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used to say for food use them you also have a role to play. this is a doubly newsline from bud led the battle of the ash asks for the world's help pass a broad range of muslim man exodus from me and my approaches
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a million people refugees desperately need food medicines and shelter you went down a conference raises more money for aid but full short of its time he's also on the program britain's prime minister theresa may delivers an upbeat speech to parliament about the progress of breck's it talks you take a look at one time you can't win people can't wait to leave the european union. prominent russian journalist is in a medically induced coma after being stopped at a office in moscow the tonya falcon guy who works for a radio station that's often critical of the kremlin a suspected attacker has claimed he had a telling perfect connection with her. and as a new u.n. report says it will take one hundred years to end child marriage in west and central africa we look at how one woman's fight to end the practice in malawi is paying off she's campaigning for girls to stay in school rather than marry young like she did.
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i'm phil gail welcome to the program. united nations says it's a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of residents muslims facing that persecution and violence in myanmar and fleeing to neighboring bangladesh every day brings more refugees across the border bangladesh needs urgent help to cope almost a million beheaded refugees from me and my state and now in bangladesh more than half arrived in the past three months most of those refugees are children and monday's donor conference in geneva brought the total amount raised to help the red just about three hundred forty million dollars but that's still short of the four hundred thirty million but i had agencies say is needed has more on their hinges plight. thousands of people still flee leon maher every day six hundred
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thousand row hanjour have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. not big wanders through the refugee camp and cox's bazaar clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered by me and mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't their neighbors had hidden me and then they brought me to bangladesh. janet is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh jannat doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open. more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where
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a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital gong many refugees have been maimed by land mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is soldiers of brutality. like. this. and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation route into refugees but very few actually want to return. is executive director of the relief agency brocky joins us from geneva welcome to now your organization is working with
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a hinge of refugees in bangladesh during what. yes we have been working since the new influx began back was in that location for the last thirty five years working with the host communities on various development work but this time when this ring of people came in we work in multiple sectors number one we work in water and sanitation so you constructed almost eleven thousand. dialects who serves as number of people and then we also constructed one thousand plus do was so between these two for four hundred fifteen thousand people with these two services we also have fifty. mobile clinics to dance and support every day eight thousand people in initial and they're backed up by deadly clinics that will finance two will by doctors and others how can i say it's man on the whole i was in
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high g. of i say dr thank you the donor conference i mentioned earlier has brought the total international commitment to about three hundred forty million dollars what will that money be used for actually there's an estimation of the cost required to support holistically for the next six months is something like four hundred and thirty five million dollars so this play is was to every member country of the united nations to see who that they can support to want to root for that cost because it this whole thing cannot be left in bangladesh so this three hundred and thirty five million dollars is raised against the new requirement of four hundred forty million dollars that it got for the next six months and what else does bangladesh need besides money. of course. basically lot of initially support in making sure that these people who came from
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myanmar they go back to their home and there's an international support needed because these people started going home is in myanmar and they're supported to kill process that needs to be negotiated and supported by in that initial sanest members and that's more critical because the current interventions are only temporary unless we really had just done the language causes of the problem hire people came by people from from that they're now in from that area so that they can that is just and people can go back in and voluntarily leave their safely and with dignity then this is not going to happen and that has to be ensured through dialogue between not only bangladesh and me and mine but also through an international process that. pulls up what is needed right dr mohamad from the cement and support from the brac relief agency found here my apologies for talking over you a little earlier. that while many world leaders blame me or most government for the
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range of crises warring the parties within the country are also busy playing each other and social media is proving a powerful tool in shoring up support show w social media desk has more welcome and this tell us about the role that social media is playing in this conflict. well philip today we saw the international community get together and to find plans and find ways of helping there are hinged refugees but in myanmar we're seeing a lot of and tyro a sentiment in fact that is also very evident online lots of posts that say there are hints of themselves are to blame for the crisis that we are witnessing right now and this is also partly being fueled by the government in myanmar the government for example has an official facebook page where it regularly posts crimes that were committed or apparently committed by a militant group it is called arson and this group says that it is fighting for the
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rights and the liberties of the routine just so we can take a look at number of posts that have been put out by the myanmar government so here for example they posted a series of pictures saying look these where homes that were burned down by the are some militant group this is what they're all hinge or are doing in our country myanmar but then again you have eyewitnesses who claim that these atrocities were actually carried out by the military all of them e m r so this is the kind of propaganda or information war that we're seeing right now here's another post also from the government saying from august twenty fifth the day that our six remus terrorists launched attacks to dozens of police posts and civilians eighty four people were killed by this are said terrorist group and they say fifty four people are still missing now this day the twenty fifth of august is very important because there were attacks on police posts in myanmar and these attacks are the ones that
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led to the security crackdown on the wrong hands and that is when we started seeing this mass exodus of people of fleeing to bangladesh so the government uses socially destroying senilis population against us and how is also responding. well this group is also very active on social media in fact very much active on twitter and what they are doing there is countering the narrative that is being put out by the government so here for example they issued a statement on these allegations that they had at tact people on the twenty fifth of august saying our second degree clearly denies that any of its members or combatants perpetrated murder sexual violence or forcible recruitment in a number of villages on or about august twenty fifth of this year now feel they're not saying that they do not attack the government or that they do not carry out these military actions in myanmar but they say ok we're doing it for
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a certain purpose here let me just show you another of their statements that they had also issued on social media here for example the say there is a community has been under burmese government sponsored atrocities and blockades which is targeting them to death we had to eventually step up to drive the burmese colonizing forces away they also often say where they have been active with attacks on the military in myanmar now a lot of these things cannot be verified and it's very difficult to really find out who is telling the truth and so maybe that is why both sides are really using social media because they know they can get out their message fast and nobody can really prove who's telling the truth the show sanction. well let's take a look at some the other stories making news around the world the government of the philippines says it has defeated an extremist group allied to so-called islamic state in the southern city of moore rahway which was seized five months ago more
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than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands more were displaced every shelling has left much of the center in ruins. your secretary of state rex tillerson has paid a surprise visit to afghanistan to discuss washington's new strategy for the country in talks with president ashraf ghani mr tillerson reiterated america's commitment to working with kabul to bring about peace the meeting took place at bagram airfield the u.s. is largest base in afghanistan. a problem of russian journalists in hospital after being stopped at an office in moscow tanya felgenhauer works for a radio station that's often critical of the russian government. who's now in custody claims he had a telling perfect connection with. a news room on high alert the attacker shown here being led off by police reportedly sprayed gas at a security guard in order to enter the offices of independent radio station f m i fully armed with a knife. after being arrested he told investigators he has
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a telepathic connection with touch on the fellow that she has been harassing him. what is the deputy editor in chief of the station and anchors a daily political talk show. everything is back to normal though everyone is decreasing so i want to point out that the attacker knew exactly where he was going he went through to touch out his office and stabbed her in the neck that's what we know she has a stab wound it was a lot of blood. is critical of the russian government and is often referred to as one of the last independent media outlets in the country just under two weeks ago russian state television showed a report accusing the station of receiving foreign funding including from germany france and the us an accusation which editor in chief has denied. the t.v. report specifically mentioned touch on the fellow.
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according to preliminary information the reason for the assault was personal and we will review all the versions of what took place. and then as you can see an investigative team is currently working at the scene the procedure is necessary to find out all the circumstances of the case are under way. the investigative committee has opened a criminal case for attempted murder against the suspect let's get more on this from tanya some so know who's a correspondent for moscow she joins us on the line from london welcome to double firstly one of your colleagues told you about to touch on a girl's condition and indeed about the attack itself. currently the chancellor currently to chana is in the hospital she says we know that her condition is not threatening her life hopefully has been noted from her doctors but which till
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she was conscious was well she was to deliver to the hospital and she was called conscious before the depression started that now she is in a deep medical sleep say she hopefully would wake up tomorrow morning we hope says. that but we'll see what will happen next we don't know the exact details about her condition only her family and the closest relatives know it's for us the only information is available is that her her life is not threatened and that's a lot to be thankful about russia's trade union of journalists has described this attack as an attack on press freedom which seems like an old response if it is the work of a to write ins to individual. i believe that touch on this position and that must go on the nature of her job leads us not many many arguments to say that it was
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a personal attack. connected to her not her job and. in very many cases recently when journalists especially high profile journalist says the chanda would remind you that she's a deputy editor in chief of the radio station so she's second person on the radio station she's absolutely amazing reporter fearless report and she's the most popular law presenter on the radio station and she's a radio radio journalist who is stabbed in her neck and her her. at her place where she works so it leads us not many not many ways to to to say that it was not connected to her job the sort of that way yet obviously many journalists are threatened to chat with friends many times during her career and do use to a some point to know those kinds of press but at some point they become very
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serious and i believe that kind of high profile journalist political journalists should be protected right tanya something that some said over in london thank you so much britain's prime minister theresa my has given parliament an upbeat assessment of ongoing proxy to go sessions with the european union last week set rounds of negotiations ended without progress on a deal for britain to leave the mrs might said she was optimistic the talks would go forward. we haven't reached a final agreement but it's going to happen. i have a degree of confidence i have a degree of confidence that we'll be able to get to the point of sufficient progress by december after the florence speech that is a new momentum the florence speech was a step forward and there should be a positive response to the willingness to work on the interim period and there has been established a momentum let's get more from d.w. cosmology knowledge also not tell who is in brussels well can show what do european
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leaders share teresa mayes impression that important progress has been made. well there were echoes of that at the european summit last week leaders were saying yes indeed a certain issues there have been a little bit of progress in fact the prime minister to reason may even name checked several in her speech saying they included german chancellor angela merkel but the fact remains that if there really had been as much progress as to reason they would like to suggest that these negotiations would have moved on to the next phase and they haven't the e.u. leaders were saying there's simply not enough that's been agreed upon for them to talk about trade and ease future relationship the so-called second phase of these negotiations the biggest sticking point still being the so-called brics it bill how much money the u.k. owes the e.u. and e.u. leaders say they simply don't know yet where the u.k. stands on this some people here are even saying that that they're deadlocked on
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this issue deadlocked or not the fact remains that an impasse on this is not just bad for the case also bad for the e.u. as well and as german chancellor angela merkel pointed out the next phase talks on trade could be even more complicated so it's not looking good from this and either phil meanwhile a german newspaper seems to be making business just a front for the album on the title is reporting that theresa may beg you commission the chief junko you for help last week tell us more. yeah let me just read you a couple of extracts from that newspaper because they they are good for prime minister to reason may frank report said that she was anxious and tormented during during that dinner on monday that she was desperate and despondent that she had deep rings on the horizon what was interesting about this is this is the same journalist who wrote this report as the one who where it's not clear april saying that younker had reported that to reason may was in another galaxy on breck's in
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negotiations very damning that this latest report sparks you know the rumor mill about hours here in brussels twitter with satellite with people who you know wondering who was the leaker in fact it's even set out a spat between the former chief of staff to reason may and the current chief of staff of younger. series may's extra staff accused him of having leaked to the frankfurt the man is something that he denied what is going to show i think is is just how easy it is for things to start getting a very tense and fractious here in these talks so yeah a very very exciting morning here in brussels salah just telling brussels thank you well the most recent poll suggests that britain is still split down the middle over breakfast but despite any downsides it seems in some places brits can't wait to
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leave the european union so it's all about history we visit hastings in southeast england to find out. history is everywhere and hastings and tour guide erica barrett knows all about it from up here there is a good view of the english channel this is where the normans came over from france and ten sixty six the last time england was invaded the french have historically been britain's biggest enemy when the wind blew that twerp. two frogs the men of hastings went to radiate from and when the wind blew this way the french came and took it back again and got their revenge but what does this animosity mean for the vote for breck's it the british people have a famously stubborn streak can this be explained by their history and is it this quest for any pendants why they voted to leave the e.u. erica barrow does not regret having voted for breakfast and hawes any influence
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from brussels it is regarded as an invasion of our liberties if you like what englishman consider is the right tradition and by right. the very feel has been eroded if you miles further inland is where the actual battle against the normans took place people here don't follow the bricks of negotiations closely but most think that the u.k. is on the right track i think we'll be out to show the world that we continue their us and maybe yes go it alone and i think we'll succeed which is a small island off the coasts of fear and we're not really like your peers and i think it's better that way to manage our own affairs. even though it might hurt them financially people seem convinced that it will be worth it in the long run it's all about realigning britain with the image it has of itself strong and without too many ties to the continent. returning the country back to.
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british people feel is the better way should be independent trading yes friendly yes but independent. shaking off too much influence from the continent the people of hastings are prepared to start a new chapter in the history books. talent is here now taking a look at talks in brussels about making path farah across the of course the e.u. has grown over the past two decades although of course it may be getting a little bit this morning as we just saw in that report such as the wage gap as the european union has grown and added member states now back in one nine hundred ninety six the so-called posted workers directive laid the groundwork for an act which allowed poor member states to send workers to wealthier ones at cut rate prices now critics say that that ended up leading to wage undercutting the labor
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and social affairs ministers met today to try and close that gap and they say that an agreement is now close. european lawmakers have long argued over labor rules and the bloc especially when it comes to jobs like those in construction on the assembly line and health care and care for the aging and long group haulage the current rules are contentious because they permit workers from poorer countries to work in wealthier ones for far more than they would earn at home but far less than their counterparts who are citizens of the wealthy country. for example posted both gary and construction labor working on a german building site generally earns much less than a german construction worker on the same side and that's still completely legal but not for much longer. opponents called the phenomenon social dumping french president emanuel mccollum in particular has been pushing for reform because he
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says the current rules undercut french workers in washington he's i'm hopeful that an agreement can be reached in the coming days or weeks to limit to twelve months of posted workers mission to come up with a real control strategy that allows us to suppress letterbox companies and to endorse the principle equal pay for equal work you get said again. poorer member states like poland which is the biggest exporter of cheap labor in the e.u. have opposed reform up until now they think tightening the rules would be protectionist in nature and say would make it even harder for them to catch up with countries like germany france and belgium the nations with the most foreign workers from other e.u. countries. labor ministers from the twenty eight european union states gathered for talks on the topic monday the e.u. social affairs minister believes they will be able to reach a consensus yes i'm very confident that we can have
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a breakthrough today and i can tell you that i am ready to stay as long as necessary be at the light and i am all in favor of the freedom of movement but it must be organized on a fairly does means clear a forcible and fair truth stint on the markets is based on rules it's not a general. it could be a long night at the european convention center in luxembourg. well the crowds continue to gather over germany's car industry to european commission's announced even more raids on offices of call make it saying it was looking for evidence that they may have violated the trust rules don you have confirmed they were targeted by the rates investigators visited b.m.w. offices on friday the raids are aimed at uncovering evidence of the secret cartel that may have a illegal discussed industry emission controls and standards since the one nine hundred ninety s. . getting around busy central london is already testing but now for drivers of
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older pollutant vehicles it just got more expensive as well in a bridge to tackle c o two emissions the british capital has joined the ranks of other european cities making it harder for pollution vehicles to take to the roads on voting a new tax on them. drivers in central london are used to paying extra to be on these roads now another fee may be added for some to teach arch or toxic charge will be an additional eleven euros on top of the ten year old congestion levy they already pay. and the idea is to encourage those for the most pollution vehicles to stop driving into the whole show of london and if they do drive into all of london they've got to pay to distort t. charge rate these the cost of driving into london the whole of all that is twenty one pounds fifty but not everyone will comes the new levy some business leaders feel that it could affect small businesses especially those in london and near the british capital so a big impact on business in london the southeast that effectively by extension the
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rest of the country so everyone's affected by this whether the new fee will indeed reduce traffic remains to be seen but what is clear is that london like many other cities has taken steps to lower the vehicle in the shins. behavior to fill now tell us what's coming up i haven't thank you this is day dublin years life and that and still to come as kenya prepares to go to the polls in a rerun of august disputed presidential elections officially to sixty has been charged with inciting violence as forces are set to resume protests you will hear from our correspondent in the capital nairobi. we'll have that hour more of the day so world news business and culture on the way. and facing an uncertain future. the new mohamed family have left everything behind
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in myanmar like more than half a million on the run into this muslim minority group is increasingly coming under threat in their homeland a film crew accompany the family as they fled meum are atrocities against their own hand. close up in forty five minutes long t.w. . crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers begins. in. motion domestic violence cyber crime and human trafficking for investigative cases that will keep you on your toes the crime fighting stories at the base idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighter and share tell a friend tell a friend to fight crime fighters don't miss it. it's reformation day on d w you have programs round the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary
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we're going live to the commemoration ceremonies in getting back will be documentaries for magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion restoration day march over thirty first g.w. . can't find enough. candidates for germans spend two hundred forty million euros a year in search of a partner. and thirty percent of them now find their partner on line. the business of love our special focus on made in germany starting october twenty fourth on d w. this is a day that leaders live from baghdad on from gail our top story at this hour the
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u.n. is appealing for more than four hundred million dollars in aid for a hinge of muslim refugees so far the international community has only five straight courses about more than six hundred thousand reckoned to have fled to bangladesh since late august because of violence in the home country may have known . that was a crime that shocked. police officer gunned down during a raid the suspect an alleged member of a shadowy far right group known as the right will go very belief that the present german state is illegitimate so their court in nuremberg found the suspect described as both during play guilty of murder his defense lawyer says the trial was political. about a year ago this village was the scene of a cold blooded crime when police officers tried to confiscate some thirty guns owned by both gang p. a so-called i expect he killed one officer and wounded two others. now nuremburg district court has sentenced to life in prison for murder.
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his guitar to the board is convinced that the accused shot through the partly glazed apartment door and that he knew that a police officer was on the other side of the store and intended to kill him though . the so called guy expose or right citizens are right wing extremists they reject the legitimacy of the post-war german state and for example they issued their own i.d.'s experts estimate the number up to fifteen thousand. like other high spirit. views himself as a citizen of the german life as it existed in one nine hundred thirty seven authorities attribute thirteen thousand past crimes to that i expect. the defense disagrees with the court's ruling and suggests it was politically motivated and this is an informal from the very outset the struggle has received an unbelievable amount of attention from politicians and the media. it has also been suggested to
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us that the government and the authorities had certain expectations as to the acceptable outcome of this trial. it's. strong allegations yet the evidence against wolfgang p. is overwhelming witnesses say that a few days before the slaying he said that he was expecting police action and that he would respond with violence. germany's parliament the bundestag world tomorrow said for the first time since last month's elections the results delivered a considerable shake up in the politics composition as yet talks to form a ruling coalition have not yielded a result but it's clear that change is in the air this is where the newly elected bundestag will meet for the first time with more members of parliament and a wider range of political views much will change seven feet up
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they'll be many new members and that will liven up parliamentary business people often tend to focus on the new members not just the old timers since they already know what to expect from them and that's why it's another great moment of parliamentarian ism in germany when a new legislature meets. the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. parliamentary group has nominated volved as the new president of the bundestag but the choice of vice president is stirring up controversy for the social democrats the bundestag vice presidency is one of the few attractive post left the party is actively preparing for its role in the opposition a lot of all of the in the face of extreme left wing and right wing populism all rolled demands that we make constructive suggestions that are distinct from those of the government and that represent a real alternative to government policy. is political. the far right a f.t. also has a nominee for the vice presidency and if the choice is raising eyebrows many
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delegates reject his comments on his lawn and freedom of religion that's a democrat i believe whoever wants to be vice president of the bundestag must accept the constitution and that includes freedom of religion whoever does not accept it is not someone i can vote for. given the presence of the far right a.f.p. it will not be the oldest member of the bundestag who makes the opening speech but the longest serving one how many auto zones of the business friendly. prosecutors in kenya have ordered the sister of opposition leader run a danger to be charged with inciting violence as tensions build ahead of new elections to be held this week there as comes as western diplomats are gathered to call on the country's leaders to hold what they describe as dangerous behavior scores of people have died in election violence over the past two years kenyans go to the polls on the first day in a rerun of august disputed presidential elections challenger is boycotting the vote saying that it is not credible. let's get more from d.w.
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correspondent to catherine on wonder who joins us from the kenyan capital nairobi welcome catherine what is ruth a danger accused of. well she and another politician have been accused of inciting protesters to attack electric commission officials who are trying to carry out a training exercise in western kenya now as you know western kenya is an opposition stronghold so they're being accused of disrupting that training process in light of the intention to boycott the election on the twenty sixth however this move is being seen as the public prosecutor using the law selectively and rather targeting opposition members given that he still hasn't given any information on his investigations on election officials who have been adversely mentioned and accused of bungling the previous election and other issues surrounding this particular
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election period ok so that it is still very boisterous and still very violent twelve hundred people died in election related violence ten years ago are all expecting but this is going to happen again in two days. all the script reads really scary leave the scene this script dissimilar from this one and the one that has a what events that took place in two thousand and seven so there is a general fear you can feel it when you walk the streets when you go to hospitals when you go to school you can feel the tension and ethnicity has taken center stage in this particular electoral process so there is fear that this could could escalate into into violence but people are more concerned about how police handle this particular situation today was the last day for the campaigns to morrow. the
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people have been told that they can't they cannot have any gatherings any gathering is illegal so how police handled themselves from tomorrow on words it would be easy interesting to see because given that they have been accused of killing at least thirty three people since august eighth. how they behave will determine you know the level of violence or what direction the violence takes and so what are all forces doing to prevent a mass collection of violence. well at this particular point experts say the only person who can deescalate the situation is the chairman of the electoral commission waffler chappell cutty because you have a government which is adamant and is rigged is adamant to have the election on the twenty sixth and has deployed police to especially to opposition strongholds and then you have opposition leaders who are sticking to their guns and saying that they will not take part in the election unless there reforms are the only person
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who could actually deescalate the situation as well for the table cutty and civil society has asked him to push the election and that could be the only way to solve the situation and go back to the supreme court and ask for a way forward today he met with president hu kenyatta and was in a crisis meeting to see whatever will happen or come up with a decision today but we haven't seen anything forthcoming from those meetings catherine and wonder in nairobi thank you. the new u.n. report says it's going to take one hundred years to end child marriage in west and central africa but in malawi the practice has just been banned mustang's in large part to women activists like the one in our next story an hour. ago and what. prompted the change in the lonely hearts of the girls in the country who married before they turn eighteen. oh my heavens they. are you.
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know never the opportunity arises and do they were gone vague comes to this school in corona in northern malawi she's very passionate about girls' education and i want them to stay in school and not get married at a young age so she uses her own story as a cautionary tale she dropped out of school at the age of thirteen when she got married something she's not so proud of and. i made a. decision so one day i decided you know doesn't have six to go back to school then astonished and eight. my so young goes where can encourage your friends to miss so that day one should depend on you old. enough to have to take care of her children herself her husband doesn't have enough money to support them he has two other wives but she never gave up this makes her a role model for others. yeah i was
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a christie with us tory in that i saw her be to hate. should continue it made and find fees made cation i should be achieve my goals could be someone in the future. in the afternoon she meets with elaine assume. the girl is only fourteen but already has a child and would like in many cases she had to drop out of school. and our estimates that at least sixty percent of the girls in malawi are married off at an early age there are many reasons for this such as cultural traditions poverty and a lack of education sometimes but i can sure as a fourteen is she just bigoted a lot for city sitting men in the city. and. then
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in this one she's just staying for. and in the city is a member of a group of young mothers who hope to return to school soon she can thank activists like inara who have spent years fighting against child abuse in the region we need to be versed in making your we are in a school should transition so that gives themselves the allies their rights are also really realize that girls got to be respected with their rights to bridge creation to health etc us in our law is already instilling the value of education among her own children. to be in a school or away so that in issue is that they should be independent they're all beneath the address. the long struggle against child marriage is paid off this year in april a law prohibiting marriage before the age of eighteen was an actress in malawi. or
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business is now with hannah humphrey take a close look at organic farming yes fail of course we walking down the streets here in germany or see the organic foods all the rage which means again it farming is also very popular we're talking about six percent of farmland in germany the united nations says that growing organic produce could be a lucrative export opportunity for africa and like anything it's a scale that can be taught so we caught up with a young woman from cameroon he spent a year on an organic dairy farm neighborly. he will call a nun go and her colleague are setting up the livestock fences again rain or shine it has to be done the grazing cows have to be moved regularly or they'll destroy the pastors that's something the twenty four year old has learned here. income ruin we just use the cyclist and we don't know that that's when it's time to regenerate its fertility but here in germany it's a whole topic the trained farmer has been volunteering here for
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a year driving the tractor took a bit of getting used to it first and she was amazed to discover that the fences around the animals are electrified. also like oh my god the cows are going to die if they're to the touch of their code they're going to die but then i learned that the voltage is not so high for the cost of die but that is just enough to keep the costs from running away although the count's don't seem exactly eager to leave anytime soon in fact they look quite content with their lot. likes the idea of dividing a pasture into smaller areas and rotating the livestock through them she hopes to convince farmers in cameroon to do the same yet in germany i've learned so much about caring for natural resources over it i think that is enough experience for me to think back home and share with me. in spite of all the positive experiences
8:45 pm
there were some things she doesn't like at all even on organic farms calves are separated from their mothers shortly after birth and housed in separate pens in cameroon they grow up in the herd industrialisation comes with its own this of entities like this like having culture you know. out in the bun so when i go back i would like to you know share my own ideas about balancing both like balancing industrialisation as well as taking care of the animal and making sure that natural habitat. it will colo non-gold believes her country cameroon should get away from food imports she is convinced just because it's from the e.u. doesn't necessarily mean it's organic or healthy instead the cameroonians should rely on their own agricultural products. now the sharing economy is changing the face of business a new schemes of popping up all the time founded on the philosophy that it's more efficient not to actually own something especially big ticket items like cars will
8:46 pm
buy cars if you can access them easily whenever you want but that's the theory at least unfortunately as australia is finding out implementing sharing schemes can be more complicated than you might think. it seemed like such a great idea at the time cutting down on emissions and traffic helping people keep in shape but shared bicycle schemes in sydney and melbourne aren't quite working out as host the problem bikes known litter the cityscape because a lack of bike racks means users are just leaving them pretty much everywhere. there are things for the life of the place often use it on control. of the streets i worry about going to any up on the road or any up in the trailer any about it being they already are and in local waterways as well many have been fished out of melbourne's yarra river the bike tire providers are scrambling to find a solution but when we see the bikes being made into
8:47 pm
a particular location what often. teams going out in a regular basis and redeploying them to eighty is what we call as hotspots but it looks like the only way to make this schemes work long term will be to get the authorities involved we need. governments state governments in particular to step up to the plight but also local governments to put in place the cycle facilities including bike racks and places where people can be clear that i can safely store the basa goes until that happens the residents of melbourne and sydney will just have to cope with an inconvenient side effect of this sharing economy. now on sundays because they got convulse but i got to take hoffenheim. struggle to get going this season managing only four straight draws on to new coach martin schmidt hoffenheim meanwhile are looking to stake
8:48 pm
a claim in the title race. yulian not those months hoffenheim were aiming to stay in the mix at the top of the table as they paid a visit to the hungry wolves but the home team blew a bigger the chance when maximilian arnold saw his penalty stopped by. who somehow managed to get a boot on it. the encounter could charitably be called a slow burner until the seventy second minute that's when marcel brought down benyamin who had now in the box. no doubt about the decision penalty for hoffenheim kerry did the honors and showed how it's done. one neal. conan castille is moving the wrong way on this one. but sprang to life and out it time the corner from daniel and félix powered it in with his head one. now let it go for it from the german defender
8:49 pm
and that's how it ended the wolves snatched victory away from not does man's team dropping off and time further away from the league's top three. elsewhere in the bundesliga freiburg locked horns with both sides have had an average start to the campaign. went in front through this penalty for granted the start of the second half. missed from the spot after seventy seven minutes but had another chance just four minutes later and made no mistake on the final score unlucky point for the frustrating full five. well to get a lot of maceda is dr lewis hamilton who went into sunday's us with a chance to seal the championship the closest rival sebastian vettel on the track the celebrations. a fourth world title was just fifty six laps away
8:50 pm
for lewis hamilton if only he could manage to hold on to pole position. but ferrari driver sebastien fan who would also have to finish outside the top five for hamilton to lift the title took the lead on the first corner. but it was short lived for the german driver hamilton managed to regain the top spot on the top six . the mercedes driver who is battling for his fifth win in six years at austin never looked back he held a clear speed advantage before winning the race ahead to fettle hamilton who was awarded the us grand prix by former president bill clinton will have to wait until this weekend in mexico to try and win this year's championship. by. then.
8:51 pm
i was this fall from joining in i was so let the sun shine one of the hits from the musical hair which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this week why was the cast of the hit broadway show how wishing all the best because they had really revolutionized musical theater back in the one nine hundred sixty s. well the metal from coal to desk welcome robin. and it was quite shocking at the time was it yes indeed it was i'm old enough to read. there were musicals like carousel and oklahoma and south pacific playing and then along comes this musical with loud rock music and hippies with long hair it was sex drugs and rock n roll and i as a very young teenager thought this was fantastic and you must believe me when they say it was much more than a musical it was a movement it was a phenomenon and if you look at the posts of the original poster of the broadway
8:52 pm
production of having some mazing poster for a musical i. and i mean this huge afro hairstyle lots of psychedelic colors i mean you wouldn't have a post like carousel oklahoma and incidentally i wasn't allowed to go and see it my parents banned me from going to see it when it opened in london just because it in case it gave you ideas case it gave me high day is it to do duty sex drugs and rock'n'roll more of all about the head fake wasn't instant was it no it started in an off broadway theater the joseph papp fizzer a very small theater run for about two months then it went to a night club for another couple of months actually opened on broadway itself in one nine hundred sixty eight and was then you know the rest is history really i mean we mustn't forget with all i mean all this sort of prevalence of you know it was and he drug it was sorry it was pro trucks and all sorts of things but it had great
8:53 pm
songs like aquarius and let the sunshine that you wanted to sing and it's just topical today really many of its topics as it was fifty years ago let's have a look at the new production that's currently on in london. it's. kind of full kaftan psychedelic parties and of course lots from lots of beautiful long hair. the new production sticks to the original formula the tribe the group of hippies from new york city fight for sexual freedom and against conscription and to the vietnam war it's the rebellion off a young generation ready to change the world and this sixties spirit is still alive today. i think we're at a stage now where young people have realized that they have to. take stock and take
8:54 pm
charge and if they want things to happen they've got to go out there and do it themselves you know it's not a time to be passive anymore. james ray co-author of the original musical updated some dialogue and song lyrics to comment on contemporary politics. so i think what jim wanted to do was just make it a little bit more. apparent and clear that america and the western countries including britain. haven't necessarily moved forward as quickly as we'd hoped. with a wigwam started bar and lots of flower power the audience can experience the real what start feeling. oh boy it's production it's more than a show it's a chance to become part of the parent sensation.
8:55 pm
ahead not just politically topical but in lots of other ways as well well there was a lot of feminism. that is prevalent today racism i mean if you think up until then really in music. roles are good i mean i don't know about straight theatre but black people who are either portrayed as slaves or as poor people i'm thinking approach best is one example of that and in fact in have black people actually with the grooviest paperbacks they had the great hack outs you know and it was all very equal in half i mean there were environmental issues antiwar movement was in harris well i mean we don't we just have to mention two words north korea today you know and think about that and i mean it's so prevalent it's really quite sad as the director actually said in that report it hasn't really moved on in fifty years it was very top line ok well it's only what robin sank you know you've mentioned and a number of times all the music so we're going to finish where i thought of the
8:56 pm
great souls from the film of the musical hit robin better we thank you and we believe you with a swell one track aquarius have a good one. was. was. the as. good.
8:57 pm
morning. and facing an uncertain future. the new mohammed family has left everything behind
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