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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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november fifth d.w. listening and then from that day w. we speak your language to talk about. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning our web special pleading that the refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. d.w. may for mine. are we want to welcome to another edition of euro max we are tuning our own horn today on d w here's a look at what's coming up. the mission a load start
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a d w documentary wins in a folk classic award. diving deep discover some underwater highways in iceland. and bed lot in town yet featuring a dream home on the island of sicily. no barr is an israeli born graphic designer illustrator and artist now his work has appeared in many media publications including time out london b.b.c. or random house the observer the economist and the list goes on o'barr has illustrated over one hundred a magazine covers now his drawings are humorous ambiguous and sometimes quite political making his style unique well even when he employs a minimalistic technique there is no doubt about who or what he is trying to portray while his current illustrated book a bittersweet shows the range of his
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work to date. my name is no mubarak was born in israel in one thousand seven hundred three i'm a graphic artist no my bar is one of the most sought after illustrators worldwide his trademark maximum message with minimum means. to be or not to be shakespeare. charlie chaplin. america. not to be a protein. and mr spock. the face of terrorism some of bin laden. and what came after the horrors of. george w. bush searching in vain for saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction. some of noma parts portraits originate in despair or frustration shortly before the
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deadline his laptop crashed the result steve jobs no markets other ideas on the streets of london where he lives or when he's in the bathroom. i don't know if you see michael jackson portrayed so that started from a meeting with you are the rector and he asked me to do it you know stray cinema both michael jackson. the fact that the moderates kind of for losing their babies and their kids with michael jackson asked and they heard. what he was doing and i went to the toilet after the meeting and i saw this not be changing symbol you know with moderate care we debate in the nothing but suddenly this icon come michael jackson's face so i've seen it in my head at the end so somewhere in my mind and i have sketchbooks as well the dedicated there is a. kind of place with lots of ideas and thoughts and i don't know how it works i wish it was organized but it's not worth. seeing the world through bars eyes means
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paying attention to detail the little things we usually don't notice everything else around you part came to london and his mid twenty's he trained and he protected odyssey he drew and painted all the time creating a world of illustration and learning to tell a story with just one picture. bars technique of reduction is legendary. dog cat and mouse in one. of the burqa ban. the wolf of wall street. i believe that everything is our attend everything is opportunity for creation and i say that you know it's under my feet and i just need to be cautious and not to step on the if you know because there's so many little things around us i'm not the kind of person would go to
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a. truck in the himalayas mountains to find inspiration. as far as i can kind of trace the final thing started. here in a way when i was eight or nine years old i started to draw on my neighbors and people around me that this is a businessman and. you can see agrafena steve when i go back to what i was doing here it's kind of very similar to what i do today. in terms of cops showing this at face and telling the story in a face and. that's me. mark grew up in a constant state of war at eighteen he was drafted to be a navigator in israel's navy his within the band the conflicts followed him to london a chocolate bar from iran a record from the united states canard in titles cuts the conflicts.
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a palestinian scarf the israeli flag sent to him by people living in the conflict zones of the conflict you know was directly came off the conversation here in the wood review iranian guy because i just realized that i never spoke to someone from iran and when i came home i started to draw away. handgun and i drove it to get in but then i look at it again and started to draw a dove from the gun. i'm not coming with big statement street and songs that i'm writing to the song. five years ago bar one the british ward for creative excellence. his current edition bittersweet is a successful record at his spectrum of work so far. time now to shower some praise on d.w. this broadcaster has won many awards over the years and it can now add another
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feather to its cap last weekend culture department was honored with an eco award for a musical documentary called mission mozart created in two thousand and fourteen this award is one of the world's most important for classical music and if you haven't seen mission mozart yet then there is an award winning d.v.d. waiting just for you. the twenty fourth eco classic awards were presented in hamburg's new album for the money concert hall. and the ceremony was attended by world famous stars like ten i join us khalfan as well as up and coming top. the goddess celebration which was broadcast on german television and by live streaming often familiar faces and lots of music. i call classic award is something very very special because it's celebrates gospel music
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and it brings it through the media in its own way towards the future to a very very broad audience just name another event on german television that puts classical music center stage. the german culture celebrates classical music in a way that very few other places still do and so to have my son my heart and my project recognized by this is wonderful culture really means so much to me. this year d.w. was among the classic award winners. director christian bagge was recognized for his documentary film mission mozart chose rehearsals and recordings of two piano concertos composed by mozart. the film focuses on two world stasi austrian conductor nicholas han on courier who died last year and chinese stop in his lying line that's why i felt that he shifted
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the story in a nutshell as the old man's mates young man two artists are very very different from each other and together they create great art. so bill watching this dynamic encounter for four or five days in vienna at the music association was really something special i didn't really notice until afterward what a treasure we had from the cake topper. mozart provides an up close look at lang lang and nikolaus harnoncourt rehearsing the mozart pieces but if the n.f.l. mark. will make it up the next day they're out there oh oh bob well open. your. mission mozart is not the first successful d.w. classical music documentary but it is the first one to win an account. of the. core and long lasting are a fascinating personalities it's another sign from the fantastic music and the
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wonderful people it's simply fun to watch and for us to show. a total of fifty four echo classical dance represented this is conductor of the year was the american consumer garner he conducted hamburg's phenomena shows starts or kastor at the gonna celebration. he explained that music is more than momentary diversion. when you think of the. deep talent of every individual in an orchestra that decide to set aside their egos to set aside their own personal. wishes to work together as a unit to accomplish something that no individual can accomplish i think this is something important for us to remember it's something very very relevant for the twenty first century. the echo classic
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a warm spring well constanza news it too of wind already and it's great entertainment with dance. and staying on the subject of awards our new euro max studio which i am broadcasting in now has also been recognized for its interview. the zine more on that at the top of today's express. here lax has received a coveted red dot award in the communication design category in a ceremony at the concert house in bed in professional view the red dot award as the top prize for the sector year max received the prize for. the first a realistic three d. look was created by the munich agency looks notice nine are in cooperation with the w.'s design department and t.v. set designer backman. for the invalid designers are because it was
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a difficult task and they came up with a successful solution because there's nothing harder than creating a design for a program whose main focus is itself designs and trends that's almost impossible but they did it was a great success is that water for. more than one thousand projects from fifty countries were entered this year and your math will be picking up its next accolade at the german design awards in february twenty eighth. british pop star ed sheeran says van morrison song carrickfergus made a huge impression on him as a chart. and reminiscences part of a charity triumph it's been started in britain celebrities are posting their earliest musical inspirations under the hash tag and.
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the money collected during the drive will go to help often children around the world. but. an original nine hundred thirty nine by belgian comic artist is going on auction in paris. the house expects the coverage. to fetch around eight hundred thousand euros the giant comes from a private collection as she gave the image to friends as a gift and it has remained in their family to this day. when most people book a diving adventure it's usually to the tropics to a clear blue sea to see exotic fish but i bet you didn't know that you could go diving in iceland well here amid a volcanic landscape tourist can explore a hidden away says of lakes now to reach them though it involves a bit of hiking so it's best to be in good shape when you and bark on one of these
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dives. who says so crystal clear that you can see more than one hundred meters through. iceland is home to some of europe's last remaining undergo to secrets. coming to be as close as specializes in showing visit is icelandic diving highlights today and almost unknown place is on the agenda to help. unexpectedly it's located in iceland's highlands a diving paradise far from the coast. states so i am going to zaandam we're going to a very special diving site because only a handful of people have dived here before we didn't even discover it until recently and it's something very special. and.
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to be as close it has been the head of the dive organization in reykjavik for almost twelve years today it is iceland's best known diving company. and its international clients include actors like the american ben stiller pierce second from the left. sweden's king called gustav. and hollywood star tom cruise. is first for the icelandic cannons are characterized by sparse meditation and fast flowing strains just guessing here in the french and itself. after crossing a number of mountain ridges and rivers the drivers reach a plateau. this is as far as they drive but there's still no body of water in sight . to be as instructed everyone to get their diving equipment together.
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the divers strapped. to their bodies. so. then to be as confirms what they've begun to suspect the diving spots can't be reached by coming they will have to continue on for. days. and. hours. i mean. they are. the richest strenuous but worth all the efforts in the end they come to a mountain lake shaped like a tank. does this boy can cut this is a volcanic crater lava one shot up and followed him and then at some point the rate of filled up with water food you can't see it here from the road it's completely hidden sophistic. you come on top for there are only a handful of people coming to day and only in the two or three months of summer
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following to four but i don't associate it with diving in the snake in the top. kill is there and his colleagues have named the odin's team after the god in north mythology. according to legend after the death of his beloved some about her odin letter to forward to containing all his son's beauty gentleness and goodness. the ghost in this mountain like has a temperature of two degrees celsius and comes from a glacier hung up. before it reaches the lake it is repeatedly filtered through the ken extends like chemists and tell. you constantly fighting talk and you can take out your mouthpiece and drink a few mouthfuls and special good thing but i have to warn you this is
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a fountain of youth the tears abode in our intellects it. really drink it and never age again take it from me and at the age of two hundred forty five the sky know what i'm talking about. with. this of all ages however i can enjoy the remote mountain lake. and since i didn't steer can't be found in any tourist guide or on the internet there's hope its pristine beauty will remain unspoiled for a long time to come. and europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our your mags instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram.
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moving on now to a trend growing in cosmetics vegan products now these are produced without the use of animal products or testing food and other items have taken off in popularity over the last few years and you can certainly see that trend right here in berlin. heating costs medics are more popular than ever an increasing number of beauty products without ingredients made from or tested on animals are coming on to the german market like the oils in creams from berlin start up. their products are silicone and beribboned free and contain natural substances from germany and europe . and nothing gets flown in. we try to use things like dandelion juice milk this is a loyal ground very seed are still for things that you can find here for. the organic cosmetic pioneers. meeting have been in the business for forty years founded in one
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nine hundred seventy eight the mid-size berlin company has been a success from the start currently the team is developing a center for deodorant and looking for new perfume oils. this is about ones in the not too lazy with the natural cosmetics we're quite limited in terms of fragrance groups because we're only allowed to use natural sun plans. all their products are ghana and vienna and they also spend forty percent of their profits supporting charitable projects. equitable local working conditions are also important to them. as it skips and other words not every ingredient is available in organic quality and even fewer raw materials meet organic and fair trade standards but as long as we can get them on the market we've committed ourselves to make sure that there are fair trade to trade or for. the products can be had for ten years and up at organic shops and drug stores meanwhile
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the startup blue and pink still has to prove itself on the natural cosmetics market but it's luxury begin face cream is already available at berlin's most famous department store. and now we are off to the italian island of sicily. for a tour of a luxury home with architecture that is based on traditional dwellings in the area now this house was built with sustainability and mine think walls provide insulation which was also the case back in the day with houses in these parts of the world and the windows are modern in function they're arranged in such a way that they act as a natural ventilation and air conditioning system and rainwater is really used for various purposes so let's have a look around. on a sport those online is beneath cicely's scorching sun. house looks as if it was
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shaped by the way welcome to my place. one of. the building blends into its natural surroundings and has practically no corners. the facade is line based plaster but traditional building material in sicily. the flat rounded form of the house is influenced by traditional mediterranean architecture specially that from the highlands around city north africa and in particular moves us. but the navy and i believe the light and so on takes me some traditional moral can and. from i grew up. that's what inspired us. a spacious kitchen dining room is the focal point of the one hundred twenty square meter hops colorful excess reason our provide the only
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access to the stark point to the interior. this is meant to be the heart of the house the warmth. from year on. we have the sun coming in the chimney right behind your shoulder the colors in this of the places all here. and all the activity supposed to start from here and the rest of the house. the other sport oh spend several months of the year here with his family furnishings are practical but well designed. a freestanding bath tub helps residents cool in the summer. even when the mercury climbs to forty degrees celsius it's still cool indoors the windows are laid out so has to circulate cooling breezes within the house and insulate from the trees well. actually two one is built perpendicular the other one is. in the middle
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so create a space. between the two walls which is supposed to isolate properly we don't even turn on the head condition action. outside an olive tree more than a century old provides more shade and the further away you get from the house the wilder the surroundings become. weeds down to a pool that was intentionally built some distance from the house. and the gradual passage. from the passage of gradual wilderness fading until you get to the loan which is all planned and finally. the businessman has realized a childhood dream in the garden he's built a tree house in a caravan hideaway for young and old alike i thought it was also a possibility to isolate. from the crowd from the rest of the family and
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friends where you can come here and even see me. and that's why i. decided to do. to move tourism provide more space for relaxation and. feature an added bonus a view of the neighboring nature reserve. of the mediterranean. absolutely stunning and with that we come to the end of another show well don't forget to check us out on social media for me and the rest of the crew here at your as always thanks for watching and was. max. cycle through copenhagen and by appointment as food in the most
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beautiful spots in the danish capital his bike has a completely equipped kitchen which he uses to. exclusive street food next time on your x. .
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but the fact that we speak your language our spanish program to my. own words will inform us of what mr and i can like to always close to the action but by makoto cocoa folk at one o'clock you can get that up to the minute news and
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opinions of the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more of the oil. beat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american keep music takes a look at germany it is increasing the speed of the traditions everyday lives and language in this time of. young good. looking guy r t w dot com the germans. so this is the view from my seat in the horn section. sarah with us knows her stuff. is going to be the most incredible. musicians and conductors. and she shows just how diverse classical music can ban. sarah's music
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contemporary classical. d.w. . they make a commitment they find solutions. they. byer. africa on the minds of. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands d.-w. is a new multimedia series for go. d w dot com africa on the move. this
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is the dumping news coming to your line from but in spanish prosecutors demand jail for ministers in catalonia the ousted government nine of them have been question to which is of sedition underbelly and by spain's national court but they did.


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