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and then the way. she traveled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. yes. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about it because it's good so you. do you do something for your country but you're still the black. afro germany starting december tenth w.
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hello and welcome to q. no five us today were present seven remarkable directorial debut show how much can be done with just a little money and a whole lot of love and talent some of these films cost less than a used car so stand by for a seventh stunning debut movie. a man who follows and observes other people even breaking into their apartments one day he gets to know another follow up two men with the same passion for your small policeman's i knew i knew my new phone as far as i know you talking to me about. that passion drives them to ever greater crime. london born director
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christopher nolan went on to direct the batman trilogy in hollywood he's dead buf following was shot in the house of his parents for the cost and crew of families and friends for around five thousand euros. the dark knight rises cost two hundred fifty million following helped found nolan's reputation as a mouse to storyteller with the ability to create unique cinematic was. a greek and. no it's not a joke it's the beginning of turkish german fantasy directorial debut and the human
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is only occasionally in the midst of it as well. but just i think through what it might have been and what it was but it had been an insight that spent more time talking with you which. let's be short sharp shock is a gritty film about small time criminals who get into the heads fell about honor among thieves that direct plays a role himself. and went on to make the award winning movies head on and into the fight of his debut only shows his love of high drama and putting actors for the males to. look for in his i.q. . the. king is now one of your top directors and his films regularly pick up prizes at film festivals around the world next up is a director who is quite the opposite of not typical festival fat steven spielberg
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was at the birth of the hollywood blockbuster his relatively low budget debut was definitely not ok. it begins with two vehicles overtaking each other a calm and a truck bathroom to rule the rug. when things get so you have the car driver is forced to slam on the brakes. close a scrape but the danger has passed. during. steven spielberg's debut was a film for television which was later shown in movie houses four years later spielberg's jaws' broke old box office records it was the birth of the blockbuster
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. june can be seen as a precursor to the battle between man and shark and they are by so from start to finish. from june to do lists the debut film of british director ridley scott's it's a question of honor a member of the who songs demand satisfaction from another officer in the podiums army the complaint is trivial he says the man insulted him and keep crossing. back the man three times and then tell tales are. trying to tell you. this is this real ridley scott shot his debut just two years before creating sorry
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for horror masterpiece the movie he would return to as it grew into a franchise the jewel less was the first statement of intent with innovative editing and opulent pictures. his protagonists fight their jew with increasingly dangerous weapons will death have the final word. in scottsdale bew archaic ideas of justice and on our drive to men to the edge of the precipice. our next debut director sofia coppola started her movie career as an actress with minor roles father's films including. the godfather yes she's the daughter of film director francis ford coppola acting career flopped but directorial career
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. right from the start. you're not even old enough to know that like. the first suicide attempt just soon followed by a second this time it doesn't fail. it's the beginning of a tragedy in which five sisters take. the action takes place in the seventy's in a small town the sexual revolution has bypassed and liberal attitudes to reach. kids . can. see the sisters belly only against patriarchy and.
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the virgin suicides marked the stunning arrival of sofia coppola on the scene few years later she went on to pick up an oscar for the script of lost in translation. a couple on their way to a sailing trip cross paths with the cheika. the hitchhiker joins the sailing trip and soon the two men are measuring up against each other first and then with the dangerous looking knife plays ago. growing role if i was but the. french polish director roman polanski got an oscar nomination for best foreign film for his debut he's picked up many awards since including an oscar for best director.
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and. when the knife is in the water the conflict between the men escalates. the young man said he couldn't swim but has he drowned a tense sexual thriller about a fragile relationship in class conflict themes polanski would return to later in his korea. you know favorites seven remarkable directorial debut we've saved one of the very best for last terrence malick is often counted among the american new wave of socially conscious filmmakers directors bold enough to tell the stories that hollywood studios were not to touch ones in which the american dream turns to american nightmare. course i became figured. he would have can't we can you sound.
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track from. i can make each other with. precious hours. away from all the cares of the world. when her father finds out about her he shoots her dog as punishment he has no idea that his daughter's lover is a brutal killer. but when you go. harley in kit's hit the road in search of freedom freedom kits is willing to defend by any means like a pioneer in the wild west or a traumatized u.s. soldier returning from vietnam. terrence malick brought this parable to the screen in the early seventy's moloch is known as one of the
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most media shy directors in hollywood really but in his debut he makes a brief on screen appearance as a neighbor who finds the f.b.i.'s most wanted couple in the hideout. last night. the dream. the events described are based on a true story twenty years later they would also inspire all of a stone's natural born killers both these films the american dream to get shot to pieces and try to us gun law still nowhere in sights monic film is just as relevant today as it was in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. film.
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and that's it for this edition of q no favorites featuring seven stunning debuts of course not only film debuts you know started somewhat too so next time go easy on popcorn and check this debut out. thank you very much. i. believe that was my goal to leave everything about bad and. got to write a report and try to figure out what happened to you. tube .
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