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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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everybody welcome to your max highlights a look back at this week's best stories so sit back and enjoy the show here's what we've got coming up for you. pyro paintings dino told me and the art of drawing with gunpowder. city lights london gets into the christmas spirit. and heavenly hopes how band has spelled salvation for a belgian church. we begin with dino told mix ups which is literally explosive the croatian born artist runs a tattoo shop in norway and is already known for his expressive pencil drawings but now he's added a spark to his art instead of using a pen he paints with gunpowder with his fiery wook he's lit up instagram and has
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almost half a million followers tony has created some stunning portraits but he also uses the medium to raise awareness for environmental and health causes however he says his biggest goal is to bring people together through his paintings sounds a little bit like a campfire. better lungs burning on cameras than real ones burning from tobacco smoke fans are viewed this video around seven million times on instagram. and this burning lion spread through the internet like wildfire. both other creations of dino tomic an artist living in norway. he makes art with gunpowder. he carefully arranges the blank grains of gunpowder and then sets fire to them. and the image burns itself into the paper or campus. compared to normal paint it's you use gunpowder grains that are like tiny grains that you
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just like poor out of the bottle and they're like are all all all over the place and then you'd like to use the small like i use a scissor and just put it all in place and if you can't breathe you can't move the ground too much the climate needs to be good so you can be more storing your own thing so many factors that go into it to make it work so that's what that really makes it different. twenty seventeen deno tomic was experimenting with salt and sugar and got the idea to try gunpowder one image can take anywhere from three hundred grams to one whole kilo and copious amounts of concentration. for the grains to burn off correctly they can't be too close together nor too far apart. every single grain catches fire any burns and it burns itself into the surface the thing is that every grain produced so so much heat or fire that fire is not so wide
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so from grain to grain one grain needs to ignite the other grain so if the distance of one grain is too large from the other the fire will just stop twenty nine year old dino tommy lives and works in north or a town ninety kilometers west of norway is capital oslo. his own tattoo studio is largest artwork so far measuring two point four by three point six metres hangs in the school cafeteria next door it cost him a week of work and about five kilos of gunpowder. and it may very well be the largest mandell ever made using gunpowder. it burned for a good ten minutes an almost meditative experience. normally when you do a large painting of any sort you have it on the wall so when you do when you work
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closely you can like work a bit and then step back and look how it looks or from the distance and like correct every mistake or anything when you're working on the floor because this needs to be on the floor you don't have that option so you can't really look at it so you can imagine how it is going to look like in your head while experimenting deno tomic discovered the artistic potential of another grainy material sand in particular glow in the dark sand it's part of this portrait of arnold schwarzenegger as the terminator the top most layer forms the portrait when the lights go out an entirely different subject from a different film appears this way do you know tommy can actually combine two unrelated images on one surface this image represents british actor anthony hopkins as hannibal lector but it's not as easy to work with sand as it looks make it on the wife canvas you will not see anything until the lights go off but the problem with that is i don't see it either so it's really really hard to see what i'm
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actually doing so i need to work a bit turn off the light see what i did fix it if i need to turn on the light again . dino tomic uploads a new video to the internet every day now he's got about half a million followers on instagram for his experiments it's a give and take relationship with his fans. people will expect more and better things from you and that in exchange makes you a better arts i would say so it pushes me to create to be innovative all time and i see people expecting stuff from me and i want to live up and live above expectations given his explosive talent it's unlikely dino tomic will disappoint. well if you're not in the festive spirit yet you will be after seeing this next report we're off to london where things are getting very christmassy even if it's
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still a month away a lot of cities in europe are beginning to look festive and one of the most beautiful places to be during this time of the year is london the christmas lights in the center of town a sparkling already and hyde park has been transformed into a winter wonderland so let's take a trip through london's wonderfully decorated streets. it's the run up to christmas in london's main shopping district oxford street regent street and carnaby street a particularly well decorated this year. as other windows of the famous luxury department stores sell fridges. and harrods. you get. people offering people drink you're eating together a lot of decorations this week that people get out of every day.
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and worries them allow them to relax a little and think. jeffrey museum of the home is putting on a show called christmas past it covers english christmas traditions from the past four hundred years. in the seventeenth century sweets were made to look like eggs bacon all story. up until the nineteenth century christmas was celebrated over twelve days at least by those who could afford it the twelfth day of christmas the six of january was the highlight then people ate a very special case this cake would have been eaten on the twelfth night and base when the cake would have been a been underpaid and so whichever kind of male member of the family the would have
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become the being king i mean this could have been a small child and it was space to be a joke that then that child will be the head of the household i would have kind of seen over the christmas festivities and they also had the pieces. up the pay to feed the queen and it was so kind of twisting the hierarchy of the house. the christmas card was invented in the mid nineteenth century in england a german christmas tradition made it across the channel around this time to the christmas tree. another german tradition made it to england much later the christmas market the winter wonderland in hyde park is the biggest christmas market in britain it's also got far more attractions than your average german market. there are some one hundred fifty stands selling handicrafts from the region.
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and over one hundred rides to choose from enough to make you feel dizzy. last year some two point five million visitors came to winter wonderland it's become a must for locals and tourists alike. in the us just to get funding for christmas you know it's a good way to go and have fun they can celebrate christmas they read the market the law i visit with all the workers good yeah i mean i want to see the ice cube. with two hundred fifty sculptures the magical ice kingdom is one of the highlights of. the wrap up warm because it's minus ten degrees celsius in this icy realm five hundred tons of ice were used to make the kingdom. this giant octopus is five meters high and weighs a whopping sixty tons those who really like it cold can enjoy a cool cocktail here at the iceberg. and psych
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themselves up for an exhilarating ride on the giant observation wheel which is an incredible sixty meters high. while many churches in europe are losing money and members hauser. gold in belgium was nearly full stick close its doors so what should they do if the church is as pull as a church mouse well priests gentle me shall be had an end to uprising i did sell beer he launched a new craft beer to get funds for his congregation so let's find out more about brussels holy be a project. catherine's church in the heart of brussels was close numerous times it almost got demolished due to its dilapidated state and wind link congregation. until young priest jeremy schaap had an idea to create a modern craft beer for the church its congregation and the local community. it's
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made by a local brewery. when i knocked on the door of the brussels bear project they were a little surprised first i was a bit timid this was all new to me but i told myself to go through with it and be courageous with. the result of a fruity pale ale called suntech cat named after st catherine's church it's produced by a young brussels brewery start up the international team has already made seventeen thousand liters of the church beer at the request of the priest they came up with the recipe together. in the. us they think just to understand what we can do what we can explore and then we. reach the conclusion that we should keep some. beer and then had some new. techniques.
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to the mirror that people are so used to. the next batch of beer is growing in this tank the beverage only hit shelves in early october but is almost sold out already only about six hundred bottles remain charge and craft beer are clearly a winning combination. of it with a genius i thought it was brilliant this unusual coming together of two different worlds turned out great. i think it's wonderful to make a modern beer with the church on its label who. shows that vehicle. invented cell phone that the church can be a part of that a great combination. the brewery sells the bear to malta and even japan but most of it goes to local bars and restaurants in brussels st catherine district priest jeremy schaap collected from the brewery and then delivers it personally.
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breweries hugely popular luckily the breweries own bastille has risen. brussels has many young international residents but few are church goers. they make of the bread. i really like you better as a bit of sweetness and has a really great color but i'm not religious but i don't mind that the church is involved in this. consciously i think it's kind of coal. that's the see this is going to miss it because who is a great an innovative idea a church that's open to new things. to take it you let's it's good it's more like a center where like this yes very fresh well maybe more for summer and winter but it's fine. all profits generated from the beer go directly to the church and
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towards making crucial repairs to the building. the money comes second his main goal is to raise the church's profile in the district. to. continue this project even if we didn't single euro from making the beer because it creates a great dynamic. and drinking beer is a sociable thing to do with friends. it's a great project we don't make a big drama it will certainly help making repairs to the church building. and a for profit won't be enough for a complete renovation i mean we're not selling champagne over here. for sunday mass st catharines pews for a long. journey shabbos so plans to use the profit from the b.m. to install heating in the church for cold winter days. communion is still celebrate
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it with wine about the b.m. can be bought onto its outside to charge. and many in the congregation take a few bottles home. to the church craft beer project is a success she has to that. now this week is the european week for waste reduction and for good reason here in germany for example every single person produces more than six hundred kilos of waste every year even if more than half of that can be recycled it's still too much but some bloggers prove just how easy it is to reduce reuse recycle and your max paid a visit to a restaurant in brighton which has become the first in england to completely eliminate waste let's see how they managed it. this is the
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silo restaurant in the southern british coastal resort of brighton it features naturally produced local cuisine but wait there's more silo is the u.k.'s first zero waste restaurant the turner and head chef doug mcmaster worked for years in gourmet restaurants and saw firsthand how much food is being wasted waste is a product of grading everything and you know putting stars on everyone the elite you know and that makes people obsessed with perfection perfection does not exist and waste exists largely because of this naïve. chase for perfection. you know throw it away because it's not perfect but it's brilliant what's wrong with brilliant. silo offers a diverse menu of high quality dishes and serves only organically produced meat and
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fish. all the other ingredients are old gummy because well fresh and seasonal must masterworks with local providers who deliver food that comes in recyclable containers instead of disposable packages so there's no garbage the menu changes every day depending on the projects available. if an item can't be delivered without packaging the team will just make it themselves like cram fresh. flour the restaurant has its own mill. we can also buy big amounts of grain from local farmers. less packaging and a bigger. delivery. they bake their own bread
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fresh every day. the restaurant also has its own composting machine to process food scraps afterwards the organic material is distributed to local farmers. to open a zero waste restaurant is very stressful it's very stressful because the industry is very open. and it's very industrialized there's lots of middlemen there's lots of processing and there's lots of packaging all of which are not zero waste and that goes against what we do say yes it's very difficult when the infrastructure is in place it becomes easier. sustainability is the name of the game here in mcmasters restaurant most of the furnishings up also up cycle. side aims to provide its customers with sophisticated delicious food and to do it
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without producing a lot of waste it's also a good way to get people interested in the idea of sustainability. i want to make these things attractive i want to make them exciting i want to i want people to want to be sustainable because it's delicious because it's the right thing to do because it's fun even because it's the future now you don't do that you don't achieve that by making it boring and you know fear mongering people into like we must be sustainable you do that by making them say aha this is beautiful this is this is exciting. serving good food with a good conscience the team at silo hopes more restaurants will start toasting busier zero waste concept. and now it's time to escape to
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the mediterranean island of crete it's greece's largest island and known for its splendid beaches and beautiful landscapes and the greek architect and his partner live where others spend their holidays they've turned a nineteenth century dwelling into a house with a quirky mix of styles. a small traditional house made of stone by the simple facade belies the modern and spacious house inside welcome home inside. architect michele is jenna carcase and his partner maria vegan a lucky to have restored an old one thousand nine hundred houses in the town of on the island of crete they also linked it with a modern building. young myself but all of them are they have the right from the start this room was like the heart of the house for us it's the oldest part of the building. so we designed it as the place where family and friends meet we often
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want to go there is only the sofa is the focal point for all the other furnishings and the room element that we wanted it to be harmonious so we chose a near broke style and then adapted the rest of the furniture accordingly. they want to buy a blast of yours they. hold a news stand side by side the couple have surrounded themselves with happy memories . it is them all dolled up but i think we're level where we feel that old objects radiate a lot of energy and that's exactly what we wanted. but there are lots of family heirlooms and reminders of other times in our lives or trips that we've made. i was of the apple my god i grew up with this catch associated with various family celebrations and happy times that's why i wanted the sofa to have a central place but it needed a make over so we retained the basic structure and had it really up hosted by a traditional furniture maker here and honey young and we chose
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a color and design that would fit with our lifestyle today. only. the shape of the chandelier in the living room is repeated in the dining room with a plate of empty glass bottles and wine. there's not a playful addition to the kitchen i'm made of. the olive tree and they're joining in a courtyard was planted by the man of the house. after this many people so i chose all the plants in the house the green leaves of the olive tree harmonize with the natural world in stone that we used to build the house. then for inside we chose a carrot tree and climbing. the plants and trees provide natural shade to
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make for a good microclimate. and you feel like you're living in the countryside a bit. much the same as it was the face. of the furniture we've chosen is suitable inside and out so we can use it in both areas as we please without worrying about things getting broken out that's why the chairs and. the neutral and transparent this. house is dominated by natural causes such as brown white and green only the bathroom is an exception. is a very special color. we use it to connect the interior with the outside and to bring the blue sky into our. eyes.
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on the top floor of a couple of garden it provides a natural row mothered radiates through the entire house you know. it's very easy to plant a small aromatic garden a little natural light good ventilation. choose a few plants that have a pleasant smell and that you can also make use of like lavender for example which has a relaxing effect. well basil there are lots of ways of introducing fragrance and color as. a bridge links the original house with the new annex which has a bedroom and terrace the entire complex offers a hundred ninety square metres of living space. but looking from the outside you'd never know our house has retained its traditional appearance. that's it for today but of course we'll be back with more lifestyle and culture from europe next week and if you can't wait
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till then check out our facebook page for the daily updates from the euro max team thanks for joining us by phone now.
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for sarah willis playing the horn is a passion. to. join her on a journey as a musical discovery. or is this year's answer to be here here in germany. sarah met star oboe player al briefed meyer in berlin she wanted to know why it's so hard to play the instrument. d.w. . strength in numbers and collective intelligence sloan's of sticklebacks always manage to polish. a single one hundred times can do that. so how do songs to bennett such capabilities. reset his have found a decisive in an ode. to borrow today and thirty minutes on d w. this is you getting it come july from but end but the right to our
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correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by michelle a couple of you know these political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective closer d.w. not facing. their black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was kind of. taking a holiday. you know different than the way. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it's that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was the. finally a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. the
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main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about it because it hurts you. you do something for your country but you're still the black guy so i thought. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is due to the.


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