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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2017 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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propulsive nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today. moscow's empire our series starting november fifth don't. the state of the news coming to you live from berlin not everyone in catalonia wants to break away tens of thousands rallied in barcelona calling for spanish unity this is a new poll shows a razor thin majority oppose breaking away from spain also coming up the somali government fires its police and intelligence chief following the latest attack in
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mogadishu dozens for left dead and wounded plus lewis hamilton has clinched the twenty seventeen formula one world championship after the running of the mexican grand prix on sunday. and sarah harmon welcome to the show and thanks for joining us a massive anti independence rally has just wrapped up in the heart of catalonia tens of thousands of people demonstrating in barcelona for unity spain this after the spanish central government imposed direct rule over the region in the wake of the catalan regional parliament's move to trigger independence well the latest from our correspondent just a moment but first this report. the they took to the streets of us a learner in the hundreds of thousands the spanish flag held high the call for
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national unity coming just two days after the catalan declaration of independence the where all spanish they say catalonia belongs to spain they call themselves the silent majority for days they've kept quiet now they want the world to hear their message for a united spain against a breakaway catalonia many feel betrayed by the separatists and say this is not and what they created as a break to this end at work the ones who are not separatists are isolated also with family and friends you feel that the last time either of them if we demand that catalonia state in spain and then the european union since we are all europeans. these people fear a future as an independent state outside the european union and without all the advantages of membership some go further they want to see the arrest of khalid
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demand the catalan leaders sacked by madrid it's a tense standoff at one point a group of pro unity demonstrators attempt to storm the barricades to reach the catalan parliament. with fresh regional elections ordered for december in madrid spain socialist leader petra sanchez is banging the drum for unity. i have no doubt that harmony and coexistence will win. will continue to be part of spain thanks to reason and the law everyone wants peaceful coexistence between catalonia and spain local media said the public prosecutor could order the month's arrest as early as monday with tensions still running high there's little sign of any end to the crisis. let's go to barcelona now where correspondent phil is all a story for us charlotte you were at today's demonstration what did she say.
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by that's right friday was a chance of those who have full independence to have their say today was the chance for those who are against it and they really did send a strong message they turned out in their hundreds of thousands police say they estimate three hundred thousand people were here activists put that figure close to a million they were draped in spanish flags they were chanting spain should be united viva spain it was a very peaceful it must be said there were any minus scuffles here just on the square behind me towards the end of the prison protest but other than that it was extremely calm that shouldn't mask the fact that people here were angry and they were frustrated some were even chanting that belongs in prison so there is a sense here that things could starts to unravel that though it's been peaceful so far it could become very tense still in the coming days now madrid has called for a regional election at the end of this year and the latest polls suggest that at
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this stage the pro independence coalition would likely lose now this is just one poll but do you get the sense that we're starting to hear from what had been previously a pro unity majority that was silent. well there have been so many twists and turns in this in this process sometimes a day here in barcelona can consume consume like a week and it's very hard to predict exactly what is going to happen in those to elections in december we don't yet know for example whether or not the parties who have driven at this independence movement will take part we don't know if they'll be allowed to take part and if if of course they are committed to we don't know whether they will they could just to distance sides just boycott this vote they say they've already had a democratic election they were given a mandate by the people and they will argue that this independence movement has been approved by the people as well this region they really is extremely divided as we were was proof from today that this is really
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a fifty fifty split say honestly those are the results of that election really are very unclear at the moment. are briefly there was at least one offer of asylum for pushing mont from belgium what do we know about what's going to happen to him. will he faces a rest possibly is soon as tomorrow that of course prompted the offer from that minister in belgium he said he was worried that wouldn't get a fair trial been remarkably quiet today just to give you a sense of how quiet he's and he tweeted once and that was to celebrate the results of a football match between his team during a and reale madrid what happens tomorrow though is what's crucial now it is he going to turn up for work tomorrow are his colleagues going to turn up work tomorrow and if they do what exactly is going to be the response from madrid more questions than answers there in virus alona charlotte charles impel thanks very much for your reporting. the president of iraq's autonomy kurdish reason
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barzani is given his first televised address since he defied baghdad and held a referendum on kurdish independence of ours on a re in aerated his plan to step down on the first of november in a speech he lamented the fact that quote nobody stood with the kurds excuse the iraqi central government of using the referendum as a pretext to take punitive action against the kurds after they overwhelmingly backed statehood so the vote baghdad has enforced an international flight ban and made military advances in care cook and other areas and somalia lose twenty seven people are dead after coordinated attacks in the capital mogadishu dozens more were injured the islamist militant group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the two car bombings and hostage situation in the wake of the attack somalia's government has dismissed the country's police and intelligence chiefs. drek each as the only thing left of the cost in front of the nasa have to tell some below to the attack is but many of the burnt out house once belonged
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to pass' by. members of the militia used to chaos after the blast to barricade themselves in the hotel it took a full ten hours before the police were able to regain control of the building rescue workers are recovering the bodies as the death cold continues to climb. up to the shake is still searching for her brother she found his car after the attack . we found a dead body inside his ruined car but after taking it home we found it was someone who looked like him. we returned a body when we heard the blast we called him but his phones were. survivors and now being treated in the madina hospital including this driver. i was driving a car and
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a security officer stopped me saying that two cars in front of me was suspect when i stopped there was a blast and the officer died on this the whole place turned into smoke and gunfire i didn't think i would survive but. it was the second major attack to hit somalia in two weeks the somali president had promised to step up in the fight against islamists but so far let's who has come of the pledge however the heads of the police force and intelligence services have resigned. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the globe hundreds of women are down in central paris and other french cities to protest against sexual harassment and abuse many rallied under the house tag need to which went viral in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal french lawmakers are now considering tougher laws against sexual harassment of. syrian activists have
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released this video which they say shows kindergarten children running away from government shelling near damascus the casualty count i mean it's unclear at this stage suburbs of eastern are in the grip of a government see despite being declared a deescalation zone earlier in the year. officials in saudi arabia say women will be allowed into three major sports stadiums for the first time next year when mark move will open up the previously male only ban you. to families the announcement comes days after saudi crown prince mohamed bin salam. pledged excuse me to restore moderate open is long in the kingdom. shifting gears a little to motor sports now britain is lewis hamilton has clinched the formula one world championship for a fourth time and was it his driver bagged the title despite finishing down in the running in nothing after crashing into rival sebastian fettle on the first lap but
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it was still enough for hamilton to grab that crown. lewis hamilton began the season with a change of scenery his mercedes team a ten two thousand and sixteen world champion nico rosberg hamilton's toughest competition retired from formula one racing a young thin valtteri bottas was brought in to fill the second mercedes cockpit. i don't think i've ever missed a teammate in my life. because generally there's always another one that takes its place so it seems every year i can't want to any more than i already do every year so i want to just not right now does the most always have want to do besides a new teammate hamilton also found a new opponent to go toe to toe with from the start of the season he was in a battle for the championship with ferrari's sebastian vettel a showdown that saw them collide along the way but was never lacking in sportsmanship. to have the utmost respect for him as
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a driver and continue to write somehow through the rest of the season which in the same way as always have. less hard than than we have been all right up until now. that stretch of bad luck and breakdowns snatch the title out effect those hands while lewis hamilton rode unflappable and mistake free to his fourth world championship. under the blues lee and now in sunday's late kick off stuttgart came away with an easy win against fellow strugglers freiburg should go struck twice in the first half there daniel didn't check and benjamin poverty and then they completed the rout shortly before the final whistle thanks to simon three nil the final score. and on saturday dark winter on hanover side was in high spirits coming off the back of a five mill win in the german cup but that was over a third division side so can they conquer hanover only conceded two goals on home turf all season take
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a look. heading into this match and recover young had scored as many goals this season is the entire handover team but the hosts soon change that twenty minutes in . town favorites klaus penalty said the referee record signing john a task did the rest. it wasn't the start storm and courage paid to bosch was looking for but his side responded within ten minutes however failed to clear from a corner damn axl was in the right place to score his first goal for the club. then dortmund should have taken the lead andreae malenko missed a sitter with humiliation being the consequence and dortmund were made to pay for their wastefulness as they pushed higher up the pitch hand over hit them on the counter the last baby with a man with a composed finish. the end two one at half time and there was no let up after the break ja malenko levelled with an almost by letting volley and at the same time
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going from villain to hero. for his teammate zach i do though it was the reverse this foul on janet saw him given his marching orders klaus called in the resulting free kick his stunning afternoon capped with a magical strike. and four minutes from time to put the icing on the cake another counter another go for the striker dorman is given a taste of their own medicine. scene for us and we need to get back to playing how we were at the start of the season starts. in final it's of course it's a setback for us and we can't keep performing like this and it should be our last warning if you want to keep our place near the top of the table than the. oldman in the. meanwhile how to have his impressive climb the table continues for boston. is now three games without so when. you look at all this weekend's blunders like the action so far. up the top is the that ran over freiburg earlier
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sunday august for the brain on saturday byron's triumph against an over soft dorman shellcode with clawed back downed hoffenheim labor crews unhandled cologne and defeated hamburg on friday and frankfurt with the points. and that's news at this hour i'm sara harmon in berlin for the whole team thanks for joining us we'll see you again at the top of the hour for more news and updates.


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