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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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ancient greece is games the flame will travel around greece for the next week is due to be handed over to korean organizers at the end of this month one hundred days before the games begin. with what. you're watching the news coming to you live from london that's it for me but stephen d.w. ben position will be here shortly with the latest business news you can of course also check out our website that you don't come off on us and trade on and facebook i feel at the top of the hour i buy.
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when history books are brought to my life. maybe the stories there and we'll get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and kong artists. what did it feel like to live in times of a revolution the people. and to the russian art revolutionaries. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth on g.w. . alone so a deal against wage dumping in europe labor ministers in brussels make the breakthrough also called posted work is not all member states are happy. german
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domestic demand really kicks in making the nation's famed as a means that even more important to economic growth and women speak out on sexual harassment have walked the e.u. parliament takes a look at the problem. and been physical and let's do business in. labor ministers have agreed on new rules to prevent social dumping they want to limit so-called posted workers often cheap labor from eastern europe to twelve month terms and they want to ensure equal pay for equal work across borders. european lawmakers have long argued over labor rules in the bloc. especially when it comes to jobs like those in construction on the assembly line and in health care . the current rules are contentious because they permit workers from poorer e.u. countries to work in wealthier ones for far more than they would earn at home but
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far less than their counterparts who are citizens of the wealthier countries. a new proposal agreed on last night by the labor ministers from the twenty eight european union members would put an end to that. i believe we have found a balance compromise that stakes into account the interests of the workers and the employers of the posting and host countries of different sectors and professions soon companies sending their employees to work in wealthier countries could be required to pay the normal social contributions required by the host country they would also limit the duration of such postings to twelve months but not everyone is happy about the deal poor member states reject the proposal even so council members are confident the deal will level the playing field. and this offers a unique opportunity to prove that the european union its twenty eight member
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states the fence together common social values it is a clear sign that we deliver on a fairer and more social europe with equal opportunities. where equal opportunities are possible for everybody and all of life in the deal must now be ratified by member states. germany's economy has always relied on highly specialized small and medium sized enterprises the famed german middle stand now a study has confirmed the role they play in the country's economic health is bold vital than ever. a new study from the german development bank has shown that sales from german s.-a m.-e. companies like this manufacturer of specialized pumps rose steeply yet again in twenty sixteen they were up by nearly four percent to four and a half trillion euros that's the strongest growth for five years unlike in the past
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however much of that growth is being powered by domestic demand rather than exports and in a kind of feedback loop domestic demand is in turn being driven by excellent employment figures as the middle east and companies hire more staff to cope with rising orders at the end of august germany's federal employment agency announced that only around two point five million people were currently looking for work pushing the unemployment rate to the lowest level since german reunification more than twenty five years ago. today study on germany s m a's coincides with coalition talks of building a new government in berlin these businesses want to shore up their future let's talk about that with york sona chief economist of the k f w banking group standing by for us in frankfurt thanks for coming on the show what do these firms have to fear do you think. well there actually really going through
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a period of strength. turnover growth is at the record high in the us in the sector is the largest employer in the german economy particularly the services industries which helps further develop our as amy sector into new areas of business when you think of digitalisation for example in this will of course be one of the demands on the german industry to get ready for the digitalisation that is going on everywhere we also need a higher level of investment in some of areas of the semi sector particularly the manufacturing sector where we see that the number of firms that are investing in future technologies is not as high as we would like it to be ok so when basement has been slowed from the as a means what about the government and the time and money it's investing in digitalization how would you describe its track record. we have we know that
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in germany we have in an international comparison a relatively good digital infrastructure but there's always room for improvement in particular in terms of the speed of the of the internet in germany but the government is very well aware of this and everybody's aware of this and this will be one of the their policy areas i'm very sure about this and the semi sector is certainly ready to do more here this will be a step by step process like every innovation is companies are careful and slowly moving into these new technologies in particularly in the digital age there is more to it than investing in hardware there is a lot of sort of software there is a lot of knowledge a lot of education and this all has to move at the same speed and i'm optimistic that with these numbers that have come out for two thousand and sixteen and for the first half of two thousand and seventeen we will see a lot more in this area in the future but is good enough because digitalisation
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could wipe out millions of jobs in germany just today we've heard from the head of beat com and i.t. association saying that huff of all jobs could disappear in the next couple decades what's that going to mean for small to medium sized businesses. well we have. a need for a much stronger productivity growth so i am quite confident that the digital technologies will actually improve productivity in the economic system in germany first of all secondly we have a population particularly a working age population that is retiring in large numbers over the next few years and in this context digital technologies and further modernization of our business processes interactions with clients all over the world will actually facilitate growth in germany rather than be
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a problem ok an optimistic you look so at a chief economist of the k f w banking group thank you very much for your analysis thank you e.u. authorities are said to look into allegations of sexual harassment these female stuff there reported several incidents including rude talk and groping not unusual as a poll by germany's federal anti discrimination agency found it shows that in twenty fifteen nearly one in two women experience sexual harassment as defined by law more than half of them were harassed at work for minority comments to unwanted physical contact business parties seem to be especially tricky men of an abused social gatherings to make indecent advances and the poll shows that one in three women feel harassed by men in enclosed spaces like cargoes and lives here's the story of
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one young woman dealing with harassment in germany's corporate sector. communications graduate catch a new dorm i was overjoyed when she landed a top job right after college her colleague seemed nice as did her boss but soon enough his behavior changed she's asked not to be shown on camera. he began complimenting me. he'd say things like you look really grace who are you dressing like that for is it for your boyfriend or your husband are you married they were really personal questions. her boss would call her into his office several times a day often for no apparent reason he'd always close the door she felt increasingly uncomfortable and wondered if she herself was to blame. last year germany introduced tougher a sexual assault laws antidiscrimination rules aimed to protect women from sexual
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harassment in the workplace trade unions have welcomed such moves many large companies now employ women's representatives but there's still a long way to go guarding the client on getting in smaller companies and individual branches an issue hasn't really caught on yes in that area relatively little has been done since of course it's harder to implement things when there are no works of handles pushing for it that's definitely a problem when it comes to handling this issue on top of most many women including cuts in the dorm or are too afraid to report inappropriate behavior. he used to try and get me to sit beside him after some time he started touching me first my arm then my knee. the crazy thing was that he had photographs of his wife and kids all over his office. erica schreiber has represented many
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women who have been sexually harassed at work. she understands why many of them choose not to speak i. feel amongst naturally many are afraid that they'll be bullied that they'll be accused of lying. some women feel ashamed of what's happened or also as they feel helpless a charm that plays a big role for them and some of them fear they'll be let go when the food out of tough new photo ops to the presence of the. cast jenny dumas took a leave of absence after confiding in her doctor and a friend then she quit her job she hasn't returned to the office since she's still waiting to get her employment certificate as her boss wants her to pick it up in person. and leave it nice doing business with you i'll see you again very soon you're ready to go for.
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a treat for eyes and ears on top of both and tell him i'm one of the most time profile photographers of his generation in
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hamburg he's presenting artwork created over thirty years and it's a striking solo show and a return to the city which helped launch a book on till months career your romance next on d w. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history starting on talent but so poor and if you question opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for and depend the journalists i see many of the younger promising janitors are now making names for themselves all over the world. some might get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is like the experience of the day you can visit it but your call come back
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