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it's to the world. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is it every new year's life from berlin the catalan christmas comes knocking on that used door also presents karla's pretty much makes his first public appearance since fleeing to brussels he's speaking at a rally in of two hundred pro independence catalan mayors demanding action from the
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european politicians will go live to brussels also coming up the syrian delegates at the u.n. climate conference in the case that his country will sign up to the paris climate accord that would leave the u.s. as the only u.n. member not supporting it we'll explore what the potential fallout could be. and president some calls for world wide action in response to north korea's nuclear ambitions but on his visit to south korea also strikes a new tone urging the rogue nation to come to the negotiating table. thank you very much for your company else stood cattle and leader carlos pushing one test appeared publicly in brussels for the very first time since fleeing spain
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after his bid for independence misfired well put you want was cheered on by around two hundred mayors from cadillac communities we had brought their call for independence to the door of the european union well outside the e.u. offices in the belgian capital they intensified their calls for the blocs leaders to intervene in their standoff with madrid up would you want fled to brussels as you might recall when the spanish government files addition charges against him for declaring independence from spain. and we can take you now to downtown brussels where did you correspond get marcus is covering that catalan mayors a meeting a good evening georg i understand that the ousted callen leader is expected to address the crowd talk to us a little bit about what's been unfolding behind you. when charles put him on to enter the building he got a hero's welcome from of the mayor here many of whom were very keen to meet him now
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i followed the mayor's throughout the day they first went outside the commission calling for liberty of the what they called political prisoners of their ministers they wanted to show support for the country leader and then of course they wanted to see him and when he entered the room there was applause and cheers these are mayors and they have a sort of sticks brought with them which is a symbol of their mayor ship and they were holding the sticks up and shouting charles push them on and they are very disappointed from brussels because they were hoping to see more support and they came here to rally that support ok so they came to rally that support but use hands off approach continues to be what they're sticking with is that tenable because now the callon issue as you're reporting is literally at their doorstep. and that is for you member states are huge problems a number of them have their own secessionist problems inside the countries and then
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you have to understand the difficulty for the e.u. commission as much as you would like to help catalan leaders and many mayorship pointed out that they're very europhile they like europe and they want to stay in europe but the problem the e.u. has is simply this they have to represent the spanish state the e.u. is a clump of twenty eight a nation states and so they are simply not fit to be a fair mediator between the two sides because eventually of course they would have to side with spain all right now as the years the reporting karl is pushing on is in that room behind you he's been released from jail last night on condition that he doesn't leave belgium will he be able to participate in the catalan regional a snap elections next month. i would say yes because if he will speak here tonight this will be the best example it's it looks very much like a propaganda organization here for independence all the speakers have been speaking
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in english so far very much directed as and at an international audience and as you said he's out with conditions but one of the condition is not to leave the country but it does not seem to be a condition that he cannot complain here in brussels. in brussels thank you. war torn syria is reportedly ready to sign up to the paris climate accord leaving the united states as the only u.n. member not to do so decision if it comes will be announced as experts and activists meet to bolster the twenty fifteen agreement at the u.n. climate conference underway in the german city of bond while the surprise move by war ravaged syria comes after nicaragua also signaled its intention to join the pact to cut carbon emissions. are you want to take you now to body of use of correspondence and dean who is joining us from there is covering the climate talks
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assign a war torn syria intending to sign onto the paris agreement that they see this coming. it was absolutely unexpected and what we understand syria has not signed anything yet but we were able to speak to a source who was present at the ad hoc working group meeting where apparently a representative of the syrian government expressed interest in receiving the paperwork for signing we also spoke with the u.n. f.c.c. see that's the u.n. climate framework that is running this event and in fact they told us it's their understanding that syria is intending to join so i think it really took everyone by surprise all right took everybody by surprise so it tell us about some of the reactions at the climate summit in bonn where you are. well of course the reactions
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are very positive that a country as politically troubled as syria would make it a priority on its agenda its political agenda to tackle climate change and so the response has been overwhelmingly positive and. just a recognition of how the world is really coming together around this topic right well let's to your point there of course we had nicaragua also announcing that it's going to sign on which puts the u.s. in a very awkward position as the only country in the world to have stepped away to stepped away from the paris agreement so how isolated is the u.s. by going it alone. well i would say that certainly the government of donald u.s. president donald trump is extremely isolated it's literally the only country in the world after this announcement to not be not did not intend to be a party of i want to talk now about some of the other stories making news around
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the world. doctors in india's capital new delhi have declared a public health emergency as air pollution levels which more than twice what authorities classify as hazardous well authorities have called for schools to be closed and have canceled the delhi half marathon later this month because of fears for the runners health. russia is battling over twenty fourth fires in its south east and the more a region the emergency ministry says firefighters are fighting the flames both on the ground and from the air officials say the situation is expected to improve by the end of the week with rain and snow expected in the region. u.k. politician carl sargent has been found dead just days after he resigned over sexual misconduct allegations the former welsh government minister has also been suspended from the opposition labor party police said his body was found at an address in
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north wales is believed to have committed suicide. for his u.s. authorities say the man accused of fatally shooting twenty six people at a church in texas was able to buy firearms because of an error by the u.s. air force they failed to add devon patrick kelly's criminal history to the federal database used to conduct background checks but kelly had received a domestic violence conviction while working for the air force back in twenty twelve. u.s. president donald trump is in south korea the second stop of his first official five country tour through asia well the visit is being seen as an attempt to present a united front against north korea's nuclear ambitions but south korea has offered a lukewarm welcome to trump's ideas of how to rein in pyongyang's missile and nuclear threats. would president trump landed in south korea today with a clear message on north korea as we work together to resolve this problem using
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all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. it's a far cry from trump's earlier fire and fury threat but protesters were still having none of it they lined the route to the presidential residence in seoul shouting no war and no trump south korea's president moon j ian was there to receive trump and first lady maloney a trump trump visit comes amid growing tensions with north korea the regime has launched twenty two missiles in fifteen tests since february including over japanese territory in september it conducted the sixth nuclear test in its history the north korea doesn't need nuclear weapons to devastate its southern neighbor seoul is just fifty kilometers from the border within easy reach of conventional weapons the back and forth may be
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a negotiating tactic trump says he isn't looking for a war that being said i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world trump is also looking for a deal with his allies he has not been subtle about his economic interest and a united front against north korea we make the greatest military equipment in the world whether it's planes whether it's missiles no matter what it is we have the greatest military equipment in the world and south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense and for us it means jobs it means we do sing our trade deficit with south korea regional defense for american jobs he said much the same while in japan over the weekend nextel move on to china a much trickier partner. well earlier we caught up with the w.'s bust on heart who
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was tracking president trump's visit in seoul well compared to his recent rhetoric struck a much more moderate tone with north korea and we asked busty on what was behind this change. he definitely sounded very different than he did just a few months ago if you look back and if you remember that was bellicose remarks of the. fury of fire and fury and locked and loaded and those remarks actually made the south korea's president mugabe and somewhat angry at the time saying that it can't be that some third party pushes his country closer to a military confrontation with north korea and he said that there shouldn't be any military action taken or considered without the consent of north korea and so today we didn't hear any of that harsh rhetoric from from donald trump no i wouldn't say it's a policy reversal they still agreed that they want to exert maximum pressure on
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north korea and that's something that president from had been pushing for the entire time but it seems that at least they were a bit more considerate of each other's needs and positions. pressing hard to reporting there from the south korean capital key to horse racing now where there was a family feel to one of the world's most famous races australia's melbourne cup rekindling took the crown for irish trayner joseph o'brien beating his father aiden's force yohannes from nearby into second while the twenty two year old joseph is the youngest trainer to win this prestigious race which has been run one hundred and fifty seven times. and some sad news for german soccer now legendary a player has schaefer has died schaeffer was part of the germany team that won the one nine hundred fifty four world cup beating hungary in the final schafer helped set up a home which runs a winner in the match which became known as the miracle of bern he also captained
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his hometown my hometown club cologne to the first ever been to see the title back in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and stef comes just a few weeks after his ninetieth. there. are i want to remind you now some of the top stories that we're following for you right now. ousted catalan president carlos would you mock has made his first public appearance since fleeing to brussels he's speaking out a rally of about two hundred a pro independence katla mayors demanding action from european politicians and president trouble may be left isolated in climate change negotiations as syria is reported to be ready to sign up to the paris climate accord the u.s. would be the only u.n. member not to support it. i'm a little rock in berlin on behalf of all of us sit here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we'll be back at the top of the hour.
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