're rigs it is not the only headache for the e.u. at the moment what about the tensions in spain over catalonia desire for independence is that an issue that will be discussed there is value thing hard to say the situation catalonia it's treated from the e.u. from the other twenty seven member states practically as an internal affair so they
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will not interfere with that if the spanish prime minister would decide to put it on the agenda of course he has the right to do that and to talk about it but the process will be very careful about any form of interference not not speaking of supports to independents movements which is a big concern in a lot of other member states as well. my sis in the us and thank you very much for that. this article about some other stories making news around the world of gun stance defense minister says the taliban have killed at least forty three of gun soldiers in an attack that wiped out an army camp in the southern kandahar province this is the third suicide and gun attack in a week taking the death toll to more than one hundred. civilians have been fleeing the syrian city of rock after it was taken from so-called islamic state the u.n. says some forty thousand people have poured into displacement camps in the past few
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days u.s. backed fighters are removing land mines and booby traps and rooting out the remaining few extremists. investigators in argentina think they have found the body of an activist whose disappearance two months ago prompted large demonstrations santiago modern art dos was last seen on the first of august he's been attending an indigenous rights protest near to where the body was discovered. just into our day and will be new zealand's next prime minister the new zealand first party has agreed to a coalition with her labor party the thirty seven year old who will be the country's youngest prime minister and his third female leader. had enough of a business as joins me now and china's growth figures in how's it looking ahead and well growth slowed slightly but when i say slightly i really mean only by
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a tick rate in the last quarter we saw growth of six point eight percent now the world's second biggest economy does still remain on track to meet its annual target the national statistics agency did warn of volatility they said the economy was a quote crucial stage of restructuring meanwhile china's central bank is warning about the possibility of a sudden collapse in asset prices after a long period of growth. of course those figures will be talks over the communist party congress leader xi jinping is still expected to cement his power there and the talk there has been about opening up the economy to critics say they've heard that before it's a project that typifies the extent and speed of china's growth in just two years time this building site in beijing will house what could be the world's largest airports at twelve billion dollar investment that comes as chinese president xi
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jinping hailed a new economic era that's all about looking outward. will push forward a new situation of complete openness openness brings progress closing yourself off will inevitably lead to falling behind china's open door will never close it will only be opened further. but critics say the door is far from open many foreign companies complain about the difficulty of accessing the chinese market and accuse the government of failing to implement necessary reforms. one big issue the government is trying to tackle however is soaring dest the sum total of what china owes is now valued at two hundred forty six percent of its g.d.p. that sparked fears of a financial collapse for the world's second largest economy the true cost of debt fuelled growth has yet to be revealed when our financial correspondent conor had a bruise and is in frankfurt conrad the important news of the day for the markets
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of course those growth figures coming out of china how are traders reacting to it. you know helen the traders always take this kind of data with a grain of salt beijing has a long history of doctoring economic figures and as we saw this party congress of the communist party in beijing is a perfectly orchestrated show of strength and order so the officials in beijing should at this time have even more of a motivation to really come out with figures that perfectly beat the government's targets but i have to say judging from the market reaction in asia and in europe here this morning the fact that those numbers came in more or less in line with what had been you know prepared and moderated before is seen as a sign of reassurance on the markets and conrad the german dax also climbing to a new record high yesterday the dow jones in the u.s.
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ending trading above the twenty three thousand mark reason perhaps though to be nervous about a correction on the markets to come say. absolutely and superstitious people are reminders that this day today the nineteenth of october is an anniversary exactly thirty years ago was black monday the day with the biggest daily drop of the dow jones index more than twenty two percent the index lost at the time what accelerated the crash at that time was robo trading algorithm driven trading something which is perfectly common today was very different today is that we don't have the same kind of euphoria on the markets about those rising stock markets and the fundamental so day are looking good earnings reports come in more or less in line with expectations or even manage to
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beat them while if the market stay as buoyant as they have been there can rattle probably be thirsty thursday there in frankfurt thank you very much indeed. well here in germany was still waiting for the formation of a new government following last month's federal elections amrita is tracking the progress that's right had an. american has had talks with potential coalition partners nearly a month after the country's election the bosses say their first meeting ended on a positive note and they come across right across the political spectrum and i do largely very far apart which means these negotiations are expected to be long and hard. black yellow and green for now the colors of the jamaican flag are just hot air on the banks of the river. but exploratory talks are underway chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. and see as you first met with the business friendly f.t.p. party and later with the environmentalist greens the jamaica coalition would be an
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exotic combination that has never existed before at the national level. as the talks were reasonable there was no tension but we all know how hard it will be and how different our political cultures are equal to and here to some and the c.d.u. and c s u's prospective partners have major differences over a number of key issues including the european union and austerity policy migration and energy. this could become the most complex series of negotiations in decades. before the talks were shaped with the intention of looking for solutions about how to reach a cohesive society but it is also clear that there's a long way ahead of us. this vegas the among the most on friday the exploratory talks will continue with teams from the potential coalition parties meeting together it may be weeks before
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a possible jamaica coalition becomes reality. all this week did obvious inviting international journalists who've been given refuge in germany to speak their minds about their host country today we hear from uganda moses abel carette. yeah germany i have a few words to say to you wilds of a demonstration love disappointment and. i am thankful that living in this country means i have the peace and security that i once like my name is more this give me a book write a journalist from uganda where i once worked as an investigative journalist and paid a high price for the truth eight years ago i came to germany where i now have a rest and state i was lucky to have realized that generous desk human rights such as freedom of speech exemplary in europe and while over.
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understandably the or the a few minutes of this great nation i clearly due to hard work and sacrifice. however in my observation and experience the question of social progress we're all especially in regards to much less groups such as immigrants remains largely unsolved. integration is not as successful as how to be. does anyone ever wonder why even educated immigrants find it so difficult to continue with their career even after the top rating well as a journalist with immigrant by brown i feel so disappointed that i still can't find a job as a journalist. in my experience it's in the best interest of migrants to rebuild their shattered lives while contributing to their devoted to this great nation peace and security is not everything i believe proper operation of migrants into germans walk or see is the best solution
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to the so called here for you crisis. all that this is your war this book right. to buy i mean. which has returned to its reading ways in the champions league group stage they welcome celtic to town and while the boisterous away fans took over the city center before the game behind rested back control on the pitch thomas miller smashed home from close range on seventeen minutes before yahshua kill each made it to nail ten minutes later martz who mails scored after the break to complete the scoring by him handing a new coach your practice a three mil win on his return to champions league football so here's a roundup of all of a wednesday is champions league results and as we saw by and won big as did group rivals spears g.
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who slammed for passed on the last answer they were away wins for manchester united and basel atletico were held to a draw in a bag and they were six goes but no winner between chelsea and. and barcelona and your dentist enjoyed home victories. now to going to see your clubs and volved in europe early action on thursday cologne face a body solve in belarus while hoffenheim course istanbul. nights colognes first european campaign in twenty five years and hoffenheim finest ever the both clubs have found out how unforgiving european football can be. cologne started the season with such optimism that back in europe after a twenty five year absence but now the smiles have disappeared domestically cologne have yet to find to shooting bullets they have picked up only one point in eight
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games. the signing of thirty nine year old cloud on a free was perhaps a cry of desperation in the europa league form hasn't been any better one goal in two games no wonder they have lost both their matches but they determined to make a breakthrough in belarus loose. doesn't that seem a feat for it's our goal to first win a game so that we can get that monkey off our backs and this is why shouldn't we pick up points just because we have none in the league doesn't name a flood of belarus and get destroyed and if something doesn't give coach the man that took cologne to the european competition after a long wait could be on his way out. cologne are not the only german team struggling in the europa league it's hoffenheim suppressed ever european campaign but they still waiting for their first ever euro win to salvage any hope of making
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the knockout stage they need a victory after suffering two losses in the group stage both hoffenheim and cologne will be hoping thursday could be a turning point. you have to wait and see here's a recap of the dog story that we're following for you the spanish government to announce it for press ahead with steps to suspend the autonomy of catalonia after the region's leader threatened to declare independence madrid says it really discussed the steps of an emergency cabinet meeting on saturday. you're watching the ws coming to you live from but and i have no fear at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information iran the clock on a website that's dot com you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook from me and with that she won the news team that's it for now see you at the top of the hour.
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