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tv   Musica Maestra - Alondra de la Parra in Bamberg  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 9:15am-9:30am CET

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so their fighting spirit. on saturday we'll find out whether that fighting spirit is enough to beat the champions. you're watching news coming to you from berlin we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website that's sad d.w. dot com american anything anything from all of us here in the newsroom thanks for watching. the waves at full speed. always shining. bright. but always on the move.
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mostly today and in the future. drive it on g.w. . which a bit of. your link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news as easy as i want website d.w. the poem smart freakout join us on facebook at g.w. forgot. my name is so long that i don't bother. i'm a mexican conductor. come with me and meet great musicians and friends from all over the world. so this week it's with a bamberg seemed funny orchestra in germany and with a cellist. french journalist couple song. we're going to perform.
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and i'm really excited to talk to him after the concert because. conductors go one way and so is the other and off to the next plane to the next concert and this time i get to spend some time with and learn a little bit more about him so stay with us it's been really a pleasure to work with you to share the stage with you and to serve music with you and of course you know when you know the soloist and you don't know the person you never know what it's going to be like on stage but you never know if it's getting good or bad except. you're thirty five years old and you've played with the london symphony orchestra the very live forever and it works for the l.a. philharmonic the san francisco symphony for the vienna philharmonic with the consent of all the new field without any skin orchestration and in japan so i think
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the difficult thing is to find for me is to find the balance between. keeping its joy that i have for music since four years old since i started this child. and also this balance between perfection which doesn't exist in music we can always venture we can on different ways go right live to try different things take risks. and. we are so lucky you know you have a son now i also kids and i think it's such a. such a miracle to be able to. to talk and to speak with him and then first fall. itself to express ourselves and also to people and i think today today
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. more than ever we need the music and look at the world the world is going crazy every. quality origin and we need the music we really need culture generally but what concern is his music. and i understand that a lot of the times when i look into the news and see everything that's going on i think it's a great that's my job is to make people feel to make people dream and have memories laugh cry and just that this is one of the most if not the most honest and pure freshener we just are given right.
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through this many times as we've said before we're on the road and we go give a concert and it looks very shiny and everyone's clapping and everyone's excited and it looks like you know we're having we're living the high life but the truth is we have to then carry your cello and myself in a bag and my you know of course my baby and stroll through this whole street and get to the hotel which is not usually the place the best place or the place you want to be and sometimes you don't have anyone to talk to and you sometimes you don't have anyone here to talk right now i get there. so anyway feel very lucky i'm very lucky to be able to speak with you and now and here have performed with thank you so rather than route for over. this weekend conducting the bamberg symphonic.
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germany one of germany's best orchestras without doubt and maybe one of the best in the world. this is actually not the first time i conduct them but i conducted them ten years ago under a very different circumstances i was one of many participants of the competition and i came here from mexico really frightened and next and so excited and nervous to conduct such an orchestra and to have the opportunity ten years later it to come back as a guest conductor and a subscription concert with tchaikovsky's resume vinnie's a great honor and i really can't wait to hear that sound stayed in my ear all these years. part of the job i do that a lot i've been doing that so much too much. but it's part of the job because you need to. from all of the music and get people to the concert today oh yes of course
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because it's in germany and by initial run focus a very important lead and not many people know me here i hear something hello hello hello. well i think for many decades almost over a century this was always a profession of just men and i think with any leadership position that has been what history's behave like however i think nowadays it's a very different world and definitely in my generation i was able to develop very well and in a. very healthy way and so a second knocked or without any problem. you just hit a really good point and it's the very first time that anybody says it in an
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interview and i'm so relieved because of course that's a huge part of connecting being able to multitask manage time manage people but also musically you need to be able to be in three places places at once you have to be in what just happened in what is happening in that very moment and foreseeing and preparing what's about to happen next and you have to be able to live in those three time zones at once. oh it's so special because i remember my time in bamberg i thought over or ten years ago when i was. preparing so hard for this mahler competition and coming to this beautiful town and hearing this. incredible orchestra conducted by the other conductors and then finally getting the chance to stand in front of the circus truck and i remember the emotion and excitement and
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desire i had to to get to work more with them and of course as competitions go you never know why or what what you did wrong or what they're looking for and as you say i didn't i didn't pass through the final round and. that but it was so it was engraved in my ear in my memory in the sound of this orchestra the beauty of the hall and the acoustics and i just really dreamt of maybe one day being able to work with them but honestly and i had said this to the orchestra yesterday i never thought it would be possible i thought oh well maybe in another lifetime but after ten years of working very hard i get this opportunity and i feel absolutely honored and and it's really strange i sort of wish that the my the lawn that out of ten years ago would be with me and would just be standing right on the podium with me
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because of course we evolve and we mature and it's it feels different. this weekend in sweden with the swedish radio orchestra and extra that i really love working with and this makes all this very special dual i mean by the question a lot from c n n who happened to have known each other since school and i started playing and they're very young together and are still together so when you hear one performance really magical because you can never tell that there's two people playing they're completely in sync they're great bring together and it's really beautiful let's see what they have to tell us about how they started this tour and maybe i can get a little by little you with your little bridge or. my two solace from the concert tonight with a wonderful swedish anyone performing. concerto for two my name as well for two
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protectionist but mostly my last under stress. poor poor . how having this thing together with them playing together for twenty years sometimes when we had a break from school we went to practice room with. him we brought beds and we stayed there all day really yeah it's very clear that you're completely incinerated because when i'm listening to you both on stage i hear just one when i never hear two two characters is always the same is beautiful. because of some material then there is some secret material secret in my hearing if you want to say where lines actually through yes
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a mixture. and then come something something else something else i think i'm this yarn you see ok this is very special you are produced to make it clear. to me through my heart and i'm just you say ok let's write and structures and pointers but actually just realize this wrist. i will try. and write to you but very slow. really really. yes ok ready yes.
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mr know that i low life will and you will always remain my beloved parents. they've lost their sons too i adds coming from the. land and that's he was a totally normal boy with most of the german parents desperately searching for their children and what of the old fart is doing let them die you've disappointed
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parents and now appealing to german lawmakers. next d.w. . european stars deliver rousing performance of. jazz flavored soul for good live make my eyes and look around mario biondi has touched the hearts of this thing. your concert in forty five minutes on the d w you're. welcome to quadriga that will satisfy demand that you thought you had a good lead. women's talk w smart women. smart talks we. are smart station you'll find out if w.
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. s. . when cities are engulfed by the sea. then comes the malls and costly protective measures. when. you. challenge the suture started november night on. hello and welcome to focus on europe thanks very much for joining us damian mcginnis.


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