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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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what's. the future starting november ninth on d w. l's. and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. like in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d. w. . everyone and welcome see euro max today we've got plenty exciting stories to tell here's a look at some of what's coming up on the show. white gold truffles from al
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but it's really a reprise delicacy. of paperwork cutting edge by scotland's georgia russell. and animal magic a make up artist for four legged movie stars. this little thing here has a rather the pungent smell but the taste is what people pay for october marks the start of white truffle season a short period of less than two months in which this expensive chuba can be harvested just last year a truffle weighing one kilogram was sold for one hundred thousand euros that option i better hold on to this one the reason these white ones so much is that they simply cannot be grown in artificial conditions that's why every year thousands flock to the truffle capital in north western italy to examine this color and every
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treasure. the white truffle the king of all foods. at the truffle market in the initial east piedmont region the scent of this rare chuba delights people from all over the world. i don't know yet it's a very distinct a.s.d. i did love it or hate it when there were. often. smell from cities and british people but i don't want to be shameless but i want more of it if only it weren't so expensive and as he's a toy of a. model car born a from alva is a regular visitor to the market during the white truffle harvest season.
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he's a fantastic female wayne and emotional. every now for they say it be frank and it's very funny very amazing to go around in that upper market and that has made me to be fighting for that oh don't even macy's owner because the ultimate is day season of. the truffle harvest celebrations on lively and colorful. moho carbone a likes to pop in to talk to fee morra a truffle shop founded in one nine hundred thirty by jacko moma she had the idea of giving truffles to celebrities like alfred hitchcock but then of monaco pictures of them holding truffles laid the foundations for the cult of the alba white truffle now tons of them a sense all over the world by express korea we have a good quality with the best marketing so that is. the way thoughts but that is what is just more because he was
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a genius much. of truffles cost about six hundred euros and keep. only ten days fresh truffles arrive at the market every day from the forest around . truffle hunters search for them with specially trained dogs when the dog smells a truffle it scratches the ground the truffle hunter then carefully digs up the treasure. for when the real is the dog we say we take the dog out but actually he takes us out and he's the one who finds the truffle. for. the for a truffle can be sold at out of us market an expert assesses whether it fulfills the quality requirements demanded by the capitol of the white truffle getting the coveted certificate was no problem for this particular truffle radio program or the war know it better and this is a fantastic trouble to get i mean it has all the aromas it needs it with. garlic
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and mushrooms and it is very complex and very interesting and more the more interesting that no wonder it won first prize in the tata two for a competition. i'm important center of the truffle culture is the custom. it's the seat of the order of the knights of the truffle and wines of iowa and houses a truffle museum. it's also a venue for truffle auctions where call maison celebrities like she have departed you sometimes bit more than a hundred thousand euro's for an especially large truffle. first there are so few of them second people love them maison experts who really have sensitivity training. and for that when you eat them with the right food and the right why i'm so that they unfold their whole flavor it's paradise.
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truffles the best. when shaved into a paper thin slice of a pastor. some people say the first bike is very special. became the eat the time for the. last one is about the ten dollars bill maher and i wait for a nine to ten miles a very long because at the end of the sandbar there are no more than four for at least ninety miles and you have to weigh that when it's a zero to night and again it is five before my nose. mouth broke out of bone and the words of the truffle aficionados have another few weeks to enjoy the intoxication scent and flavor of the white truffle of the valuable.
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time now to take a look at what's going on in europe today and or express which features the somewhat surprising revelation that despite digitization board games are still a bestseller but first an eighty's i call and quite a stunning outfit. grace jones is back on the red carpet on wednesday the former top model was in london for the premiere of the documentary film grace jones blood light and bammy. british film director sophie finds a company the eccentric diva for ten years for the film it shows intimate glimpses of grace jones is like the actress who singer known sixty nine years old has repeatedly tested and transgressed boundaries jur in her career. plans for german clubs germany's commissioner for culture and the media monica curtis was in dresden on wednesday to honor eighty six club operators and concert
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organizers for their outstanding life performance program. that those is germany's music awards with the biggest purse totaling one point eight million euros. they got the celebrations into did live music like here with the dresden band now. this is the fifth time the applause prizes have been awarded this their organized by the music industry initiative and the german government did every year has been a media partner for three years now. the world's biggest boardgame trade finance buzy team has opened in s. and it seems both games are as popular as ever the industry reports new record turnovers despite smartphones and the boom in computer games last year forty million board games was sowed in germany alone at the trade fair you can try out about twelve hundred new games but no computer games are allowed some hundred
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seventy five thousand visitors are expected through sunday. well let's turn to the world of fashion now german designer marcus look for has forged a global reputation with his ultra modern creations unexpected combinations are his forte and they have won him some high profile of maurice including the duchess of cambridge look for has become one of her go to design is and she wore his designs during her tour of pole poland and germany earlier this year we paid him a visit at his office is in london where he is currently compiling his all some twenty eighteen collection. catherine duchess of cambridge is a royal fashion icon on a recent berlin visit she wore a dress by german designer marcus look for us pop star beyond say is also among his customers as well as pop legend madonna fashion designer look for over italy from southern germany has been living and working in london for some twenty years.
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i do what i love put all my energy into my business or do this job because it's my favorite job. so. far is especially fond of floral passions unusual fabrics humorous motifs prints and sequence. his designs are playful but also suited for everyday use and stresses never come with price tags of up to a thousand euros right now look for and his team are creating a collection for autumn twenty eighteen it's usual to take a long creative break before starting a new collection then work begins with a mood board. it's got different textiles photos and patterns to set the creative juices flowing. swimwear has elements
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of flounces. which are then put into a dress. so i merge the dress and the swimwear i'm and i combine the two elements. like most of their fashion labels look for works on two or three collections at the same time one in its early stages centered on ideas and feelings while the other is already in the design stage at third might already be in production and available to clients fashion certainly no nine to five job. involves lots of development new silhouettes new fabrics new colors everything's new. development phase is a time consuming and strenuous. fell for it this is a normal every day kind of stress little time remains for his private life now new textiles for the autumn collection have arrived in the cutting room. for carefully inspects the samples he places special emphasis on unusual fabric combinations that
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are very comfortable to wear. like getting into the details and making sure my fashion is comfortable to wear. i want people to feel good in my dresses. that's why i look for it develops most of his fabrics himself he loves being able to combine different materials. so we develop textiles like lyrics for example it's perfect for dresses giving them value. and it's pretty. tough for a first visited london when he was still studying fashion in the german city of trainer and was immediately fascinated by the british capital. and you've got these
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different looking red buses. the city looks so different so many traditional buildings there's a sense of freedom. here you can be whoever you want to be. and where whatever you want. moving to london has paid off for he started working as a designer on commission then he built up his own fashion label and for that he's always on the lookout for new inspiration even in unusual spots. just the. way. these two items caught my attention first of all. they're interesting they've got a certain structure one may be outdrawn this recollection of mine. in this past i don't make a science out of it if you see him with my work card use it if it doesn't. then
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most men must post them. here in london look for can certainly live out his openness to new ideas paired with a certain laissez faire attitude. well look for uses fabrics to fashion his designs on next artist uses a more unconventional medium for her works ga russell is a paper artist and among other things turns books into sculptures instead of reading novels she calls them apart with her scalpel librarians would certainly not approve but the results are quite literally a cut above the rest. from closeups and destruction a shock for book lovers. from a little far away the kind of books become sculptures mystical structures of lost civilization or hands with striking features. i don't want the
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pieces to look perfect and symmetrical. sometimes i'll leave them in the studio for a while to be moved to write and i'm laid on the side so that they'll live a little bit further their place because they will gain some kind of. personality of their own. georgia russell works with a scalpel she enjoys the sec to her material. canvases she first picked up the scalpel as a child. i think it would probably thanks to my dad. as an architect and when i was young it was before computers the architects didn't use computers yet he would have to build his models with a scalpel and i was probably intrigued by the danger of it so instead of using scissors or even a craft knife natural reaction was just to pick up
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a scalpel and see what i could do with it and in bringing a live flat surfaces. here russell is visiting the exhibit of her work in the constructor in lieu trix borg it will run through november the twenty fourth she's thrilled at how her work has been hung in the middle of the room. a working mom as she says she's currently concentrating on painted canvases placed one behind the other georgia ruffles work so hard to pin down a painting drawing. sculpture. sometimes it's it's worrying because for example you have something maybe a painting that i've spent a lot of time on and it looks quite good the way it is but then i know i'm going to . intervene with my scalpel and it's going to completely teens so you've always got to be willing to lose something to gain something else. the title of the exit
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bishan is the open window. ruffles works let the viewers gaze drift off to impressionistic landscape the artist loves nature and books of course. originally from scotland she now lives near paris flea markets inspire her. the used bookshop in luton explored is also a treasure trove. from the beginning it was more to do with the title of the book and i would i would play on the title in the form kind of to do with the title of the book was inspired by that and then the more i went on the more interesting i thought it would be to be abstract it's as if she explodes the book's title is come to life the earth. the second sex by sea. and revolution. encased in glass. the
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series she's made by cutting up an old bible has an entirely different effect reminiscent of the repetition of religious rituals. russell says she nonetheless wants to preserve the knowledge that numbers in books and to sensitize people even if it's first glance how work seems to do the opposite . i knew people's reactions might be you know off they might not like it but for me it was the age that. i needed to express this form of time passing and things changing and everything's never the same and. the book is such a symbol of the human being. george russell has found appropriate books here in southern germany to know that her maternity leave is over she can get cutting again
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. now if you fancy drawing your hand at creating some of your own decorations on the home improvements our resident d.i.y. expert francisco has some great ideas today she's showing us how to create small bowls for any kind of storage they close attention because. i am francisca today on your make the i why we're making little balls for your jewelry and thoughts and it's surprisingly easy and i will show you how you can do it yourself if you will need. if you can find it in crafts shop on the internet. a rolling pin or just use an empty but to. have robust them with an attractive peten. color in the color of your choice. some acrylic paint for example gold. a bowl of any size you like.
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and something and. take a piece of your modeling clay roll it into a ball and then roll it out flat with a rolling pin the play should be perfect to smooth but not too thin. them on to the head and then that imprinting the design right on to the modeling clay it's best to begin in the middle. take your ball as authentic and press it deep into the clay top down. now take the knife and cut out the circular fall. lay the disk into a similar sized bowl with the stem side chris the clay cathal into the bowl to form its shape. it takes the modeling clay about twelve hours to harden. use the sandpaper to round out the edges. now the bowl itself is finished. but i like to trace the edge with golden acrylic paint to give the boat
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a nice country and i think the most substantial. finish. if you don't have any rubbers them sent home you can also print some very nice. with an a so i eat something like this and you can also print designed with cookie cutters just be careful not to push the cutter all the way for the king. interior design at its best check out how you choose channel d.w. interior design something design ideas spectacular buildings handy i want you to realize on home decoration will take you inside the most beautiful european home this show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscriber and don't miss out on you tube.
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much more design related content can be found on our you tube channel here at your max we presenters get a little make over form our stylists before each show getting our hair and makeup done is part of being in front of the camera that's also the case for also apparently bob is a makeup artist for our four legged friends so what sort of beauty treatment does a horse an eight. horses are beautiful animals powerful with dense coats and long mains but when a filmmaker shoots a scene with a horse he has his own idea about how it should look. borg a makeup artist for horses is preparing larry maher for his big appearance in the movie wendy to. laurie martin he's a double and that means make up. a script and need to by fear the. no two horses look entirely the same. and that's where i come in.
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i make the cut markings hair manes and tails much. so that i later when i watch the film if you don't immediately see the two different horses were on the set. to arrive here either. i'm sad. when a borg turns the cream colored gelding larry maher into a pinto mare called dixie. and this is how he looks in the film. quite a change barber painted light brown spots on larry maher's coast we ask his owner
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fair vango hire him how he likes acting. in the stars and it's no problem for him so and because he's happy whenever he can go with people he knows. it's really pleasant that he does so many things willingly which you can see in the films if he didn't want to do something he just walk away and then we wouldn't have such a good film shots i think that's proof enough. and wendy to finesse that plays a leading role where penny has been put out to pasture. her beautiful flowing mane it would be impossible without barbara warner bork. it needs her and i saw it myself and i use the only real horsehair nylon or plastic or anything artificial because i'm the only things that aren't entirely natural to all the clips i fasten it with but then if he prefers to get
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the hairpiece offers more than a visual effect it also helps the horse ward off bothersome flies. barbara needs two hours to style the horses when it comes to acting for nasa is as professional as larry mark. the mystery of course we have to be able to make them. yeah this and excited so that they we're up and caprio and then we have to be able to calm them down in the next moments of an actor or actress can mount them without danger to fox will come. and larry maher will give the new wendy film everything they've got and barbara kind of borg will make sure that they look back. make up on horses whatever next well june and for more tomorrow and look us up on facebook for the daily updates on the air max page so for now goodbye.
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next time on your own max famous personalities special moments in history or scenes from everyday life. the how to knock life in london contains eighteen million pictures from hundred fifty is a photographic history the historical photos are gradually being digitized for use by the media galleries and private individuals the houghton all kinds next time on your own acts.
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the the ottoman empire it moved over three continents seven seas uniting different cultures and religions. the ottomans way for six centuries.
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but what happened in the nineteenth century what triggered the empires collapse the end of the sublime parts multiethnic states in the ottoman empire. fifteen minutes . d.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. now with our innovations magazine for asia. every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. africa study where they start to divide the country i do it's still where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for good going into.
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the soviet union is breaking up part. of the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way would agree canonically. would love it was an incredibly difficult job. but this democracy was a wise guy the elections were a fraud. so privatization was robbery assault news here and we're just we're just in today and moscow's empire we're serious starting november fifth w.
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yeah the leader of catalonia pushed him on has ruled out holding fresh elections in the spanish region the decision extends the political deadlock with madrid over the region's push for independence. spain's senate is.


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