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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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a positive spread on bread said talks friends theresa may says the two sides with a touching distance of a deal while germany's i get a makeover speaks of encouraging signs of progress but says talks khan's move on until the divorce is a great we'll take you live to brussels also on the program. and domestic politics jobs for the macro starts her first a full round of talks on forming a government a coalition that has never been tried at a national level on a. better. life supremacist leader shouted off stage at a florida university highlighting america's divisions of a hate speech and free speech. and phil gail welcome to the program they just from britain and the european union are still divided over bread. said
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a meeting today in brussels broke up with the two sides are struggling with the terms of the divorce german chancellor angela merkel raised hopes of talks that might be able to move on to the next summit in december but said that progress would depend on britain settling its financial obligations we'll hear from brussels in just a moment first this report to reason may did her best to keep up appearances in brussels but she offered few new answers to the many questions that remain about. how much is london willing to pay to settle its divorce bill and when it remains a mystery. the full and final settlement will come as part of the final agreement that we're getting in relation to the future partnership and i think that's absolutely right finances are the main sticking point between britain and the e.u. university and the four bread non-sterile has to make a significant financial effort at the moment we are far off a figure that takes a long term financial commitments into account. the hope is that it will have come
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far enough by december that we'll be able to move on to the next phase of negotiations but it's up to britain to make that possible zone. so friday's morning meeting did little to sweeten the relationship between britain and the e.u. not of was last. not sufficient it doesn't. progress at all. prime minister may offered a much needed olive branch pledging to protect you citizens in britain after the break that process is completed the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. e.u. citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay no one had expected a breakthrough but friday's summers is unlikely to leave either side feeling satisfied. to brussels where we find to be bureau chief
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max hoffman not welcome. in leaders seem to have been mindful of trains and nice political problems back at home have they given enough to go back claiming a victory i think you put it exactly the right way phil mindful of it but they didn't give her everything a victory for theresa may would have been to come back from this summit saying ok we can start phase two of the negotiations the important part for the u.k. about a trade deal with the european union that has not happened but there is a lifeline and we understand from our sources if there is a little progress in the negotiations that the e.u. leaders will be willing in december when they have their next summit to give it a go. now german chancellor angela merkel price teresa mayes that willingness to move forward while criticizing britain for being too hesitant what do we make of the comments. what's happening here is that the e.u.
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so far was very rigid settling the divorce issues first the divorce issues being the border between northern ireland and ireland the status of you citizens in the u.k. and also the brics it bill they have opened up a little bit because they have noticed that the recent may is under too much pressure at home because whatever you do here in brussels you have to be able to sell it not only in the e.u. twenty seven so without the u.k. but also in the u.k. they have understood that they're giving her a little more leeway and while officially still insisting on those principles i wife from the president of the european council donald toast presented the so-called leaders agenda to discuss the reforms proposed by france's president ma crawl all those reforms real solutions. what you have at the moment is you have a very enthusiastic french president with a lot of energy making a lot of proposition suggestions all over the place and i think there's two fold here what dawn of the president of the e.u.
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council is trying to do is giving all those visions of that energy a little structure sort of channeling what the call is proposing and at the same time not only channeling it but preserving the ambition that is behind it because that you have to think about it you know if you still have twenty eight member states that might not agree with everything that a minute michael is saying that's one problem the other problem is that often in the past leaders decided something on these summits but it never happened it never followed through they want to change that once the change that by setting out a new agenda giving it more pace and really trying to settle also the issues that were contentious in the past that's often in brussels thank you. restoring the castle and spanish governments continue to escalate on friday with accusations of lying on both sides speaking in brussels the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy told the e.u. leaders his government had reached a critical point as he sought to use emergency measures to thwart the catamount
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regime's bid for independence such as taking back control of health care and policing in well. colors proved him or his warn that any such moves could result in a unilateral declaration of independence by his region's lawmakers. german chancellor angela merkel is getting down to the business of coalition building the savings she's having to grapple with the task of forming an unprecedented balti party governing coalition fifty politicians from the conservatives the business from the f.t.p. and the greens are those talks they want to see if they can work together on topics ranging from the european union to finances to foreign policy the differences are significant but so is the pressure to succeed going to a current poll a large majority of germans expect this multi-party coalition to come to fruition. with the w political correspondent thomas aspera has been monitoring those
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discussions welcome thomas so they difference is the political differences between these three parties are significant how can they be overcome well work is the key word there fail.


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