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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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she i'm not great to stability in the forms of life that we have at the moment. this is d.w. news life from ballet in the courtroom turns into a crime scene at the united nations tribunals for the former yugoslavia a former poznan tried generally east dad after drinking poisonous judges up held his twenty year prison sentence for war crimes also on the program north korea launches another test missile prompting vicious response from the white house. it
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is a situation that we will handle the rest promises may just sanctions against pyongyang the ns a continental ballistic missile still to be north korea's most powerful to date capable of reaching the east coast of the united states. the european union and the african union meet in ivory coast to discuss ways of dealing with the flow of refugees from africa into you. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. a former bosnian croat military chief has died after apparently swallowing poison during a hearing of the un's tribunals for the former yugoslavia slobodan praia the contents of a small bottle seconds after the court upheld his twenty year sentence for war crimes and crimes against humanity given and he was about to go to prison for what
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would probably be the rest of his life the judge confirmed a twenty year sentence and then this. i'm not a war criminal i oppose this conviction. stop place police or don't confusion at first and then an attempt to move on to other business sponsible it as a judge was dealing with the next case calls from within the court. the convicted military chief said he had taken action. taken poison gradually his claim is repeated the potential gravity of the situation sinks in and court officials move to halt the proceedings and take him for medical attention. ok. we suspend the. sprint please the
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curtains. vesna tercel h.s. diet director of documentary a civil society organizations are crap that's been tracking a war crimes case is related to events in the former yugoslavia welcome to d w do you see this as an act of defiance slobbered and probably aca refusing to be and to accept responsibility for his crimes when he granted disability. and in the us to accept responsibility for crimes in bosnia and herzegovina in master stalls and you're all the chanting committed no doubt and he in our audience has been holed individual accountable for them. now your organization works on developing dialogue and the reason is i have come to terms with the horrors of the yugoslav war how difficult has that been. it's quite
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a challenge in situation in which political responsibility torvald have been done in force between ninety one and two thousand and one has not yet been fully established and even oil was helpful in establishing facts. beyond a reasonable doubt but there is far more in this challenge and he said that responsibility. think to be shared between different countries and leaderships most of the leaders who have led countries in ninety one then boards could start at like the bottom last. month it passed a very in meantime and this legacy of murder of more than one hundred thirty thousand killed people and many still missing still remains with us it's particularly tragic isn't it because there are no clear sort of good guys and bad
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guys if i can put it that way in this but i'm elizabeth still regarded as a hero in some parts. unfortunately yes although surely he has the biggest share of responsibility but these debt then ease also responsibility linked to trannie a lot towards mine and then president of gracious smaller but significant and there is also some responsibility of leaders of bosnia-herzegovina and of course of our so is that in this complex situation when you had aggression but then also some elements of civil war it is not easy to cope to our floor i societies with all of what happened and and survivors are too often left out there they doubt support and without proper acknowledgement of the suffering they walk around tribunal has now closed after twenty five years delivered its final thought extra
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day how to deliver justice to the victims of that your beloved or briefly if you would mind eat here deliver justice to some but many more are still expecting it for our prosecution at home because crimes are prosecuted in other postings the country's immigration bosnia-herzegovina sort of be in montenegro and there isa huge question of political responsibility specially for it but asian victims which have not been settled yet and have not been settled properly that's not our search found here. other news a spokesman for britain's prime minister has said that u.s. president of donald trump was wrong to retreat inflammatory anti muslim videos from a far right group in the united kingdom was the trouble retreated the post several hours ago from the deputy head of the group britain first it's claim the video show
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violence and vandalism being carried out by muslims opposition labor party lawmaker took a more nerve responded on twitter donald trump is promoting the propaganda of a racist a far right group is invitation to visit the u.k. in twenty eight hundred should be immediately withdraw but theresa may's office plans for the visit remain in place dutch media have reported that one of the retreated videos was presented inaccurately it had the caption a muslim migrants beats up a dutch boy but the dutch platform that posted the original denies that the perpetrator is known to be either muslim or indeed a migrant meanwhile at present trump says the united states will handle the latest a ballistic missile test by north korea china has voiced grave concern and calls for talks to resolve the issue guardian claims its latest test launches a new type of missile so experts believe it's capable of crossing the u.s. mainland and reaching the east coast. of. north korea
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terrarium fitly claims it has become a global nuclear power after a lull of over two months it has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile this one flew much higher than previous ones before landing in the sea of japan. state media announced the news in a special broadcast it said the launch was a complete success and that the new missile represented a giant leap forward. so i don't know that. well pyongyang claims this brings the whole u.s. mainland within its reach a direct challenge to president donald trump but this time his reaction was more muted than before after meeting with his secretary of defense trump refrained this time from issuing threats you know war we tell you to take care of it we have general most of them with us and that's the north. you know.
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just action does not only increase tension on the korean peninsula but gravely interchanges international peace and security and we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior when you go seoul has warned the situation could spiral out of control the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. more on this from aden foster carter he's an honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern korea leeds university in the united kingdom welcome to day w a president trump said on the twitter that additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea is that what we need now no not really in my view i mean no doubt they are merited north korea has been breaking international law that lists all the nuclear tests for a decade now oh but we're piling on the sanctions the sticks are in place what we
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don't have is the carrots or any kind of a diplomatic process i do think that it will need to come to talks and china for sure is of that opinion so sanctions alone no not in the us so there is a meeting then an emergency meeting of the u.n. what options do they have. very little i mean this is really hold groundhog day aspect to this is that we seem to go through the same size motions over and over again and there is a certain impotence i mean the there will doubtless be a condom nature or a resolution the sanctions that president trump professed to presumably you know after all american ones i will have to see what comes up that but there is there is a sense of great. but also of impotence that we know so far absent a diplomatic track no one has found a way to stop north korea particularly under its latest leader kim jong un from
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forging ahead with this very dangerous weapons so a given that given that we go through this cycle time and time again missile recrimination then the next misato should we not just now say north korea is a nuclear weapon state and take it from there. in my view that is the reality. i think that that self apps it doesn't help to them i have them on the other hand i understand the reasons why many people will state that just don't want to there is supposed to be a known perforation treaty north korea did sign it of course there are other nuclear sort of known recognized states in the world like israel india pakistan all with much more powerful nuclear arsenals but they never pretended so to speak and never joined the n.p.t. in the first place most crypted and left so it is seen from a sort of you know kantian universalistic point of view it would be seen as a very great blow to the global anti-nuke the effort to recognize this but facts
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are facts and i don't think there's any going back so somehow this conundrum will have to be faced hidden foster carter thank you so much. now more than eighty african and european leaders are meeting in ivory coast for a two day summit to try and promote stability and create more jobs for africa's young and growing populations the european union is putting greater emphasis on its ties with the continent largely because of unprecedented levels of migration refugees and migrants in search of safety and a better life arrive from all over africa fleeing war persecution and hunger their journeys often take the first to libya and then from there across the mediterranean to europe well the one hundred thousand africans arrived on the e.u. shores this year alone the block is hoping to reach agreements with countries of origin to take back the people who actually make it to europe but are not granted asylum d.w. correspondent max hoffman is at the summit in ivory coast he told us about the difficulties european leaders claim they face when it comes to providing legal opportunities for people to come to europe. we've been hearing that for some time
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now by different leaders also by the german chancellor and by the head of the u. commission you who we talked to on monday he said we absolutely need that we need legal migration to europe but the thing is when you get into the nitty gritty details nobody wants to talk about contingency quota how many actually do you want to bring into europe are what you know what kind of conditions for them to come the germans like to talk about education for example having exchange programs giving african students the opportunity to come to europe get their education and then come back to africa but you know like i said the details are very sketchy. well it's often you're watching d.w. news still to come by using striving to increase its influence on foreign companies in china who will have the final say over doing business there. and if you think jumping out of a plane is breathtaking how about jumping into one in mid-air well that's exactly what a couple of wing suit flyers have done over the swiss alps possibly for the first
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time ever a word of warning though if you don't like heights you should look away now don't try this is home. to all of you all. to french to sleep from one of europe's highest peaks. switzerland from mountain in the. the aim to make it through this door and land inside it takes a while to get it just right. up to more than a hundred practice flights they make it. and his friend fred. mission accomplished celebration. well there's at the top of the hour ben presumable have
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your business update in just about. your children like child.


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