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tv   Doc Film - The Mia san Mia Phenomenon - FC Bayern an International Success...  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2017 10:15am-11:00am CET

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in taft and it showed but ten man leipzig posed no threat to munich and the clash ended two nil. by and come out on top of leipsic for the second time in four days. and your parting kiss continues to be their good luck charm. this is t w news and live from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at d w dot com thanks for joining us. stories that people will go for information. opinions they want to express d.w.
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on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. i don't want to look at the video it was all believable. or they must be nice and. safe to buy then me so most folks mostly. excellent. i'm. absolutely demolished. by. it's what i stand up against and had
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a. right to my oldest sister about a mission so i let the baby that's what is underneath it i can give you cotton in my eyes the soft if i am done. yes if i am given toy than in my eyes the stuff i need for his big things that i need to see if i knew. what was even this is even just me morning them in the by this is gonna set me the sun media on these against me answer this if to them. i guess i'll be me i was the song what is the fun about soit was a folded even moved me nor moved he is beyond it to time he did if you could still make the most money. everybody have a dream and you don't need to sell your dreams.
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some. of. the. time i said why did i just was six and sixty two by answer would safety but as it's me the she stood as i stood but if you know i was. taught. that all the old justice in the infield of the sticks is a few days to buy and that's a nod that comes my civilian becomes because you get in a bit and that's when i deceive you then you get the boys like you done to make. me thank you.
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call diminishing no she said. yes a day when the jungle go see a day so they all meet there was a really long gosh i don't want they're going to. sort i use opposition i think they don't know. about the bill what they want
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this year and i said just if they don't want to. the playoffs. the players all ok no no. no. not on the stand but me day on the stand i think so football is football. all over the world to say. ok. i said i. would just to get. my psych nothing but. i got a call. but you got. such a mom i'm going to make the mom to say don't touch the list this is just
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a. cut at. the back of the. she then finally come out and then. i got off the bus he said you got to get us. to somebody help me get a very good player who's this guy. so i'm very exciting he must be very good. to see this is just as miles away because people still so we saw in boston as planned aka fucked up. and fitted in. in my different if you and i
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stand by you mean when dished out and signed to have to push a button and say shit that are not for this internet then all so going on scooter was on. top of that he attended to. if a boy lived one of them a money you could get on the world with them and the whole deal going in the us i said bye i'm confident in my. ability of the look was them it. also called the dog on antibiotic this will hold up hold nine. and this focus on those of the mind leaving i mean you know bribes as the siesta mallaby we want to call them at the close enough to buy the first time that i saw by many. was when. they lost i guess. that's a belief i know. and. i was everybody is
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a fan of one of the mothers. and you were in the day and he was crying so i feel for him and any time i see him with about this issue. by many was for me. something that's from again how i got i don't know how to explain. you have some of us will get hurt. and i. am happy. they. can spin this up this night for the president is annoyed i think probably around two thousand and two. because all the guys were saying you know there are fans of premier league teams and i sort of thing and i was the only guy that said i was a fan of a german to. bomb the timespan are. the it's about a minute in calls for fifty thousand in the stand in costs
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a block defense by the incident and it's it by and father. at home by and i think the nicest some of them are. thinking of the window if. you were. home only to die in that i surely play. it as it is not done as a decision for you that's your. you can be. but as soon as you are one. of them for the fine. you can cause.
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i'm signed. so i woke up in these and said. this during the dust my invention i met a band of voted in and did side. by side in muncie indiana miles final that i'm in this after for nothing with safety as my old brick a day so classy giddens one that now wouldn't if i don't mind it had done so. in. your hundred spears or i could hold it up to get it when i manage my some such a spiritual journey. for the i don't achieve a shared. belief with me. just as the standard six in the attic that i want to get you will need to know much
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of the part right now mr alcott you speak of he said again i'm not so up to them so i want to read most of nine of them by divided would like to say. don't bother doc and this is best to. some not to have even understood worse untalented option for specific leaders. if you just teach people in jacksonville to compete in the bush new national. the middle instead of. coming towards the hose in the in swansea. on have to monitor the he said i this is comes. down it's you who says i was my own then trouble my own advice to not. so my mother this all comes didn't escape my seed into ya and that holds it in my own. when i want it and if i am well off.
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of this it's owned out and dance with me just in the mcmahon laden who. can ask to walk on and i'm going for that i want to have finished after the death of him a captain i hope this will just be glad. even if he started to prove it. to fifteen inch if he. does see unfold. and come. and see them. you know it was fun of x. be him in mexico come and when you were girl your baby just leaving there was a gun it always does have bitten bow on the. on and you coming up with a spade of you happen for you and your phone down because i have been the fonz you've been a good one has been and i was when i was there had to use of this is the security gauge right of lots of to my answer but you're. right about the more time your
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father margaret therefore do you think was coming or going out another hope of a kind of in this myself i feel be the one how does the others i introduce the way . disputed the dharma scabs now be the whole of it is coming in soon and be a long for me to him before that i'm dead and climb haunting and if i'm. on the i'm gonna start coming to needs. that's why we have a decision from as well as food science even movies if we have our own feet. and from if he is trading someone on a mixed have you asked if a specific bill you want this is a fuzzy rest of us you know. i know. some of you try to. not. feel it's rude when you have the advantage on coming on soon as within the couple
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of amount of this pot standard out of our food come on down don't have abuse in months once again transforms of young. the. schizos. friends of mine are watching down in d.c. as we tease each other the last two days arsenal's mentally weak so there are still some absolutely going to be a fun game hopefully we'll see. the . money and thinking the key on the sail away heading into a system. that was. just a this is
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a done deal see this is not the sort of the game league summit seemingly you retain any leads. you understand because that done things are now. was to make up for somebody from budget to work on one hand. the. number of admission you know that's notable good as it i'm with you that's not a team of people as awesome as what i don't i general been the most deeply. ten. i really love it up to the fire every time to indigenous.
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this is actually a really interesting game because neither team is really playing all that well and so it's going to be very interesting to see. what these two managers on some of the smaller fire and vendor for arsenal do in order to bring up their teams to the level that's needed in our dress. i want to ask this of. the miami and. living the muslim women about my son the king then jimi medical services. informal social. ok and so the whistle goes. around at sixteen in the champions league decades here if you take. the
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boston nobody the ball but move. the big . d. be. famous. but. i don't just get. to the best of what is going to be the. limited.
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time. the but. the bold steps above it to sit there until they are about to get out altered out of. the brokerage ago teemu some new images from i didn't believe. in some of the posts in that this for myself i can hear the new dish. wasting when
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you see the king is young and so good looking i finished good. looks it looks. like the music. i listen. to. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you thank you. for example i was. going to. be. focusing this is a recent article slicing amongst us all of the superdome allusion and i can of those are almost as formal as are your voice of surprising me based on chicago certainly was my only a fictional organism is issued summers even to some extent of ohio each case you go
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into more song was just a house saw them walks in the us and you know which also might find useful but this . by different kind. of it i mean things you could see i use and don't know. about when they're going. to hear my voice because of what i do now with you and i watched. no more than your dog.
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show me that is. the first issue. if. you want a chicken with all the fees if you're just of want to go in there is occasion. you have the militia my age limits it is. little. but i am going to do q. this is a sin nature my exhibit. don't live in the question on the inflammation of the kill so many young. you so we're going to call this is
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a dangerous anything specific that makes. me a song me yet. well you see kind of the lead almost yourself you're just i'm biased and had i was i did a cast mate these are from a subsistence and then. this is to be a must also and it's as i say if you live in so middle of the advantage from the last toast and so it was he had a high months because byron is a community it's a family it's a you know another clubs you know players come and go first solace very corporate and then violence case that's not the case because i'm young and i phone who twelve seventy five and i know i know i've put words in my past i should be the animals it was i was you define media player this couple came up i want to adama it's i but i
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have a townhouse guys and you had some. kind of flower. and was with us as a domain name and so then was man the baddest of couture didn't mention the the land and sea and day and sue them as it's known to be is often seen as a show on clinton wins even be a garden again war you know it didn't need their butts is not fly so nuts are called real on done playing and i'm here to something that's been in the village friend mentioned the rule of law and something in coming years on me and sniffs all sports figures on this board for the sake of the city more to supervise them on. our. watford indeed not so hot this business on. the saw the shy of windy city what's your not so negative view of. the year conan
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alice. is tight it's a first in the cut this fine. in modern. the mind of folks have been to war and yet me as a. teen that he kind of described that's why i see cause if you want to describe how would you describe it is that maybe. that's need to feed and sign it's us give one has to some to museum of either of us given. how will the germans say. the. sneeze you are more how could you know your name but i thought some discovered more . photos of my mean biscuit or more or do you know. what it's not about today it's called can do
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no more. see made up of comes don't mess not there so i mean there is some kind of achievement to say i'm sick of picking up on a difficult look at the facts. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh it's the new school was in it so you need a. new you know it is and then. it is that bad. boy. song. that's you got. any home all day long when it comes to cynical. i know what owning that the most
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you know. and how much. you put them on. make you want to go to the nothing. big family and you are part of this family if the buyer and we take care of you and the feeling that you have when you go on the pitch must always be the same it's very important for us do you have this spirit not again so always want to win again it's very important. hosking the ball over there yes then you go over there hear hear. for you to say. this is any b.s. the hawkish and the thinking of india continually you know i weigh in on clinton
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really doesn't and didn't even want to morrow be diminished but i'm going to give mr home with this gun to fight it's news not really i mean. even to you know. all the more that you are you may. put it state by them or put it into a sense of house on the on the evil guy. so almost like the. moment you buy it in the morning for them because you heat their commute gives you a bottle night young man you're snagging a night there you go how you guys do what i just don't think. and then i go. right yes. oh yeah oh yeah no. sign.
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of it no. idea. what do you know so. i. think you think you know it's all ok with you those are yeah. you're looking you know so the death of the. mother she was the star so to give it to. us to put it. to me because. everybody in the dream and you don't need to sell your dreams. when i was young
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nobody believed in me. my mom is in me and i believe in myself. and. that's. a lot of. life. was my. job was.
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to. get. some time back i played for my own for so long. he's on he's on he's on a legend and he's on a broad from donna everybody knowing why webb so you know so yeah yeah and making them proud making them. laugh.
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but many have been and from the child who was in. our town i was having a dream you know was very difficult for my many to us of a young boy from africa and the price tag on me was five hundred thousand dollars one thousand nine hundred three was a huge one and only one s. if you want to pay their money and then leave them up there say to me on this does what i would do is what i have if you don't want to pay the money for the child for this boy is too good out paid in money and then later you have to pay me it's like you buying this for me so then they cut it off and they send no. one up to forty folks last time i. told you all the
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out of the companies are you know. are. you. and me being a black boy in there in the group everybody likes me because i joke a lot. when you go to training i'm always very serious to train so they're young they you for. everybody was you know. they make me feel like i hope. to see if. i survive. the infield sanction.
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what is my hardest moment. when i lost my daughter. and. if she came to me. from twenty one he called me because nobody was able to call me so he called me and he give me the information because when you break up in the formation the first person i called a car in front of. me by this time i'd sit there was safe to assume in the advent of the bush it was entirely and was itself a kind of and behold what it when mr wood behind the borderland. put it on me just out the blood from mine as it's apparent from from the one i mean at least overcoming my new hope wouldn't. enough be heard of even if life of the cultural hub would be titled to listen and love for people to focus on. i had to find time to listen to mrs mills immediately as all of them buying into my
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house just to console me and they organize a private jet within the next two hours for me to go back to ghana and that tells you they care about you and the president was staining ghana. when i finish everything. tells you that these people they are there for you when in times of trouble and anytime what our trouble with you my family. those people were there for me.
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oh yeah yeah. just. to predict the future even begin. to not find it but to one by. minute of the cycle later and then i'm done talking about. but if you and she thinks by then.
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with. this is. my. every thought outside of them is exactly what i was a child because. i don't really go anywhere so for me it was. a way of discovering the world. that. bond in germany was just interchangeable you know they shared a lot of the same characteristics. pos chest always difficult to be all that is sort of things but i do you think. the the impression of a vine is is really changed and in recent years things also parochial nowadays i
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think people globally know more about bond and that there is it sit closer courses but also the way that. made them play. a brand of football and you know that was the idea of the club to create a brand of football as well as the the blind brand so. you know i think people appreciate them maybe for the football more the night before. even watching i mean you're fully going to get off the pitch at the emirates even the guardian is gong to have a shot of him that in the fact that they're playing out on those at the start of training is something that the players love you see you really enjoy it you can just hear them were free and hollering from one hundred two hundred mi is why.
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it's one of the great experiences of european football to cover what you gave a game like this and the big game. now. i'll tell you what. let's be brutally honest this is going to happen.
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i think. blocks quite quickly. from the. qualities. of feel they can be more themselves. actually she was. a good. time. to give you. space. i.
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think. you know sometimes the way they play is almost sexy so you know and the really talks a lot about love and sex and you know the interplay between people and that sort of thing. watch these guys you know in their twenty's you know. just run up and down the field and that sort of thing such
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a high level. you know it's just to me is a beautiful thing you know it's you know the apotheosis of the human form. the way that i feel when i play with words. i think you know work for tree and have in common is that they both. are both expressing an art form. you know when when somebody like reverdy is passing the ball to somebody like robin you know you know. creating something out of nothing you know or even more so. you know you see those emotions and you see how they contort their bodies to score and. to play. and to
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me that's all very. very artful. you know much like that much like really good poetry. when you want to bust a misstep penalty. was trying to find the right. thing. and i felt really. really awful for you know. just the shock the surest sure emotion. you know covering his face and then he's trying to you know sink into the ground. and i felt like. you know the best poetry moves you in that same way.
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they must. be tough young mother take. a. little love. just. felt. it was. me you. this week's highlight. exciting aromas truffle season in northern italy. extraordinary shape. a museum dedicated to
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bringing. expert flavors berlin's master chef took no. your romance thirty minutes d.w. . tells us starring stories so. it makes us laugh thanks. a lot and smile thanks magical images. emotions to know if any know. every canned on g.w. . it's about moments that. it's all about the inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives.
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join us inspired by distinctive instagram others at g.w. stories topics each week on instagram. this is d w news live from berlin protesters are gathering in barcelona for what is expected to be a major pro unionist demonstration this as the results of a new poll predict a.


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