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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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walls and costly protective measures will be and. nothing. more challenging our future starting november ninth own d w. this is d w news live from berlin the first indictments in the f.b.i.'s russia investigation donald trump's former campaign chiefs pleaded not guilty to conspiring against the u.s. while another top aide admits to lying to the f.b.i.
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so was there collusion between team truong and moscow also on the show looking for legal advice in brussels a belgian lawyer confirms that he has taken on catalonia as a sacked of president as a client this as a spanish prosecutors filed charges of rebellion against cattle on leaders and reelected but at what cost kenya's president kenyatta wins ninety percent in a repeat poll he says his victory is the will of the people despite an opposition boycott and widespread protests. i'm bring coffee it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in the u.s. capital why. washington donald trump's former campaign chief paul man of ford and
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his associate rick gates are now under house arrest following their indictment in the f.b.i. is russia investigation now both men pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and money laundering today it was also revealed today that another former trump advisor george peppard office has pleaded guilty to lying to f.b.i. agents about his contacts to russian officials donald trump denies any collusion between his campaign team and moscow took place. the noose is tightening after five months of probing alleged collusion between the trump election campaign and russia special counsel robert muller reveals charges against three former campaign officials on monday morning president trump's former campaign manager paul metaphor seen here on the left surrendered to federal authorities the indictment of man a ford and his long time business partner richard gates does not mention the
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election instead it's their lobbying work for ukraine's former president viktor yanukovych prosecutors attention the twelve count indictment accuses metaphor and gates of conspiracy against the us money laundering and making false statements president trump has dismissed any allegations of collusion between his campaign and russia as a political witch hunt spearheaded by the f.b.i. and democrats following news of the indictment trump was quick to distance himself from his former campaign manager tweeting sorry but this is years ago before man a foot was part of the trump campaign. crooked hillary and the dems the focus in another tweet added also there's no collusion. no trump remains in the clear but many in washington a confident man afoot and gates are only the first dominoes to fall the question is who's next. and we go now to washington to our correspondent. what do we know about the charges and they're. for.
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hello grant ford and his associate and right hand to return gates were put under house arrest because there is seen as a flight risk because of their foreign ties and specially after they pleaded not guilty to tax crimes money laundering conspiracy and lying to the f.b.i. money laundering is probably brant to the most serious of this charges and it could mean a potential prison sentence of up to twenty years prosecutors said man of four more than eighteen million dollars from of shore accounts and gates laundered more than three million dollars according to the indictment both money for and gates is for in a column from the u.s. government fails to disclose work for a foreign government and misrepresented activities to authorities as recently as two thousand and seventeen according to this indictment so it is important also to
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point out that as you can see the charges against both are so far entirely financial related but not directly related to the campaign of two thousand and sixteen yet and that is something that donald trump wanted to make sure that the world was aware of today talk to me a little bit about how the white house reacted to these indictments were burned at the beginning sara sanders the white house press secretary was talking only about the tax reform and all her remarks are really focused on the tax reform bill brought in by republicans in congress and i asked about the charges against metaphor and gates she said these charges have nothing to do with the president or with the term campaign or with any campaign activities during two thousand and sixteen as about double those are us on there said his action was very limited on the campaign and that he was just a member of a volunteer advisory council. yeah and listless pick up on george have it off of
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this for a moment here he pleaded guilty to making false statements to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russian officials. what kind of damage could that do to the white house if it did is true. well we can make a comparison brand the indictment of my ford and gates focus on their work at devising a russia friendly political party in a crate bad the puppet up almost charge relates to his time working on the campaign and involved efforts to set up a meeting with russian officials so to stephan hadley puts more pressure on the trump white house about that well this is the first person to face criminal charges that quote interactions between trump campaign associates and russian intermediaries during the presidential campaign two thousand sixteen so he's going to play definitely a very important role in this whole investigation over washington correspondent
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sara lee for more on the story for us tonight a very eventful day in the u.s. capital carlina thank you very much. and while donald trump's former campaign manager in two other associates are being investigated the troubled ministration kristoff is trying to push its own agenda through its announcing what the new head of the u.s. federal reserve yeah the president wants to make that announcement on thursday according to the white house finally some might say because becoming u.s. president hasn't dampened donald trump's attention for drama for weeks has been trying to build up suspense about who will be is pick to head the federal reserve is not only trump has not been a friend or a fan of the current fed chair janet yellen despite the praise she has received from many sides. there's no business like show business they say but what about the business of running the world's biggest economy it's a blurry ninety washington u.s. president donald trump clearly hasn't forgotten the tricks of the trade honed on
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his show the apprentice in an instagram video posted on friday he proved he was a man well versed in the art of building suspense people are anxiously awaiting my decision as to who the next head of the fed will be it will be a person who hopefully will do a fantastic job and i have somebody very specific in mind i think everybody will be very impressed but most of bordley i think at the end of eight years you really will be impressed because things are looking good might that very specific someone winning the keys to this prime piece of real estate the favorite jerome powell the former investment banker republican is already a member of the fed's governing board markets would welcome his nomination believing he would continue with yellen fiscal policy gradually tightening the reins after a period of extremely loose monetary policy then a stanford economist john b. taylor his chances are slim though insiders believe he would raise interest rates
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too fast and don't forget current chair janet yellen in theory she could serve another term but is that trump will be looking to turn his back on any obama administration appointees meaning sometime this week she might well find herself on the receiving end of that well worn catch phrase you're fired now for more analysis let's bring in our financial correspondent yes corden or your against the guessing game surrounding the new fed chair has been going on for weeks is this normal when it comes to finding a living central banker. it's highly unusual what we are experiencing right now in the past presidents have not even acknowledge that they are even looking at different candidates and the whole process resembled the former t.v. show the apprentice past week in an interview with the president so donald trump
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the hose he would prefer and he hinted to janet yellen and donald trump said yes he did a good job but maybe it might be also good to pick a new person just to leave your own mark so it's a highly unusual process but it's also a very important nomination because overall the world is running on debt and if interest rates should increase faster that could be a challenge not just to the markets but also to the global economy now looking at this discussion how much of a distraction is this from the charges against trump's former campaign manager and the investigation into alleged collusion with rush. this process is going on since july when donald trump hinted that he's looking at different candidates so well before we could even guess that the man of ford. is going to
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approach this week so i do not see this as as a distraction from the inner political fights and scandals that are going on and as i mentioned so this process is running since. july by the way sources are claiming that donald trump might pick general powell and that is also very unusual because since world war two every fed chairman or woman got actually a second term across party lines so that all of that would be first under donald trump to break was this sort of rule and we'll be eyeing that decision this week james corden new york thank you so much. chinese president xi jinping hosted some top names the business world in beijing on monday she is the new champion of global free trade apple c.e.o. tim cook was there just days before his new i phone ten goes on sale in china
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perhaps feeling less at ease facebook founder mark zuckerberg whose side is blocked in china communist party has also recently cracked down on v.p.n. as face eliminating access past the great firewall of china and onto foreign websites so there was plenty to talk. restoring power to the three point four million residents of hurricane hit poor to rico a challenge that energy company whitefish said it was up to despite being just a two person operation and there's more that sounds fishy about whitish there was no competitive bidding process and the company is run by an acquaintance of the u.s. interior secretary now puerto rico's government has canceled their multimillion dollar contract whitefish energy holdings said it's very disappointed that authorities in puerto rico have canceled its three hundred million dollars contract to get the
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island's electric grid back up and running according to a company spokesman whitefish already brought hundreds of workers to the island and completed critical work that will soon lead to half a million people in san juan getting power but puerto rico's governor rick adora say yo just wanted the contract cancelled all the help wrapping up the race but we've got somebody. who are. awfully. cold enough when. they do that. to make a. whitefish his contract with puerto rico's power utility had come under increased criticism after it was revealed that the terms were obtained without a competitive public bidding process it's been several weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico seventy five percent of homes and businesses still lack of electricity and governor ross say yo said he hopes that thirty percent of the power would be restored to the island by the end of october.
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there are new developments in the catalonia crisis thank you christophe you are kind of lonely is sacked president is in brussels tonight and seeking legal advice a belgian lower your confirmed tonight that he has taken on carlos as a client now it's understood that other former cabinet members left spain after prosecutors have filed charges of rebellion against the catalog leaders who declared independence last week this picture of kind of less pushed a month is still hanging in the catalan parliament but the sacked president himself was nowhere to be seen here on monday it would be another dramatic day in spain the country's chief prosecutor announced charges against putsch to moan and members of his cap in it. i have filed charges for the crimes
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for your belly in sedition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the cattle and regional authority who with their decisions and acts in these past years have produced an institutional crisis which culminated in a unilateral declaration of independence independent. if found guilty pushed him on could face up to thirty years in prison the prosecutor says he wants a verdict as soon as possible but he may have to try the cattlemen leader in absentia. on monday evening it was confirmed that the ousted president is in belgium there is now speculation he may apply for asylum there. a spokeswoman for puts them on party only had this to say exactly how convenient that we are doing things well and he's actually going to have this kind of nice well together punch to munch pro independence party said it intends to take part in a snap regional election scheduled for december twenty first puts them on may have
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lost this battle but it seems he's not about to back down. and we want to pull in our correspondent charlotte pills she is in barcelona covering the latest developments there for is going to need to you charlotte sort of what more can you tell us about the whereabouts of mr original yes we've had that confirmation from his now lawyer to say that he is indeed in brussels now that is a stunning turn of events that people here there was a long part of the day where we actually didn't know where exactly he was people were expecting him to walk into the building just behind me the regional government office to go to work day forget this is the man who on friday declared independence here in catalonia then on saturday in a statement he emphasized that he was going to push ahead with that independence and he believes he was still the man in charge now we don't know exactly what he's
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doing in brussels that's not yet been confirmed there have been some claims that he's possibly seeking asylum but we don't know that we do know is he's facing some extremely serious charges here in wasilla no one it's him being a rebellion which carries up to thirty years in prison and that at some point or thirty he's here going to expect him to answer to that yeah it's amazing what a difference three days can make i mean i tell you amazing the difference today is the first work day of direct rule from madrid in catalonia in barcelona where you are how has that even. yeah i mean brown there are so many twists and turns in this process sometimes a day here in catalonia can feel like three weeks of news events have happened people here on the streets that we've spoken to have had a very mixed response to the of the day's events there is a very for independence have been absolutely devastated the ones he's speaking to some didn't even want to appear on camera because they said that they were going to
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break down their extremely disappointed they say that they've wanted independence for years decades even friday they thought that they had it thousands were here on the streets celebrating that and now it looks like it could be crumbling there are those though who are against independence who i think a feeling a little bit of a relief today that it looks like a situation that could have become very volatile calmed down and now all but one of the political parties here in catalonia has said that they're going to take part in elections on december twenty first so it looks like we could be proceeding as normal here in catalonia yeah. some normalcy can be restored there our correspondents and i charge just until reporting from barcelona charlie as always thank you very much. well it has been more than a month since germany's general election and the make up of the country's governing coalition is still not clear the conservatives that the greens and the free
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democrats resumed exploratory talks today trying to form a coalition government the parties are still trying to overcome major differences in key areas. a cake decorated in jamaica's colors and everyone should get a piece at least that's what these demonstrators think they want the future government to guarantee more popular referendums in germany but the negotiators have hit some obstacles in the exploratory talks in particular on the topics of climate change and immigration even after the four potential coalition leaders held a crisis meeting this weekend the host only has cautious optimism. i just want to say it was good but one night doesn't turn everything around the task itself is not an easy one we have to build a stable government that's what we want in this world real. disagreement on key issues persists and on the americans conservatives have reportedly even added
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a new hurdle according to the media they want to take some competence away from the finance ministry which the f.d.p. is hoping to run german newspapers report that the c.d.u. wants competence for e.u. policy to move to the economic ministry but luckily the c.d.u. c.s.u. f.d.p. and greens agree on some topics like digitalisation and education. this coalition if it actually happens in the end needs a bundle of money to improve the situation in our schools we have to detach educational success from the country of origin job and income of the parents. but more than anything the parties share the goal of making some progress in these talks because with the s.p.d. declining more firmly than ever to participate in another grand coalition with the c.d.u. the only option left is the jamaica coalition or reelections. for kenya's president kenyatta has been declared the winner of last week's presidential
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election rerun he received more than ninety eight percent of the vote the incumbent was widely expected to win after his main opponent withdrew from the race and called for a boycott kenya's electoral commission described the poll as free and fair despite widespread violence voter intimidation and a low voter turnout. supposes of kenya's incumbent president couldn't be happier for the second time this year the electoral commission has announced who kenyatta as the winner of the presidential election. his victory in the first to notice was an old because of irregularities this time kenyatta received support from ninety eight percent of the vote. with nothing more. than a remote and the. only one in. the state in. all the world and. the support for his son. and this is
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a foreign leader. we trace i can answer will see only possible choice after opposition leader i don't want to go withdrew from the rerun of the much and calling it a sham the. coaching us that the necessary reforms were not in fermented to ensure the irregularities of the first with did not hamper to rerun his balkan resulted in a low voter turnout less than forty percent of kenyans cast at ballots this time around as the election results were announced people took to the streets in protests like here in the opposition strongholds he soon moved. away i want to carry. all the parts of the capital so violent clashes between opposition supporters and a police over what dhingra had his supporters to refrain from protesting with the opposition unlikely to accept the final results there are a few years of more violence the opposition now has one week to challenge the
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outcome. and we want to go now to our correspondent catherine on one though she joins us from nairobi good evening to you catherine that legal challenge that we just heard about is expected to come from the opposition leader mr odinga who has not yet reacted publicly about what should we expect next well right now we just expect a statement from main opposition leader raul didn't go which will be done tomorrow morning that's what we're waiting for just after the president incumbent president who can yes who was announced with no we saw some tension in opposition strongholds we saw some people burning tires in key symbol but the interesting thing is that the police didn't come to engage the protesters in these particular incidences just off of the announcement so it's almost a feeling like everybody's waiting to see what raila odinga will say if he will leave the country into civil disobedience or whether he will chart the path to
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another court case will which will mean which he has seven days to do that which will mean the country will not have to be engaged in another couple of days of of litigation and considering the the opposition boycott considering the mass voter intimidation that we saw how have people been reacting to the election result. a majority of kenyans a smelling iraq a majority of kenyans have noticed in consistencies by the chairman of the electoral commission and a majority of kenyans a saying this is the most expensive election in the world in fact it's about six hundred seventy million dollars for both elections and that's probably just on the lowest side so this is an amount of money that a country like kenya cannot afford and it's such an important step in this country given what happened in two thousand and seven and given what happened in august it's an indication that election processes are a pivotal point or
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a pivotal part of the kenyan democracy so a lot of people have seen that this is not a credible process but then that those people who genuinely feel that who kenya has been elected president and deserves to be president of this state so it just it's a clear indication that kenyans need to start talking and you know that i remember right before this rerun election there were members of the electoral commission who said that they could not guarantee a fair in free election and now after the vote you have that electoral commission saying that the election was fair and free i mean if this sounds like some doublespeak there and it also speaks to the fact that that the country is incredibly polarized isn't. it is very polarized and everything that the chairman of the electoral commission says is always nit picked by people so you have people from one side of the divide which is probably the main opposition the main opposition party who don't trust him and then you have people who are
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supporting a president who cannot or who trust him and but then the inconsistency is don't do him much justice so kenyans are in a pickle at this particular point but it's you know experts will say that this is probably a good thing for kenya and this is. a time when ken need to realize the real issues that it just really you know affecting them because the political class seem to have taken control of of running this country and forgetting that you know the ordinary kenyan is suffering under whatever is happening with this regime and one of the police can use police they've been criticized for using excessive force has there been any sign of them pulling their punches. there has been today especially we expected to see a lot of violence in there we expected to see violence in co inquiry which is another informal settlement with the nairobi and mother eric we also expected to
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see some violence in opposition strongholds further away and when the coast but we didn't we haven't seen these police engaged protesters and but over the weekend they have been can conversations because these policemen as much as they are being deployed to these various areas they're also facing a lot of inequality and discrimination one of the most lowest paid cada in the country so we're seeing some kind of change among the people our correspondent catherine on one of reporting tonight from nairobi catherine thank you very much. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you former donald trump campaign officials paul man a ford in brigades have been placed under house arrest after their indictments in the f.b.i.'s russia probe another aide george papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. . actors will break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that .
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house calls with some of. these doctors go where the know.
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they treat people in the remotest regions of. providing medical aid in the vice thanks to kenya's. system. it's all about the moments that. it's all about the story in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram others. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. because that way they start to divide the country i do it's still where they start
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to divide the language your blood will flow to forgive. the soviet union is breaking apart. with the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way but agree canonically. with the local muslim credibly difficult. this democracy was a lie because the elections were a fraud say privatization was robbery the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth w. washington d.c. today donald trump's former campaign manager surrendered to the f.b.i. another former campaign advisor pleaded guilty to whining about his connections
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with the russians and president trump what he tweeted this isn't about me.


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