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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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make your smart t.v. smarter with the g.w. bush more. what you want when you want to look to do extraordinary things and you decide what's on sunday no more double dog tom smart. this is deja vu news live from berlin crunch time in catalonia madrid assumes control of the region in an attempt to preserve spanish unity and snuff out barcelona's in the pen and
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a state prosecutors that seek to charge cattle and leaders with rebellion look at the latest remark or spot also coming up a breakaway bit in iraq fails to kurdish leader must have barzani stepped down after the backlash against the region's referendum on independence look at the latest from there will. be to the true year old hala she's just one of the starving children a rebel held region of syria besieged by government forces the united nations says of damascus is using hunger as a weapon it could constitute a crime against humanity. plus another hollywood star faces allegations of sexual misconduct at this time it's kevin spacey a fellow actor says spacey tried to seduce him when he was only fourteen spacey says he has no memory of the incident look at the latest reaction from social media .
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good to have you with us catalonia has begun its first week under direct rule from the central government parliament has canceled a meeting and according to a reuters parliamentary source that means that the regional assembly has accepted madrid's order to dissolve hundreds of thousands of pro demonstrators filled barcelona streets on sunday two days after separatist leaders declared independence dismissed catalonia as regional government over the weekend and has decided to prosecute its leaders on charges related to treason let's get the very latest on this story. is in barcelona covering the developments for us she joins us now hi charlotte has the president shown off today. that's the man everyone is waiting to hate for today it is the feds say
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a lot of people here it been expecting him.
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come the latest star to face allegations of sexual impropriety that's a fellow actor anthony rapp told buzz feed that spacey had put him on a bed and lay on top of him when he was only fourteen years old rob said he felt compelled to speak out after a recent cascade of sexual assault accusations against powerful men in the street space he issued an apology in which he denied any memory of the instance and also came out. and let's take a look at what kevin spacey posted on twitter he wrote i honestly do not remember
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the encounter would have been over thirty years ago but if i did behave then as he describes i owe him this isn't serious apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior the stories encourage me to address other things about my life i have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life and i choose now to live as a gay man some americans are angry they're speaking out against spacy advice columnist dan savage saying there's no amount of drunk or closeted that explains away assaulting a fourteen year old child another twitter user sherry wrote my gay son and his friends fight to stereotypes constantly shame on you kevin spacey for linking assaulting a minor with coming out as gay. to some other stories now making headlines around the world police in the kenyan capital nairobi have moved to disperse protests as the country awaits the results of a repeat presidential election president who can ya is expected to win
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a landslide victory in a vote that was boycotted by opposition leader. kenya's election board had announced earlier it would not risk a jewel voting where protests have blocked turnout forest fires in northwestern italy and forced more than one thousand people to evacuate reports an italian media said that the blazes near the french border are believed to have been started by arsonists you're watching the news still to come up powerful storm sweeps across europe battering poland and the czech republic six die in high winds and fierce rain. but first smartphones fans are making investors happy again as one sunni major supply is too powerful were among the best performing stocks in european and asian markets on monday morning after demand for the i phone ten exceeded initial supply major i phone assembled folkestone was up one point eight percent taiwan and shares of german chip maker dialog semiconductor also trading in
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frankfurt right now apple started offering the hotly anticipated new device on friday and within minutes the company was forced to push back shipments to late november and then december. british banking giant hedges b c's profits were up more than five fold in the third quarter the lender expanded its market share in its key business in asia the bank reported pretax profits of four point six billion u.s. dollars in the last quarter that's up from eight hundred and forty three million in the same period a year before the bank's continued bet on asia seems to be paying off it's been part of h.s.b.c. strategy to expand business in one of the world's fastest growing regions and make up for losses elsewhere now let's cross over to only bartz in frankfurt and see how this goes down with the people there only h.s.b.c. with stellar growth some bankers in the towers around you there will be an envious
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actually. that's right they're not in the same league and they know it they see these numbers and they can offer nothing like a to their shareholders the share prices reflect that there are several leagues below in fact so if your bank has been looking for a business model it keeps turning about adding this and selling that and then reversing the decisions again and surely also reeling from billions in fines and settlements that have to pay for a legal business that many of its traders did in the past years either come out strong also nowhere near as profitable as h.s.b.c. . only any reaction so far to the developments in spain what about the trading in madrid the bottom. madrid people seem to be very pleased with the kind of reaction that they're getting there the pro unity demonstrations the parliamentary
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reaction the ibex thirty five the major stock exchange index terrorism by one and a half percent and shares here in central europe the euro stocks the docs here in germany treading water not a negative reaction at all there in the euro is turning its head up just a tiny bit of the last week slide it's just that's just the polls. that could be people see actually more downward potential than upward potential at the moment with the euro and that has to do with interest rates and with central banks interest rates hike expected this week of the bank of england affecting the pound and the fed well it will move in december but it will move upwards while euro zone interest rate is to stay near zero for a long time in the e.c.b. spending a lot of money pumping a lot of money through bond buying program well into two thousand and eighteen and also the nomination of the next fed chair could also give the dollar a boost and be
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a damper for the euro what about thank you very much for those markets. now we keep hearing about robots taking jobs very soon and most of us think that's decades away well you might want to think again because it's already happening a new breed of robot is hitting the streets of germany these days for now they're only helping human male carriers in their daily job. meet the boss bought a strong robot that is always two steps behind sensors track the milk areas footsteps and a hand gesture is all it takes to stop it. we have between forty and forty five kilos on a cart that's really hard to push the possible it makes it so much easier because we can also get to carry more it's really great. for the show on. the robot can carry up to one hundred fifty kilos that means fewer reloading stops
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and it is garnering a lot of attention on the streets of but has failed ninety minutes from frankfurt it is the only place in germany where the possible it has been rolled out. it can go open curbs but it can't climb the stairs and it can't go up to the second floor on its own but it does everything she does if she stops it stops and then she can also take the mail and deliver it. only six mail carriers get to work with the robots for now but many in the country will be watching whether a yellow post bought will soon be rolling on their streets. that's it for me back to sumi with a look at the powerful storms that have swept across europe this weekend thank you get her to at least a six people have died after a big storm hit central europe leaving a trail of destruction in its wake the storm caused traffic chaos and left hundreds of thousands of homes without power in poland and the czech republic parts of
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germany were also hit hard just weeks after being battered by another fierce storm . the morning after the city is submerged and the surge from storm have pushed the river elbe over its banks causing massive flooding. the high winds diverted and canceled flights major rail connections were severed across the country leaving thousands of travelers stranded . for safety reasons we've had to cancel many regional trains heading north but also long distance rounds and we hope to clear the lines by monday video flights. at the salzburg airport a plane aborted its landing after heavy cross winds forced the jet to veer off course. the flight had to return to frankfurt.
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the high winds also felled trees and tore the roofs off buildings emergency teams responded to hundreds of calls. this is the second major windstorm to hit central europe this month following the destruction of storms less than four weeks ago. sports now in lewis hamilton has been crowned the formula one world champion for the fourth time at the mexican grand prix the mercedes driver started out field but he and title rival sebastian fattal were caught up in drama from the very start. a championship was at stake in the start of the mexican grand prix was appropriately ferocious on the very first lap sebastian festivals ferrari collided with lewis hamilton's miss eighty's. couple two and was forced off the track and how to change top is. as did settle. max misstep and took advantage to race into what would
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be an honest saleable lane. vettel was not giving up however he recovered from nineteenth but his fourth place finish was not good enough to delay hamilton celebrations. hamilton crossed in on to sell his full formula one championship. it doesn't feel real man i mean obviously that's not the kind of race that i want. when you're forty seconds behind us something but you know i never gave up and that's really i guess what's important in my heart. hamilton now has his sights set on michelle schumacher his record of seven f one top tunes. to some football news now and a vet agreements coach alexander newry has been sacked after a disastrous start to the bundesliga season brennan lost three nil to oxford on sunday stretching their winless start to the season to ten matches under new read the club's for just three goals this campaign their second from the bottom of the
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table nori took over last season and steered bremen away from relegation but failed to build on his early come. in the bonus league on sunday stuttgart faced off against freiburg and stoke are to have been off to a solid start in their first season back in tops like they were a year to keep their run going against their struggling neighbors. stuttgart have averaged two and a half points a game at home this season and see two points the way they were hoping that these guys would again make the difference in a clash with fellow strugglers five books on the raucous home support team to get to five weeks jealous of you tube sent packing by the v.a.r. for the sun bowl in thirteen minutes to his and his manager's consternation. got took the lead through dunn you can check in thirty minutes. and bones i mean pava glanced in a second against the ten men on halftime. she went to the to the third on eighty three minutes another would at home for his faults men but knowledge of the part
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the crowd had played in their victory but seiberg meanwhile clearly felt the ref was to blame for the latest setback the visitors remain mired in a basement bottle. for let's check out the bundesliga standings after this weekend's games byron unical back to their for mill your perch at the top of the table for the first time the season ahead of dark in the leipsic and over move up to fourth in the bottom half has a berlin. all get a boost however bremen and cologne are still stuck in the drop zone. reminder of the top story that we're following for you at this hour catalonia has begun its first working week under central spanish control that's after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded barcelona yesterday calling for spanish unity. and a reminder of that breaking story c.n.n. and the york times reporting that president obama trump's former campaign manager paul man a fourth has been asked to reporters for air surrender himself sorry to the f.b.i.
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we'll have more on that story for you at the top of the hour. superstock. river new show. pariah. and
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in this effort most of concrete. too little space to live. dense no travel to hong kong to talk about cities of the future africa the second area you. found those valley sixty minute long w. . progress study where they start to divide the country to new zealand where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for group. one. until. the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. with love so it was an incredibly difficult task. this democracy was a lie because the elections were a fraud say privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia
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stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth w. in the autumn of fifteen seventy.


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