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tv   Kick off - Neven Subotic Water is life.  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2017 3:30am-4:00am CET

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the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. with the local it was an incredibly difficult task. this democracy was a lie because the elections were for all three privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth don't you. think. the.
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policy of don't mean is never bought it's traveling between two worlds. brought us here by. their own good i think that's part of the now much of the amount going to the banks. clean water hygiene education these things onto a birthright in ethiopia. the name i can embrace and have they make something every summer the football player travels to one of the poorest regions on earth with his foundation. now mike scrafton sala. is a clown and ceasar announcer the middle. it's all about making a difference together with friends and partners from the local area. skippable does pass for them so it's no spa so i stay in the. water of life here in germany it's a given. in ethiopia it's
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a rare and precious commodity. the gateway to education and a better future. the region of grey lies in northern ethiopia. just broke extreme heat water is scarce in this part of the globe. flight accompanied never and his charity on the journey to another world is for the for the about psychosis the fish dishes. estimation that's about seventy to get that stuff so i thought. as an
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a few stretched out i turned out to have a visit from mr manders about. the hour bite here is just more that. in. our mentions than a minus the chanson a cloudless devote their own good edge that's why more than they are much of the amount got to come from the war and. that's the same thing what about throwing the . limon on field look at a farm on. the hear them and you can. move. the flight from frankfurt to add the capital city of ethiopia takes around eight hours . the team are only given a moment to get their breath back. after all that's what today.
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you know. it's a different world from that of a professional footballer. it's the simple things that matter here clean water hygiene and education. has brought his team along and makes plenty of old faces on the right of. their gander the feeling out here isn't just a five place on the center sunday of here for months and often in. the ahl french and russian been on me trying to both fish in a team dispute you are what i'm a bit of i don't as much as must mean. we are finished i have a sense from offended on your son learn lessons from guns are enough do you have to go. through moment on a tradition of the moment a d i know my that's a bring tears to show can you not to go on the left is it is' or his career began
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of mines in two thousand and seven in his first season is approaching he missed out on promotion to the bundesliga which club's following year than club diversity adornment together they want to league titles and the german cup. he's no stranger to success. setbacks to. one of the other stuff. is about to make a game. on the last one a profit. on some issues us often after a long. whitens and i'm. northern ethiopia is one of the country's poorest
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regions. locals rely on agriculture to survive. clean running water is crucial but finding it is tough. it is even. more. than at. anything seventeen thousand children die every year from drinking contaminated water attending school is impossible for the vast majority of children with daily six hour tracks to find water taking precedence escape. thus bus.
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living and thus made amends for not to mention me in the language of the goons and the city council members of the new to his own type. there's enormous from. good now dark to. dark it suits moods in the. afternoon off you know it. and best from out are going to question. clean water the planet's most precious resource. in developed countries it's widely available. roughly seventy percent of the earth's surface is covered in water but only three percent is drink about. six hundred million people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water.
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good morning. a lion is not an option and supervision his team up early it's a six am starts and the day kicks off with a four hour journey by car. tomic streets forget about it slow and steady all the way. to. work at the well construction sites is exhausting fifty to sixty meter deep holes must be drilled into rocky ground. nobody said it would be easy. three things are important first. there should be a cut to meant. to the ground then there should be. formation and. that can
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hold water and. there should be. somewhere. throughout the well projects never relies on the expertise of local people. in this case engine a way it's all about building trust in the community. station delighted me i can sit down with. this. on and off and their friends listen and. act and must be opposing the. snowflakes even as the monitors will you know and the post-election supposed to
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escape. is among the poorest nations on earth. almost fifty percent of people undernourished and less than half have access to clean water. one of the driest regions is too great in the north then and his team helped to provide a. little present attention and long periods of drought make life difficult for people here. where he works for the organization rest planning building and maintaining wells his expertise. from the other knowhow to. come.
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from the how and what. and. who want to. without the support of people like sustainable projects such as these would be impossible. president we'll hear about the ones that are for me. to be for the rest of the. time it gets. mentioned but it gives me every right to measure. the region of tarts a idea about temperatures of forty five degrees a common here. despite the heat the class is an early
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as a school a fall every day this hasn't always been the case. this. place unless. the teacher here she went nuts precisely why student numbers are. on average there are almost five children to a family in ethiopia. clean water is rarely close at hand and food is scarce. to develop better awareness when it comes to family planning. and. how do.
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you say. that is why social workers such as my harwich are important. companies her to her mother child consultation. again the focus is on hygiene and the use of clean water. educational work from within the community. this is the key to success. and put in context. context. context. it's.
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defaults and. given that some kind you don't toss off with the the. sword as i'm of unless there's more work to be done at the hotel each evening. it's not quite the five star luxury professional footballers' a used to when the. plans for the day ahead to discussed with david you know. excursions to remote areas along. but the reception they receive at schools is worth the wait. even if never and sometimes seems a little overwhelming. thank
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you thank you thank you thank you. throughout his journey never visit many different projects in. the wilds where is the water clean. it's up to local people to ensure the answer is always yes. it's not easy because own t.v. then the digger both government and business will tear the phone up to. try and this have done it so i've missed. two years and as you know that's the die loss and. i'm at their most common with us also the school. in your club to. toss off cover do you mind a little card materiality and does
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a. here at this second day in a school in med of a santa everything of me is fine. but what about the toilet. i did not claim to be are. also i saw just difference when i lived here it was a terms only of interest and an option to some to some. folks who knew. their borden resigned order you've been. in in. india by neglect prior to. wells sanitation facilities these things are normal here and it's up to the locals to keep them in working order. you are here for your leaders in this way responsibility and long term trust to develop within communities. essential factors in nevins long term targets
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for the area. the numbers are still granted every nine person on earth has no access to clean drinking water. and equally important is knowing how to take care of it. water sanitation and hygiene. and wash clothes in schools children learn how to use water properly. this knowledge is then passed on to their families. social workers like can from their own hand to teach and encourage. down the river and they might come in their way. to blame icona but i have to say. to those in my early round in your. head to so know who i love honey my hyundai and i had lame fun. this is what
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i mean here. was club students like highly share their knowledge about water and hygiene. so. why. don't you forgot to. tell him to get them the. challenger got them negatively to. get on the mission to get. even. if they got enough foundation. to go along.
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and i said as it turned into the bad. since the introduction of separate new trains girls are returning to the school. passes on his newly acquired knowledge to his classmates. even the older ones listen to him and that makes him proud. of them like. i don't like. him to taunt. them. but i don't want to.
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access to sanitation facilities and clean drinking water could save the lives of one point five million children every year. isn't absolutely but so does deserve a big victory for. sure if you. can find on few craft. shop and. buy. a new balance and so again and you've got so it's in front of us went off it was one hundred one from. you don't go to the we're not to shop you can turn it in the surest on iraqi mind nevins commitment is shaped by his own life story the bosnian war force his family to flee to germany in one nine hundred ninety he was two years old by his lighter with deportation threatening they relocated to the u.s.
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. his parents commitment to social causes and the bond he shared with his family have made him who he is today. climbed off. on and on some getting tired from you you had all you. want you're a good mind a good didn't. know i dropped off the. bus was one of which i often get titled. the hospitality shown in the small villages that never visit with his foundation is impressive. though his team often only spends a few hours on site close interaction with local people is important. these encounters a special it's about respect about cultural exchange about similarities between
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people from different worlds this knowledge is used to plan new. projects but it's more than that. for me she's does and it absolutely lives but i sure don't because it was invests i was a ton of ladders in ladder sure light. should have been. tactically. whom does best when one does is. time and done and indictment is one are by demanding moneta have done. this mr as. mr as. for the outcome for the much to its own and the kinds of intimidation over the two and seven interacts constantly with local people. character he meets this time is sixteen year old what nash. the charity documents and films each project this allows people to get
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a better picture of what it's like to live in underdeveloped countries. and have them. man up. and who no longer wanted to. see straight and then home to here and surely won't. mind a visit i had offerings arbitron start going to strengthen a fork for tottenham as it's beginning to meet on the one saying. come you know how funny it was optional and much named when she has all five of his
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interests. the final stage of a monumental journey. for two weeks the nevin supported foundation has traveled through northern ethiopia to help people in need but also to learn where help is required most. never supports it in his foundation have built over one hundred wells in the past five years. it's early in the morning most of the children will be at school. much can be learned through interviews with local elders. they are the gateway to another time a world which they themselves helps to change. the. laws of the city eleven. lonely.
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like adam did not and they get a little. lonely getting must know. that cannot set a real time hero. see that i am. going on nona. so saw and descend the. noise limit on how to. do that as myself. but says there is one battle afloat peabody's may be but the
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advice from this misting much.
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stars. performances. prayers. for. one of today's best jazz moyses. if ever you want to. bring back
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