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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2017 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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close to me this evening. and unplugged. the you tube three night groups starting november third on t.w. it's reformation day on d w will have programs around the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony he didn't back will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion reformation day october thirty first on g.w. . everyone welcome to your max highlights the best of this week's shows featuring
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food flowers and furniture here's a peek at what we've got coming up for you. colorful we visit a magnificent flower festival in spain. tasting white truffles are a source off the delicacy from italy. and any caress of a brand new bread museum opens in austria. let's start off in the warm climes of course where the sun shines year round sounds like an ideal place to grow beautiful flowers right the under lucien city is hosting the inaugural international flower festival flora but it's not just sunshine and daisies floral artists are competing to be crowned the best transforming the courtyards of course of the with arrangements we followed them as they were setting
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up their displays. it may be autumn but cordova is in full bloom. eight top international florist have let their imaginations run wild for displays inside public court yards across the southern spanish city. flora is both a competition for the artists and a festival for the public. this courtyard features a work by thomas to prajna of belgium the internationally acclaimed floral artist brought some two thousand azaleas to quote. i was inspired by the paradise in cardiff so first of all i used to paseo paradise for cardiff and sing and i also use a. lot of the base that's a ship people with a love of the garden so those two together i want to have a dialogue with the. craftsmanship i want the festival to create
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a dialogue with the people. one day before the festival opened he was still busy with twenty two assistants who had just four days to transform his vision into a floral reality. every detail matters to muster brian is demanding. we have to do it. out yes. now. we need protection the edge between the plants in the wall like almost like three centimeter force any as to why it's so they have to move all the plans three fourths enemies to the wall i like everything is suits bell and it's part of the concept of. a chinese entrepreneur donated a total of one hundred twenty thousand euros in prize money awards are given to the three best entries. also in the running is robert hornsby the creative director of london's in water flowers. his works provide food or flowers for
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thought. reflections is basically looking at yourself looking at your soul looking at who you are where you came from what are you doing are you happy i think when people see themselves in a marriage very challenging sometimes the ultimate question is are you happy today and i have to do a lot myself. the courtyard of the archaeological museum is the backdrop for an installation by patrick nadeau from france a trained architect with a passion for plants. he counts companies like him isn't as his customers. he's particularly interested in archaeology unlock your delusions since archaeology is the history of civilization it's the history of human kind of things or architecture. and all of that could only arise because before there were humans there were plants they're the source of life they give us the air we breathe that's
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why i find it so compelling to install a kind of enormous vessel filled with plants at the heart of an archaeological museum. is from madrid she used to work as a fashion designer but for the last seven years she's been designing floral artworks like this one in the inner courtyard of bullfighting museum. of the this is an extraterrestrial garden from another planet to get away from traditional ideas of what a paradox should look like i didn't use any green plants and only chose ones with unusual color as. you know that in this way i had to create a kind of dream an imaginary wild you know the. court of law is famous for its inner court yards known as patios hardly any other city in spain boasts as many. on behalf of the city. organize the international
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flower festival flora and brought the floral artist to under. the patio as a court of a play a central role here they date from roman times are perfect by the arabs and are just the place for flowers and that's what we wanted to link this ancient culture with a passion for flowers. modern floral creations surrounded by historical architecture the prize for the loveliest patio went to this installation designed by two americans the jury awarded to muster brian as patio second place and forty thousand euros in prize money. the belgian floral artist has already jetted off to his next assignment in san francisco but visitors can still admire his floral paradise in cordova until the end of october. well look toba marks the start of white truffle season a period of less than two months in which this expensive chuba can be harvested the
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reason the white ones of was so much is that they simply cannot be grown in artificial conditions and that's why every year thousands flock to the truffle capital alba and northwestern italy to marvel at the skull unary treasure. the white truffle the king of all foods. at the truffle market in the initial east piedmont region the scent of this rare chuba delights people from all over the world. i don't know yet it's a very distinct a.s.d. i did love it or hate it when there were. often. smell from certain british people that don't want to be shameless but i want more of it if only it weren't so expensive for this he's a toy of a. model car born
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a from alda is a regular visitor to the market during the white truffle harvest season. he's a fantastic from adelaide and emotional. every now for they say it be frank and it's very funny very amazing to go around a bit up on my kid and get his mail maybe find that point that oh don't even macy's owner because they don't know if this season of. the truffle harvest celebrations on lively and colorful. moho countable in a likes to pop in to talk to fee mora a truffle shop founded in one nine hundred thirty by jacko mona she had the idea of giving truffles to celebrities like alfred hitchcock them of monaco pictures of them holding truffles laid the foundations for the cult of the album white truffle now tons of them are sent all over the world by express korea we have
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a good quality with the best marketing so that is. the way thoughts but then he is just more because he was a genius mark. of truffles cost about six hundred euros and he. only ten days fresh truffles arrive at the market every day from the forest around . truffle hunters search for them with specially trained dogs when the dog smells a truffle it scratches the ground the truffle hunter then carefully digs up the treasure. for when the real is the dog we say we take the dog out but actually he takes us out and he's the one who finds the truffle. for. the for a truffle can be sold at out of the market an expert assesses whether it fulfills the quality requirements demanded by the capitol of the white truffle getting the coveted certificate was no problem for this particular truffle radio program or to
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warn of you this is a fantastic trouble because it has all the aromas it needs it with. garlic and mushrooms and it is very complex and very interesting and more the more interest on it no wonder it won first prize in the top a two for a competition. i'm important center of the truffle culture is the custom low green side. it's the seat of the order of the knights of the truffle and wines of iowa and houses a truffle museum. it's also a venue for truffle auctions where call maison celebrities like she had departed you sometimes bit more than a hundred thousand euros for an especially large truffle. first there are so few of them second people love them maison experts who really
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have sensitivity training. and for that when you eat them with the right food and the right wine so that they unfold their whole flavor it's paradise. truffles the best. when shaved into the paper thin slice of the pasta. some people say the first bite is very special. they cannot eat that stuff or that. no one survived the ten dollars no mark and that i wait for a nine to ten miles they don't because at the end of december they are no more than four for at least nine months and they have to weigh that when he's old tonight and again it is five before my nose. mouth o'connor full name and the wealth of the truffle aficionados have another few weeks to enjoy the intoxication scent and
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flavor of the white truffle of. now people all over europe argue that it's their country that has the best bread whether it's the french by yet the italian chef bazza or one of the three hundred different types of bailable here in germany and austria one man sets out to chronicle the history of this staple earlier this month the so-called pan am opened its doors i mean see i'm dedicated solely to brett. this futuristic building is the fulfillment of one man's dream. this tiny room a museum located in us to near the austrian city of leeds and it's dedicated to one thing bright. it's a vision of austrian bakery and. his company but rather the next millions. this is his trip to bring it. in its niche make
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it keep popping else was gone but you still had bread you could live no matter how bad things were. made throughout history the moment there was no bread people knew it was over that's what's fascinating about bread it's. always had his heart set on an unusual building for the museum. for some visitors the oven god shaped conjures up images of baking. on. kind of reminds you of a bun cake it's not quite right or so famous type it also kind of looks like bread while it's breaking get back on for your bread but. the museum building was designed by the end as internationally renowned architect studio co-op him a blow by architect to birthday pics had something else in mind when designing the
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building. spread recovery mode i was glad when people have a new interpretations like that it's a loaf of bread or a cake. it's not true of course cool i wasn't thinking about the loaves of bread at all i was imagining a clown ship. has all the stylings co-op him of love is known for the firm has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative designs. like the european central bank in frankfurt . b.m.w. world in munich. and the music video conference in new york. founded peyser organ dogleg never believed he'd get five day picks with a project so he was all the more thrilled when he said yes. when i saw him i knew
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we were in good hands at that sold into. the way he was so intense emotional and charming like daughtry i have to build mr. a work of art one that he fits with the times. the building was conceived as a personal exhibition space for the collector. exhibits are presented in display cases they hang on the bull's eye and from the ceiling. the central spiral staircase leads visitors up through the four exhibition levels and into the main chamber of the museum decked in wood. over the years peter has amassed a collection of some twelve hundred pieces for the museum. you avoid them we want to show the visitors the influence bread has had on the history of mankind over the
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last six to eight thousand years in food farming culture and most notably religious course on. the museum explains the origins of bread for example with this nine thousand year old grain milling study. that shows how bread is revered in many of the world's religions like in south america. and egypt. and how baking is represented in. when is he in fact brought up thanking people eat bread every day and don't think anything of it that's also not the consumer's job but if you take a bit of time to consider the history of the connection it's a nice feeling because you're taking part in several thousand years of tradition at
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least. thomas did because to make his dream come true. that's peace out until close secrets with the county and he just hopes to share his passion for bread with as many of his attest as possible. decorating your home can be a chore for some of us here in germany flats are rarely furnished and so everyone gets a chance to be their very own interior designer for berlin apartment owner i'm sure if it was the perfect opportunity to combine diverse elements into a unique style called. i'm sure if he lived in an elegant imperial air apartment in the heart of berlin. is an iranian american artist and writer his home is a reflection of his extensive travels around the world from which he's brought back a treasure trove of furniture and art. every item has
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a story to tell. the piece in the sun in the center of the room is a sculpture by a polish artist and. his name is. and the sculpture is called speech is silver and it's more of a throat. referencing the punishment during medieval times for blasphemy or heresy was to pour molten silver down. the throat. sense of color provide a striking contrast to the white walls the stuccoed ceilings were freed of decades of paint with painstaking care. and at the center a check cubist chandelier. we've been wanting to have this piece in our home for about fifteen years and when we first saw it in prague in early two thousand we couldn't afford it so we had our parents buy it for themselves and and about thirteen fourteen years later we managed to afford one for our own.
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shares the one hundred square metre apartment with his girlfriend he admits he's happy to let her make decisions when it comes to the decor. please make kasha my partner she's designed the whole apartment and she began with this moroccan door this door was made in morocco and a friend of us had actually an extra one here in berlin that we were lucky enough to have and. this was a kind of first stone that was set in this apartment and what's special about the door is it really gives you a different impression of being transported to a different realm or to a different face when you walk through it come with a. breathable tiles lend the bedroom a mediterranean feel. what happens is it creates a microclimate everybody knows it's healthier to sleep and colder climate
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temperatures. and instead of having to open the windows or you have a draft for example here the cold sort of envelops you know or surrounds you. and a ray of decorative objects from asia and africa give a sense of ethnic identity and soul to this home in the middle of the. wooden chairs animal pelts and hand-woven carpets create a rustic feel and infuse the area space with boho chic touches. the artist couple feels at home in this cozy space. the living room is dominated by a large day bed this is called a tough or we call it a riverbed it's a kind of vernacular piece of furniture that you find often outside near a river and cafes in parks and in places like iran where unmarried men and women can't socialize together for you riverbend becomes one of the unique spots
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where women and men can mingle. traditional handy work combined with contemporary art this apartment's eclectic mix of styles is much an invitation to subtle as it is to travel the world. well staying in berlin the german capital is known for its why do re of restaurants serving up culling every delights from all over the world for the last twenty years the organization bell in patna has been crowned the best cooks in the. and among twenty seven teens when it is top know who came to the city as a refugee from vietnam when he was just five years old now he's the proud owner of eleven restaurants in the city and given his appetite for cross cultural cuisine it's unlikely he'll stop there. the berlin master chef scaler dinner the most exciting names in the german capital's restaurant scene are honored here.
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among this year's winners is sebastian from berlin's master chef twenty seventeen he's garnered two michelin stars for his restaurant. is still working on his first michelin star he said no formal training as a chef yet he runs some of the most popular restaurants and for that he's been named the city's coloring innovator. and my restaurants always add something new in the way we conceive and style them. all from these nights when i see myself as a colin area innovator it's a go to war to him suits me for. his latest innovation is funky fish a portuguese fish restaurant with a japanese twist it's a typical no restaurant with a clear concept in both cuisine and design. yet when planning a new restaurant the concept isn't always set in stone. often he's inspired by the
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space itself. so most of us mark first funky fish was supposed to be a chicken and beer place. but when we started cleaning the walls we discovered that we had a really nice room here. and suddenly the paneled ceiling stood out and this glass came at the forefront. we looked almost like an aquarium sitting inside here. so we said ok you're going to be your is out and we need to get a bit more money together and make it into a nice fish restaurant. was born in vietnam in one thousand nine hundred eighty four five years later his family fled to germany after finishing school he worked in a sushi restaurant and found his calling he opened his own sushi bar in one thousand nine hundred nine after that he created one three rio tape which serves up japanese
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peruvian fusion food and a french vietnamese establishment specializing in fold the traditional noodle soup of his homeland. doesn't like to restrict himself to a single type of cuisine. you know. i'm not really a trained chef but. i didn't do an apprenticeship. but i think that gives you more ambition because if you don't have such a sound education or training you can get really creative and so i think there are many self-taught people who are always really far ahead in different professions around the world precisely because they're so ambitious. and. his creativity and ambition helped him win the master chef colin arie innovator award but there's another ingredient to. i know. he has a talent to others out. he can bring things to dishes that can't be explained.
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and which you simply can't learn to do either. but with all his talent for innovation to do no says there is still one restaurant he hasn't tried yet. i'm a big fan of german crazy love down towards german food i grew up with it because i experienced all that in daycare when i came here live. as a vietnamese immigrant i might not find it's always been my dream to give the berliners back good true berlin restaurant had been enough and i think that you know a strong will get. joining me patty is and not all of pork into an area of ations if anyone can do it it's a duke no. look forward to it so that's it for this highlights edition from me and the rest of the crew here in berlin thanks for watching and see you again soon.
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the last royal mail ship bound for st helena says of course. volcanic island in the south atlantic could only be reached by ship until now there was no other way to
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get supplies to the islanders but those days are now over. a new airport is about to launch. the last word to st helena thirty minutes for. the slick and the fresh view because i'm you speak your language. for content in dari pashto. prospects for returning our web special few journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.w. made for my. going to an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia and illegally.
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already. returned to. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters g.w. made for mines. thanks. to our. month long curiosity. tomorrow today g.w. . going to the battle w. we speak your language our spanish program until. only swilling for us and put us in
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a can like you always close to the action but i'm not makoto poco folk ever wonder what the biggest of that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments would d.w. we bring you more like a lawyer. louie louie. the state of the news from berlin and catalonia separatist leader calls for peaceful resistance to spain's central government just hours after being sacked by madrid calls push montbello to keep working for a full.


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