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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2017 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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discover. video and audio podcast and language courses in the d. w. media center at media center dot w dot com. does the news germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something henderson says we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines. everyone welcome to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week here's
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a look at what's coming up. all at sea women take at the helm for the volvo ocean race. on the road truck art is an eye catching mobile installation in spain. and cheers some useful tips from the world's number one beer somebody. we start off the show with one of the toughest sailing we're got as in the world the year valvo ocean right now since nine hundred seventy three the most experienced sailors have taken to the high seas for a true test of endurance this year the race will take the teams forty five thousand and not all miles around the world across four oceans and the most notable aspect of this edition is that when men are taking a leading role now we talk to some of the female crew members ahead of the start.
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racing across the sea at breakneck speeds. even in training the volvo ocean race is teams take things to the limit. among the sailors battling to shave off seconds in heavy seas is british skipper deacon fari. to. be out here and i feel. very privileged place to be seeing nature in its own environment and then trying to harness the power of nature to make it work for you i like the lack of distractions and the focus there is on actually setting the boat. for you was the first woman to sail solo and nonstop around the world in both directions and she's not the only female participant in this year's race eighteen women will be taking part thanks to the introduction of
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a new rule the more women on board the bigger the size of the team allowed. the idea is to open more doors to women at the sport's highest level. the level of the female side has not been allowed to get to the top level because they've not been able to sail with the best teams and i wanted to. help the sport and help the best female sailors go to the very top. all seven teams taking part in the volvo ocean race have decided to include women so this year there will be mixed crews fighting to win what is billed as the toughest sailing race in the world. some of the guys who have never sowed with women before i realizing that it's not such a bad thing and it can be a very nice environment to silane i think a mix tape brings out the best of the girls it makes them raise their game and it kind of calms the testosterone of the boys a little so ends up. in
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a very nice environment the subtlety that women maybe have because they have less strength they have a little bit more subtlety and more finesse in a way is sometimes an advantage for women. most of the women participating in mixed teams this year sailed in the last of all the ocean race but the all female team had the odds stacked against them. and the sport of sailing and the volvo ocean race in particular is an experience sport the more hours you sail the more hours you spend on the ocean the better you will become as a sailor only. at first the big names in men sailing were reluctant to take female crew members on board they were all waiting to see how the women performed in the preliminary import race and on the counter before the crew is put to sea proper next sunday. afterwards the male sailors congratulated their female counterparts. on that everywhere that they have
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referred to the spirit is from you know that let all them know we are very happy that they are going to look good that i would not sign some deals that i've got a lot of experience and you know a really good. and really good of a child's and. you know we fill up with done pretty lucky with the girls we've got . this year everything's changed at the ball the ocean race for both the women and the men. for. their team work improves with every hour that they sail together. as soon as we step on the boat or when we are together as a team there are no differences and we are one group of sailors and we just want to say make the boat go really fast so we have the same goal to dig a trophy and to do that. in this and i want to do. when and
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so i'm hoping that now this is kind of been a watershed moment if this race can show you that makes teams work and in the future say to us we'll get picked on ability not just gender. thank you now the crews have some forty five thousand exciting but grueling nautical miles ahead of them whichever boat crosses the line first one thing's already decided for the first time women will be among the winners of the volvo ocean race. the voyage manuscript as one of the most mysterious books in the world now it's around six hundred years old and consists of two hundred pages written in secret code even to this day no one has been able to get to the bottom of what is written on the pages but one man in spain has made it his mission to finally solve this age old riddle. thank you. dive into the
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past with a book that's one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. for more than two years one course a garcia from book us in northern spain has been studying the voyage manuscript thought to have been written some six hundred years ago its author is unknown and the writing remains undecided furred the images sparked the imagination but no one's sure what they mean is that the coming down here of theories that the book might have been written in a kind of encoded latin. or that an alien road while being held captive in a monastery. or that leonardo da vinci wrote it as a child. you know there are a lot of people in the world who are currently studying the voynich manuscript. in this the moment. scientists have determined that the manuscript dates from the fifteenth century that's a period of time that has always especially fascinated one plus
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a car c.-a he's always searching for rare historic books as was the book dealer with great voyage who discovered the manuscript in one thousand nine hundred twelve in the library of a jesuit order in italy he was able to buy it but not to decipher it. and i thought that enough meat of the script in many books written in the middle ages or the early renaissance there is the author's fear of running afoul of the authorities and that's why the folks are partially written in a secret code. and that's why some people suspect that the voyage manuscript says must be as well they don't leave this at the same time it exhibits so many peculiarities that don't confirm that theory as the. historical books are the specialty of the small spanish. publishing company ceiling for two years some twenty specialists have been working on
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a facsimile edition of the voyage manuscript the original is owned by yale university in the united states one jose garcia who was a for longer just hopes his copy will be as authentic as possible some of the holes were repaired with thread and caught on thread and some of the holes were repaired with parchment thread this is very difficult to reproduce but there repairs some of them have lost the thread and the small of the a small holes are made in the same place as the book. these are plants that never existed in nature painted on the finest parchment old handiwork like this is a real treasure. the publishing house wants to sell the facsimile edition for some eight thousand euros a piece the print run is limited to eight hundred ninety eight and three hundred
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orders have already been placed. above the possibly a treatise about a medicine pharmacy or maybe about chemistry. it is about astrology and astronomy when the book when you touch the original in a way can so many emotions into questions you want to know who touched it who could have made something like this how many people were involved in making. the author of the manuscript appears to have taken the answers to those questions to his grave with him possibly along with knowledge about the healing powers of plants or the synergy of the stars unless of course someone manages to crack the books code. i think that with this facsimile which is very close to their original. we can make a contribution towards this manuscript perhaps one day being fully and printed them
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and. perhaps there are the secrets of the past page hidden in these pages wherever they may have come from one must say garcia aims to have the facsimiles finished in november when he will present them to the public for the first time and that might just be the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the voyage manuscript thank you. our next report takes us to the italian island of sicily capital city palermo not only has great weather all year round but also boasts a wealth of culture cullen area delights and exciting history so as the saying goes the early bird catches the worm so we start our voyage of discovery at the crack of dawn. that picturesque capital of sicily
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palermo is surrounded by mountains and crystal blue sea. and even the morning only fishermen are away bringing their catch into the historic kaba. they themselves are convinced that this is the best place in the wild. that. sicily is the most beautiful place on earth. the climate the people everything the vegetables the fruits the fish everything. we have everything including beautiful women. beautiful women are also visible in palermo in the film of statues. as stroll around the historic city center is best begun where they are at an intersection cold quite tall or full kaunas after the four richly decorated
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matching kona buildings the traffic hub is a high point of architecture. you can also take a tour around the city in a horse drawn carriage the nano is geographically tunis than it is to rome carriage drive. says that's reflected in the architecture of the old city center. area africans are normans helped build this. and the photo of the south. from the ninth to the eleventh century was under north african rule the saracens used the old basilica as a mosque after them came the normans who built the present cathedral son to see mao asunta which is also known as the norman cathedral. cafés is a pop. yes but for a lunch break. if you want to do is the locals do you eat while standing in the box
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. the whole friends include can only perhaps the most famous sicilian does it it's made fresh every day so what is the feeling actually made up. to go to the back corner in atlanta that we take ricotta . add sugar. and then mix it all together thoroughly and then i go out when the recruiter has reached the right consistency. we are little pieces of chocolate that normally i do the job that i want to drop a lot and then we feel they can really show us with a mixture they can. so how does it tanks. what is it going only. after a bite to eat it's time to visit the nearby thomas e. mail from the area to luciano pavarotti many of the world's opera stars have sung han it's one of europe's biggest opera house since. he.
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was. right. there. and the sound on a chan only loves the acoustics and the atmosphere of the theatre. i sing some fifteen years so i've sung. in every everything i sing in a new one with this kind of research i can feel the power of the room and. that's beautiful. the best way to round off the day is on monte pellegrino with its perfect view of palermo. ten years ago as a tourist from russia she fell in love with the city and decided to stay. my own post on the review it's a marvelous place when you stand here with this beautiful panorama you immediately
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fall in love with the sea and with the land there's such a rich and profound history. it's just great. grandiose of. which views one thing and then i was sure to in chance many movies it is. there was a clear distinction between art we see on the streets and the works in museums but more and more we are seeing a crossover between the two mediums and what this means is that street artists are displaying in galleries and museums and now in spain a group of contemporary artists have taken to the streets so to speak for the first time for the so called truck art project now i traveled to madrid recently to see what this involves. at first glance this may look like an abstract painting on a wall but look again and it's actually a work of art on the side of
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a truck. this is a truck art project an initiative in madrid twenty nine of spain's most established artists have taken part. as one of them. well it's a painting in movement on this i feel you. for this project was a challenge but in a positive sense to be done with paintings normally hang on walls and not between cars that are zipping by. like high as paintings usually hang in galleries and museums including the well known ran us afia in the spanish capital but he stepped out of his normal element to participate in this project. my end of august also took part she's been active as
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a professional artist for fifteen years her works often involved graphic allegory. the chalk on project is now an important part of my work. and i look at lots with the symbol of the sacred heart and senses symbolises important in my own lives and i decided to put it on the truck. about the artist for the truck art project were chosen by the curators. when they come to me the first wanted to do on the street and i came up with a ring you know on in their brain there's. different art these are not normally used to show in their art. in the streets and normally they're only did these painting me to. endure. annabel rica is also one such artist her words are often quite colorful and playful aside from painting
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a truck she was also commissioned to paint a mural on the transport company's grounds. and an infant that it was a big challenge to adapt to the. modern in such a short period of time. but it was amazing to take part in this project. you know. it was something new for me because i'm used to working in closed rooms with viewable formats. the trucker project is the brainchild of entrepreneur high mccall so he started this transport company five years ago but his true passion is art which is displayed on the walls both inside and outside of
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the company. funded the truck park project with money from his transport firm. it is important that companies these days use part of their profit to return to the to the society and i think that they do say. social responsibility or corporate responsibility and and we are promoting art and letting. some people enjoy. the trucks operate all over spain so the public at large have a chance at funny meme. on the road or in town. or no their numbers are limited but
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cole says looking to expand the project to one hundred trucks or more and early next year there will also be an event for all the trucks can be seen together in one big road show. now right well moving on now to a subject dear to many germans beer cording to the statistics every german drinks more than one hundred liters of beer on average per year making it the national drink simply by default but it has come a long way as a beverage thanks to the craft beer wave there are for example special varieties which like wine go perfectly with oysters were even chocolate we met someone who knows the beverage so well that he was named world champion beer some. and i'm going with you to be at an all at the first of the up there is very fruity it has a stable ahead. of them there's
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a mind of resinous undertone like you were walking through a pine forest and the fun by that. stuff and his punt be it isn't just something you cough and. he's a. one of the world's best in fact having won the b.s. championships in september. i think if you asked my friends they'd say well he certainly can't talk and maybe it's because in the end i was fairly common stage week off and because of that i just got into a flow of talking and i was able to describe the behavior in a competent way i think that helped give my entire presentation of the appearance that everything was working well with. the practice of giving professional advice about beer is still in its infancy stephan works as a computer scientist he says so many in his spare time tasting his own home bring courses the image of beer as a cheap mass produced concoction is gradually changing. the mind all that's part of
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my job as a beer summit to help ensure that beer is looked at as a somewhat higher quality product and is something consumed for pleasure not just to get drunk or i think working towards that is the joint task of all beer summit heads and especially meat world champion. stephan began developing an interest in india beyond the classic pierce coast several years ago he started playing himself and in twenty fifteen he took a two week course to qualify as is so many. stephens area of expertise today is food pairing finding out which big goes with which food . for instance this pumpkin soup goes well with this session. the help from going to bring in a very fruity roma tropical fruits the pumpkin soup has
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a slight note of orange in the water and those citrus notes are also present in the beer there's also ginger and ella which works well with the multi knesset the beer so the beer goes very well with the pumpkin soup and it's an excellent company but for another guy who doesn't. for an entire menu the same rule applies as with wine if possible the first be it should be the lightest and fizzy is the last one should be the sweetest. thing for a young man here's a scottish dark a dog a beer that's really given life by a dark roast and i don't know what the flavor goes very much in the direction of the chocolate or even a bit of coffee like in the sort of go well it will warm chocolate cake but of course also tastes quite intensely of chocolate when i go larry well it appears that picks up those chocolate notes. and other tips from stefan to get the best flavor from beer drink it out of
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a glass rather than straight from the bow so what beer does he like drinking best. question and i have a different favorites depending on the season or occasion and i'm summer i prefer something light like a wheat beer a belgian a good beer or approach. in winter maybe something heavier like a cask aged beer or something belching. stefania buttons can enjoy his title as world champion be is something for two years and during that time he hopes to inspire as many people as possible to explore the rise he the world of beer has to offer. and with that we wrap up the week now don't forget to go to our website case you missed one of the reports or friend us on facebook for me and the rest of the crew here in berlin. as always thanks for watching and we will see you again soon.
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never reheat a mushroom dish. a glass of red wine a day is good for your. train of thought to mention many people need something to
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believe that's where myths come from. and what does science play in the media it's not easy to stop them and to stop them scientific myths in fifteen minutes on d w. because they're in the way they start to divide the country you need to deal with where they start to divide the language blood will flow for. ninety nine days the soviet union is breaking apart the night of that night everyone knew the decision would seal everyone's face or get us there and get my side of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically it was a love song it was an incredibly difficult task for you not misadventure in the back of this democracy was a license for the elections where fraud privatization was robbery houris instead of
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cultivating its culture its words and language it brought forth a recalls of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on d w. d some are your five keys to safer food. clean to prevent contamination. separate draw and cook foods to avoid cross contamination. third to kill microorganisms.
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keep food safe temperatures of the cold to prevent bacterial growth. use safe water and safe role materials to avoid content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by applying the five keys to see for food use them you also have a role to play. cattle and leader carlos puja mont has said spain's plans to sack separatist leaders and call the new local election are the worst attack on catalonia since the dictatorship of francisco franco this has hundreds of pro independence
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demonstrators gathered to show their support outside the.


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