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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2017 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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replaced a blurry camera and fixed a fuse in the robotic arms extension the high definition video camera is necessary to get a good view of incoming supply ships. the uncertainty over catalonia is independence bit continues but it's not just businesses that are affected students are also anxious about the future. and making faces going to central bank governors facial expressions move markets. and on your winter and this is your business news update separatists thought they had the trump card that glittering economy but now it seems businesses can more about stability than political identity many firms have already packed up their bags and that's got the region's students worried and some say they'll be out of the first sign of separation from spain. it's break time at the technical
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university of catalonia. and time to let off steam. the independence debate is a hot topic here. it concerns the students' futures. and. it will result in international and medium sized companies leaving the region it will be very difficult to find work that i don't want to leave catalonia my whole family is living here but there's a possibility that i will have to leave us quite a bit of. the political conflict is already taking its toll say on a volkswagen affiliate is one of the region's biggest employers there are rumors the central government in madrid is putting the carmaker under pressure to leave catalonia no comment from the company. on the other hand the german business shown is happy to talk about things its high tech mechanical arm is designed for the
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factories of the future made in barcelona and freighted off to other parts of the country and abroad the business is enjoying double digit growth but couldn't catalonian independence pose problems hundreds of companies are turning their backs on the region. that's why it was shiny here i expect article one fifty five won't be triggered and independents won't need to clarity early elections are a possibility the whole affair may drag on for weeks but we don't think drastic decisions like shifting operations will be necessary in the short term but we expect the political situation will calm down in the next weeks and months and both more not. so shown will stay for now but others have already gone. and catalonia isn't the only region in the e.u. with ambitions of autonomy this sunday italians and the northern regions of lombardy and the netto will have their say on whether to remain part of italy the
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referendum not binding but economists already counting the costs of wealthy regions striking out on their own. first the cattle lands. then the northern italians including venice. as well as the flemish in belgium there are many regions in europe that are seeking independence and experts fear that it could erode the european union as current as a. few failed it could expand and could continue on and there is a fear it will catch on and then the community of twenty eight states will begin to crumble around the edges like a stale cake and fall apart because i have a whole lot of time off just. the separation of these regions like flanders would be an economic catastrophe for the national government flanders contributes fifty eight percent of belgium's economy. the regions of venice and lumbered that are
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also striving for independence represent thirty one percent of italy's economy. if one of these regions does gain independence it must first exit the e.u. the date for the re entry would be uncertain. if claude was here if a few hours from i think it would sooner be five years than five weeks or months if catalonia were to be accepted immediately as an independent state then all the region still applying for membership would have every right to complaining of the matrics of. the two it. venice and the rest would have to go to the back of the line none of the affected regions are willing to compromise the conflicts for independence will weigh down on europe for years to come. general electric has announced it will shed more than twenty billion us dollars worth of assets in the coming months that's with g.e.'s new c.e.o.
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john flannery revealing financial results that badly missed wall street expectations from re said g.e. will have a simpler more focused portfolio analysts expect the company to get rid of transportation and lighting among others investors are pushing for a big change after being frustrated by poor returns for more than a decade and yes quarters on wall street force against g eight was already struggling despite the previous see best efforts over many years what's holding it back. well i mean general electric made a couple of wrong bets in the past couple of years they invested heavily into the financial industry that was even before jeffrey immelt took over and then the financial markets collapse then g.e. placed big bets on the energy markets then oil prices collapsed but then also there seems to be something of the corporate culture at general electric this heavily
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on some fancy resorts for top management for a fleet of private jets and so on and so forth so now there is a lot of work for the john lennon really and we will learn more on november third teens when where there will be a big investor stay at general electric's headquarters by the way the stock recovered quite a bit here during trading but the stock is trading down by about twenty five percent just within this year so maybe some of the bit use was already priced in and so far this year g.e. is the worst stock in the dow jones industrial average case are tough times for g.e. and moving on trump is looking into potentially replacing janet yellen as the chair of the federal reserve who's under consideration. well donald trump of pretty much all possible candidates and also was fed chair woman janet yellen just on thursday after that meeting donald trump said throughout i like her
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a lot but here on the wall street bets are that it's pretty much head to head raise between fed gov. poll and then also with economists there was an intellectual sort to speak with. john taylor and it is even possible that donald trump might nominate both of them one as chair and one as vice chair so at this moment it looks not likely that janet yellen will be nominated again when her term is due next every day so we'll just have to wait and see on that front quarter have a great weekend thank you very much and speaking of central bankers every move you make every word you speak even what she where it's all monitored obsessively if you're a central bank governor investors are intent on jumping on anything that could give them the faintest clues about an upcoming interest rate rise or policy shift but can a face move
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a market researchers in japan thinks. the many faces of bank of japan governor how will he koku road but what's he thinking and more importantly what's he about to say that's the question researchers believe they'll soon be able to answer. basic but we've proven the correlation between the governor's facial expressions and the decisions he makes on fiscal policy i believe we can use this method to predict his next move on monetary policy. central bank chiefs are used to close scrutiny take easy head mario draghi some people believe his choice of type presents a clue about his fiscal plans. others think the way federal reserve chair janet yellen construct her sentences can be revealing. videos of federal reserve chair woman janet yellen and e.c.v. head mario draghi are readily available so why won't the research to cover them to
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. from facial expressions to fiscal intentions. this image of the bank of japan governor has been assigned one hundred percent happiness racing but what exactly that says about his next policy decision remains unclear after all looks can be deceiving. we're going to switch gears now allegations of rape and sexual assault against film director harvey weinstein has led to women across the world opening up on social media they want to make it clear that sexual harassment is not just limited to hollywood it's an everyday occurrence in the workplace. women power in berlin the agent lovelace conference office women in i.t. the opportunity to link up and manages founders and programmers are in attendance their aim to support each other and strengthen female networks the tech world is
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male dominated women have to be assertive they sometimes witness comments that a downright crass. isn't here and i don't believe that this is a business context and in such a context it's ok to make jokes but they shouldn't cross the line we must keep fighting this and say that we don't want pub conversations in a business contacts that one does not see one. but what happens if the fact she was comments give way to sexual harassment what can women do to fight something like that. discuss it with someone and and be confident that you will be heard there is a responsibility of us all to make sure that we take conversations like this very seriously we can all help we could all listen to someone who's going through it all been through it and we can all be a role model and a listening support machine courage as women not to be afraid to make it clear when a boundary has been crossed it's the only way true co-operation can work. that's
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the truth if people don't do that you can't move this process forward it's essential that we right now really bring about a change of culture or rather a change to this new lack of culture of the. and such change could well more women to move into the tech sector. and the rights of a whole week of business updates we've got more on twitter and facebook from me and the whole new business team have a great weekend. take
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