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w. he has congress around the clock markie it's funny because the first three good luck to the commemoration ceremony in vietnam back. will be documentaries of magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events help set in motion . reformation day october thirty first. this is deja news live from bali bombing edition off what has what has the world given enough more than half
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a million to him good muslims have fled me and ma in to bomb that base in desperate need of food medicine and shelter a u.n. donor conference rees's money but for short of the goalie most of coming up japan's prime minister of pledges to get tough with north korea after a landslide election victory he's expected to push for a constitutional reforms that would allow the military to flex its muscles beyond japanese borders. and the high promise of victory after a five month battle the philippines says it has defeated highest linked militants in morality but how serious is the threat from extremists in the region. and in sports lewis hamilton takes aim at another major prize he was out to win his fourth formula one title at the u.s. group three in texas we feel but he managed to bring home the side of a wet. hello
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i'm on the thought she must good to have your company. the united nations has scored it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of running on muslims facing persecution and violence and me and ma have fled to neighboring bangladesh every day is a steady stream of refugees who cross the border in desperate need of aid a bomb the base is looking for help to deal with the situation to give you an idea of the numbers nearly six hundred thousand rohingya have fled to this since august of a kind state more than half of them are children and aid agencies were looking for more than four hundred forty million dollars from a donor conference in geneva they've just announced that they have managed to raise three hundred fourteen million of that money has more on what prompted so much giving the desperate plight of the roving. thousands of people still flee me on
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our every day nearly six hundred thousand rwanda have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. not big wanders through the refugee camp and caucuses bizarre clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered by me on mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't their neighbors had hidden me and then they brought me to bangladesh. a lot of their lives. john and as now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one
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hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. with a problem when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition most part of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital just gong many refugees have been maimed by land mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers of brutality. we want support for them just like on drugs medical support and most importantly one that initial call me to a good base at the myanmar list of these type of inhuman walks me and maher and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation ruins of refugees but very few actually want to return the government in myanmar denies any rights
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violations and says it's only targeting terrorists i spoke earlier to the director of human rights watch gemini events because key and i asked him what the some elements within the rohingya community had been radicalized. there are some elements and there were some attacks but it's you know. it comes without saying if you are bullying persecuting killing a minority for many many years then there is always some retaliation but it is not a terrorist threat as much as the burmese government claims are saw rebels or groups have said that they will have a cease fire unilateral cease fire and they don't have connections for example to isis or al qaeda so it's a very small group now you said the burmese do not recognize the citizens of their country but the riga have been living in me in my for generations. and it is
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absolutely gobsmacked that they're still denied any citizenship and when we talk now about the possible return resettlement of these people of the rohingya back to their country the question is to where because the villages and the land where there were for generations has been taking away already the crop has been sold and they would probably have to expect a life in prison so as you mentioned more than six hundred thousand rohingya refugees have fled to bomb that this can the country cope with the scale of new arrivals or never bangladesh is one of the most poorest countries in the world they have problems for themselves when their flights we are donating constantly money to bangladesh so to help six hundred thousand people came with and two months. on their own it's not possible so they need international help they need international although there's great empathy in bangladesh for the refugees do you see
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a negotiated settlement emerging out of this crisis at some point. i'm quite pessimistic but you know there's a long way to go and on the same time there is no time anymore no time to lose so there has to be a political settlement and only works if the international community if the other countries are putting real pressure on the military in burma to change what's going on right now fundamentally change benson because the director of human rights watch here in germany thank you very much for talking to us they're starting to look at some other stories making news around the wild a fifty year old german man linked to a far right extremist group has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a police officer last year while skunky opened fire when police raided his home in order to confiscate dozens of hunting weapons he is believed to be a member of the rice burger
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a group which rejects the legitimacy of the german state. a senior official in spain's catalonia region says its leaders will not follow orders from madrid if the central government moves to reassert control there the council on parliament is set to hold a session on thursday in response to spain's proposal to temporarily impose direct rule. the coalition of argentina's president a mauricio macri has emerged as the country's strongest political force in mid-term elections markley had been expected to lose votes over his government's human rights record but he dealt a blow to the opposition is specially in the province of bonus itis where former president cristina kitchener was defeated by the pro-government candidate. turning now to japan where prime minister shinzo rb has scored a resoundingly big three in a bid for a for the political mandate in snap elections his coalition government is said to
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retain its two thirds super majority in parliament that would give him a free hand to push through reforms and trying to persuade a reluctant public to reward constitutional restrictions on japan's military. fresh from a distance of election victory japan's prime minister shinzo pledges to tackle what he's called the country's two main problems so it's called an aging society a tense situation with north korea these are some of the national issues we face and i will do my utmost to lead this country as its prime minister how do you think your my thoughts that most of us. putting up or is that for every state one conservative has many to paint his ruling coalition retained its two thirds majority in the lower house. these two thirds majority is important. but the numbers needed to revise japan's pacifist constitution which restricts the military
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to self defense but abas do need to convince the japanese who have to pass any constitutional changes in a referendum. after the constitutional commission has come up with a concrete plan will need to explain the amendments to the public i don't see my party's win as reflecting public opinion about changing the constitution it kind of all of us. called a snap election less than a month ago pushing elections forward was a masterstroke of politics. his rival yuriko the governor of tokyo was rising in the polls but had little time to prepare the party only won a few dozen states. as a leader is deeply unpopular but the anxiety about north korea on the weakness of the opposition has now played in his favor. the philippine government says it has ended its battle against islamist rebels in the southern city of the defense ministry claims its seizure of the city defeated an extremist group like the
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so-called islamic state of the city five months ago more than a dozen people were killed and hundreds of thousand more displaced heavy shelling has left much of what obvious fent to influence. underdog why the story i'm joined by journalist noir hope he is a journalist was reported from my dhabi welcome florian and the philippine government says that it has. removed all the extremists from the city of what i did us first what these people and look for say there were a local extremist group who took over the city almost by accident when the police came in to arrest the leader of another terrorist group they then exploited the seeds are very hard to dislodge they've been fighting for months and months there was very heavy destruction of the city and the amount a group exploited that to try and radicalize the displaced population and turn against the government and the city of marjah is on mindanao and in the south in
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the southern philippines it's seen on this for decades hasn't it yes for decades and. in recent years has been a ceasefire and negotiations between another big insurgent groups and the government which is supposed to lead to further autonomy of the muslim part of mindanao but the failure to implement this autonomy in a speedy way has encouraged radicalism in the autonomous zone and unfortunately because of this crisis now we're looking at further delays which could cause further radicalize the population so using the island of mindanao has a significant muslim population a predominantly catholic country yes we're looking at a time as though and i'm of sure i'm not quite sure of the numbers but it's fairly small even on the island and the muslims are. fairly small. n r t in the philippines and they do feel discriminated against and that has of course also driven the radicalization of these of this population who so bitches of the city of
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it's been badly so bombed looks pretty devastated thousands of people have been displaced how much of a trade do extremists those in the region on the whole it's been a threat for a while and the problem is that the destruction of the city could of course drive radicalization further and the middle now is i don't know where it's very easy to hide in the jungles and the autonomous zone it's very hard to govern so the threat of the fear is that the seizure of market encourage further radicalization and mindanao could become a breeding ground for terror in the whole region feel to know have thank you very much for that assessment. move and give them support on machetes dr lewis hamilton went into sunday's u.s. goal pretty with a chance to seal the championship but he faced a stern challenge from closest rival sebastian fettle on the often track. fourth world title was just fifty six laps away for lewis hamilton if only he could
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manage to hold on to pope position. but ferrari driver sebastien faddle who would also have to finish outside the top five for hamilton to lift the title took the lead on the first corner. but it was short lived for the german driver hamilton managed to regain the top spot on lap six. the mercedes driver who is battling for his fifth win in six years at austin never looked back he held a clear speed advantage before winning the race ahead to fettle hamilton who was awarded the us grand prix by former president bill clinton will have to wait until this weekend in mexico to try and win this year's championship. and there were some bizarre scenes in venice as an unknown look took out the city's annual marathon about twenty five kilometers into the race and leading group of six run as took a wrong turn after finding a wave of motorcycle it took them
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a few hundred metres before they realized their mistake costing them precious minutes iow plenty and took a full advantage of the chaos becoming the first italian in twenty two years to win the venice marathon. you're watching the dead money is money can we be here after the break to see how the business world is reacting to another four years of shinzo abbey and you can also see after days at our website on follow us and twitter i'm under that shima that's it for me i want to go will be here shortly. on freedom and hope.


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