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it was robbery just because instead of cultivating its culture its roots in language it brought forth a ripple said nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's in our series starting november fifth g w. this is d w news a lawyer from berlin and multiple deaths after a vehicle plows into cyclists in new york city one suspect is now in police custody
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after driving onto a bike path in lower manhattan details are still emerging was it deliberate and are there links to terrorism we'll bring you the latest also coming up police here in germany arrest a nineteen year old syrians is back to the gathering parts for a powerful bomb the country's interior minister says he was planning and his when this terror attack but what was the intended target and the ousted president of catalonia out of the country but for how much longer tonight a spanish court is charging this bridge tomorrow with sedition and has summoned him to come home and testify. it's good to have you with us so we begin with breaking news coming in from the united states police in new york city are investigating what seems to be a ramming attack in lower manhattan. there are reports of multiple deaths police
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say they have one suspect in custody the incident took place on a busy jogging and by pass. our correspondent in the us crossing phenomena joins me now on the line good evening to you karsten what can you tell us about the incident. well let me know so far is that according to the police as many as six people. several. injured the perpetrator who had driven that truck loads out into the bicycles and pedestrians has taken into police custody the police apparently shot him in the leg and. he surrendered and he was taken into custody the police say they are not looking for another suspect
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for another person so if we're lucky if you can say that. in such an horrific incidents then this is not an ongoing event and that's the end of the story as far as the actual incident is concerned of course we still don't know why the driver did this with the f.b.i. says it treats the incident as an act of terrorism but again we're only at the very early stages of the investigation and we do not know if that can be confirmed ok and in carson as you said the forty's there in the u.s. are treating this as an act of terrorism. telling to me when we're talking about the casualties do we have a confirmation on the number of casualties. numbers that we have is six that. levon once again these numbers could still change obviously what we also know is that the truck
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driver took was a rented car from home depot that's quite a popular do it yourself chain in america and he drove on the bike. just about a mile or a bit more than a kilometer from the world trade center in lower manhattan the rest of lower manhattan right on the banks of the hudson river and basically was targeting these cyclists and pedestrians who were just enjoying the afternoon of manhattan so horrible incident for all those who were affected by this yeah that's right and you know correctly mentioned there will be world trade center this incident being near that world trade center is trending worldwide right now on twitter a corresponding carsten phenomena with the latest on that incident in new york city
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karsten thank you. well here in germany police say they have prevented a serious terrorist attack special forces arrested in one thousand year old syrian today in the northern city of the suspect reportedly had contacts to islam most extremist and had been gathering materials for a highly explosive bomb is intended target remains unclear tonight. a syrian flag at a housing complex in a northern german town of. this is where special forces arrested a nineteen year old syrian man early on tuesday on suspicion of planning an islamist terrorist attack on the american fast as a human are according to our findings the yemen a decided at the latest in july to detonate a bomb but with the aim of killing and wounding a large number of people. on social networks he researched instructions on how to build
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a bomb and we also know that the suspect was in contact online with people with jihadist backgrounds and it has one in g.r. distortion spectral mouth shut throughout the morning police searched the apartment and other locations for additional evidence the suspect had placed orders online for chemicals to build a bomb. the german interior minister is convinced authorities have prevented a severe and imminent terrorist attack in germany. to get out some of the police operation took place at exactly the right moment light enough to secure the necessary proof and early enough to prevent any danger. bonsa can. also set the danger if an islamist terrorist attack remains high in germany and europe and that security forces would act with determination to counter any threats we're now to a former president who appears to be on the run but he says he's not the ousted
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president of catalonia carlist voyage tomorrow appeared today in belgium but he said that he is not seeking asylum there now it comes as spain's highest court has just summoned the sacked leader to testify in madrid on thursday. carla spears dumond's first appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bet is frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain now in belgium the ousted president says he's there for protection not asylum i am not here in order to deliver because. this is not a belgian question i'm here in brussels as a with all of europe i'm here. to act with freedom and safety and security. as he left yet more chaos behind the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene.
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outside the spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend spain and complain about their past who is a coward and a terror maker for. the courts made to have their say it's a medieval charge sheet from modern times catalan leaders faced up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and the best moment. but the spanish government does well composed them on support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to trade. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government. and this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections that go. back and. dominate the
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airwaves though some were surprised that our former leader turning up in belgium if you could fault his logic when i look at it yes i understand what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees the minute he lands here they can put him in prison. in the u.s. but here. whether his bid to break spain up will indeed land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. we want to go now to madrid journalist martin robards is on the story for us this evening good evening to you martin so we understand the spanish high court is summoning the ousted kettle on cabinet what exactly does that mean and you know can anything happen as long as that cabinet is out of the country. well yes well the prosecutor says it already said this if but it fails to show. us the
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just european arrest warrants. where each you know would somebody delay musses or we could become like but i think what needs to be made clear is that. even if they were to appear in court they wouldn't necessarily be arrested i mean this is just the beginning of the whole proceedings i mean yes the prosecutor is going to ask you know the people who appeared to be held to be remanded in custody and so the trial itself of the jokes. you know in theory they could. remain treatment i cannot depends only on the judge yet they could remain free men inventing it that includes the former cattle on president now mr bush to martin said earlier today that he welcomed snap elections in catalonia so does that mean if he were to voluntarily return to spain would he be able to run in these snap elections and possibly be in
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a reelected. well the spanish government spokesman that we can says he was actually welcome to. start running again on the thing to remember here is still a piece i mean poland may have been dissolved well you know there will still be. your problem or descriptive names soviets because remember again on the theory democracy even if they were severely arrested or was in jail because i mean again as with everything else in half of them you don't chances are afraid if you say she is to actually dispose of the boss of the public office criticism has been well that was only after a trial which took of the three years so yeah in theory but it is from china so yeah. it could look from jail or even when yeah i mean it it's amazing if you know when you look at the legalities of the situation and we know that to mr bush to my
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he is in brussels with some of his former cabinet member ministers but not all of them some of them remained in catalonia what do we know what they're doing and is there a you know some kind of strategy behind leaving some of his cabinet behind. but what we do know is. we're approaching this former deputy audiovisual terrorists met with the members of the phone carriers on tuesday which was all it was saying that the couple the use of these well significantly they mustered the whole of the building going to describe this is the full rethink rather than the actual government building again as the stolen bases but it still. within the law they also refused to stay at a press conference afterwards what are they you know what they've actually done well what they did say was that they hadn't adopted any decisions so i mean the time being it just looks like
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a symbolic act of defiance but i think the main thing is that they seem to respect that they will contest the following elections again bring neither all situation they said in the last expected government intervention but they seem to be accepting the consequences which no longer considers the government offices. but also accepted that you know that the elections the reforms called for this were the first of december so again we're in the sort of you know situation yeah that is what it sounds like our correspondent martin roberts on the story forced tonight in madrid martin thank you very much. here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world to russia turkey and iran the pledge to bring the syrian regime and its opponents together for a congress thirty three groups and political parties which include the kurds and anti assad rebels have been invited to the talks in the black sea resort of sochi next month officials say the effort is aimed at nudging syria towards lasting peace
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after more than five years of civil war afghan officials say an explosion in kabul has killed at least five people and injured several more police say a teenage suicide bomber blew himself up in the capital's diplomatic quarter so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility kenya's opposition leader. has called last week's election rerun a sham and said that the president mr kenyatta had won the vote by fraud you told supporters that the opposition would respond with economic boycotts picketing and other legitimate forms of protest but made no mention of launching a legal challenge to the result. and here's a reminder of that top story that we're following for you police in new york city say a man who drove his truck down a busy bike path has killed at least six people the suspect was shot by police and
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taken into custody after reportedly brandishing fake firearms u.s. authorities are said to be treating the incident as a terrorist attack. and don't forget you can always get e.-w. news on the go just to download our app from google play or from the outlet store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. app to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. you're watching the w.'s wife from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company we'll see you again at the top of the hour with more world news. european stock. performance.


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