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your link to exceptional stories and discussions on use of these each and what wimps id deputed comes to pick up join us on facebook at t.w. africa. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a spanish judge sends nine members of the dismissed kaplan government to jail there is outrage in barcelona but the judge is also expected to issue a warrant for the arrest of the ousted catalan leader called his push to maul who's in belgium we'll get the latest from barcelona and process also coming up president
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trump heads to hope y.-e. for a barking on an extensive tour of asia the tension over north korea is likely to be a keep focus of talks with asian leaders we'll get the view from seoul. and the new head of the fed drone powell is nominated by president trump to lead america's central bank look at the impact powell might have on policy. i want to welcome i'm terry martin good to have you with us. a spanish judge is expected to issue an international arrest warrant for ousted catalan leader colors pushed him out today that judge has already imprisoned nine members of the deposed catalan government after they responded to questions at a national court in madrid they may be charged with sedition meanwhile collis pushed him out is apparently still in brussels we'll talk to our correspondents
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there and in barcelona in a moment first this update. they use whatsoever they cute to make noise and bustle mona. the protests came after a spanish judge ordered past members of the depots cuts in line cabinet detained pending a potential trial the former government figures turned up in madrid to answer questions about catalonia push for independence. after receiving the news that former had the site catalan president calloused pushed a mall and called the jailing a serious mistake and demands at their release that it isn't going to be seen with them that. it is a grave attack on democracy. imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principle
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of democracy but. the leader himself was supposed to appear in court in madrid and the spanish state prosecutor wants him arrested. there if when someone doesn't appear after being cited by a judge to testify in spain or in any other e.u. country and arrest warrant is issued it's a duty to answer to the summons which demands lawyers says he will cooperate with both spanish and belgian authorities. before belgian courts and there he can defend against this extradition. house nine exception. will be in the warrant the court. the fusion new exhibition. outside the supreme court in madrid lawyers representing catalan leaders sat pushed months no show would have fact the other defendants.
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will want to analyze whether it will be beneficial or detrimental but it is going to have an effect that's for sure. despite his passionate support embezzle loner pushed a month's refusal to come before the court in madrid is expected to hurt his case. what well let's get the very latest now from our correspondents covering the story stand by for us in barcelona charlotte charleston pill matters is with us in brussels charlotte percy you big demonstrations there in barcelona overnight people obviously not happy about seeing members of the regional government jailed what were they expecting the spanish court today too. hi there yes thousands of people were on the streets last night although it was incredibly peaceful the protests that we saw people were very angry they were telling us that dismiss ministers who are now behind bars would democratically elected and now
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they're in prison for delivering on exactly what it is that they were running for their election platform which was independence so there was an incredible amount of anger here whether or not they were surprised that these people are now behind bars while they had always known that long time that was a risk the challenges these people are facing carry up to thirty years in prison but i think the people who we spoke to were fairly stunned at the speed in which this is happen people want necessarily expecting them to go directly to jail to be didn't have to be denied bail so there was a lot of a lot of confusion of course to activists were sent straight to prison by the same judge so it looks like that is exactly what has happened again. georg over to you in brussels the former couple in leader colors pushed inland he is in brussels not in spain tell us more about how he reacted to his former colleagues being sent to jail. he caught told catalan t.v.
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here in an interview that he the media release of this of these ministers he also made clear that he self will only return to spain if a fair trial is a guaranteed and you see the problem here in brussels is when he says you know that an act of such an act by by the spanish government such a arrests are actually violating democracy the concern here in brussels really is but you member states that he is trying to internationalize the problem rather than just running away from from the just as he might face for acting in the fines with french law. georg we are expecting the spanish court to issue a european war a protocol is pushed a month arrest today will he have to avoid belgian authorities now to if you does not want to be arrested that is exactly what he would have to do now if an arrest warrant is issued by spain
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a european arrest warrant that would give the belgian government twenty four hours to assess whether that is correct they then have fifteen days to arrest the suspect but his lawyer here already made clear that if it comes to this he would turn himself in making also clear that he would then appeal against this arrest warrant which could further delay an extradition to spain by another fifteen days. back to you in barcelona charlotte people there what they're obviously angry about the jailing of the cattle on government members as we saw what do they make of carlos pushed him aren't staying in brussels and not going to spain to face the music like his call it's. pretty dependent supporters are divided on these issues there are those who've been telling us that they feel like pushed him on is running away that he is a captain leaving a sinking ship there are others that are still very much behind him do you think that is the right thing for him to do to take his message to europe to stay in
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brussels and frankly they don't want to see the men and women they consider heroes to be put behind bars to be in jail they want them to be out here back in barcelona pursuing that cause. w. charlotte chelsea until in barcelona and georg matters in brussels thanks to both of you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today south african prosecutors are set to request a longer jail term for former olympic athlete oscar pistorius at an appeal hearing today historians shot dead his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in two thousand and thirteen justice officials have said the six year sentence he's serving for stay in camps murder is shockingly low. british prime minister theresa may and israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu have celebrated the centennial of the balfour declaration. british government statement helped lead to the creation of the jewish state at a gala dinner may said britain has was committed to
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a two state solution for the reach. and has said the whole over at arctica in the earth's protective ozone layer has shrunk to its smallest size since nine hundred eighty eight still it remains twice as big as the united states scientists attributed the change to natural conditions but also credited and one nine hundred eighty seven treaty banning ozone eating chemicals u.s. president donald trump is set to embark on his first official tour of asia tensions over north korea's nuclear threat look likely to overshadow the trip trump's national security team has said north korea should be returned to a list of countries the u.s. believes sponsors terrorism meanwhile on thursday america's key ally south korea conducted anti aircraft missile drills and escorted u.s. bombers for exercises over the korean peninsula north korea has denounced the
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drills saying the u.s. is seeking to ignite nuclear war journalist jason strother is tracking this story for us from seoul jason tell us about these us almost flying over the korean peninsula is this just a routine drill or something more. right well the u.s. forces korea say that this was a planned exercise planned bombing rehearsal they dropped ordinance and on an air raid on an air base near an air base in south korea they said this was not in retaliation to any move from the north korean regime of course can young has spoken out they actually their news agency was one of the first to report these b. one bombers flew all over the korean peninsula they say that this is a rehearsal for a nuclear attack against north korea and called it blackmail against john young
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well it was actually the north korean news agency that first reported this this this drill what are the north koreans saying about it right well we fortunately they have not responded with any sort of military provocations of their own but whatever the u.s. conducts these types of drills north korea calls it a pre lou to war a rehearsal for invasion rehearsal for a nuclear test and this follows ensued with the with previous condemnations of american military trial exercises here on the peninsula ok let's move on to the diplomacy president trops asian trip what sort of reception can he expect on his tour through those countries. well oh here in south korea just today a coalition of progressive progressive civic groups say that starting this weekend
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they're going to hold mass demonstrations against president trump here in seoul many south koreans are concerned that president trump might actually launch a preemptive military strike against north korea and of course seoul being only about forty kilometers south of the d.m.z. it has some people worried but trump will have supporters here too many conservative koreans mostly elderly koreans have demonstrated in favor of the u.s. president so he'll have a mixed reception when he comes to town the white house national security adviser it's our mcmasters said this week that it's possible that north korea will be added to the state sponsors of terrorism list what would that mean well it's mostly a symbolic gesture north korea is already one of the most sanctioned countries in the world there are only three other countries are on this list syria iran and
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sudan and north korea had been taken off of the list back in two thousand and eight but mcmaster says because of the assassination of kim jong il the elder brother of kim jong il and earlier this year it warrants north korea being putting being put back on this list jason thank you very much journalist jason strother there in seoul south korea. now some curious news from the heady world of social media and politics donald trump's personal twitter account was temporarily shut down thursday night for a full eleven minutes twitter later confirmed that an employee had carried out the deactivation on their last date at work the company said it would carry out a full internal review while many on twitter saw the funny side of this new york times editor max fisher called it the first successful coup in american history but others are pointing out that this is worrying and shows the vulnerability of the network one woman writes even if you are no trump fan the fact that
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a twitter employee could take his account offline for eleven minutes is a huge question on twitter security and politico editor in chief blake shell says it could be a threat to foreign and domestic policy he writes it's shocking that some random twitter employee could shut down the president's account what if they instead had twitted fake messages. it's still unclear at this point whether or not the deactivation was deliberate. you're watching the news still to come the indigenous people of the aftermath and their move for independence from nigeria they say they're plotting for freedom but the military treats them as terrorists. now the most important central bank in the world has a new chairman that's right terry the secret's out jerome powell will be the next
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chairman of the u.s. federal reserve from february pending senate confirmation so who is the man he is a fed board member since twenty twelfth fall has in the past mostly supported the policies off his predecessor janet yellen and is expected to remain cautious about raising interest rates but he will have to oversee efforts by the central bank to unwind its measures to stimulate the economy brought in after the two thousand and eight financial crisis u.s. president donald trump considered five names including current fed chair janet yellen before settling on powell who has served as a fed governor since two thousand and twelve a soft spoken centrist powells name has been circulated as the top contender for over a week i'm both honored and humbled by this opportunity to serve our great country if i am confirmed by the senate i will do everything within my power to achieve our congressionally assigned goals of stable prices and maximum employment. since
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twenty twelve palace supported yemen's general direction in setting monetary policy and in recent years has shared her cautious approach in the years since the global financial crisis and it our economy has made substantial progress toward full recovery by many measures were close to full employment and inflation has gradually moved up toward our target. our financial system is also without doubt far stronger and more resilient than it was before the crisis powell seeks a balance between regulations and market conditions he stated recently that more rules and regulations are not always the best solution to problems in financial markets still after eight years of steady progress financial markets could use the continuity so how did these financial markets react to this nomination's let's check in with when he bounced off financial correspondent standing by in frankfurt how did investors take that nomination i can't see the share prices or the
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euro or the dollar here but i checked before we came out here and there was no measurable reaction it's the expected candidate and of course there's disappointment that janet yellen isn't getting a chance at a second term like most of her predecessors but i think everyone agrees that your own power if trump pick a republican is to be the fed chairman ben is the best pick of the moment he's been supportive of allen's policy in the past five years he's seen as a moderate and someone who can build consensus and on the board and in the form see meetings which decide on monetary policy very important and yes banking regulation which we just referred to in the report is something that people are nervous about here in frankfurt as well that that should maybe be loosened with his support but will policy really change is that going to be investors expecting that. they're not expecting that but you know i think they might be seeing
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a problem and not be seeing a problem that's there because there are plenty of vacant seats on the fed board when yellen leaves there's one more and that means that president donald trump can a port point further people and expected that maybe he will appoint an interest rate hike hardliner like john taylor to fill one of the governor's posts and there could be more people like him so we'll have to wait and see whether indeed the island's course continues or whether it's tightened will you stay away you are going to talk a bit later about apple that's why i'm standing in front of the apple store right there but first lower taxes where the central economic promise in donald trump's presidential campaign now has presented the first draft of a tax reform revamp he says that specially companies and families should benefit from but not everyone is convinced. it's supposed to be the biggest tax cut in u.s. history and the first major tax reform effort after more than thirty years trying
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to i call it his biggest success but the average citizen would benefit little. especially big companies down to profit with the tax rate set to be reduced from thirty five percent to twenty percent. smaller companies would see their taxes capped at twenty five percent. and income tax for employees could be anywhere from twelve to thirty five percent but families are set to receive more tax incentives. with this plan we are making progress reforms so that yes america can compete with the rest of the world but we're also making it so that families like these that are here can have more take home pay this is it this is a very important and special moment for our country for all americans but these tax cuts would cost the state around two point two trillion dollars over the next decade that's money that would be missing from the budget analysts say these
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reforms are set to widen the already gaping deficit whether trump manages to get the plan through congress is uncertain and even influential industry groups have been critical. now as apple's new i phone ten minutes the shops the company announces a profit of ten point seven billion us dollars a minute that is just for three months from july to september this year the news sent apple stock flying again shares hit another all time high giving the company a market cap of around nine hundred billion u.s. dollars making at the most valuable company on us apple hopes that you are for model will also fly off the shelves in the christmas season even though it's the most expensive yet the basic model retails for around one thousand dollars. now let's go back to willie barnes who's freezing in front of the apple store in frankfurt. the apple faithful are gathering there behind you is
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a hyper as usual but is this is this stock market hype around apple is that justified. i think the short answer you can see behind me without these people lining up in the cold here and i just heard from someone who had already come out with a phone with a new i phone ten that the first people had lined up yesterday morning at eight o'clock and i came by here yesterday evening there are already people sitting here and garden chairs with a beer in their hand waiting to be among the first to get it there's just so much demand for apple there's so much growth and tim cook the c.e.o. promised and statements relating to the third quarter results that he expects this year's christmas season which was which were in the middle of right now to again be a record and that profit that you mentioned it's huge profit and when you look at the apple share sure it's expensive the company is expensive but the valuation the share price in relation to the profits it's high but it's not out of this world so
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i think it reflects the expectation that apple will do even better in the future only about in frankfurt thank you very much. and that's all from only a me on the rest of the business to you so it's back to terry thanks. separatist movements like catalonia is bid to break away from spain are active all around the globe and africa is no exception in nigeria a group called the indigenous people of be afrin are calling for an independent state in the south east of the country and demand it sparked a bloody civil war fifty years ago a reporter visited the home of the independence movement the kanu who went missing in september his disappearance has fueled fears oppression. this is a statue of nnamdi condo with its arms chopped off the real number two has disappeared . i witnesses say security forces stormed his house in southeastern nigeria in
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september he has not been seen since the army says he fled but this man believes he was killed. it will be the case a member of the separatist be the indigenous people off be upfront he has been on guard at his leader cells since it was raided and kano himself disappeared this is from doug. just sort of idea that we had it for the ship to. somewhere like merriment. some of the separatists from what they believed was a military operation because says that twenty people were killed after the brother of the missing separatist leader flinch and. after many unsuccessful attempts to protect him he agreed to meet us he says the actions of the nigerian military has made to the i.p.o. be even more determined to carry on. to asking for
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a friend of his not asking for. one to three people on genuine achieve that is through referendum. and that's what made us and that's what everybody believes in today the government has rejected the separatists it's it says an independence referendum would be unconstitutional and dangerous. the information minister says all the governors in the region the same opinion they have course also get as far as we need to to the people and then we'll go into the encouraging the kind the five to titian that leads to the loss of lives fear of an escalating conflict is growing among the population and i g ariens in the south east of the country have long felt sidelined and neglected but many do not sympathise with the radical approach of the be a friend separatists this increasingly harsh exchange of words on both sides of the conflict son subparts of an independent speak about the destruction of nigeria the
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government on the other side because the separatist movement a terrorist organisation most observers doubt that in the current political climate a peaceful referendum which be possible the memory of the b. offer in the war fifty years ago is still fresh here the last time the region tried to break away from the more than a million people lost their lives. back then the squad on the side of the separatists he still gets together with his old comrades to discuss the current political situation. the veterans are worried about the risks of holding a referendum too. they've been keenly watching similar developments in other parts of the world. and i didn't come borrow from. a referendum come back. to fulton county stop brocket. i'm not then i think. these veterans are holding on to their dream of an independent work not only price
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it too is of war they say must stay where they belong in a museum. new york city is getting ready to host its annual marathon this weekend security has been tightened following the truck attack that killed eight people earlier this week but organizers of protests spence have been keen to show that they're not afraid ahead of the big event. it's the biggest marathon in the world and come sunday it will be a huge logistical challenge for the new york police department but high profile runners are sending a clear message just a few days before the race. i've never really let up like that big concern for me i was actually ran boston twenty thirteen the year of the bombing but i feel like the running community is so resilient that when something like this happens where the first step up and help each other and then show the world that you know we can come back from chad to be like this and try to bond together and we can stop you know
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from the day like that but at the same time we just hope that prayers and possible over those because that affected by them up there optimistic about something. organizers are keen to reassure fans and participants of the safety measures in place we work very closely with cities sitting in the state and federal agencies all year long illness so i think it's nothing to worry about. they're the best at what they do here in new york and come sunday it'll be the best that cross the finish line here first and grab the headlines. and forgo just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the top your news has been noisy protests in barcelona after a spanish judge detained nine ministers of the deposed couple of government the judge is also expected to issue an international arrest warrant for the catalan leader colace pushed him on who's in brussels.
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so a news for now thanks for watching. one tree god international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week adopted from south america first policy wind up putting china in the international driver seat find out on question tonight.
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quadriga next on d. w. . biden is kidnapping terrorism. list to many in the autumn of nine hundred seventy seven. three members of the red army faction had been sentenced to not behind. the judge's ruling and stomach prison trickett away the final stop time read on a faction on trial in forty five minutes on t.w. . because the way they start to divide the country i do it deal where they start to divide the language your blood will flow from. the soviet union is breaking up part.
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of the members of the russian federation we have to find their own way would agree come equipped. with the most of it was an incredibly difficult job. but this democracy was a wise guy the elections were for all of us are privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. hello and welcome to quadriga donald trump is packing his bags for asia the longest trip of his presidency so far it won't be an easy one even though he does plan to do some golfing in japan the most in.


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