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writers thinkers to covent garden just what did it feel like to live in the times of revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october started tobar twenty fifth t.w. . this is deja news coming to you live from berlin germany no makers meet for the first session after last month's election it's the biggest and the most rightwing bottom end in post-war history taking a seat for the first time the far right or tilted to for germany its promise to
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stage a fierce fight against on the america's agenda also coming up chinese president xi jinping makes his move and communist party delegates back his vision for the future with a she see china become a global superpower. and young somalis say enough is enough a generation that's grown up with civil war is organizing for peace after the deadliest bomb attack in the country's history. in the next sixty minutes the last russian's office use forbidden love putting his children at risk the further matilda depicts verizon mcclish the seconds affair with a ballerina we look at why the of fear is that the movie could spark a violent reaction. and in sport christiane on and on do it and another trophy to his collection he's been named freefall as a footballer of the year again. hello
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i'm on with the chiba of a warm welcome to you the german bundestag is holding its fullest parliamentary session since september federal election on the twenty fourth of september in fact exactly a month ago and it's the largest sponsor meant in german history ten percent bigger than the previous one the first day will see lawmakers elect a parliamentary president outgoing finance minister wolfgang sure bill from america is converted to a bloc is stiff to be elected to the post you're watching live pictures coming to you from the bundestag on the german parliament. now the far right to turn to for germany party is represented for the first time now they are the nation's third biggest party and it's the first time since the second world war so how influential are they and how are these shaping political discussion in germany let's take
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a look at this report. for the really. really want. should i get in jeff inten just to say that he actually launching a new vocabulary words such as fatherland love identity country and pride the author carolyn these politicians are copying germany's nationalist party. the decisive factor is how strongly the f.t. can continue to influence public discussions and determine how certain topics are discussed in my opinion the f.t. have been surprisingly successful in doing this. for quite. a if the politicians take their place in germany's bundestag for the first time today but their influence seems to be bigger than the number of votes the party won in
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germany's recent elections. we will take back our country and our people. a sign of the times says callahan's finest man one of the internet's for fathers of germany's new right. the success of the f.t. isn't simply because it managed to unite nearly thirteen percent of voters behind it their success is linked to trend a bigger movement the end of which we can't see. and this trend is already changing the climate for those from a non german background people such as as roku joke who often speaks from was limbs in germany. mentioned i'm going to the experience of germans with an immigrant background is that attitudes are getting harsher and thus just among shofar hurt but at the same time they're being told their needs are on the political agenda i
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think it's extremely dangerous now but us thanks to. a changing climate many politicians don't know how to react. two election victories in europe sure to radically different approaches france's emmanuelle macross water fight the far right austria sebastian kurtz perch the far right topics don't let the right set the agenda ones catalin. know what. you can't close off the right flank by becoming right wing yourself that's an illusion you have to decide do i want to live in a secular open democracy and if so then you have to defend these principles. for. us men from the new russia believes any attack is positive doesn't try to matters as mao said is that to be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing so it doesn't often it's a good thing because it clearly shows we're on to something and the same is real competition fatherland love of country identity terms made popular by the fifty
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but who will now set the lead for how these terms are used a balancing act for germany's bundestag. let me down join our political correspondent thomas barrow who's standing by at the bundestag hi thomas the newly elected been to start the meeting for the first time since the german election of a four weeks ago now both conk sure about the former finance minister is expected to take over as president of the parliament it's a parliament which is very different from the one before you just seen that the if is the third largest party in that bundestag what can we expect should be to say when he addresses the bundestag. it is certainly to the case that this is a very different bolder stark when we compare it to the previous one where you only hard for parliamentary blocs inside of six parliamentary blocs now where you didn't have the presence of the f.t.
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as you do know as you do now and this is something that obviously m.p.'s here are particularly concerned about and the possible election of. as the new president of the certainly reflects some of those concerns he's not only an extremely experienced politician a member of parliament for many decades now and his election is also supposed to be a powerful signal when it comes to the presence of. right here he is the person who will be in charge of trying to make sure the rules are kept that the symbolism of the german parliament has a place where democracy takes place is also represented at the same time obviously respecting a wide variety of opinions and that is something that we will probably hear more or less from. himself when he addresses the parliament in a few minutes here and as i mentioned of course this is a very different parliament from the last one and that is also because for the
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first time in post-war history a far right party is a serious force in the going to start how do you think the f.t. be authority and the f.t. will change the parliamentary culture. well we saw it in the piece we played just a minute ago the key word there being a balancing act on the one hand it's obviously the case that the f.t. will try and provoke they will try and move debates to the right on the other hand it's also clear that when it comes to presenting an approving some of their proposals they will find it incredibly difficult to find a majority so obviously you can say or they will change the tone of the debate or will they will actually manage to change the politics in germany that's a different situation and then there's obviously how the political parties react to that they can't simply ignore the a.f.d. when twelve point six percent of the electorate voted for them they also can't react to every single provocation because they would risk in that case boosting the
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profile so they have to find that middle tone where they react obviously and where they defend their own ideas but where obviously they make sure that they don't simply ignore what the f.t. says because they are now obviously here in the german parliament and they will be bringing their ideas to the floor. and there was another thing new about this new parliament is that it's the biggest ever they're fed one hundred and nine parliamentary members how do you think this largeness is going to affect parliamentary proceedings. it depends what you view you take on this issue whereas some people say that they could become more dysfunctional whereas some people say that those divisions that are present in german society will also be obviously very clear here there are people who say that the previous parliament where you only had those parliamentary blocs where you had a grand coalition with a large majority that that parliament back then was rather dull when it came to the debate and this parliament now represents
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a wider spectrum of opinions and can precisely reflect those wider spectrum of opinion so there are different views on what the role of this board list i will be when it comes to those seven hundred nine m.p.'s as yourself mentioned number eight are right almost feral at the understand thank you very much for that. and of course we're taking you live to parliament as soon as volved plant show is elected and he makes his first address to the been the star but let's article look at some other news the chinese communist party is officially boosted the status of president xi jinping by adding is them to the country's constitution the announcement came on the closing day of the party's twice a decade and national conference the move makes she one of the most powerful chinese leaders in history placing him on par with mao zedong and dunk shopping she is expected to use his real status to influence foreign policy and push before the
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military expansion. to talk about this i'm joined now in the studio by this lorenza for what is your correspondent for the german news the guest speaking and he's also written two books about china and the chinese revolution it was going to you know the ins. has got the same status as chairman mao how powerful is he in your view right now well he's extremely powerful in what must say but i wouldn't compare him to mao to domo is that there was a virtual initiate devastating political campaign. that he is not ever to do that but he is now. in the last five years is no head of the party head of the state head of the he's leading a lot of leading groups within the party so he can decide to look and he at least has managed to get his name in this said his name and find his name in the party constitution with his cheating being thought that is extremely important for him
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why because now if someone wants to topple him or at least to criticize him he is in the constitution that means the constitution of the party is very important the party is china and who ever wants to criticize no she didn't think is criticizing china and that is very that was a very significant changes then from what he's done but she didn't bring as also declared the start of a new era for china what does he mean by that you know the new era as we had the third era we had the knowledge the dome you know i think you're not in the country then came the ping saying everybody has become rich and now he wants to be the new area is disciplined society. and strong and discipline society and a very strong china brought so what does it mean to have a disciplined society that means that the state control of the dissidence of
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a people who have. others who have dared to have another opinion than see very have a risk to go into prison very soon they are thinking about social credit system and the fascinating thought is that they want to try to combine the communist leninist party with a very modern state for instance by using computers the internet and so on well she declared at this particular business well that he is spies a super global status for china how close is he to reaching this super status of for his country well at least he's trying to reach a state is that nobody looks on sign up from above anymore he wants to have a very self-confident nation very self-confident find a very confident citizen he is working on that very hard the me he wants to
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modernize is not yet comparable i would say to very many of the united states but he ones to to strengthen the influence of china in the international institutions like world on like i.m.f. and peace by himself or china himself is also creating international institutions just to to increase the influence of china in the world policy so these are all very ambitious and lofty goals but how is he viewed by the people of china well he's you i respect they like the idea that that china can become powerful again and they like that very much but of course we don't have to forget that there are a lot of people critical of the communist party critical of the way he's ruling the country and as i said this is very risky political dissidents or even lawyers who
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are defending political dissidents have no chance at all they're going into prison under duress lawrence an expert on china and chinese history thank you very much for the analysis thank you. now a human doing a conference has raised about three hundred forty million dollars for a single refugees but it has fallen where short of the target aid agencies had said was needed the u.n. has warned that the number of ring of fleeing a new wave of ethnic violence in myanmar will soon exceed one million every day more refugees stream across the border into bangladesh and his government is struggling to cope. these refugees are biding their time on the border and so they can cross into bangladesh is overcrowded refugee camps rangers are a muslim minority long persecuted in buddhist me. this mother of three says we travelled for six days to get here they tortured us and set our houses alight we
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weren't allowed to harvest our rice cows goats and fields. there is great suffering in the camps around six hundred thousand rangers have fled into bangladesh since the end of august despite the aid coming in food is scarce their arse enough sanitary and medical supplies and the aid organizations fear the situation will get worse we'll need to provide food to a million people in the next few months this is urgent we need money for this. that's why u.n. aid agencies organized a conference in geneva to call for more donations around three hundred forty million dollars have now been pledged to deal with the crisis has about ninety million more is still needed germany hasn't promised any more money it's already contributed around five million euros in the summer. meanwhile the un's relief agencies are calling for increased political pressure on me and marta solve the refugee crisis the solution is the voluntary safe and dignified return of these
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refugees to myanmar but in order for that to happen some important processes need to be carried out in particular the real tribute of citizenship both humanitarian and political aid in needed to end the plight of the rangers. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world hunger on democracy protest leaders news and law and joshua one have been released from prison on bail the pair were jailed in all this for their roles in the anti china protests of two thousand and fourteen known as the umbrella revolution nears in lausanne to supporters and said he and wong were due to appear back in court in november. in malaysia the two women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un have been taken back to the scene of the crime authorities brought them to the airport as part of the reenactment of the fatal attack along with
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prosecutors lawyers and a trial judge the two women have pleaded not guilty. austria's newly elected conservative leader sebastian cortes has announced he will indeed try to form a coalition government with the country's right wing freedom party a decision that was widely expected court said the leader of the freedom party heinz christiane struck her had shown a will to bring about change in austria together. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has speed a visit to iraq where he met prime minister hi there are a body the to discuss reconstruction projects are the removal of so-called islamic state from major urban areas we also discussed the kurdish independence movement in the country's north earlier to listen visited of ghana stand to discuss washington's new strategy for the country like it was the deadliest bombing in somalia's history the blast in mogadishu left over three hundred fifty people dead
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and hundreds more wounded this drone footage shows the scale of the destruction the attack was also a watershed moment for a generation of somalis who've grown up with civil war this is a it's a call for somalis everywhere to work for peace. help your brothers that's the message printed on these red headbands. the red symbolizes blood we demand an end to somalian bloodshed it hurts us so much. these young somalis now live in the kenyan capital nairobi but they still feel close ties to their homeland their parents left to escape the civil war that's been raging for almost three decades. the young people here are collecting money for the victims of the massive truck attack over the years they've grown far too familiar with tactics. their actions make people flee they're destroying their own
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country and they're making it ungovernable that's our problem. the attack in mogadishu on october fourteenth was the deadliest yet in somalia al-shabaab is widely believed to be behind it the terrorist group has been active for ten years most of their attacks are directed at security forces or the government so far has not claimed this attack. and this is a must see been president a number of people who have died i think it would be foolish to comment on the claimed responsibility for these a tug knowing whether that almost one hundred percent of the casualties was civilian. and again there's huge huge. on the somali street the group's name translates to the youth but now somalia is real youth are channeling their anger into public protests in defiance of government orders. these
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young somalis are volunteering to coordinate care for people wounded by the bombing they also counsel victim's relatives and continue the search for those still missing. we're not all terrorists we're not the ones who kill people we're not indoctrinated. some take hope from the fact that so many are helping and protesting . i hope this tragedy will finally unites us. but somalia is far from united and peace seems a distant dream it's a failed state where clans and warlords hold much of the power african union troops are supposed to guarantee security but that's hardly the case recently elected president mohamed mohamed is largely powerless it's still unclear if he can bring peace to a country that's riven by corruption and tribal conflicts. he watching the news
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coming to you live from berlin and coming up ahead really go to the bundestag once a new president there has been elected you're seeing the live pictures as fundamental ones vote for the next president of the bundestag or to a speaker roughly translated as a speaker as soon as the new president has been elected we'll go to the bundestag and bring you an update and also coming up in support. christiane a renowned who has been named footballer of the year at the fee for awards we tell you who invented the other prizes. but first it's business is monica joins me now on european union labor ministers have agreed a new rules to prevent so-called wages dumping across the e.u. market that amrita is an unwanted unwelcome a side effect of the so-called posted workers directive which allows member states to send workers to other e.u. countries for a limited period of time now under the new compromise thrashed out during twelve
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hours of negotiations the e.u. plans to impose a twelve month limit on the posting of foreign workers and introduce the principle of equal pay for equal work. european lawmakers have long argued over labor rules in the bloc. especially when it comes to jobs like those in construction on the assembly line and in health care. the current rules are contentious because they permit workers from poorer e.u. countries to work in wealthier ones for far more than they would earn at home but far less than their counterparts who are citizens of the wealthier countries. a new proposal agreed on last night by the labor ministers from the twenty eight european union members would put an end to that. i believe we have found a balance compromise that stakes into account the interests of the workers and the
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employers of the posting and host countries of different sectors and professions soon companies sending their employees to work in wealthier countries could be required to pay the normal social contributions required by the host country they would also limit the duration of such postings to twelve months but not everyone is happy about the deal poor member states reject the proposal even so council members are confident the deal will level the playing field. and this offers a unique opportunity to prove that the european union its twenty eight member states the fence together common social values it is a clear sign that we deliver on a fairer and more social europe with equal opportunities. where equal opportunities are possible for everybody and all of life in the deal must not be ratified by member states. and for more on that deal with joined now by
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a band to get our correspondent in brussels band is this deal or compromise go in to make everyone happy. the short answer is no the workers themselves will not and count on much effects because the average posting is only six or seven months of the twelve months cap would not apply for them and also the member countries who send these workers basically poland and hungary where voted down on the monday night so they are split between east and west now the only one happy should be mr cohn the french president his fight against social dumping so-called social dumping was one of his election campaign promises and he made good on that but we have to see if it comes out this because it's not over yet so why does it over yet so if there is still friction what are the next steps going to be the vote just that it
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was only a step in the long process that is now in negotiations to be followed by the parliament and the ministers again and then we have a legislative process which will take months or even a year and only after that this new legislations lives they should be passed and then we can talk about a new directive but the effect is still to be seen bentley gets there from brussels thank you so much for this and i'll quote frank that has rejected a deal to drop charges against the head of deutsche the company running germany's biggest stock exchange in frankfurt it cost and can get is facing charges of insider trading after he poured millions of euros of dollars for those a shares before the merger plans with the london stock exchange were publicly announced the settlement would have seen both kanga and the company pay a combined eleven million euro fine but it now seems the trial will go ahead.
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let's go straight to frankfurt and the frankfurt stock exchange with danielle corp is standing by for us daniel what's this decision mean for cost and storage about it. yeah hi monica from chile frank wrote the atmosphere inside of the stock exchange is even colder because i can tell you that this settlement case that it is a very unusual case in nine of ten cases when a settlement is actually in the discussion accord usually agrees on this in this case the court is saying that the case has such a high importance so they really want to see this trial to happen of course at the end with an open result we could see in this case or of course the next fertile as well what does this mean for can get or why is contractors actually due in march two thousand and eighteen and with an open trial still going on it's not very likely that we're going to see a new contract for him all right daniel and just briefly i mean the financial world
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bids farewell to a giant german finance minister today while country of leaves office to become the new president of the german parliament or people where you are sad or glad to see him leave well mr graham peters how many of the investors here actually called him a very high respect of course among investors his biggest victory was of course during the financial crisis when he was the voice basically of europe but on the other hand he didn't get everything through but i think in general investors will be sad that he's going to leave all right daniel cope there in frankfurt thank you so much. all right and from mr grumpy now to well one can say the plight of women many women certainly in in workplaces and around the world i'm rita that's right monica. ok we're not taking you live to the german blunder start in fact we're not covering the story that you're planning to we are seeing we be
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taking you live to thomas sparrow our political correspondent he's at the german bundestag where parliamentarians are voting for the next speaker of the house and on as the president of the bundestag was. to moscow i wonder if you can hear me it is quite a lot loud and noisy there tell us first how is the parliamentary president chosen in the bundestag. some raters you can probably see it's incredibly chaotic here in this particular case obviously everyone is expecting the election of the next president of the german parliament obviously it's expected that this will be involved scheuer and one of the reasons why. was at least announced as a possible president as a candidate for this post is obviously a because of his experience he has been in the german parliament for decades and is
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the. politician with an extreme amount of experience as well in this in this regard and it also has to do with obviously the presence of the alternative for germany in the german parliament for the very first time traditional parties in particular obviously the conservative bloc wanted to to nominate a candidate that could be obviously with a sufficient experience but also rhetorical a. very shrewd in order to make sure that when these debates here in the parliament happen that rules are maintained that the principles are obviously kept and that obviously every politician has the right to talk under those rules are maintained here so the election of oil. is indeed of political importance and it has to do obviously with the new parliament on the presence of the alternative for germany here in the understand for the very first time and is and will come short lived of course we all know him as a former finance minister he's seventy five years old and he's been in parliament
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for forty five years he's the longest serving parliamentarian in the bundestag now we just heard in business news that he was also often known to be grumpy but he's also very well known for his authority and as you were saying this new parliament is expected to be difficult and he'll need all of his authority to deal with what is expected to be a fairly turbulent parliamentary period of the next four years. yes that's that's correct amrita and that's that that's the your thought is that is required in these particular times because obviously you have now six parliamentary blocs represented here and in the german parliament before you had four and out of those six obviously you have the big challenge of how to react to alternative for germany where the best statements should be ignored or whether the statements obviously should be rejected with arguments us that's a debate or dilemma that's going on here that we've heard also from many parliamentarians and that's also why the election of the president of the german
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parliament is particularly symbolic and that's i expect something that will also address in some way or another here when he talks for the first time as the president of the german parliament and of course here is an important point that this blunder star there are six parties as compared to four in the last one to start the free democrats have across the five percent threshold and we're back in a parliament and for the first time as you mention the far right in your fifty's also in parliament and that is of course causing huge amount of concern there but given that they are six parties in one candidate world com sure blair's election is not in doubt in any way is it because you're watching parliamentarians come. in their ballots all seven hundred and nine of them. called the alternative for germany has already the old story as you can see it's incredibly busy here and people. to me are behind me all the time but the alternative for germany has indeed said that they are not in favor of the president of the german parliament but apart
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from that it does seem that he will be elected by a majority of the m.p.'s here in berlin. everyone is of the pitches that i'm see i'm looking at some live pictures there they are looking quite relaxed but what else is on the agenda for the opening session and thomas because the next election is likely to be a little more controversial isn't it yes exactly obviously the election of our country is one of the most important ones but they will also be electing the vice presidents of the german parliament and there is where you could have the first big controversy of this new start because the a.f.d. have nominated a candidate albert but the other parties are not in favor of becoming a vice president of the german parliament so it will be certainly interesting to see whether right here where we're standing he gets the necessary majority sorry again he gets the necessary majority to become
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a vice president of the german parliament right at almost thought thank you very much i'm going to let you get out of the hustle and bustle with all the people pushing and shoving you're done and to observe developments in the bundestag i'll get back to you as soon as about the country best address in parliament ok thank you very much for now. and in the studio with me is another popovic a correspondent jefferson welcome and jefferson now as we know as we heard from jill must involve gun shy but is expected to be elected and as president of the bundestag what do you make of his choice why did unless america pick him in a sense well i think it was because he's the most experienced person that she could have found for this job. as thomas just said i mean this is going to be an unusual parliament it's the first time in more than fifty years that you've had a far right parliamentary group there so it can be very important to enforce the rules of parliamentary procedure the f.d.a.
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is known for its outlandish statements. that's something that people are going to have to put up with to a certain extent but as soon as anything racist or discriminatory comes out you need someone to step in and you know show. not only is it massively experience but he also has shown in the past as finance minister he's not afraid of making enemies . i think german parliamentary procedure at the moment i mean the only despondent parliamentarian that the person with that long this amount of parliamentary time actually gets nominated for the post of president and that was in this case but how much of a loss is if i'm going to make and not to have him as finance minister well i think . i think it's not that much of a loss because thus far in the coalition talks that are going on right now there's a large degree of consensus about what needs to be done. with that situation change of course is if there's another financial crisis in the eurozone there you know
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shortly came in and really set the tone he really read the riot act to some countries who hadn't balance their budgets that would be a deal breaker or you know something different you know a deficit a lot of interest in this new bottom and is with the party which has the third largest number of seats in parliament and that is the far right if they want percent of the vote in this election let's take a look at the party and what it stands for before i talk to jefferson about it. on the first night on the crew to really get into it it. says. germany's politicians are adopting a new vocabulary words such as fatherland love identity country and pride the author carolyn asks if these politicians are copying germany's nationalist party
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was in china was the decisive factor is how strongly the f.t. can continue to influence public discussions and determine how certain topics are discussed in my opinion the f.t. have been surprisingly successful in doing this. for the car. politicians take their place in germany's bundestag for the first time today but their influence seems to be bigger than the number of votes the party won in germany's recent elections. we will take back our country and our people. a sign of the times says callahan's finest man one of the internet's will fathers of germany's new right. the success of the f.t. isn't simply because it managed to unite nearly thirteen percent of voters behind it their success is linked to trend a bigger movement the end of which we can't see.
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and this trend is already changing the climate for those from a non german background people such as as roku joke who often speaks from was limbs in germany. mentioned i'm going to the experience of germans with an immigrant background is that attitudes are getting harsher and thus. hurt but at the same time they're being told their needs aren't on the political agenda i think it's extremely dangerous just sixteen but. a changing climate many politicians don't know how to react. two election victories in europe sure to radically different approaches france's emmanuelle macross waterfront the far right austria sebastian kurtz perch the far right topics don't let the right set the agenda ones catalin. know what you can't close off the right flank by becoming right wing yourself that's an illusion you have to decide do i want to live in
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a secular open democracy if so then you have to defend these principles. vice man from the new russia believes any attack is positive doesn't try matters as mao said is that to be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing like doesn't of it's a good thing because it clearly shows we're on to something and the same is real competition fatherland love of country identity terms made popular by the. but who were now set the laid for how these terms are used a balancing act for germany's bundestag. and you talk about this difficult balancing act i have with me a political correspondent and jefferson she is how do you see the bundestag managing this balancing act this is a huge amount of concern not just in the international press about the far right party which is in parliament but also with here in germany well and read i think we're going to see one example of how they're going to manage it later today i mean
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obviously the f.t. got twelve point six percent of the vote they deserve to be in parliament that's part of german democracy but it doesn't mean they can say and do everything they want and the example we'll have later today is they're going to put the apply clause or forward as their vice presidential candidate vice president for parliament he's going to be rejected and he's going to be rejected because he's come out in the past saying that he doesn't think that muslims deserve to be protected under the freedom of religion clause in the german constitution most other m.p.'s think that that. a non tenable position so they're going to refuse his candidacy ok now we have to remind our viewers that of course in the german parliament according to the rules you have one president or speaker all fine and then but each party represented in the bundestag is allowed to nominate a vice president and the f.t. was saying have nominated a man which other parties are expected to reject but tactics like you know raising issues and things that if he has promised
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a kind of more robust debate in parliament how do you think their presence will kind of affect the proceedings in parliament will it have a destructive effect because the many of that comes at the mic as you mentioned off with a very provocative sure you know i think i think the tone of the debate is definitely going to change there's going to be a lot more hard words it's going to a lot more tough language there's also you know i mean there was no there was basically no parliamentary disagreement about until americans welcoming position on the refugees that's going to change obviously the f.t. they're going to be asking questions all the time they're going to be asking for open debates in parliament they going to try to raise that issue in the muslim issue it at every opportunity on the other hand if we look at how the f.t. has behaved in the local parliaments and of the sixteen states that make up the federal republic of of germany they haven't been that provocative i talked with the spokes person of the parliament in the state of saxony and he said that there had
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been one caution in two and a half years of and of an a.f.p. deputy so it's not going to do that difficult. jefferson looking at live pictures coming from the understand upon him and voting is complete and that is an exercise in in fact with seven hundred and nine parliamentarians each one has to ban it and we are not waiting to hear the result and we are expecting of course. to be endorsed by off the majority of the parliamentarians there you see that by. papers are being carried out and what i'm not sure whether they'll be counted manually or all they'll be some electronic machines to speed up the process but you see the people. the fissions there are taking the ballot papers outside the chamber of parliament while the new parliamentarians and some old reelected parliamentarians are milling around and was is quite relaxed jefferson because they are expecting
12:43 pm
there's no real controversy about what's going on for sure but there is gone controversy about the right way and far right. party now you mentioned that they are very unhappy with chancellor angela merkel's refugee policy in fact they have threatened to launch a parliamentary inquiry into a decision in two thousand and fifteen to open the borders and allow refugees to come in yes they have threatened to do that and they will they will ask for one but . as the rolling stones pretty you can't always get what you want they don't have you you need a majority to get that through they cannot just decide to have a parliamentary inquiry and they basically the two things that that the f.t. can do is individual m.p.'s can ask questions they can ask pointed questions they can they can try to pin down the government on exactly how much money they're
12:44 pm
spending to to integrate these migrants that can be very embarrassing or. for the government and in the past each party represented in parliament has had a right to ask for an open debate on certain general topics and you can bet your bottom your if you will that they're going to ask for an open session to debate the aftermath of that decision in two thousand and fifteen in fact we are all looking forward to more open debate in the new part of it because in the last column. we have the two largest bodies of the country working in coalition so a lot of the cons points of difference had been lost in a so-called grand coalition and now you have six parties all with the right to ask questions and have open session so there is expected to be more lively debate in this new parliament isn't it yeah i mean it should be a lot livelier it might make for slightly better t.v. viewing. and you know the positive take on this would be that it's actually good
12:45 pm
for democracy and some opponents of the f.t. hope that that the other parties will kind of put them in there in their place when they have to follow the parliamentarians rules on the other hand however we shouldn't underestimate the character of the sort of people that the a.f.p. or sending to the parliament. estimates are that around. thirty of the parliamentary deputies that's roughly a third have extreme far right views and that i don't think most people in the mainstream of germany think has any place whatsoever in the buddhist right in they had been of course huge amount of protests also on sunday there was a big protest was there that's vandenberg gate and you saw what was the atmosphere there like what were people saying to you what are they worried about. well as you can well imagine the atmosphere was was very was very partisan i mean it was
12:46 pm
a very cheerful atmosphere what impressed me the most were two things one i think that was just a symbolic gesture normally when you turn out marching marching for something specific there's nothing really specific that they could demand other than the fact that the other parties in parliament should be very vigilant. on the other hand i was struck with just how with how diverse the crowd was i spoke with a korean woman who was i thought was in a better mid fifty's who say that she'd been born in south korea but had lived all of her life in germany was a teacher and she came out to say this is my country and she was playing on that statement by the f.t. the alexander garland that we're going to take our country back and the twelve thousand people that showed up who really were a very very vibrant cross-section of this new german society were basically saying no it's not your country it's our country it's all of our country we have the
12:47 pm
xenophobic message of course of causing a lot of concern but you know from. overseas viewers of this is the first parliamentary session off the newly elected. and and germany still does not have a government in fact i think is. spotty one the biggest block she is trying to form a government in coalition with two other parties potentially the free democrats as well as the green party just how difficult is it going to be for her to come together and form this three week coalition well it's some. thing that's really never been tried before the national level at the national level yes so i mean i mean you're running a very big country and you've got more people that need to be satisfied there needs to be more horsetrading two things however i think speak for the fact that this is going to work the first one is that there's no other alternative the. the big part is they can't afford to hold a new election that will that would only benefit the f.t.
12:48 pm
basically when the social democrats said that they were not interested in continuing the grand coalition it meant that there was no other way to do the math than to have the f.t.p. and the greens join up with the conservatives and then the signs i mean they've been holding talks now for roughly ten days or so. the signs are that there's a fair amount of consensus i mean obviously the greens are form more to the left than the other two parties but the tone has been very good and the word is that they've reached some potentially important agreements on some of the major topics and chancellor merkel is due to actually meet the coalition partners potential coalition partners again after this session of the bundestag and i'm getting reports looking at pictures i'm looking at some live pictures from the bull in the strand and the session has been interrupted counting has been interrupted. counting is finished but the session has been interrupted i'm just being told and i think we
12:49 pm
will move on to other news for now and we come back to you as soon as we have decisive results to bring you from germany understand and i thank of course jefferson chase was talking to me he's our political correspondent and he also joined me for some analysis after we have a decisive result ok let's now turn to morton after much into submission and protest a controversial film about the last sorry that was not about monitor this is a friend from russia a film about the last russians are set for release this week and the movie tells the true story of nicholas the second and his affair with the polish ballerina named matilda but the story has angered hardline nationalist and russian orthodox christians who view the tsar as a saint a series of violent incidents targeting filmmakers has russia on edge as the love story makes its debut on the silver screen. the romanov family
12:50 pm
secret a story of forbidden passion when son nicholas the second fell in love with a ballerina a film premiere that's made many russians nervous. with the good news is the premiere of matilda was held peacefully here at the very famous marines can operate in sunday to spirit and this is despite the fact that this film a lot of controversy in the russian. tension was high on opening night one hundred police officers got of the select audience security measures more typical of an airport were in place many feared an attack director alexy should tell had received multiple threats but he remained defiant. yeah i'm not afraid i have good sense triumphs and the process of sides of. the opera mainly has to do with a few sex scenes the depict a week. was about to lose his throne over matilda a simple dancer. that was too much for russia's
12:51 pm
powerful orthodox church which canonized nicholas the second after his murder and nine hundred seventeen betraying him this way is an offense to the religious sensibilities of the faithful that's according to russia's parliament the duma. natalya parklands skier a duma lawmaker started the campaign against matilda. what do you have against the film city that it is installed saints who embody a healthy family a proper family relationship our family values. used in the order not to cause offense one must be able to strike a balance between artistic freedom and the rights of our citizens to their religious feelings that. some of these offended citizens seem to take inspiration from parkland sky his campaign they torched movie theaters like here in the city of you. catherine berg a car belonging to the directors lawyer was set on fire in moscow.
12:52 pm
initially the church didn't comment on the violence. german actor. who plays nicholas the second avoided the premiere after a hate campaign by religious extremists. he sent this video message instead. to. the film's success remains to be seen but it's already gained plenty of notoriety from politicians and the church critics of the mighty russian orthodox church say the church is trying to act as a moral sense and is further infringing on social life in russia a life in a beach planned theater productions sometimes disappear from the program and entire
12:53 pm
exhibitions are closed they say it's almost impossible to stage cultural events without cries from people claiming to be insulted and enraged. sounds like an interesting but controversial film turning now to sport and football and the portuguese forward christiana ronaldo has been named free first best made clear in the world for the second year in a row now fever's their best awards take fan voting into account as well as votes from coaches players and the media. it was supposed to be hollywood on the thames for the likes of ronaldo neymar. and the n.l. messi all in their finery and hoping to be named the best in their business it's not the fabled ballon d'or awards but the fire has spent the money to make sure it's a close second. and they were in names it is the end of the no there
12:54 pm
was no close second for one although after leading reality champions league and little league titles i'm really glad this is a great moment for may she forgive reports and it's the fans i know i have the world's so thank you a lot for the support we're now there was asked later in his native portuguese how he does it. a lot of work a lot of time on the pitch a lot of time in the gym a lot of time with the physical trainers a lot of cold water a lot of hot water lots of massages lots of eating many years of dedication. then it easy to. run all those coach also made his way to the podium for helping to make real madrid the premier club in the world but missing from the ceremony because she's preparing for international competition. martin received her award with her dutch teammates together this summer they won the giro twenty seventeen title. finally thirty nine year old john luigi buffon was named best goalkeeper
12:55 pm
joining best eleven squad the team was dominated by players from spain and italy is domestic leagues. and funny to olympia greece there the torch has been lit for the eighteenth winter olympics in if young in south korea thousands attend the ceremony under cloudy skies and what was once the home of ancient greece is games the flame will begin his journey east and major today it's due to be handed over to a korean organizers on the first of november one hundred days before the games begin. you're watching the news don't forget you can always get news on the gorgeous download the app for movie play all from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use a deed of the app to send us photos and videos. now that's it for me
12:56 pm
i'm with that you know but i'll be back in a few minutes with the latest from the full session of the german parliament since the election and last month that's the session in which they are electing a new president of the bundestag of parliament i'll be back within a few minutes to stay with you if you can.
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to go. to sleep highlights. neighborhoods and turn things around coming from what killed national. talk
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world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram others. d.w. story. it's a new topic each week on instagram. because the way they start to divide the country i do it's a deal where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for good. ninety nine days the soviet union is breaking up part of. the members of the bush administration would have to find their own way politically and economically above so it was an incredibly difficult task not misadventure because democracy was a lie but if the elections were a fraud it would his rival's is a sin was robbery distinctives instead of cultivating its culture its words and language it brought forth
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a rookie holes of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g.w. . this is the news coming to you live from burma and vote counting is underway for germany's new president it's the first ask for a new gentleman parliament the biggest and the most right wing in post-war history for the first time the bottom it includes the far right.


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