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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2017 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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if using the robotic arms extension the high definition video camera is necessary to get a good view of incoming supply ships. warm words and a positive spin that is all that british prime minister theresa may is going home with after meeting fellow e.u. leaders in brussels the clock is ticking on bragg's it and there is still no plan on how it should proceed i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. but at this stage we're not even halfway down the road. to that it's clear that a lot of work remains to be done i. hope is that we'll have come far enough by december that we'll be able to move on to the next phase of negotiations but
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it's up to britain to make that possible movie last night at dinner i spoke to my fellow leaders about my vision for a new deep and special partnership between the u.k. and the european union after the brics it they say they want a close possible relationship with europe yesterday so we'd like to know what that actually means we don't really have that yet. and also on the program breaking with political tradition in the united states two former presidents speak out in remarks seen as voicing disapproval with the job performance of their successor donald trump ellison we would go folks who were deliberately trying to make folks say. to demonize people who have their promoted the. bigotry seems emboldened. our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.
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but first we begin with the bumpy road to brags that hopes and fears were on full display at a summit of leaders in brussels this week german chancellor angela merkel put a positive spin on the process saying that talks might be able to move forward at the next summit in december but that's about as far as the positive prose goes and a united front to e.u. leaders agreed that the ball is in prime minister to recent court they have called on her to come up with an agreeable plan to settle the u.k.'s financial obligations to the block to resume a did her best to keep up appearances in brussels but she offered few new answers to the many questions that remain about bragg's us how much is laundered willing to pay to settle its divorce battle and when it remains a mystery. the full and final settlement will come as part of the final agreement that we're getting in relation to the future partnership and i
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think that's absolutely right finances are the main sticking points between britain and the e.u. you know this and the for britain still has to make a significant financial effort at the moment we are far off a figure that takes long term financial commitments into account. the hope is that we'll have come far enough by december that we'll be able to move on to the next phase of negotiations but it's up to britain to make that possible zero move. though friday's morning meeting did little to sweeten the relationship between britain and the e.u. not all was lost right progress it's not sufficient it doesn't slow progress at all prime minister may offered a much needed olive branch pledging to protect a u.s. citizens in britain after the break that process is complete it. the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. e.u.
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citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay no one has expected a breakthrough good friday so much it is unlikely to leave either side feeling satisfied. for more on this let's cross over to brussels where as you can see our correspondent charlotte hill is standing by with the very latest and charlie we have to mention there were really low expectations going into this summit is it fair to say that both sides are going away on satisfied. good evening sara well i think it's fair to say that both sides have really tried to put a sticking plaster on what could have been a pretty disastrous day today you're right when you say that this should have been a big day this should have been the day that both sides can walk away and say hey we've managed to progress on to the next stage of talks as it stood though essentially they both fell at the first hurdle they want able to make sufficient
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progress on three key issues chief among them on the bracks it bill. given that there was some warning that this was going to happen it were able to offer an offer an olive branch to it to the u.k. which i think will come as a big relief to two reason may she would have really faced a lot of trouble back home if she'd she'd come back from brussels and not had any sort of progress coming out of the summit let's not forget that she's in a very precarious position at the moment domestically in the last election she lost a majority you got half the country that didn't want to break that in the first place didn't want this to go ahead and there's huge divisions within her policy on on how to make this work so the fact that she has come away with it with some sort of you know sugar coated version of what she wanted i think is is a good thing for her let's not mistake that e.u. leaders have been very frustrated by the rate of progress so far and
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this is not is not should be mistaken for any concessions or what they've offered today they've been very clear that they want to stick to the timetable that they've put in place and the reason they really will have to find a way to to live up to what they're hoping for and charlotte i want to drill down into one of their biggest frustrations because this is of course mainly to do with the amount of money that britain will pay in order to settle the divorce bill you mentioned that it's a delicate political balancing act for theresa may give him a balancing act of the situation domestically in the country can she up the offer to the e.u. and give them what they want. yeah i mean this is a real sticking point both sides have made clear that other issues have seen some progress citizens' rights the border with northern ireland but this is something that neither side is wanting to back down on it's
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a reason may has already offered twenty billion euros but that is very short of want the u.k. is expected to need to pay some experts say it's in the realm of sixty billion french president said today that it's the offer of twenty billion isn't even hoff of what is expected can she often more well that is something that is not going to go down very well in the u.k. let's not forget that a big reason that people wanted to leave the e.u. in the first place is they didn't like to see taxpayer money going to the e.u. so the idea of having to spend tens of billions in order to get out is is very unpalatable for a lot of people and there's also been huge opposition from a number of political leaders to up in the some including a foreign minister boris johnson so it will be tricky for her having said that though she's made clear that this is not her final offer and she will plan on upping that figure at some point what position the u.k.
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is in there is that it doesn't want to says it doesn't want to put forward this sum when it doesn't know what the final deal between the e.u. and the u.k. is going to be so they're saying let's let talks progress even further and then we'll talk about the some the e.u. though says no that is not going to happen so we're going to have to see what happens in the next couple of months on that because that was case scenario they're going to be in this exact same position two months from now in december and that really would be a disaster not just for the u.k. but for the e.u. as well and if they continue to be in the same position i mean you might even get the potential no deal scenario we know that london's brags that minister said again on friday that he is prepared to walk away empty handed and i just want to listen to what he said and then talk about it with you there after. what we've been doing for over a year now since august of two thousand and sixteen is making preparations for all outcomes now we don't want a new deal but if one comes we'll be ready for it so charlotte i mean i sense some
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confidence there from him you seems as if britain is ready to deal and cope with the new deal scenario to britain's share that sentiment he absolutely does that and i have to say that he is not alone on that i mean just before to resume a went to the summit live company to send her an open letter saying we need to start preparing for a new deal they basically said that it was inevitable and we should let british businesses know so that they can work out how they're going to cope with that in the future most economists would argue though that no deal would be a big disaster the uncertainty that would it would create in the u.k. is making a lot of people very nervous as to how britain's a feeling that i'd like to just quote the president of the european commission junkfood younger he said today what exactly is a no deal i think that's really the point i think no one really knows what that would intel among the british public no one really quite yet comprehend the consequences of what that might involve charlotte tells until with the very latest
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from brussels thank you and still to come on the day scientists say that pollution is killing millions of people around the world most of them in poor countries a new study links pollution to as many as a quarter of all deaths in some places we will hear from one of the researchers involved in the project a little later in the program. a populist billionaire looks likely to win the most votes in parliamentary elections in the czech republic andre bobbish has pledged to stamp out corruption boost investment and keep up refugees he's also ruled out joining the single european currency polls show strong support for him and his and a movement as well as for other protest parties voting and saturday afternoon. well joining me now for more on this from prague is
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a from the he's the director of new york university's academic center there in prague thank you very much for joining us this evening if you could even now we know that she has been described as the czech version of donald trump over in the united states would you say that that's a fair comparison. well in some ways it is because mr publishes also a billionaire just like mr drum he also came into politics from the outside with so the attention of. creating to check quality causes them and he expresses some of the views that we can hear from mr trump very strong and by immigration sentiments. tendencies to isolate the czech republic and so on but i would also argue that mr bobbish is so similar to mr bennett was connie who was the prime minister of italy for many years because unlike mr trump he managed
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to buy some important media outlets he owns to. be influential on the daily racing to czech republic plus a radio station and that helps him to promote his views in a quiet. way and with that powerful machine behind him you know media business in all of those areas one of his main pledges has been to tackle corruption how widespread would you say is corruption in the czech republic and is he the right man for the job. but the connection was quite widespread when he went into politics in two thousand and thirteen and it's why he succeeded by the government he was part of actually succeeded in fighting corruption quite to well it adopted to something just lowered the level of corruption in the czech republic so it had to come with new topics and because because he's
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a populist he. so it's going to stick then sion to migration and. hero and things like that he still says that he wants to fight the corruption but it's very difficult for him to do so when he himself is being criminally prosecuted for a possible of frauds absolutely you know those things seem actually diametrically opposed he's also campaigning on the anti e.u. message how deep would you say is the n.t.e.u. sentiment in the czech republic at the moment. well it just so he's not as deep as a few looks from from the outside i would say that twenty five percent of the chicks are very strongly in favor of. human bush it could twenty five are a twenty five percent are against and then we have dislodge a group of people about fifty percent of the population who really don't know how
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they do not get enough information we don't have any significant discussion about european issue because in the czech republic and i think those people are mainly confused and it very much depends on their views that are much depend on who is actually setting the tone of public discussion if we have people like you said about be sure to the current president of the czech republic mr zimmerman who express entire utopian views then the majority of these sort of undecided voters people. will probably lean in a direction of not liking the too much but it would change very quickly we will have a presidential election in january and if mr zuma is surprised by someone more b.n. we could have a significant shift in public opinion i want to just before we go if you could put
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this into the bigger context for us if bobbish is indeed elected the next prime minister what do you think this will mean for progs relations not only with the european union but also for progs for the czech place in the world. well a publisher is a business man so we really don't know because he has so. cracked crafted his rhetoric during the electoral campaign for you know way that sort of sewage. addict or a he is soldiers are mainly older less educated people from small towns and countryside and that they are not certainly strong supporters of the european union but at the same time mr bush is the second richest person in the czech republic with his own business interests his business empire of stretches from the czech republic to germany and france and ireland and so it is really not in unison
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personal interest to create some deep divide between utopian union and achieve you probably take so my feeling is that if he indeed becomes the prime minister he will be much more moderate stand he is now when he's trying to wind will right to say. well we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about the possible outcomes of this upcoming election year to pay a political scientists and the director of new york university's academic center and proc. two former u.s. presidents from across the aisle have come together to denounce trump arab politics in separate speeches george w. bush and barack obama criticized deep divisions in today's america this comes as the issue of hate speech takes center stage especially since president trump refused to condemn a white supremacist march this summer on thursday protesters stopped
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a white nationalist leader from speaking at a university in florida. we don't want no nazi hate their target and inside this florida university a leading figure in america's white supremacist movement calling for a white as snow state and state he was hunted down amid heated exchanges. you're going to. fearing deadly violence like that recently seen in other american cities the governor declared a state of american say. critics see president trump's tacit support has encouraged the far right rice has has not provoked an extraordinary scolding from not one but two former presidents. we would go out folks who are deliberately trying to make folks saying we're going. to demonize people who have different
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ideas. to get the base all riled up because it provides a short term tactical advantage. george w. bush also avoided naming trump but it was clear who was on his mind. bigotry seems emboldened our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication we've seen nationalism distorted in the nativism. forgotten the dynamism that immigration is always brought to america it began with the mexican border wall these prototypes no wonder consideration. then trump said some neo nazis who marched in charlottesville were fighting people. last month he slammed black football players for taking a need to protest police brutality come. thank you very much and this week
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conflict will want trump dead or did not say to the what do of a day u.s. servicemen thank you very much. the hatred lies in division that characterized the trump era of u.s. politics bringing point scoring into one woman's passionate cohesion. and on social media lots of reactions to former president obama and bush's speeches with much speculation that they are referring to trump florida based tweeter lisa that's a burger writes seeing bush and obama speak yesterday was uplifting and depressing because we now have to return to our regularly scheduled program trump a texas based t.v. host was less forgiving he writes it's not funny to hear x. presidents and the speaker attacking trump after everything that we know about the obama administration sickening another tweeter says really disappointed and saddened that president bush has spoken out against president trump while he kept
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silent as obama destroyed the country. it's the world's number one killer environmental pollution is causing more deaths every year than wars and violence natural disasters hunger or smoking now a major study published in the lancet medical journal says that one out of every six premature deaths in twenty fifteen that's about nine million can be attributed to diseases caused by toxic exposure low and middle income countries are worst affected here pollution can be responsible for up to a quarter of all deaths but developed countries are also grappling with the effects of dirty air and contaminated water ships in hamburg's harbor pumping air chemicals they're the main source of air pollution in this northern german port city but hamburg's air is also full of dust particles nitrogen oxide and c o two emitted by the city's cars and power stations air pollution is a global problem
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a new study available online has pinpointed where the air soil and water are particularly poor and how many people are dying worldwide as a result. in germany pollution kills seven hundred sixty four people per million. the study shows a correlation between poverty and death due to pollution children are especially risk and environmental n.g.o.s are warning of long term health consequences. the. deaths happened because of air pollution. because people and hailed microbes particles in them died prematurely from a heart attack or from lung cancer. for. around fifty leading scientists contributed to the lancet study which includes numerous economic and political proposals for combating pollution. and
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spoke with richard fuller one of the experts who contributed to that report we asked him which of the study's recommendations could help the most it depends on what country and the most important thing that countries ought to do first is to look within their own borders that where are the biggest problems for talks explosions is it from air pollution in the capital city or is it from soil pollution all that exposure or chromium or some industrial issue all mercury for example and gold mining areas and each country will have a different set of issues that are the most significant and once that is well known then of course programs can be designed and there are plenty of terrific pantos around the world who can provide expertise some assistance and reducing this disease because of course this isn't so much of a problem in europe or in the u.s.
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so these solutions are not complex they're well known it's just a matter a lot of go really to make sure that they're implemented. sicily is one of the most economically deprived areas of italy but it is also an island of striking natural beauty one town has come up with a plan to fight for their economic decline it's buying up dessert and houses and selling them for just one euro so they can be revamped as tourist accommodations have a look. the town of ganges straddles the a dilemma donia mountains in central says late an hour and a half's drive along windy country roads from palermo it boasts a superb view of mount etna from one side of. gandhi is home to seven thousand people twenty churches and now roads hardly wide enough for a modern car. ganji has no industry to speak often the town's
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population has been steadily declining for years and two thousand and fourteen a new med aside to inject energy into the commune by selling off old abandoned houses the leaches democratic ungentle mellowed a privilege and a few years ago we did a count and discovered that there were six hundred eighty empty houses and some were in acute danger of falling down so we asked the owners if they wouldn't just rather give them to us one of the like a lot of after the initial shock many owners were in fact happy to sign over their properties to the community and harrison's tax on the heavy cost of renovation had made many buildings unattractive investments. the man saw an opportunity to attract new residents to ganji after decades of emigration he offered the houses up for one euro piece provided the owners were prepared to invest a certain amount themselves. a
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lot. that they either lost by g.v. garson the house i'm about to put on the market is not very big i would say you could do up with a total of thirty thousand euros and i mean i would as it was of all or downstairs as one of the stables for the animals. in total there are four rooms spread out over four floors the kitchen is on the top floor and as was common with houses built in one thousand nine hundred there is no bathroom. in order to preserve the village building regulations stipulate that any new buy must renovate in the traditional building style. and we want to prove this is more than just a mafia and bad bureaucracy and this weekend we can process a building permit in just three days anyone who comes here can see that we're different jogging in. one hundred sixty one your houses in gandhi have already been sold off to those attracted by the stunning landscape plenty of year round sunshine
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and a sense for adventure and. that's all we have time for i'm sorry kelly and garland thanks for watching. while everyone else is holding their cameras. sebastian eris points his at the ground. the photographer focuses on the beauty of paris under foot
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and surprise how much can be found there enjoy some new perspectives. next week. european stars deliver a rousing performance of. jazz flavored soul for good let me my eyes from around my mario. beyond he has touched the hearts of this thing. come up. during a concert in forty five minutes on the t w your beloved welcome to quadriga art what is that inside of i mean the i can't tell you about it says the women's talk w. . smart women. smart talks with. her smart
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station you'll find out just what it's like w. . when cities are ingolf by the sea. then all the. walls and costly protective measures with. slugs challenging our future starting november ninth own. iran and welcome to another action packed show as always we are going to make our
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way around europe in about a half an hour here's a look at what's coming up.


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