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tv   Doc Film - Scientific Myths  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 4:15am-5:01am CET

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he doesn't want to ruin it doesn't have to stick with disturbances tired. of moving on tom tom rocks wants to know how if you'll ever start deejaying not we're told here hotel. this is almost five years it's not that unlikely to make a lot of music on the side and sometimes i d.j. as well. this is for all of you if you wants to know if you ever look at your fans online profiles of fans. yes i do i sometimes look at them. to always message me nude photos directly then i'll definitely click on the profile . truth we sometimes do. you see even gail does it although he has a girlfriend i'm disturbed as well. about the so much i sometimes look when someone writes an interesting comment or has an interesting profile picture but not the stories because you can see who looked. that's happened in the
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past but i looked at the story and then it was like oh my god let's look at my story so i said i have to be careful. twelve years in the limelight to tokio hotel singer is never bored between two tours and album recordings he released a solo record in spring twenty sixteen and a photo book and he opened an art exhibition. gallery in may twenty sixth inning it seems the whole city has come to see tucker tell the thing a bill called it's presenting a solo project. as if there are a few people who call me billy basically my mom and the person who the song is about and the person who broke my heart also called me.
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that's right five songs about his broken. trying to overcome pain and suffering through. like in the video don't break me. i'm not ok his fans had really had such an intimate insight into his life. i'm not someone who goes out in public i don't know you nobody's ever seen me with a partner i don't do that that's a personal thing for me i'm very private and the only thing i do is music and so of course writes about my life and there's no other choice.
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and that was already the case in two thousand and five when tokio hotel stormed the international charts with a debut album. that sang about his feelings from the perspective of a teenager singing the sound of a generation. for the multimedia project he focused on his own feelings climbing into the spotlight alone for the first time. he exhibited the odds with from his album in los angeles paris and. he worked closely with the u.s. producer and director she wrote. i think he's a superstar first of all and i think he's a very creative guy and i think people have a different view of him because they've seen him grow up but i think when you look at any fifteen year old and you look at him later in life they're different people so he's grown up to be a great artist he's very talented and i'm i'm attracted to the talent and the
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vision. to all the work of. his brother tom co-produced the album and was also in berlin for the exhibition alongside listing they stayed in the background there so all the attention was on bill. my friends really listened to every word and. everything in place and all and they watch the videos very closely and everyone has their own story and you know what's really nice is that people are really thinking about things. things like. that all fans young and old can relate to. and to wrap things up we've got the video love who loves you back with their risque
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album cover and saucy video they certainly made this twenty fourteenth song a talking point enjoy and see you next time.
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thank you for.
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your spinach child. never read a mushroom. a glass of red wine a day is good for you. to mention many people need something to believe that's where myths come from. in the media it's much easier to stop them and just talk them into figments fifteen minute detail you.
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they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter like this not being able to blend in and i was. you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it's that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa if you could see if. you do something for your country but you're still the
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black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . sustainable protection for the earth ideas designed to preserve our ecosystems they exist around the world. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d w dot com slash global ideals. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa all the. stories about people making
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a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about a motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands d.w. is a new multimedia series from africa. d.w. dot com africa on the move. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in japan on the first leg of a twelve day visit to asia he began with an address to u.s. troops at uco to air base comes to overtaking five countries including china and south korea a main focus will be the threat stemming from north korea's nuclear and missile programs. where former u.s. president george h.w. bush has told an historian that he voted for hillary clinton in the last
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presidential election bush described u.s. president donald trump as a blowhard who like a commitment to public service was his son george w. bush says he left his ballot paper blank in the vote. an american journalist is behind bars in zimbabwe accused of insulting president robert mugabe in mazar donovan allegedly called the gobby a selfish and sick man on twitter if found guilty she could face up to twenty years in jail i don't even works in the capital harare for an online satirical news channel their arrest comes a week after the government appointed a cyber minister tasked with policing social media. thousands of protesters have converged on the city of bomb calling for more action to hold global warming he says the city prepares to kick off the un climate change conference on monday. representatives from the one hundred ninety five countries gathering there are expected to chop the way ahead for the paris accord.
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this week saw a nominee for the position of chair of the us federal reserve after considering a shortlist of candidates president donald trump chose to run powell a member of the fed's board to head the u.s. central bank as president there are a few decisions more important than nominating leaders of integrity and good judgment to hold trusted positions in public office and few of those trusted positions are more important than the chairman of the federal reserve. sixty four year old powell has a background in law and investment management he has a reputation as a friend of bank deregulation but he is generally seen as a moderate who has supported the fed's recent monetary policy inside the federal reserve we understand that monetary policy decisions matter for american families
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and communities i strongly share that sense of mission and i'm committed to making decisions with objectivity based on the best available evidence in the long standing tradition of monetary policy independence years if confirmed powell will take over from janet yellen as fed chief and she succeeded ben bernanke in two thousand and fourteen under previous u.s. president barack obama i think she could be seen as one who kind of carried the torch and continued the bernanke doctrine in his wake and did a great job and terms of communicating policy and tensions and telegraphing those moves to markets experts agree that yellen led the fed with clear vision and concrete results but they say that although trump wants a yellen style fed he wants it without janet yellen which makes jerome powell the perfect choice for the job.
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four point seven billion dollars in the third quarter of twenty seventeen a nearly eighty percent jump in profit. but investigations suggest that some of facebook's huge gains came from fake accounts that may have been created in russia . the so-called troll factories posted political ads with the aim of influencing last year's u.s. election being shared by millions of facebook users the messages were incendiary they were heavily partisan the content is really really striking and that's the kind of stuff that gets shared for free and you don't have to pay to get that to too many people facebook's legal advisor told a u.s. senate hearing that the platform should have clamped down on fake accounts in the two years ahead of the election one russia based group generated an estimated eighty thousand posts that reached around one hundred twenty six million users
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roughly half the number of people who are eligible to vote in the u.s. . facebook says it intends to address the problem c.e.o. and founder mark zuckerberg has said he will be for up tools to prevent misuse. protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits he said. that protection won't come cheap facebook says it will be doubling the number of reviewers and security personnel to twenty thousand. critics say the move is overdue and that facebook has ignored hate speech and propaganda on the world's largest social media platform for far too long. the dax it broke through the twelve thousand mark in march galloped past thirteen thousand in october and continued upward this week in an unprecedented show of
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strength for the german blue chip index here the trading floor is calm the recipe for success seems simple buy stocks land back and watch them rise and the expectation is that things won't change anytime soon. makes the shyness or things already seem to be on track for next year even europe in asia have that crises behind them u.s. growth is continuing because of trump by tim it doesn't matter which it's an assist pass for germany's export economy and the ball is going into the goal. and that makes it a home game for germany the world economy is expected to grow strongly next year by three point seven percent according to the international monetary fund germany's export economy is geared to profit from such situations. another indication that the upswing may persist is recent figures from the institute for shipping economics and logistics it reported that container turnover in german
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ports is rising steadily. that's an initial signal that companies are optimistic about the next few months and that they're more willing to invest. the carve up of air berlin looks to be complete now that british budget airline easyjet agreed to buy a slice of the bankrupt carrier the forty million euro deal includes twenty five least planes and takeoff and landing slots at berlin's table airport it will also save the jobs of around one thousand eberling employees easy jets purchase is subject to regulatory approval and the lion's share of air berlin assets is due to go to germany's biggest airline lived. ansa. livestock farming was one of the sticking points as german parties tried to hammer out a three way governing coalition in contrast to the conservative c.d.u.
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the greens want to ban factory farming and they got support from greenpeace this week environmental activists protested in berlin against the suffering on industrial animal farms. doj a post is testing a robot that helps mail carriers on their rounds the wheeled yellow box is equipped with sensors that enable it to recognise the carriers legs and follow them around lugging up to one hundred fifty kilograms of mail the first a battery powered post bots have been rolled out and bad has failed in central germany. venezuela is printing big money to combat hyperinflation president nicolas maduro presented the country's most valuable new bank note is the one hundred thousand dollars of our bill worth about two euros a year ago the hundred boliver note was the largest denomination but now it's worth practically nothing a part of this week the new one hundred thousand will enter circulation into the
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venezuelan monetary system to strengthen the social security venezuelan families and workers and sort out. the government also raised the minimum wage which starting in november rose by thirty percent. venezuela is mired in corruption and can hardly pay off its loans due to the lack of hard currency foodstuffs and medicine in the country are scarce. despite having the world's largest oil reserves venezuela is teetering on the brink of economic collapse on thursday maduro essentially admitted that publicly for the first time announcing plans to restructure the country's ballooning debt. thousands of protesting uber drivers like here in sao paulo brought traffic to a standstill in cities across brazil this week. to raise awareness
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of their situation they drove at a snail's pace down main roads or parked in the middle of the street. they're all against draft law number twenty eight. it says that uber drivers will need a license to transport passengers they'll have to buy passenger insurance and their cars will be inspected more often. and what's going to brazil is in the middle of a financial crisis lots of people like me can earn money as drivers if the new law is passed half a million drivers will lose their income that will make brazil's crisis worse because the order you to leave out of. the conflict between super drivers and taxi drivers is heating up across the globe increasingly the taxi associations are coming out on top they're taking her to court to demand the same rights obligations and regulations for all drivers.
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the fishermen in the czech republic got busy this week preparing for christmas. part of a traditional czech christmas is a car caught using centuries old methods. first the fishermen hit the water with long poles to drive the fish into a large net. they circled the carp in their small boats after draining water from the pond. then they hoisted thousands of tons of the coveted fish out of the water and smaller net and place them in portable tanks. and this way the live carp are delivered to christmas markets for sale additionally there served on christmas eve fried in breadcrumbs or as a fish soup. this fish
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is a predator and off the coast of south africa it stalks the thousands of seals that gather in the channel called shark alley. the area is also one of the world's top commercial cage diving destinations here in hands by tourists can book a short tour for one hundred to one hundred fifty euros goosebumps guaranteed to get. protected by a few metal bars in the icy water coming face to face with a great white shark is a thrill few visitors will never forget and. you know i don't live near an ocean and so. the only experience i had was sharks is what i see on t.v. and i believe these and seeing that firsthand is ok i don't think you can compare to anything else so yeah it's pretty amazing. shark tourism brings in revenue but it also enables researchers to inform the public about how vulnerable sharks are how they're caught in troll nets or targeted for their families. the shark cage
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diving industry hand-guns bias been operating for a number of years many of these very collecting daily observational data now to better protect an animal we first have to know something about it so we can hope to push legislations at higher levels if we don't have that knowledge to to first investigate the great white shark called the lion of the oceans helps maintain the ecological balance but populations have been decimated there are only about three thousand worldwide some tough apprises the sharks as a tourism resource if other countries also valued it more as a tourist attraction than as a meal the great white shark might have a chance of survival. and that was our business week in review.
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g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a lot of programming go in there it will be. there with us our innovations magazine for. our trip every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for asia. my first boss was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted. i lost my home and it took me as them and. finally they gave up and went on buying me on bicycles and returned with the sewing machine
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sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing a bio and now i want to meet those women back home who are bound by their duties and social goals and inform them about the basic rights my name is the matter of the home and i war needed. health. and hearings to law. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal society's. divide starting november fifteenth on d. w. . eat
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your spinach child there's a lot of iron in it. passengers are kindly requested to switch off their phones. a glass of red wine a day is healthy according to one study and isn't this just where all gullible when it comes to science we all want to know how we can live longer happier and healthier lives how we can stay trim if someone in a white lab coat says something we believe in right away. however we often follow rules and don't know who came up with them or more importantly why i. didn't mention how many people just need something they can. believin and that's how myths are created myths are neutrally responses to problems people haven't found a solution to and seem to offer a simple solution. can science destroy old myths or does it
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inadvertently constantly create new owners. in this luxury hotel near garmisch patton kitchen in the foothills of the bavarian alps the guests are looking for more than just relaxation and wellness. they're hoping dr christina moola can help them a general practitioner she offers a detox treatment supporters of the detox idea believe that toxins from their food on the environment build up in their bodies. by detoxing they believe they can remove these toxins from their bodies the warm wildflower compresses are only the beginning. we're going to get to work now the
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detox organs have to get to work we deposit toxins the same way we deposit fuel rods in the waste repository if you think radioactivity isn't nice i don't want it outside my front door it's fine there for now so i won't think about it too much that's how you can think about it within the.


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