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tv   Kino - The Movie Magazine  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2017 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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the trove is expected to include more than thirty thousand classified documents that were previously redacted and three thousand that have never been seen by the public. quadriga. international talk show. opinion the same. arguments analysis. for journalists discuss the topic of the week. quadriga on d. dully.
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hello and welcome to kino d.a.w.'s weekly movie magazine today we're going to take you back to the nineteen twenty s that we don't belin takes the german t.v. series to the next level it's the third semester break below the belt school comedy and we reopen an old case murder on the orient express the remake. the gross out school comedy may shakespeare i can't say the real name on air because it's far too rude has broken box office records twice before around fifteen million cinema goers have followed the antics of unconventional teacher. and the pupils he is supposed to be in charge of film even one finds beyond germany now the third and apparently final part is out. second man and his writers are back that's going to be trouble especially since seche has to get his little patch through final exams things are about to get serious. that's best the contest now
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i like to get out there. it will. catch me if you show them what you missed. i can't get on your income steps necessary to shop for the i love business acumen today just looking to spend millions on stress here. and the house and. into the decision much as i just needed to come to a. relief teacher secular has been talking the talk since two thousand and thirteen it's a tried and tested recipe and i'm as i'm alone when it comes to guns what and how did the out of the club. it's in the market comedy with no holds barred told at an exhilarating pace german actor some bad as secular seamlessly glides from x. prison inmate to qualified teacher with a good. the guy had
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a cell but they have long also set up the aisle but no here. it's a stone turn for the a list tailor made for him. to fight me we always found him very funny as a teacher so that idea was always there there hasn't been a high school film for ages and there are actually a german genre it's a comedy where the teachers are actually works on the students are. good and yes. yes yes. borat downtick and wrote and directed the film which became a hit with german audiences more than seven million people so far have seen that and it continues to be one of the most successful german films of all time. the movies are a laugh a minute with a touch of salt to seize ecan when to go off to thailand with the whole of class ten b. . part two didn't go down with the critics quite as well look. this
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is an eye for. us. and i was very critical of myself and i had my doubts that i would be believable in the roles off that because it's often hard to be funny because when you're trying to be funny and it doesn't work it's even worse. up to now it seems to have worked very well part two was also a box office hit the team resting on my laurels are. now using their celebrity status for good cause just before the last german elections they were up trying to motivate young people to vote and he thinks most men who did gave. part three promises to deliver on what made the first two films so successful was right so i. think that some shot at. united states
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and its. is it really the last one maybe it will be a class reunion in ten yes yes hoping. the international when i saw the t.v. series has prompted the german film industry to step up its game in recent years number of directors have turned their attention to the epic form with varying degrees of success now along comes tom six and same with babylon berlin the most expensive t.v. series in german history the waiting is over at least the pay t.v. subscriber so let's follow the money and take a rollercoaster ride through the poverty and decadence of roaring twenty's but in. the lead in the spring of one nine hundred twenty nine more than rotten to the core
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magical. a new german t.v. series brings to life the golden era of the weimar republic weren't and all a period of cultural renaissance decadence and debauchery. if you can books were different but now we can say is that we look for the berlin of the one nine hundred twenty s. in our city because we discovered it in new york and then invented if you will remember the city plays the main character in the film the struggle. in the one nine hundred twenty s. berlin was at the forefront of a remarkable cultural shift famous for excess on the german people juggled extreme poverty and unemployment with a lust for life. coping skills on the whole there was an incredible explosion of creativity art and culture there was so much going on with particularly in berlin hundreds of thousands of emigrants came to the city mostly from eastern europe and on the body they were really mixed bunch more welcomed in
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a city that pulse with the life of millions of people which used to us and where the tyrannies never got. on the streets police and communists back. well it out with a budget of forty million euro spread over sixteen episodes than anybody alone has already made history is the most expensive german t.v. production to date the series took five years to produce and principal photography lasted seven months with most of the exterior shots filmed at the legendary bubbles back studios outside berlin. and looked to see if you or you know i would be of course tried to remodel and simulate many of the original locations but then we also decided to produce a large number of the exterior shots in a studio so we built a road actually not one but for a whole block were each street represented a different ambience by different social milieu. but it was your fertile representative. one of the main protagonists in the series is
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inspector gary on the court he's a man of his time broken by the first world war addicted to heroin and suffering from shell shock he buries his pain by working for the homicide squad the inspectors wild is out of joint. entry and then i was as long ling no last. day and as i guess i'm on the sauce it's called first corpse. quick trip must've shined on the day i really don't recall going to spend two dimensional going fast. the series is based on a novel by focus entitled the wet fish the directors of bell and babylon read it and loved it. is a native of cologne and has already written the six hugely popular novel set in berlin in the one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's. its culture is
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a crime writer who does an incredible amount of research and manages to recreate an unbelievably vivid picture of the time. just like the novel the series involved huge amounts of research and goes into the finest detail. it's also a small screen extravaganza i thriller in true american style. but i know i know for you it's hard to stop. parkinson unless. they ask you. to disclose it and they don't nobody wants to politicize. dr meltzer come along comes in my readers are going to say this is. the reason. it was a huge inferno a time of contrasts. such a contrast in that there was extreme poverty but also well faced scuppering with
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these of these ones it was very these incredible parties politicized politically no one knew where things were headed in. the time to the various parties were vying for power. there was a time of uncertainty but also of searching for something the size of the swan. recently celebrated premieres in berlin and los angeles the series has been sold to sixty countries and follow up seasons are in the works to last don't. want. to miss. this fifty percent for a period of radical change also for women does this garbage well there was something very exciting in the air that involved women and i think that's also a reason why women can identify with that time even today if you start from the trusty phone and get. well i'm babylon delivers a nine hundred twenty s.
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berlin in a way that's bound to get under your skin. probably the greatest detective in the world takes a royal trip but encounters a corpse finding the culprit on a train where everyone is a suspect becomes his most urgent task the great british actor and director kind of rana has taken on the major challenge of remaking murder on the orient express the screen adaptation of the famous novel by crime writer agatha christie and a classic of movie history let's take a look. the real killer is right here. when people.
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were. sleeping here. and i can see everyone. can see the night. train journey and high cross entertainment for all the family that's all we have time for on this edition but as always much more on our facebook and website pages so next week go easy on the popcorn. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer
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made it back to the top. you know web special. football made in germany. when everything knows it's a chinese food without food can nothing before maybe he's used. a lot of. it dropped out of the school because they were eating nothing when coming from home that could have easily been us. any one of us. you're.


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